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Default Re: Disappointments.


The show La Femme Nikita was literally about a beautiful female operative who was trained to fight and use her femininity to her advantage, yet in 96 episodes they only managed to crank out 1 mediocre scissor scene. Then the "Nikita" remake which ran 73 episodes, to my knowledge, doesn't have any scissor/triangle scenes that are worth mentioning.

The same could be said for movies like Hanna (film), Hanna (TV series), Red Sparrow (film), Atomic Blonde (film), and the list goes on and on and on.

In my opinion, there are two reasons for this:

1. While this is changing, there is still a lack of awareness in the mainstream world of the efficacy of jiujitsu and modern grappling techniques and the credibility they give to male/female fights.

2. The majority of people uneducated in grappling instinctively associate moves like headscissors, triangles, and anything that involves a woman wrapping her legs around a man to be overtly sexual and not something to be taken seriously.
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