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Default Re: The Matrona Virus. Men are forced to stay home. Family fights begin

Part 7. Ruins of manhood and adventures in the wild

At the edge of the city, the infamous and abandoned outskirts, where old and gigantic industrial buildings, wrecked warehouses, garbage landfills and waste disposal sites were left to rot and once had been blossoming factories and mines that deployed thousands of now unemployed men, there was the place the men that were officially deprived of their freedom by the women of their country gathered secretly.
It was a place that symbolized the destroyed masculinity which even in its demise had a sublime, brutal and mighty appearance. The dark age of ruin, times of debasement, of eternal hate and apocalypse were finally here. Among filth, cutting shards, crap and bloody hypodermic needles that had become the last resort and life’s meaning of the most desperate men, who fled a world, where women had socially and biologically outclassed them and had made them feel like useless garbage themselves, in deep garages and warehouses that were hidden from the dusty, pale sunlight, the strong and decisive ones came together. They trained their bodies and minds in secret combat exercises to plan a future takeover and restoration of the patriarchal system – or to emphatically convince the women in power, to give them decent jobs and at least some of their freedom and dignity back…

The new, female led society, where women either were the unquestioned leaders of a relationship or they just dumped their men after having fun with them, taking what they needed, had created jobless, depressed men, that often became homeless, drug addicts and criminals who sought shelter and a home beneath the surface of the new world, under the polished, young skin of the city, that had a beautiful feminine look nowadays. They were like a lurking disease that would strike out of nowhere.
Many courageous men had fled their forced lockdown the women had put them into due to the new, mutated man-killing virus, and had reached this wicked place finally, after having nowhere else to go and hide. At home they had become mostly jobless servants of the females of their family or their town, that hadn’t any rights whatsoever and that were ridiculed and humiliated all day long by the now successful girls.

Some of those men couldn’t handle this humiliation and their thought of having no future as a gender, so they committed suicide. They either went to a dark and miserable place like the outskirts to end their lives quietly in many different ways, either by drug overdose or in a more cruel way, or they just did it at home. Many women who lost a male family member or their boyfriend like that, always say, that it had been after a fight, where they had humiliated and embarrassed their man physically and verbally to a very low point. Of course they were a bit sorry for his death afterwards, but didn't regret their actions nor the degrading words theiy had said to him, because they felt it was the right thing to do. He was the one who couldn't handle the truth. They had made it clear that men were far inferior to women and would have no future, no freedom, other than of a low class citizen. After that, the man would have cried alone in his room, cursing the female gender but even more the male one, cursing his manhood and himself and screaming things like: “I’m worthless, men are worthless, men are just weak extensions of the females. Why did you give birth to me? Take me back into your warm pussy! Death is a vagina!”

Other men just disappeared one day and fled their female ruled homes. Those who couldn’t escape and were captured and beaten by their women had to face severe punishment and were often kept tied up or somehow physically restrained forever. But those brave men who were able to beat or outsmart their women, ended up - after licking their wounds like wincing dogs - at this forsaken industrial complex living as thugs.

Some fierce men were self-sufficient, had even returned to a hunter-gatherer life and went to the big forest and the dark green hills beyond the northern borders of the city. They hunted deer, chopped wood and made fire, went fishing and swimming in the cold, wild river. This made them fit and strong. It was, as if modern women that had dared them, that had kicked them out of society, that had delivered them to the bottom of the human food chain, had given them back their true manly nature. The reaction to being mentally emasculated led back to a primitive, raw masculinity, to a new feeling of brotherhood. Men became conscious of what they really were and what society was already subverting and corroding in them for decades. It had been the logical consequence of it that women had just replaced and superseded them in the end, but the degeneration of masculinity had begun much earlier.
This new born feeling of brave manliness was very raw at first. It matched the image of the toxic, wild and dumb masculinity for which women were accusing them in the first place, as if men had just become but this very projection of modern women. – Only Richard had such thoughts while sitting brotherly at a fire with others of the exiled, adventurous men that were bragging about their new found tough virility. Hadn’t they merely become those women’s stereotype of the childish, insecure modern man, who just played the strong guy? They weren’t really that free, merely the childish crybaby heroes, tantrum lumberjacks that played tough, while the women really did all the tough and intellectual jobs creating and managing the new world. But at least, now that they organized themselves here, trained and gathered all the weapons they could find, maybe they could achieve some kind of violent revolution to win back the real world, not just the primitive one.

Other, weaker men just remained at the rotten industrial complex, took drugs, hid beneath the ruins and rubble of the factories, and mugged or ambushed lost female pedestrians, girls that were on their way home from some party or night-out.
The women had created some atmospheric bars and night clubs in empty, neglected buildings not being aware of the outlaws that were staring at them from their hideouts. Those demoralized men who had probably been beaten up and imprisoned by their female family members at their own home, who were now homeless addicts, had to see night after night hundreds of sexy young girls, showing their fit legs, tight butts and tits being in party dresses and high heels, enjoying their life. Most of the poor men were hidden in corners or basements and had to look up at those girls as if they were incredibly arousing, higher beings, stepping all over them.
Some drug addicts didn’t hide, just lay on the shady sidewalk and the girls simply didn’t care, because they seemed harmless to them. They even enjoyed the sight of manhood being at its lowest, having gotten crushed by the feminine society. If they felt annoyed and disgusted they often stepped on them with their high heels, laughed and spat on them. Some even kicked them until they winced, put cigarettes out on their skin or threw trash all over them, if they felt sexually harassed by their stares.
While Richard had joined the forest groups of the men, Mitch had stayed with those in the industrial ruins not having the courage to live in the wilderness. One day he witnessed a friend of him who was lying on the streets next to some gorgeous female legs and heels outside of a nightclub. He couldn’t help it and was touching himself, not being able to handle the awesome female bodies in front of him anymore. He was out of his mind and started licking the heel and the foot of one woman standing in front of him. The reaction of those females was terrible though. Mitch knew his friend was in enormous danger but didn’t dare to come out himself. The girls screamed and the heel this man had licked was pulled back and returned with a swift kick that broke his poor face immediately, his head snapped back and blood splashed to the ground. Then the other girls started kicking him too. In seconds they had made a bloody pulp out of him with their sheer legs and heels. He cried and begged them to stop but one girl put her sole on his face and pressed it into the pavement while the others were shutting him up forever with their kicks. Mitch could hear his loud screams when the girls started kicking his previously aroused manhood until there was literarily nothing left of it. Then they crushed his head onto the street with their feet until spasms started to shake his broken body. When they had left, Mitch saw his motionless face having deep scars and readable imprints of expensive brands from the soles of the female heels. He was angry but also scared for his life.
Another time he witnessed a gang of girls being around a sleeping man who they had randomly found. They stepped around him and one girl spread her legs over his head, lowered her panties and let her waters flow all over his face and hair. She smiled viciously while the other four were laughing with high pitched voices. When the soaking guy woke up, the girls stepped immediately on his body, his groin and head with their heels. “No talking, no moving! Just let it happen. Just let us wet you thoroughly and have our fun with you. If you resist, we will break all of your bones with our heels. Just be our toilet for tonight. Our female fluids are healthy for you.” When the man felt a few kicks and one shoe pressing down his manhood, he mumbled: “Please… no, girls…” Then they relieved themselves on him and called all the other girls that were at the nearby bars, to do the same thing, which they did for the whole night.
After having to enjoy their warm showers for hours they fetched some stinky garbage bags from nearby trashcans, giggled and emptied them all over the soaked man. They had covered him totally. “So, you don’t catch a cold, being that wet outside, baby. Stay inside our trash, it’s were you belong. If you are hungry, just eat something.” Said one hot girl, stepped on a dumped sandwich and pressed it into his face and mouth. “This is what happens, when you don’t obey the lockdown rules and instead stare at girl’s bodies.”
This is how random girls tortured those leftover men that had fled the mandatory lockdown and the female rule. Believing they had finally gotten free, they were just stepped upon und drawn deeper into their misery by women. Some girls treated them so badly that they wished they had stayed home under the female control in the first place. Here in the outskirts men didn’t dare to fight back, not to get the attention of the authorities, so they were basically at the mercy of the young partying girls that could basically do anything they liked with them.

Then the men started organizing themselves, some started mugging girls, they even robbed small sandwich shops to get food, overwhelming the girls when they were outnumbering them, and attacked out of nowhere. Mitch once attended such an assault. They were three guys that had grabbed a lonely walking girl, kidnapped and carried her to the next rotten backyard. After taking her purse, they really wanted to retaliate for all the humiliation the girls had put them through, they wanted to beat and rape her. She was slender but not weak, had great legs in a short skirt wearing a black nylon top, with her long hair falling to her sides. Although Mitch didn’t want to hurt her too much or rape her, just seeking to survive here and steal something while having a small revenge for what he had experienced, he helped holding her down while the other two guys started to perving on her. They were really desperate to fuck, even more than to take revenge. So they didn’t hurt her that much either, just gave her some hard slaps.
But this was a mistake because that way the girl had still all her power left to defend herself. Mitch held her arms at her back while the others started licking and kissing her body, starting from the top, reaching down to her naked legs which they hugged and licked. They were terribly horny and didn’t conceive the danger they were in being so close to her free, strong legs. One guy started humping her thigh and calf. Then he took her foot and pressed her hot heel to his manhood sighing in pleasure. At that moment she kicked him in his balls once and kneed his face while wrapping her other leg around the throat of the other man. He winced and she said: “Let me go or I snap his neck!”
Mitch released her somewhat, but when she let the man fall down he grabbed her again. “You threaten to kill us? Stay here or I break your arm, bitch. You’ll pay for all that you girls did to us!” Mitch was mad now. He pulled the girl to the ground and soon one of the guys was all over her. “Three grown men against one girl… You are so weak and miserable. Alone I would beat you senseless!” she hissed. The first man had lowered his trousers, rubbed himself on her hot body and started kissing her mouth anxiously. He was young and rather inexperienced and before he could penetrate her she had wrapped her legs around his midsection and started squeezing while biting into his lower lip. He let out a scream of panic. She was seemingly hurting him a lot and didn’t let him away, as he was trying after a while. It was, as if she was raping him at that point. When she released her hold as she saw that his mind was fading away, his friend pushed him to the side. “Get away, let me have her. Can’t you handle a young woman?” – “Your little friend wasn’t man enough, as it seems.” The girl laughed in his face. He gave her two brutal slaps and in his arousal didn’t care about the girl’s legs. He thought he could prevent them from hurting him when being on top.
After pulling her panties to the side he actually entered her and started moving his hips lustfully. At first she was shocked and sighed but after some seconds she started laughing while locking at the man pitifully. “Aww is that all you got? Poor little guy, I can barely feel you! When was the last time you got pussy? How many years ago, you little man? Does it feel good inside of me? Be careful that you don’t lose your tiny penis inside my pussy or it doesn’t get eaten by her accidentally!” She seemed to be drunk and was having a lot of fun now.
Right when he was about to cum moaning in pleasure, she put her thighs again around her rapist’s body and squeezed so hard that everyone heard a loud cracking noise when his ribs gave in. He tried to scream but it hurt too much, he had to wince. “Let me go, or I’ll kill you too.” She ordered Mitch coldly as her hand slid into his pants, grabbing his testicles. She pressed painfully and he did what she said, as he feared for his and his friends’ lives again. The girl threw the guy off of her, stood up and started kicking his exposed manhood under his erection with all the strength that was in her leg. This made him orgasm like crazy but as it seemed for the last time of his life. Mitch was still on the ground trying to crawl backwards. “Stop, he had enough, you bitch!” he screamed but she turned around and gave him a hard kick to his head. He fell backwards, but when she heard the first guy getting up again she turned around and Mitch could flee. “Please don’t kill us!” He cried running away, as he heard more male screaming from his friends. With her strong legs the girl continued crushing and breaking those two men who wanted to rape her.
Mitch had stopped to witness it from the distance. The young woman kicked one man’s face and then took his head between her calves, her hot, trained butt moved in a sexy way as she had broken his neck between her feet. The other man who had actually raped her she beat up awfully, she just kicked him relentlessly, destroyed his manhood completely with her heavy heels. Then she finished him by wrapping once again her legs around him, locking them behind his back. She sat on him, looked him in the fading eyes as she squeezed his already damaged chest and her hands shut his mouth and nose. He was leaning towards a wall and looked her straight in the eyes as she was suffocating him in this painful way. Mitch had seen enough and walked away silently.

One day Mitch witnessed something else those girls do, that didn’t seem that bad at first but nevertheless shocked him because it was less brutal, but smarter and more effective. While he and some other guys were sleeping in an abandoned factory lawn close to a new night-club, four girls woke them up standing right above them. Two girls were each over one man, Mitch felt some soft female feet touching and stroking his face and a heeled shoe squeezing his groin gently. “Don’t do anything stupid, or we kick your asses and call the police,” the blond, hot girl said, that stood over Mitch’s face. They were all in their early twenties, stunning chicks, mean bitches. “Lick ‘em!” she hissed. Mitch did what she said, his other friends had to do about the same things, as the girls had planned it already that way. The men were extremely afraid. They felt degraded but wildly aroused at the same time. “Look how needy they are. Come on, put it out, don’t be shy, we won’t hurt you… much,” another pretty brunette said and all the girls broke out in laughter. The men didn’t hesitate too long and lowered their pants. When the girls started to stroke the men’s cocks under their dirty heels, Mitch felt like scum at first, as if they were some dogs that were being fed and getting a treat by merciful women. But then the highly stimulating feeling kicked in and the men were in a sexual trance. The sight of such extremely hot chicks, their young legs and faces and curves, their hot clothes and heels, ready for a nigh-out, their beautiful feet in the men’s faces, this made the men feel subdued and thankful. They just mumbled: “Please… Yes… thank you…” Some swift kicks to their manhood and their faces made them shut up and even more submissive, because they also let them feel the physical power of these girls at that point. When Mitch peeked to his side, to his awe he realized that one of the girls that were pleasing the guy next to him was his daughter Wendy, while the third one was his best friend’s daughter, it was Cindy!
He whispered: “Wendy… what are you doing? My God… Cindy… Don’t you recognize me?” – “Oh daddy… shhhh, don’t talk, it’s okay…” Wendy answered quietly. The girls then changed places and both came over to Mitch, his daughter put her foot gently in his face, making him kiss it while Cindy started giving him a heel job, smiling seductively at him. She waved her hand with her hot long fingers and nails greeting him. “Oh God!” Mitch moaned. “Don’t say God,” Cindy hissed, “say Goddess. Can’t you realize that god is a woman?” Wendy giggled and said: “Yeah… admit that women rule this world finally, you desire us, you are made for us. We are your only meaning of life.”
Cindy was wearing black pantyhose, slipped out of her heels and continued jerking Mitch off with her nyloned feet, which made him literally go nuts. He almost came and started mumbling and begging in an ecstasy of humiliation and arousal. Then suddenly the girls paused for a second and Wendy said: “Come home with us, let us bring you back home to where it’s safe. Come back to your loved ones. Give in. Give up your stupid male ideas. Give up your freedom for us. We will give you pleasure and safety for the rest of your life.”
Mitch had always desired Cindy and stared at her lustfully, often he was hard when looking at her legs or even her hot face, he had touched himself for her often enough and now it was like a dream come true. Cindy did the unexpected and the thing he dreamed the most of. She lowered herself on him, opening her nylons with her nails, her fingers engulfed his throbbing stiffy and let it slid into her. His eyes popped out as he was in heaven – where he finally realized that God is a hot girl... And Cindy fucked him so good, it was outstanding. “Come back to us…” Cindy whispered while dancing on his manhood, looking like Aphrodite, the goddess of love. “Don’t resist, don’t fight it, do what we say from now on…” Then suddenly she got up and changed position with Wendy. Mitch was delivered to the awful reality again and didn’t want to leave this dream, he almost cried about feeling abandoned. Cindy’s feet in nylon touched his face too now. “Just say yes, or you will be left alone forever,” she said softly. “Please, don’t leave… take me into you again.” he mumbled. “Awww… you need my pussy more than anything in the world, don’t you?” she said.
He was desperate and was close to giving in but was still fighting it, when he felt his daughter Wendy’s foot started rubbing his manhood. In the constitution he was it was shocking to him that he didn’t care it was his daughter. She was smoking hot too and he loved her. “Oh girl, what are you doing…” he sighed. “That’s right,” said Cindy, “no God anymore, just girls, the Girl is your God now.” At that moment Wendy had lowered herself on him too, he was inside of her already. The sensation was even stronger than with Cindy, because of the humiliation he felt to be at the hands of his own daughter and because of the strangeness but at the same time the familiar, secure feeling she gave to him. “Come home, daddy, always do as your daughters tell you, we will keep you safe,” she whispered and sighed moving her tight ass on top of him. “I love you, but this is not right…” he couldn’t finish the sentence when Cindy wrapped her strong legs around his neck, squeezing tightly. The lack of oxygen created the strongest orgasm he ever had and he came into Wendy as he had never cum before. “This is how it feels to come home, daddy,” she smiled. He lay in trance as the two girls sat next to him happily, putting on their heels and stroking his face with them and he licked their high heels like a docile baby.
When the girls heard the noise of some people coming close to this hidden spot, they jumped up for a moment and moved to that direction to check out what was happening. Coming to his senses Mitch put on his pants again and got the hell out of there, after he realized how sick all this was. He felt like Odysseus having fled the mythical Sirens or the nymph Calypso that wanted to lure him into his demise while having turned his companions already into voluptuous, subordinate pigs. Indeed he witnessed, how many men followed those girls like docile children without will, after kissing their feet or having been pleasured by them to the point of insanity.

In the forests nearby several groups of men were making camp fires, they barbecued fresh meat of hunted deer, wild boars or rabbits. Some had rifles but most used knives or self-made weapons and traps. Beside the hardships it was a wonderful time for the men, they felt like real hunters again, tough and strong as they cut down trees, make fire to survive, to warm themselves, they washed their bodies and clothes in the freezing rivers and lakes. They were free, self-sufficient and their minds were not focused on women anymore. Women had made the men always feel weak and unfree. Far away from women they felt strong and independent again.
Richard was among them and as they were singing and bragging around a cozy fire about their manhood in the wild, after they had grilled and eaten a rabbit and some berries. He felt really good in times, he had to admit. This was so different than the past business-life or not to mention the lockdown. He wouldn’t have experienced something like that, such a basic, primitive and free life, so he was thankful towards the circumstances and even towards women. But after a second thought all this was silly and even awful too. For some days or weeks it was nice, but it became exhausting and somewhat inefficient. Sometimes they managed to hunt less than necessary and went to sleep quite hungry. They weren’t that successful as they’d like to be. Women were building and running the world now while the guys were dwelling and creeping among ruins of their old industries and in the woods. Women were creating the sophisticated, smarter technology and industry now that had left the bulky, inefficient, masculine one in the dust. But nevertheless, it felt good to live in nature undisturbed for a while, although it was quite miserable. Sometimes they couldn’t even make a decent fire, when they hadn’t found enough dry wood or had lost their lighter. The girls would have laughed, if they’d actually seen them. This embarrassing thought popped up in Richard’s mind and didn’t want to leave it anymore. He fought it by idealizing his group’s manliness, as they chopped trees and killed little, weak animals. In nature, in the wilderness men were still the rulers, women couldn’t compete here. That’s what every one of them thought.

Until one day, when they heard strange noises echoing through the tall trees. They smelled a fire while they were failing to light their own one once again. It had to be a strong fire and somebody was cooking and grilling a big piece of delicious meat. The men were all hungry and annoyed, jealous about that. They decided to go spy and find out whose fire it was, and if they could join the meal or maybe just loot the place and steal the cooked food. Silently they moved towards the delicious, warming smell and it was like coming home.

But what they saw beneath them, when they were hiding on a hillside between bushes, left them with their mouths wide open. There was a beautiful, huge fireplace with dozens of girls and young women having fun, cooking masses of food that made the boys jealous and even hungrier. It was like a small marketplace of a medieval town, there were self-made wooden tables with all kinds of meals, spicy drinks, cooking pots that hang over the ground, the gentle smoke in the air smelled lovely, and a small music band with ancient instruments made it all look magical. The place was ornamented with cozy animal furs from deer or sheepskin which also warmed the places they would sit or lie down. The girls were obviously way more successful in hunting then the guys, wild dead animals lay on the side, ready to be barbecued and a lot of tools and ancient weapons, axes, bows and arrows were placed nearby. The girls were dressed in somewhat medieval, ancient clothes that nevertheless resembled their usual, short, cut jeans and usual tops and made them look wild and foxy. It was startling, how similar modern girls’ short and tight clothes and their open, long hair had been already to the half-naked wildlife style. It was as if all the girls that usually showed most of their skin und curves on the streets had already returned to a savage, amazonian jungle mode while prowling through the big cities like through their hunting ground. Their arms and legs looked toned and healthy as always.
Suddenly a rushing noise grew louder and two girls joined the group riding on horses. The men realized they had couple of beautiful horses already standing nearby at the trees. Some of the stronger women made friendly sword fights while giggling in the meantime. Their strikes seemed to be quite serious and well executed though. Others trained shooting arrows at tree trunks. It was an incredible sight for the men. They felt so insignificant at that moment. It was, as if the females had beaten them even in their last masculine resort. They were better survivors, better hunters as it seemed, better warriors and they even had closer ties with nature! The women had some few male servants that were meekly on the sides, helping them with menial tasks. Further away there was the only strong looking man. He was naked on the ground, his hands tied together behind a tree. Every now and then a girl would walk over to him and use him for her pleasure lowering herself on him, and after having her fun she would pet his head and walk back to the other girls again. This whole sight was devastating and humiliating. The girls had really taken the men’s last fortress with ease, their last male pride. Sweat of anxiety poured down their skin, some felt sick. The sight of the beautiful and extremely hot bodies of those girls, their firm breasts, butts and legs, their free, long hair, their beautiful, young, tempting faces - made some men that had been chaste for a long time involuntarily cream their pants. They moaned silently from humiliation and uncontrolled arousal.
But then the men felt really uncomfortable and insecure at the place they were. Another three girls came out of the grove riding their horses and in their middle they held some kind of a thick fishing net in which as it seemed they had caught a poor, struggling man. They jumped off their saddles and dragged him to the other girls who laughed loudly at the wincing lad. “They are hunting us,” Richard whispered, “we are their real prey. We, the men, the hunters, became the hunted. Look how they trapped him in this big net, like a dumb animal.”

- “Well, look what we got here…,” a female voice said making the men literarily wet their pants. Some of them felt being lifted by their feet and were pushed down the hillside towards the screaming and laughing groups of girls. Female hands wrapped ropes around some of their necks, pulled the slings and brutally dragged the men with them. Others were lifted in the air as net-traps closed around them, capturing them for good.
Finding themselves on the ground of the hill the men were surrounded by female legs in boots or sandal straps that were bound around their calves and sometimes up to their firm thighs. Girls hands grabbed them and started tying them up. The moment Richard and other men tried to get away, the girls were all over them, wrapping their legs simultaneously around the men’s waist. They squeezed them as hard as they could and the victims felt as having been attacked by wild python snakes. Some girls had put their thighs around their necks, tying up the males’ hands and legs in the meantime. When one girl had difficulties to beat a stronger man alone, another one rushed to help her and two or three of these young, amazon-like women were subduing one guy. Thus even the strongest guy hadn’t the slightest chance to get away. The men were outnumbered, outsmarted and overwhelmed by the young women’s strength and agility. In a few minutes they had simply immobilized a dozen of young and fit middle-age men.
As Richard had some experience and had gained some wrestling skills - thanks to his sweet wife and daughter - he was able to fight a girl off for a while, she was slender hadn’t increased her leg’s pressure yet so he almost removed her body scissor, crawled some feet and thought he got lucky, but the girl just moved all the way with him. She was light but when she tightened her legs again, Richard felt a sharp pain to his lower ribs. He wanted to grab and hurt her fingers but another girl showed up who put his head between her thighs and pulled his arm away. He was caught like a prey, winced and moved around, but he couldn’t do anything against those four merciless female legs that had caught him for good. They squeezed him in waves and to the enormous pain came the lack of oxygen, the dizziness that made him stop struggling. Then they tied him up.

Joyfully the girls had placed the bound men in the middle of their circle, started laughing, talking and continued drinking their self-made wine and beer they had brought in barrels and bottles, they danced around the fire and ignored the men altogether. Many of the men were visibly aroused by this sight of hot athletic young women showing off their bodies. Some were half naked showing their breasts, enjoying their freedom. Some did small, sporty fights again. Others kissed and pleased each other in a sweet manner.
What the men shared was their hunger and thirst, they hadn’t eat or drank much for days because - they had to admit to themselves - compared to the girls they were poor survivors. The girls knew they were tormenting them with this sight and the tasty smell of their food. They not only barbecued and skewed delicious wild meet but had also made their own bread and other dishes, a big kettle was hanging over the fire that had an awesome and intoxicating aroma.

Two girls approached the men after a while. “How do you like our female camp? You know, we spied on you and monitored every one of your steps, you little stupid men. At first we were jealous of your manly activities, which were quite foreign to us, but then we thought that we could do that too and even beat you at it! As you see, our camp is much bigger, nicer and superior to yours. But why did you came here and got yourselves captured, you little weaklings?” – No one dared to admit it until one man spoke: “We couldn’t find enough animals to hunt, most of them were too fast for us. Finally we couldn’t even make a decent fire.” – “Awww, you unskilled, inefficient boys,” one sexy, red haired girl said, “you see, we are able to hunt all of that quick deer, even birds. I guess we took all the animals away from you. We outperformed you. Your stupid male guns must have frightened the animals too. How does it feel that girls are the better hunters?” Another dark blonde said: “Are you hungry now? Aww... we will give you the bones and the rest that we would throw away usually!” They laughed. “Do you need water? You wouldn’t survive on your own as it seems, women always have to save you.“ A hot young woman took a bottle of water and walked around throwing a bit at the men’s faces. They did like crazy to catch some. Then other girls threw little pieces of meat at them and they really acted like hungry animals in a cage that tried to catch a small bite before the others. The girls played and tormented them and made them feel degraded like dumb pets. “Or do you prefer this?” A girl that had a hot, trained ass started spitting at them and a dozen other girls did the same. Some men ducked in shame but many even tried to catch their spit, to drink at least something. Some even thanked them with weak voices.
Then a black haired girl that was clothed like a gothic fighter princess took a long rope and started to whip the men randomly with full force, her friend took a thin rod and started flogging them. Cries and screams echoed through the high trees. Some men started bleeding, even from their faces. Then the red haired walked through the lines of the sitting, wincing men and started to give kicks and punches to their heads and faces, some fell and stayed at the ground crying. Then the black haired who looked like an evil queen, she had gorgeous eyes, took a long iron sword, held it into the glowing coals, and when it was shining red, she approached the frightened men that were screaming, while the other girls were gagging them. She came close to a man who looked more afraid than the others, cut through his cloth and pressed the glowing blade onto his breast burning his skin. He screamed in agony and the girl said: “This is how you’ll remember us. Do you know what you have gotten yourselves into? You are outlaws, you have set yourselves outside of the human civilization by escaping us women. No one protects you here anymore. You are at our mercy. We could do whatever we want with you! No one can hear you, no one will find you. We could kill you, don’t you understand? This is your fault. We could torture you now, so you pay for all the sins of mankind, pay for all what men did to women in the past! Medieval witches chose a man and cooked him in their big kettle to sacrifice to Satan, their god of lust! Maenads tore up their male victims with bare hands and teeth in rage, when they hated a man, Bacchantes, the Dionysian female hordes. Amazons killed every man who fell into their hands. If he looked good and healthy, they would first have sex with him and then kill him afterwards! But you will serve us even better, if we keep you alive.” After that the girls gave them water and fed them small pieces of their food, laughing and mocking them like pets.

When the girls had eaten and drunk a lot of alcohol, they approached the men again. One after the other they pulled down the men’s pants and started using and abusing them sexually, and again they started hurting them every now and then in a rather harmless but sadistic manner though. At least this part of the humiliation gave the men some pleasure too. It made them relaxed and calm, which was also what the girls had in mind. After that the men were rather docile. Dozens of girls were riding them simultaneously like cow-girls, the men had to endure all of them. They changed partners all the time until every girl had ridden every man. Those who had cum too often and couldn’t serve them anymore got kicked in their manhood and had to endure several forced orgasm by the feet of the girls.
Being in a state of euphoria and mental numbness Richard recognized a girl that was riding him very gently when she turned to face him. She put his hand in his face while pumping him with her pussy and kissed him erotically with her tongue. It was sweet Helen, the daughter of Jenna and Mitch, she was like a more petite, young but athletic format of Jenna herself. “Helen…” he moaned. But she didn’t say anything. “Shhh…,” her fingers shut his mouth and she continued to ride him very sensually until he came inside of her. Richard was like in a dream.
After a while he thought that he would identify Eleanor who came upon him after her sister but she didn’t show him her face, just rode him having turned to him her beautiful back. “Don’t talk,” she whispered, “we are all one in this orgy.” It could be her voice. It was as if she knew him very well. This was all beyond arousal. In this moment he loved this world, he loved every aspect of females taking absolute control, winning in every way. It was the best for men too. This was the only thing, his weak mind could reckon right now. Women had finally beat men.

After the girls had their fun, they let their manhood recharge for some hours in the organic way and made another game, they basically prepared their desert. They let the men get on all fours like cows and started milking their manhood with their strong but pretty hands. Those who weren’t compliant, they kicked them between their legs from behind like squealing pigs. The girls took small cups or used their hands and collected sperm form all of the men, it was like farming and harvesting, like milking dumb animals that moaned in pleasure. The female giggling sounded all around the place as they made the men cum in a very degrading way. They put the sperm in bottles, some drank it after clinking their glasses, others cooked it in a pan over the fire and made a small meal out of it, with a bit of sugar it became a tasty desert. They did that a couple of times for the next hours. The men felt like having been degraded to living toys and even to lifeless sperm machines at that moment.

But suddenly after all that one energetic young man, with strong upper body muscles who had cut his hands free from the ropes with a knife he had hidden, he grabbed a small ax with his other hand and stood up menacingly. He had carried it with him to chop wood and the girls had forgotten it in the high grass. After the pleasure had faded he had gone mad and didn’t want to be captured and humiliated by girls like that any longer. So he swung his weapon wildly and approached the bunch of females that backed away frightened, letting out a scream.
“You wanna kill us, injure us that brutally? Are you out of your mind?” a slender brown haired girl shouted. The man was taller than most the girls and seemed stronger. Some girls ran back and got their bows saying decisively: “We’ll shoot him!” Some others took their training swords but didn’t dare to attack him, others picked up heavy tree branches to defend themselves. “Show me what you got, ladies! Let us men go, or I can’t promise for anything, the game is over. One arrow flying towards me and I’ll start attacking you blindly. I could kill some bitch now. I’ve gotten into the mood.” He swung his ax like a berserker. The girls weren’t professional warriors of course so they didn’t dare to shoot their bows but they still aimed at him expectantly. “We aren’t in the mood to kill you, we are women, not barbaric, dumb men! But if you’re going to harm us, we will try to hit you with our arrows and overwhelm you anyway. We would kill you, baby, believe us. You have no chance, boy. Don’t be a child, give us your little ax and let us tie you up again, so we get you back to your mommy!” The group of females laughed. “Even if you get me once, I will do a lot of damage, so you better be reasonable.” That moment one girl came forth holding up an iron sword and a wooden shield she had just got from their training equipment. Another three girls with swords approached the aggressive man from the sides. “I won’t fight fair, if you attack me all together and I don’t know how many will get away alive then,” he threatened being suddenly afraid and insecure himself. If they had trained swordfight even a bit, these girls could easily overwhelm him together. “You could injure or kill some of us but we would definitely kill you in the end!” They shouted at him and he feared for his life – and for his pride. He didn’t want to get killed by girls!
“If you think you are so equal and better than men, why don’t you try to beat me in a one-on-one combat?” The most armored girl said: “All right, I will be the first to fight you. Injuries we won’t be able to avoid, I guess, but if you try to kill me, you will be killed by my girls immediately, believe me!” Suddenly Richard recognized that girl behind her shield, who now looked like a female knight, a young amazon of some feminist fairy tales. It was indeed Eleanor, the second daughter of Mitch. The moment he wanted to scream her name a woman shut his mouth with her hand starting to gag him more thoroughly, then she started hurting his arm, so he just had to see everything, not being able to make himself recognizable. Eleanor looked like a beautiful elven princess, she seemed way fitter and more toned than Richard remembered her, although he was still afraid, she could get seriously hurt. He had cum inside of her moments ago and had subtle feelings for her.
The young man with the ax wanted to teach her a lesson, not hurt her a lot, after he saw how hot and delicate she looked in front of him, so he started aiming and hitting her shield and her sword.
“If you beat her, you can go away freely, but your friends will stay here.” A girl said in the background. “Otherwise you will have to beat us all.” – “We will see about that.” The tall boy was concentrating already and sweating. He couldn’t do as much damage as he thought and Eleanor was putting up way more defense than he thought possible. Her shield kept up firmly and only sometimes her arms seemed shaky when they had to put away his heavy blows. He could fend off her sword strikes more easily but she had too much endurance for him.
When his blows became weaker, because he wasn’t a warrior either and not used to fight with a heavy weapon, his ax got stuck in the wooden shield and she pulled it away from him, giving him a fierce kick that threw him to the ground. The girls cheered her on and laughed hysterically. Eleanor looked down at him and smiled mildly, holding her sword over his breast in a victory pose. But he rolled to the side and kicked her feet away. She fell down too and he could grab her shield and pull it off her arm, taking the ax back too, he was now better armed than her. She took her sword in both hands and hesitated at first but fast like a lightning she attacked his unshielded arm and could scratch his wrist with her blade. He screamed in pain not being used to real battle injuries. The wound wasn’t serious but blood started dripping. She had wounded him… a girl had again made the second point in this fight. This along with the pain she had caused him was humiliating enough.
He hit her with the shield, she fell down, but he didn’t want to attack her with the ax. Full of anger he looked around him and took a wooden branch from another girl by force and started hitting Eleanor. Finally she gave in after a couple of strong blows that got her. “Bitches, I’ll show you, who is the man here!” he shouted, “who wants to learn her lesson next? ‘You go to woman? Do not forget the whip!’ as Nietzsche said!” He gave Eleanor a hard kick and took up her sword. “Are those your girly-amazon games? Wake up, they have lied to you. You are not equal, let alone stronger than men!”

At that moment the sound of roaring hooves shuttered the silence and two horses rushed through the evergreen of the enchanting forest approaching the heroic event. Two women were riding their beautiful mares, galloping fast as they sensed the danger their girlfriends were in. Their strong, naked legs, wrapped in straps of light sandals, clinging tightly around the horses’ backs were shining from the distance, as well as their long hair that was waving in the wind. The taller girl had beautiful blond hair, the other brown. When they arrived, the group of girls screamed of happiness and watched in excitement as the blonde female rider was now stepping towards the armed man with a quick pace. She had already gotten from another girl a sword and a shield of her own and came to challenge him.
He was barely one inch taller than her, as she stood before him, although his upper body still seemed to be way bigger. But the blonde girl’s legs were longer and stronger than his, although they looked enormously feminine and hot. He stared at them in awe and fearful arousal. When the young woman was in front of him, his ashamed eyes slowly went up and met hers. Her delightful smile and her pretty, decisive and self-assured eyes made him do a step backwards almost stumbling.
“Ready to fight again, big boy, or did a girl give you enough already?” She looked at his small wound in a belittling way. – The blond warrior girl that now pointed her sword at the tough guy was no other than Cindy. Her father was gagged and bound in the background and started moaning again, as he had recognized her too. And her slender companion had been no one else than Wendy. Richard had never imagined seeing his daughter like that, he almost felt proud of her, she looked like a female fairy tale warrior, so tough and attractive that even as a father he started feeling weak and aroused. Richard couldn’t but watch. He had to admit that his hope of getting free was vanquishing, as he felt that his strong daughter could be able to beat this young stud in a swordfight. The scenery was unreal as a whole, as if through all those events they had returned to an ancient age. Cindy stood there, beautiful and mighty like an ancient Greek goddess, like Athena who was about to defeat Ares, the god of war and masculinity, once again.
They crossed blades and the fight began. The swords clashed together so forcefully that glowing sparks sprayed through the shady forest clearing while night was dawning. The sky was turning from red to blue, the fire rose higher and the shadows of the two fighters grew long and threatening while their cheeks were glowing red, their blades shined brightly. The man stood tall and firm but Cindy’s appearance outshined him by far, her long golden hair, her slim and athletic stature and her more skilled, decisive and graceful moves soon made him look almost insignificant. His moves seemed more impulsive and clumsy.
But at first he had the advantage as it seemed because of his stronger upper body. Cindy caught all his strikes without stumbling, her arms were able to hold up against his strength either by lifting her shield or her sword with shattering power. She was more on the defensive side, but he couldn’t really do much or harm her.
Cindy on the other rarely could strike him offensively or throw him back, but the few times she did, the guy was hit harder than he expected. Once he even stumbled back. “What’s up, strong warrior man? Too tough to win against a girl?” she mocked him. This made him angrier and he made two strong blows that made her sigh and pierced her ribs slightly. She stepped back and touched her small wound.
“You think you can play the strong female now? Do I have to hurt you more, so you understand that women are no match for men? You think modern women are amazons, that they finally found their true nature again? It’s a lie. You will not make it on your own, so let men take the lead again.” His sword came down on her twice with such a decisive force that she fell on her butt which was trained and firm though, so it upheld her easily.
His actions and words suddenly gave her a spark of determination as well. Her sword caught a brutal blow right in front of her chest which would have injured her a lot. This coward hit made her angry. Cindy’s long legs kicked the man in the stomach and threw him far back, he doubled down in pain. Her leg had hurt him way more than all her sword strikes had yet. He felt an overall weakness and exhaustion besides his pain, while Cindy on the opposite felt renewed, more decisive and just warmed up.
She stood up, approached him with fast steps. “As you see, we girls are doing quite well on our own up to a point. But you are right. We won’t make it all alone. You men can help us. Be our followers, our supporters, our assistants, our playthings, our husbands and sperm donors. You are not completely useless for women, you are quite important sometimes, I guess.” She giggled and attacked fiercely.
The guy weakly held his own sword up for defense but it fell out of his hand into the grass, when the girl’s blade struck it. This quaking strike was just way too strong. He never would imagine this being possible, so much power to come out of a girl’s arm. - “I guess my kick hurt you too much before, so pick up your sword again.” She gave him a pity smile. “Show me the use of all your male muscles, I haven’t seen it yet! Maybe they are no match for my female ones.” After a minute he did as she said and attacked again. This time it was a back and forth movement, they seemed to be quite equal for now, which meant, Cindy had improved her position.
She attacked more often and he had to defend himself more often. He got exhausted but she pretty much didn’t. They both felt that. After a while she was the aggressive one and he was basically defending himself. She hit his shield many times and had made him tremble and stumble. Her blows were obviously hurting him and hurting his male ego even more. They both felt that she was stronger than him. His mouth was slightly open, hers was smiling widely.
Once she hit his waist, he fell on his knees but got right up again. Then she kicked his chest and he fell meters back into the bushes, crying out loud. Another time she struck his shield which broke his resistance and he just collapsed in front of her. Cindy's blade came down on him once more, she didn't use much of her strenghth but he couldn't hold against it anymore. She sent his sword to the ground again. But he regained some of his strength and attacked with his shield and then his bare fists. He got her left cheek once and as he was too close for her to swing her weapon, she let it fall and immediately grabbed his throat and compressed it with all the strength she had in her hands and fingers. He turned blue quickly and lost time trying to open her palms, which was impossible. When he started punching her face, it was too late and he hadn’t enough power and blood left in his brain.
As he almost fainted while locking into her wide smile, he tripped her feet. They fell to the ground and he could wind free from her grip the last second before blacking out.
His punches were hard and hurt Cindy’s face. Before he could continue or think of something else she had wrapped her legs around his ribcage and taken his neck into a headlock from the front. Her thighs squeezed his upper body in which lay all of his pride and male power like a girl playing with a doll, with nothing but a toy, almost breaking it in the end. All his male muscle was of no use now she applied her female leg strength engulfing him. Her legs were much stronger than his whole body as it seemed and her arms were too powerful for his poor little neck. His clumsy arms didn’t know whom to fight first, until it was too late and they had no strength anymore. His ribs made cracking noises and when he winced and almost blacked out, she released him and picked up her arms again. After a while he recovered more or less and did the same.
He could get her once actually, his blade crushed into her side, but her leather clothes saved her from getting wounded. She stepped back in pain though. This made the guy gain hope and audacity back and he made some impulsive attacks again. Cindy fended them off, saw a free, unprotected spot and thrusted her blade right into his shoulder. Their eyes met in astonishment, she was slightly smiling but felt a rush of power because she hadn’t expected to win that easily. He looked at her in shock, pain and embarrassment, his mouth stayed wide open as she looked deep into his eyes.

The wound was deep, he bled and fell to his knees, let his weapons down. Cindy towered right in front of him. “A girl defeated you, big boy,” she whispered and pointed her sword at his chest. Some voices behind her screamed: “Finish him! Set the example.” Other female voices shouted: “No, don’t!” The man was holding his wound, his head was lowered, he stared at Cindy’s awesome legs and feet and feared for his life. She then gave him a hard kick to his head and made him fall to his back, stepped on his chest right next to his wound and pressed him down.
“Look at me,” she ordered, “will you be our compliant subordinate form now on? Will you assist and promote women for the rest of your life? Will women’s power and well-being be your only purpose in life?” He sighed but didn’t answer yet. Cindy stepped on his face and then made him lick the soles of her sexy sandals. “Will you…?” She moved back and stepped on his manhood, let her head and her long hair sink to the side, smiling with anticipation. His cries echoed through the forest until he screamed: “Yes! Please…”

After that, Cindy lifted him up in a cradle hold and asked Wendy, to ride him back to the city, to get him to a hospital and inform the authorities. Both girls put him onto Wendy’s horse, then she climbed up too and rode him back, while he was holding her slim waist weakly, sitting behind her as a timid child. He felt like a wounded dog that was taken care of by his kind-hearted mistress.
The pain and humiliation overwhelmed him, as he cried silently into Wendy’s back and her soft hair while she was riding him home. Wendy stroked and kissed his head often and intentionally rubbed her firm, soft butt on his pants to make him feel relief and gratitude. “Just give in… and let go,” she whispered, as they galloped through the starlit night.

The female forest camp with its male prisoners got quiet by that time, the fires burned down and tents were set up for the girls to sleep in. Drunk and happy they went to bed naked among their warm furs and soft sheepskins. They had almost forgotten the tied up men lying outside in the dark cold.
But suddenly the fabric of one tent moved, a girl appeared and silently walked towards the men’s group, grabbed one guy by his hair, she couldn’t see much, and dragged him with her. Both disappeared in her tent. Their shadows began dancing and sighing, softly moaning voices came out. When other girls realized what was going on, they did the same thing and soon the girls’ tents were shared by women and men together. Four girls slept usually in one high standing tent, but tonight they shared them with those strange men they had beaten up before. Most remained tied up but some were allowed looser bondages. The young women were sure they could overpower the males, if they wanted to run away. Every man lay in the warm now, between the legs and arms of three or four girls at once. No one thought about getting away at that point. The girls played rough with them, they choked them, sat on their faces, let them lick them between their legs, enjoyed suffocating and squeezing them with their gorgeous thighs and were riding them until morning, till their manhood hurt and their brains were numb.
Three girls embraced Richard that night in their tent, the fourth was still away. He couldn’t see their faces in the dark. No man knew what exactly the girls had planned to do with them, so Richard was a bit scared too but also excited. He asked: “Where is the fourth girl? Her sleeping place is empty.” – “Our sister will come back tomorrow,” Eleanor answered. “You…? Oh, I…,” he was so happy and aroused to hear her voice that he couldn’t find words. “Shh…,” she put her finger on his mouth. At least those girls knew him and therefore would not hurt him too much, he thought. “Please don’t tell Jenna and Sara, that you got me here.” Eleanor’s naked body touched his one. They had removed his bondages and only his hands were still tied behind his back. She started touching and licking him sensually, the other two girls did the same, giggling. “Aww.. you fear your wife and my mom so much, don’t you?” Eleanor put pressure onto his manhood with her strong knee. “They know everything. You will be punished anyway, Richy, so don’t fight it.”
Six female arms and legs entangled him and started squeezing. He panicked as he couldn’t breathe well anymore. “I’m not your property… Help… let me out!” he mumbled, although he wasn’t sure, if he really wanted that. “You are ours forever,” Helen’s sweet voice and tongue touched his ear as her fingers slid down his pants. “I want to have a choice in my life,” he sighed. “Well, that’s over now,” another well-known female voice whispered close to him, while this girl’s legs started pressing his mid-section, which also had become a very common feeling for him already.
“Who is the third girl then, if it’s not your sister?” – “It’s me, daddy,” the beautiful voice said, and the moment he wanted to jump up and protest, the girls grabbed him tighter, shut his mouth with their hands that covered his whole face, and wrapped their legs all around his body immobilizing him completely. The girls had full control of his arousal too, so he couldn’t do anything but let them have their way with him. “We will make you addicted to us... How does it feel, to be helpless in the hands of three stronger girls, daddy?” Cindy whispered and started squeezing his throat with her long fingers. “And in their arms,” Helen said. “In their legs,” Eleanor added, tightening her body scissor on him as did the others while licking his ears and mouth with their wet tongues. The three girls tortured him the whole night long by squeezing him with their long legs and arms. They didn’t allow him to breathe properly at any moment and had his blood supply to his brain reduced constantly with their girly fingers, holding him down. One after the other lowered herself on him without words, so he couldn’t know, just guess which young woman was riding him and in which of them he had finished – most times. When he was limp and useless the girls gave him one last collective squeeze with their legs and hands and put him to sleep.
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