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Default Re: Dominated by hairdresser?

OMG , yes it happened to me
I was dating a petite hairdresser, Kim , nice size chest , feisty, bisexual redhead
During a haircut in her apartment, I was sitting in a chair , gown wrap around my neck …Kim was telling me about a fight she got in with her bull dyke girlfriend
Things turned physical , Kim beat the crap out of her …I was shocked & excited by her story…I told her “no way “ she could take on and beat a much larger opponent …after a few more jabs from me , Kim pushed me off the chair with both hands

Kim climb on my back , pushing my head into the carpet , wrapping the gown around my neck , pulling me backwards, I was choking , she started laughing
“What’s the matter , I thought little girl like me couldn’t do this “
I pulled on the gown until it tore away , Kim quickly wrapped both arms around
my neck , squeezing me backwards, my back on fire , choking again ….I put my hand up for her to quit …”oh no , you need more proof of what I can do , big guy”
she chuckled again …then rolled me over , pinning my arms hard to the floor ,
scooted up on my chest , looking down , tank top barely holding her large breasts in place …

“I wish Emily could see me now, she always wanted a piece of you “
Kim started bouncing on my chest, I was very uncomfortable, hurt & ready to leave now …”maybe I will call her over & show her how it’s done “
Kim playfully flexed above me , very impressive showing for a girl her size , she patted them both “here feel these , all natural “ Kim grabbed my wrist , “feel them” as I placed my hands over them , she flexed harder , “see , I am not someone to mess with “ I became extremely excited, Kim scooting down to my lap “oh , you like them too”

We finished our night from there , with her on top (first time)
On the way home , all I could think about was how impressive this petite redhead got the best of me ….
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