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Post Re: My rendered pictures

Originally Posted by muarijun [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
At the begining, Pascal enjoy superiority over the girl, using the combat to paw her body with his roaming hands. His bone was obscenely prominent on his pants as he had the upper hand on the fray. But after forty minutes of rough tussle on the sand, the guy began to was very tires, and Olga was fighting back so hard as the first minutes of the fray.

After sixty minutes, Olga began to take the upper hand. But the guy refushed to accept he was unable to subdue the little girl, so he gathered all the streng he had yet, and Olga had to fight realy hard to avoid to be beaten, stripped and screwed. ĄShe love it! They had a real brawl between clouds of dust and sand to show who was the strongest sex.

After eighty minutes, Olga was toying with Pascal, bruising her body with Pascal's as a spicy way to enjoy safe sex. Only pride and despair keep Pascal on the fray. Olga, eager to extend the fun all the time she can, began to trash talk Pascal to drive him mad and make him fight back more, promising her burning body as price if she can defeat her.

After two hour of fray, the battle of the sexes was over. Pascal was so tired he can raise an arm to defende himself. Olga strip herself and facesit Pascal to show her absolute dominace over the guy, raping him non stop two hours more.

This was the better summer Olga had enjoyed all her short life. And this was only the begining
Thank you so much for this wonderful story about Olga and Pascal! I am very happy that my pictures made you think about them.
I agree with you exactly, by the way! Olga is perhaps not quite as strong as Pascal. But that's only for a short time. She is more enduring and fitter and will be superior to Pascal after only a short time!
Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts!
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