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Default Re: Who would win if they had a fight Jason Statham or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

Originally Posted by jiminy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
It's not necessarily a foregone conclusion if Statham's hips are stiffening up and he is suffering with back, knee, shoulder mobility issues. It might not even be causing him pain, just lack of mobility. Look at Evander Holyfield. Still in great shape for his age, but falling over trying to throw meaningful punches. People might try to say he has brain damage, injuries, but it's also the case that he doesn't have the mobility anymore due to age. He hasn't forgotten how to fight. He KNOWS how to throw meaningful punches, it's just that his body cannot do the things it used to or perform in the way he wants it to anymore.

A 20 year age gap cannot be overlooked or completely dismissed. It's a big factor for sure.

Ultimately that's one example you have. These things are often relative to the people involved. Maybe he's not that strong, maybe you're just weak. Squeezing someone's hand is hardly a great demonstration of athleticism, fighting ability anyway. If he did that to a woman, she would probably just bite him or isolate a small finger, bend it back to break free.

I can sit here and tell you about the production floor at the company I work (in publishing) and how some of the Eastern European girls in their 20s are outperforming dumpy, struggling guys in their 50s... Same at places like Amazon warehouses. It's a young person's job. On their feet all day, working at a faster pace, lifting and carrying all day. Youth is very difficult to compete with.

I see lots of road/construction/maintenance workers. Guess what. They are mostly aged 20-45. By the time you get older, you want to be managing, delegating. Leave the hard graft for the young'uns.

Ultimately this is really just common sense. Nothing to do with fetishism. It's sad to see 50-60+ year old guys struggling in these kind of environments.

A few weeks ago I watched a father in his mid/late-40s run out onto the local park to have a kick about with his kids. Almost immediately a 10-12 year old put the ball through his legs, he was so slow, cumbersome and awkward. A few seconds later, he fell and hurt his ankle and was hobbling off the grass.
I'm definitely not weak. I've completed in boxing and work out 5x a week. Hes just that strong. I'm in my 20s too.

Anyway evander is not a good example. He has taken a lot of punishment over the years. He had slurred speech for years.

Evander would destroy rosie it's not close.

As for statham v rosie, shes not strong. Ask any woman what they think of that fight and they would say statham wins.
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