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Default Re: Punishment University | A Female Domination Story

Part 2 - First Day of Punishment Continued

My head was beginning to cook underneath Ms. Mindy's skirt. Her ass made a tight seal around my entire face, and every minute I spent breathing into her pink thong was another minute without fresh air or natural light.

I began to moan a little in an effort to get her attention. I begged for her to release me from this dungeon of heat and sweat.

"Hm, looks like our troublemaker is already begging for my mercy. He hasn't even surpassed twenty minutes buried nose deep underneath me."

The class began to roar and scream in volleys of laughter and insult. If only they were in my situation, they would be begging as much, if not harder than me to receive even the slightest bit of fresh air.

"Mr. Trouble..."

Oh no, only twenty-seven minutes into my new school and I already have a horrible nickname.

"...I am inclined to be a little more lenient than usual since this is your first day here. Please, remember this moment next time you decide to waste my precious time by being late to class. If this continues to go on, I will not hesitate to give you the maximum punishment. Do I make myself clear?"

She still dug her ass deeper in, burying my nose and mouth in her bodily bondage.

"Yehm... Mahm..." My muffled attempt at a "yes ma'am" was pathetic, to say the least. But it worked.

She gently rose up off my face. Finally! Fresh air, natural light, colors other than pink! I was overjoyed to be released from my first, of many, punishments at this university.

I stood up from my chair to see the faces of my fellow classmates. I could feel the humiliation rise up inside of me. The girls were pointing fingers, laughing under their breath, and whispering gossip to one another.

My first impression of the school came instantly to fruition. These next few months would be hell on earth.

Remarkably, I was able to avoid any further punishments in all my other classes as the day went forward. That is, up until the very last class, Introduction to Punishment 101.

I heard rumors that there was going to be a guest speaker, a former graduate of Punishment University. I was excited for this class, because once I was done with it I could go home and finally start enjoying my day.

I shuffled into the huge auditorium. This time, I didn't notice any other freshman boys in this class with me. I was the lone wolf in a sea of 230 women. I began to shrink in my seat, hoping I could just blend in and not draw any attention to myself.

At that moment, I heard a familiar, yet disheartening voice. "Alright freshman, welcome to Intro to Punishment, I am your resident senior here at Punishment University and I will be conducting the class the rest of this semester." I couldn't believe I would have to report to Lisa, the woman who drove me into the ground with her nasty shoes, for the rest of freshman year.

"And now, give a big round of applause for our guest speaker Brianna, and her boyfriend Mark!"

I began to hear chatter amongst the crowd.

"I heard she made him eat her farts."

"I heard that he is her servant for life."

"I heard he kisses her ass every night, as a show of respect and dominance."

I instantly knew this Brianna chick was bad news, and I planned to stay as far away from her as possible.

"Hello everyone, as you heard my name's Brianna and I will be your guest demonstrator for the rest of the evening, with help from my assistant Mark. Say hi Mark!"

"Uhm... Hi?"

"We'll work on that when we get home."

Guest demonstrator? What the hell was that?!

"Any questions before we get started?"

I rose my hand as my curiosity peaked.

Brianna shouted out, "Yes, you in the far back, what's your name?"


Just as I was about to respond a woman in the front instantly stood up and shouted, "His name is Mr. Trouble, Queen B!"

"Queen B, I like that! Anyways, Mr. Trouble, what's your real name?"

"It's Trent."

"Well Trent, what would you like to know?"

"What in the world is a guest demonstrator?"

"I am glad you asked. Guest demonstrators in this class help illustrate certain moves or holds that are extremely effective and result in submissions. Freshmans need to learn this to survive at this university. Trust me, I was once in your shoes, and I was so grateful for all the moves this course taught me. Made me into the woman I am today, and helped me secure a wonderful boyfriend. Does that answer your question sir?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Oh Mark, sweetie, could you get the camera and take some pictures of me. I will be extra grateful."

She smiled the most adorable smile when Mark complied. She was so sexy, I began to envy Mark.

"Well, I need a boy volunteer... aaaand since you already grabbed my attention ...why don't you come up here Trent?"

As I slowly walked down to the stage, I knew my night was for sure going to end with a bang.

"Everyone give it up for Trent!"

I received no praise whatsoever. I eventually got up to the stage and walked up to Brianna.

"Now Trent, I want you to do exactly as I say, think you can handle that?"

"I have survived this long, what's another fifty minutes?"

"That's the spirit! Ok students, today we will be going over chokeholds. Trent, try to follow along with me as we go through 3 basic holds."

"I will try."

"Lay flat on your back for me and slightly raise your head off the ground."

I did as she said. Brianna came from behind and wrapped her left leg underneath my left arm and across the top of my torso.

"Watch carefully class, leg placement is important."

Next, Brianna wrapped her right leg around and on top of my neck.

"I have successfully put Trent into a Rear Triangle Choke. Now watch how I apply the pressure."

She twisted herself to the right and extended her spine outward as she tightened her legs around my torso and neck and pulled my left arm up. I saw three flashes of light from Mark'a camera.

"Get my good side honey?"

"Is there even a bad side?"

"Aw, your my teddy bear."

The whole crowed responded with "awwwwww" to their comments. It was so disgusting.

"Hey, get a room you two."

Brianna did not like my comment, so she tightened up her hold and extended her armbar.

"Class, you don't have to learn how to do the armbar just yet, as this is me adding a little flair to the move. Just stick to the basics and you should have boys tapping in no time."


I screamed in pain and instantly started tapping the floor so hard, I think my hand went temporarily numb.

She waited until the fifth tap to release me from my hold.

"Never release your grip on the first tap. Helps to assert your dominance and toy with his mind when you wait for the fifth or sixth tap."

I gasped in pain as I could feel my heartbeat throbbing through my arm. Mark sympathetically asked, "Hey man, you ok? I been on the receiving end of her armbars before, it isn't fun."

Finally, someone showing me some sympathy today.

"Yeah, I think I am fine. If she pulled any further she would have dislocated my shoulder."

"Is my boo boo making a friend?"

Mark blushed as she addressed him in this manner.

"Hey, I thought we agreed we would only use our nicknames when we are together in bed?"

"Yeah, but you're just so damn cute right now."

I interjected, "Don't you have a class to teach?"

"Oh, right. Okay, move number 2, the reverse figure four headscissor. Trent could you please lay on the floor the exact same way we started last time?"

"Yes Brianna."

"That's Queen B to you sir."

"Ugh, fine, Queen B."

"That's better!"

I got into position and she straddled my upper chest. She was facing away from my head as she wrapped her right leg around the back of my neck and her left leg around her right foot.

"Now there are two different variantions for this move. Here is variation number 1."

She proceeded to grab her left leg with her left arm and pull upward, increasing the pressure around my neck as my chin began to dig into her crotch. However, I didn't have to tap as she released me pretty soon from this variation. 2 flashes came from Mark's camera before she released me.

"Now this is the variation I want all of you to remember."

She sat herself up, maintaining her headscissor around my neck. But, instead of using her left arm to apply the pressure, she let gravity do the work. She sat her crotch over top of my mouth, but remained in her reverse figure four.

"This is a reverse figure four headscissor facesitting combo. It is one of my favorite holds because it allows for an easy transition into a full-on reverse facesit. Unfortunately, I will not be here to demonstrate smothering holds next week. But Lisa will!"

I began tapping out again, this time she freed me on the fourth tap.

"How did that hold feel Trent?"

"I liked that hold better, seemed more comfortable than the last one."

"Yeah, that's only because I use figure four as a transition. You would've been begging me to stop in a reverse facesit."

"How about let's never find out then."

"Eh, suit yourself, it's your loss... Alright, finishing out strong with position number 3, the No-Gi Ezekiel mounted choke."

She didn't even have to tell me this time, I was already laying down, ready for her to dish the pain.

"You want to establish an aggressive straddle on top of his entire chest to stomach area. Then wrap either your right or left arm around the back of his neck and use the other arm to apply the pressure."

She did this with ease, constricting my airways by collapsing my neck into her arms and shoulder blade.

I began choking on my own spit, wheezing for air in this hold. I tapped out nine times until she finally released the pressure.

"And after you win the fights, make sure you do a victory pose or two."

She proceeded to stick both her feet in my face as she flexed her biceps while sitting on top of my stomach.

"Alright class, that will be all for today."

After everyone had left, Brianna got up off of me and took ahold of my hand to help me up to my feet.

"Sorry I was so harsh on you. You okay?"

"Yeah, I am fine, you got some powerful legs though."

Max reentered the conversation, "Yeah, tell me about it."

"So, what are you going to do with the pictures?"

"They are going to be stored in my phone for personal research and published to the yearbook."

"Great, now I can be remembered as a wimp for all of history."

"Or, you could be remembered as one of the few men who got to experience what it's like underneath Queen B."

"Besides the excruciating pain, it was pretty nice. Well, I will let you two lovebirds enjoy the rest of your night."

"You as well Trent."

I could finally return home to get a good night's sleep.

Notes - Surprise! Brianna and Mark from Bboys VS Yoga Girls are back and better than ever. Did you miss them? And before you ask, YES, I looked up these holds.

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