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Dominatrix Punishment University | A Female Domination Story

Part 1 - First Day of Punishment

My parents always complained about how awful my behavior was toward other people, especially other women. One day, they were so fed up with how I had been acting that they decided to put me into Punishment University. I had no choice, if I ever went against my parents wishes, they would have kicked me out to live on the streets.

They never understood me. The real reason I acted out was because I am secretly afraid of girls and the things they could do to me. So, I decided that before any girl could get the jump on me, I would get the jump on her.

At my old school, I acted like a jerk to push women away from me. I soon found out this strategy wouldn't work at Punishment University. I insulted one of our school's newest transfer students, Lisa. She was taller than me, had strong thighs, long brown hair, blue eyes, and came all the way from France. She had an extremely short temper, of which I learned the hard way. As we walked past each other in the hallway, I made a snarky comment about how her backpack was too girly for her to be wearing.

Her face ran red with anger. She took her backpack off and pushed me from behind, throwing me down to the ground. Then, she stepped on top of my face, squishing my lips and cheeks into her dirty, muddy soles. "I better not hear you insult me like that again, or else it won't be this foot in your face, but something much worse."

She left me there, laying on the ground, as she walked away. I got a perfect view of her swaying hips as she strutted away from me. This girl was by far the most intimidating girl I met so far. I speedily jogged to class, worried I was going to make the wrong first impression by being late.

"I'm HERE!" I shouted, still panting from the sprint to make it on time. I looked at the clock, 2 minutes late. Maybe no one noticed, if I just slowly walk to my seat and play it cool...

"Young man, how dare you disrespect my class by arriving 2 minutes late! And to have the audacity to pretend you did nothing wrong, I can't think of a better example for pure idiocy." My heart immediately sank as I stopped in my tracks. I looked up to see this 29 year old woman in a tight red and white schoolgirl outfit standing up at the whiteboard, throwing me looks of scorn and disbelief. I quickly glanced at her name written in chalk.

"Sorry Ms. Mindy, won't happen again." I began resuming the path to my seat when Ms. Mindy lectured me once more. I stopped within arms length of my desk. "You know why your parents sent you here young man?"

"I don't really care what my parents think." This comment gave Ms. Mindy a smirk. "The reason they sent you to Punishment University is because they aren't able to effectively train you to be a good boy. Bad behavior will not be accepted in any of the classrooms here."

"What are you going to do, quiz me to death?" Her smirk grew in size. "Well, as you can see it isn't only bad boys who get sent here, we also get bad girls, but we deal with them much differently. Bad boys get most of their punishments dished out by bad girls. This allows the bad girls an outlet for their negative emotions and teaches bad boys to grovel at the feet of womankind."

I did not like where this was headed, I bolted for the door. However, two girls stood up and grabbed each of my arms, dragging me to the front of the class. As I was being dragged, I noticed most of the students in my class were women. There were only two other boys enrolled in this class, compared to the seventeen women.

"Thank you girls, now lets determine a punishment fit for this little guy." My dignity already began shattering into a million pieces. The three of them brainstormed for a little until Ms. Mindy decided an efficient course of action for my punishment.

"Here at Punishment University, we like to make good first impressions, something you don't understand. So, let me show you a good first impression of our punishments." Ms. Mindy pushed the desk away so the whole class could see what was about to happen.

"I am going to perform your first punishment. Lay your head face up in my chair, now." I wanted so badly to avoid this from progressing any further, but I didn't want my parents to have another example of me acting out. I didn't want to make my situation any worse than it aready was. I gave in to her demands.

I laid my head down, face up in her chair, still warm from her sitting down in it earlier. Then, one of the girls came over and propped my legs up onto another chair. "Alright class, pop quiz. What's the best way to scar a bad boy's memory for life?" I looked across the room as a whole host of hands rose in response to this question.

"Make him kiss your feet!"
"Crush him in a schoolgirl pin!"
"Spit in his mouth!"

"All good answers class, but I am looking for something a little more interesting." As she said this, she stepped her legs over top of my body, her (almost knee length) skirt draping over my head. I was engulfed in her skirt's shadowy darkness, looking up at her pink thong.

The class shouted out even more answers. I was inches away from her unusually large ass. I never noticed how beautiful her ass was underneath the skirt until now. I could not stop staring at how tightly her thong hugged her big, juicy butt.

"Sit on his face!"
"Make him eat your thong!"
"Have him kiss your bare ass!"

"That is correct class!" I never though such words could bring me so much solemn sorrow and sweet satisfaction at the same time. She lowered her ass down ever so gently on top of my mouth and nose. I lost all recollection of color, except a pink line running between my eyes, across the center of my nose, and down the middle of my mouth. Strangely, her ass smelled like cherries and feet. I couldn't decide if I liked it or not.

"Ok class, sorry for the delayed start, let us spend the rest of this hour and fifty-three minutes exploring the theories of historical philosophy."

Notes: Sorry if this story comes as a surprise. I surprised myself as I was inspired to write it out of the blue. I will revisit this plot and consider making more entries to this story if you guys express enough interest. Until then, back to Midnight Maidens.

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