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Default Re: Has anyone beaten a session wrestler?

Originally Posted by blee0000 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I am 6'5, and depending how seriously I workout my weight is between 250-270 (I lose weight if I start getting lazy). Strength-wise, when I am not lazy in the gym I can bench 365 for reps, when I am being lazy then it is more like 315 for reps. The dumbells in my gym go up to 100lbs, and I can easily rep those for shoulder presses (full ROM, dumbbell touches my shoulders). So I am pretty strong, but not powerlifter strong - it's not like I am benching 600lbs or something like some of the guys I know.
In my book you are more than just "pretty strong", you are extremely strong.
To me it seems that a lot of gym goers grossly understimate how strong they are compared to the average of the population since they mainly compare themselves to others people in the gym.
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