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Default Re: Keri Daniels: The Black Puma

"Well, well...look what the cat dragged in!"

The sarcastic tone in Alice Brown's voice made Keri smile, she knew where it was coming from.

"Looks like you finally decided to show up to work..."

Alice wasn't much older than Keri and her body was just as fit and toned. She wore a casual graffiti t-shirt that had the words 'POWAH!' printed on it in a cheap, comic-sans font and she paired it with short denims that tapered off just below above her thighs. Her long black hair was tied in a neat, slick bun.

"You should talk..." Keri responded somewhat amused.

"You barely made it to work last week!"

Like Keri, Alice was part of 'The Program', a plan to rebuild the human race after a worldwide virus outbreak nearly wiped out the population. A vaccine called 'Ambrosia' was fast tracked through research and it was deployed via recommissioned bombs, modded to drop medicine over large areas. The experiment was a success but for all the wrong reasons.

It turned out, the male genome rejected the vaccine almost entirely and females absorbed it whole. To make matters worse, the female population gained increased regenerative abilities, a stronger immune system and were granted immortality as a result, their bodies now able to repair any damage sustained. All the males got was superior strength and a 50% chance to make it past 30 if they were lucky. The older ones had already died off.

In the following years, the earth's population teetered on collapse and with a ratio of nearly 10 women to 1 man, reproduction slowed down. Drastic measures needed to be taken. This is when 'The Program' was launched, comprised entirely of volunteers, it encouraged men and women to fight and choose partners, since dating was no longer a liberty.

As the program grew, so did the volunteers till humanity hit another roadblock. It appeared that only 1 out of every 10 women could give birth. The survival of the males now hinged on every fight, even if the outcome was still in their favor, there was no guarantee it meant existence. They had to fight and win against as many women as they could.

As society rebuilt around this new paradigm, The Program grew to be a large social network matching up willing women who were prepared to duke it out with their male adversaries. Women soon occupied almost all positions of power and men despite having superior strength were no longer the 'stronger sex'. A lot of women believed man's time on earth was up and devoted themselves to researching alternate methods of reproduction. Women like Keri and Alice who were willing to give the males a chance were few and far between.

"Soooo..." Alice said playfully messing up Keri's blonde hair as she spoke.

"Hey! Hands off!," Keri protested.

"How was it?," Alice said with coy smile.

"What?," Keri responded with a snarky grin of her own.

"Oh come on! You know what, did he get into your pants or not?"

"Ha! He wishes!," Keri said proud of herself.

"I am not going to put out like you do," Keri raised a mocking eyebrow.

"If they want me, they are going to have to earn it!"

"Okay, 1) That was a cheap shot and 2) I have a won a few fights you know, it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for the men with me and 3) what about the fights you have lost?," Alice responded angrily.

"Sheesh! Calm down princess, I was only having some fun!"

Their conversation was interrupted by the notification tone of Keri's phone. They smiled at each other as they saw the notification LED light up.

"Catch you later then, promise me you will tell me about this one at at least!"

Alice ran off as Keri picked up her phone.


"Here we go!," Keri smiled and put the phone down.

The Black Puma sat in his chair reviewing the footage from his last fight with Keri. He was used to dominating his opponents but this woman had proved to be tougher than he expected. From their last fight, he knew he had to be relentless in his attack and give himself every chance of knocking her out if he ever hoped to win.

He stopped the footage and got up, opening a cupboard and putting on his mask.

Patrick Donaway straightened his tie as he entered the building. The large metallic skyscraper stood at the heart of Fargo City, one of New Earth's last remaining cities that still had a thriving population. From a quick look around the sterile, white reception, all Patrick could see were women. Everywhere he glanced, the receptionist, the workers, the executives and of course the CEO, Julia Smith.

Incognito Corp. had sprung up in the pre-infection days and with time, adapted, changed and soon became the largest corporation with stakes in every major money making enterprise in the world. They had become a brand name for people to associate with and had the keys to almost every government in the world. They were also secretly bankrolling The Project but recent encounters had left the board displeased and a discussion was already underway to cancel it and recoup the looses, investing them in a more worthy cause of alternative reproduction methods. Men, after all were almost history, what was the point in sustaining them?

Patrick said his hello's, made polite conversation with the receptionist and grabbed his guest keycard. He headed straight for Julia's office, if anyone could help him, only she could. The future of men as a subset of the human species depended on her approval.

It was late evening when Keri got back home, office had been a slog but now she could look forward to some actual relaxation. She was beginning to wonder why The Black Puma hadn't come for her yet but thought better of it and reached for the apartment keys in her bag. That's when she realized that the apartment door was already open.

Suddenly she felt a large bicep coil around her throat from behind, it was the Puma. Her hands instinctively shot up and worked to pry his loose. Keri felt Puma's second arm wrap around her waist, his fingers digging deep into her abs for a brutal stomach claw.

She shot her body weight right and turned around planking Puma to the wall behind them. Keri heard him wince in pain and release his hold and she attacked with two stiff elbows to his stomach, audibly winding him.

Keri shot her arms forward, her palms clenched in a fist aimed at his face. The Puma blocked the punch at the last second by catching it and delivered one of his own deep in her clit. Keri went down to her knees clutching her womanhood.

Her head sprang back as Puma's knee collided just under her chin. He grabbed her long, blonde hair and bought her to her feet.

The Puma unleashed a wild torrent of strikes on her face and belly. Keri blocked most of them but the ones that got through stung like hell, leaving her winded. Puma attempted a kick aimed at her left cheek but Keri blocked it with her forearm and buried the sole of her sharp heels deep in his family jewels.

"Why you little..." She screamed and mounted him, sending down hard blows to his face. The Puma covered up and showing great athleticism wrapped his feet around her neck from behind Keri's back. With great strength he lifted her up and bought the top of her head crashing to the floor.

In the small hallway, Keri's body hung against the wall face-first in a crude handstand. Puma kipped up to his feet and sent his hard leather shoes crashing into the small of her back sending Keri crashing through the wall on to the other side.

He followed her in and targeted the side of her head with his shoes but Keri caught his leg and spun him around, his body cartwheeling before it landed with a sick thud. She immediately got up and the stomped the side of his head, her heels cutting open a wound on the side of his forehead. She grabbed him by his mask and sent him flying to the other side again through the hole in the wall.

She followed but was caught unaware by a shoulder tackle that lifted her off her feet. The Puma ran with her in tow. Keri's back smashed through one wall and then the second before finally coming to stop as her tailbone smashed against a sink in the bathroom two rooms away from they started the fight.

She winced and threw her head up in pain. Puma, without breaking his grip around her torso, picked her up and smashed her backfirst inside the nearby bathtub with him on top of her. Defenseless and winded, Keri felt punch after punch connect on her face. The first one bloodied her nose, the second left a large fist shaped bruise on her left eye and the third cut a small gash open to the side of her lips.

She blocked the fourth punch and responded with one of her own, bloodying his nose this time. Her second punch under his chin caused Puma's body to spring out and land back first on the bathroom floor. Keri got out of the tub and jumped on top of him landing violent blows on his face and bloodying him.

Desperate to get some distance between them, Puma bought his legs up and pushed them into her torso, shoving her back to the wall. Without giving her time to recover, he quickly got to his feet and unloaded a blow that connected deep in her stomach inducing a whelp and bending her over. Keri could feel his thick, veiny hand plunge deep into her cleavage. His fingers brushing against her nipples as he used her bra as leverage to unleash a torrent of blows on her beautiful face.

He stripped off her clothes and pushed her back into the wall again, this time going to work hard on her chest. Punch after punch bruised her breasts as Puma used Keri's chest as a punching bag, inducing cries of pain from her lips.

Keri mustered some strength and responded with huge blows to the side of Puma's waist, pushing him off her. She stormed into his strike zone, avoiding a punch to her mid-section by feigning left and then darting right. Unfortunately for her, his real attack was a knee which he pre-empted and unleashed exactly at the spot he thought she would land.

It connected with furious impact on her cheek, spinning her around. She felt two stinging forearms connect with her back. She screamed and arched backwards. As she did, Puma wrapped a shoulder across her neck and connected with two hard punches to her stomach. Keri let her discomfort be known through a sharp moan and as she did, Puma changed targets and bought down an elbow to the middle of her chest, dropping her to the ground like a sack and leaving her breathless.

Keri coughed hard and turned over, barely up to her knees when Puma connected with a foot to her abs. She squealed and held her stomach but Puma offered no respite. He picked her up by the hair and sent her face-first into the wall leaving her dazed. Stinging pain shot up through her vagina as she went down screaming from a sadistic knee that found its target.

Soon she found herself flying through large hole in the wall again courtesy of fierce kick and landing on the floor on her ass. Before she could even attempt to get up, Puma jumped up and landed the soles of his feet on Keri's abs, smiling as her eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open.

As he attempted to stomp her again, Keri grabbed his ankle and twisted it. Puma fell to the floor with a loud yelp of pain, grabbing at his broken ankle. Keri slowly got up and licked the blood off her lips with a sinister grin as her body slowly healed. She straddled his chest and went to work on his face, bloodying it red till he passed out.
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