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Default Jason and Colleen

Here is my 1st attempt at a story. It is not true, but is what I imagined my dream girl would be like and a girl I knew who was for sure extremely strong growing up and what it may have been like if we ever got engaged and if she had more of the same interests as me. Well that is sort of true but only as I imagined it and many of the details are not true or exaggerated about the both characters in this story. So this story is not true at all, but what I kind of imagined for a long time based on the above.

Anyways here it is:

Jason Nelson grew up in a nice suburban community in the Minneapolis area. He had a loving family and was an only child with 2 great loving parents. Jason was always kind of a shy quiet guy, but had a love for video games and computers and networking. He and his family were huge Minnesota Vikings fans and Golden Gophers fans. Jason was always skinny and not that great at sports although he sometimes liked to play them growing up and when he was an adult. He was always skinny and naturally healthy and could eat what he wants pretty much without gaining any weight. When finished growing at age 17 he was 5 foot 10 inches and weighed around 130 pounds and his weight stayed that way until now in his late 20s. He was extremely healthy naturally, but not that strong, but not a weakly either. He was probably below average strength for a man, but not dramatically. He would work out but only cardio work He had excellent eyesight at 20/10 (Far better than even normal good without glasses or contacts) and could see better than almost anyone else growing up and to this day.

Colleen Rucker grew up also as an only child from a nice loving family in the Minneapolis metro area. She was always naturally extremely strong and very athletic. She was very nice, but as tough as nails. She was a tomboy and played hockey growing up on boys’ travel teams and was one of the best defensive players on the team as well most physical players on the team. She would check other boys hard and was usually the strongest physically on her team. Colleen is 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighs around 170 pounds. She has huge shoulders and extremely muscular arms and biceps and a hard chest and dark somewhat long hair that goes down to her neck. One thing she would not tolerate is people being mean to others growing up in school. She would protect others from bullies and even restrain other boys by holding them back to prevent them from getting in trouble. She could bench press around 235 pounds for and curl 50 pound dumbbells for 20 reps and do 80 pushups She was naturally much stronger than almost all boys and even the average man when older, but she was even more strong from working out. She was also naturally very healthy and worked out a lot. She could enjoy eating what she wants without too much weight gain, but not to the extent Jason could and was a little more vulnerable to it. Jason was naturally probably a little bit healthier as he could eat whatever he wants without putting on a pound even if he never worked out, but Colleen was obviously much stronger physically and tougher than Jason as well as a much better fighter.

Jason and Colleen both met each other in the 4th grade and became great friends in Middle School and never looked back. They were such good friends and fell in love with each other. Colleen would protect Jason from any bullies and did so often. There was this kid in Middle School and High School named David who teased Jason a lot for being shy and a little different. He would also pick on others to. One time he was picking on Jason and another short kid. David was about 6 foot 2 feet and somewhat ripped muscles and would pick on shorter kids and sometimes corner them and physically intimidate them. Colleen would get in David’s face and threaten him and tell him to leave Jason and the other kids alone and pinned him almost threatening toy beat him up and stated she would. One time David injured another kid over nothing to where the kid had to get stitches and he injured Jason’s neck and if he wasn’t as lucky it could have snapped so he would have landed in the hospital. Colleen Rucker snapped and just took on David on a fight and she beat the living daylights out of him as she warned she would do after the last worst incident. While David was somewhat strong and stronger than the average boys even in late High School, he was not much of a match for Colleen. Colleen was a much better fighter and stronger than David. She beat him up so badly that David went home with broken ribs, busted lip, broken nose and arms. The High school they went to was lax on discipline so they did not know who to believe and Colleen got suspended for 2 weeks as Jason convinced the principal what a bad kid David was and how he deserved it as they never would do anything to discipline him or else Colleen could have gotten expelled. David got away with what he was doing until Colleen beat him to a pulp. He left school as he had to go o the hospital, but when he returned he never picked on anyone again.

Colleen and Jason were great friends and love interests and ended up getting married right out of high school. They would arm wrestle sometimes and Colleen beat him beyond easily. Also Colleen beat him in football, basketball, hockey and other sports easily when they played. Jason never minded losing at all and they both liked it. Jason though was superior at video games and knew way more about computers and networking. Colleen liked video games a little, but Jason was far better at those. They both purchased a big ranch together with cash and lived together. Jason was a networking technician for a small company in the area. Colleen worked as a fitness instructor both full time. Neither intended to ever have nor want kids. They just loved each other and Colleen was the brawns and Jason was more the brains and had better senses. Colleen could see with normal eyesight at 20/20 and did not need glasses, but Jason could see far better at 20/10 almost eagle like good. Colleen would protect Jason from anyone who dare laid a hand on him. She played hockey on a travel team as an adult and was the 2nd best player on the team. She was also stronger than anyone on her team except one big guy who was really super muscular. She could beat every other guy on her team in arm wrestling except that one guy. All the other guys liked her and treated her as one of their own and had no issues with ego or anything with a female on their team who was one of the best players.

They did so many things together and would do almost anything for one another. Jason had a bunch of friends who were guys and many were much stronger than him. Sometimes Colleen and Jason would have Colleen challenge them to various strength tests like arm wrestling and Colleen could beat most of his friends except for a couple who were very muscular. Colleen had lots of friends to some girls and some guys. Some of her friends that were girls were stronger than Jason as well, but not most of them. They had fun times in bed and occasionally would play wrestle or fight with Colleen easily winning all the time. But it was all in fun and she would make sure not to accidentally hurt him.

They have a great life and live happily ever after.

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