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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

I continue to be intrigued by this thread, and do indeed see some recent and sometimes notable creeping of rates out there in the UK.
I'm completely fine with the 'provider can ask what they like, and people either pay or they dont"
The covid supply/demand equation is funny.. Yes, less girls offering in person sessions, but i would have also thought many clients (particular older) would have stopped completely to, as really it is they who are at risk 1000x more than a 20-35yo female.. so in many economic modrls this would maintain balance in pricing.
What we see though is a thinner market of both supply and demand, and prices actually picking up a bit to make up for less volume of activity.
I'm already doing less sessions than a few years ago, and not really too bothered.
In terms of behavior i will definitely stick more to girls i already know, trust and like, and be less likely to try someone new or different. TBH most of my current pool of favourites also happen to be ones who havent changed prices.
If the hurdle to experiment or take a punt on someone new is higher, i'm much less likely to go out on a limb and do so.

I wont be spending any more per year on sessions, so even if prices do go up more, i will just do less sessions.. Most likely i would spend a bit less in total per year as each time i commit to arranging a session my financial brain will go 'is this really worth it, or should i direct this money to something else? If the unit price per session is higher, then 'something else' will win more & more often as each time i make that assessment.

Added after 48 minutes:

Originally Posted by RNC [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
He didn't say "don't have a session at all". He said "don't have a session", meaning "don't have a session with the wrestler whose price you don't like".
Ah, yes, i see, that makes a bit of sense then.
My immediate thought was just, 'Why wouldnt you just book someone else whose price you were happy with, rather than not have a session'

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