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Default Visibility of Banned Members?

I'm sure we used to be able to see former members who had been banned for life, or existing members who were serving temporary bans. The information included when, why, and for how long the ban was in place, and retained other information about their usage and interests.

Now that seems to have gone. Am I right and, if so, is that due to an Admin or Moderation policy change? I was wondering because I sometimes found the information useful. Here's just one example.

Earlier this year I was able to 'out' a banned member who returned - not just once but twice - under different identities within a short period of time. Their strange use of English, 'List of Interests', and the way they (re-)joined just a day or two after their alter ego had disappeared, made this easy to spot. But if that historical information has now gone, it's much more difficult to check on these imposters.

I've also noticed other members asking "Whatever happened to?" in relation to former contributors. So being able to see exactly what happened to them would prevent rumours and misunderstandings from developing.

It's not a big issue, I guess, but I was curious whether things had changed and, if so, why.
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