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Default Re: The best rear naked choke

Originally Posted by sarge0068 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Of the sessions have had, the best RNC by far has been Samantha Muscle from Atlanta. Her arms are the perfect balance between muscular yet feminine.
I had her place me in her RNC, and told her to gradually increase pressure. She slowly locked her arms into position, and with no pressure at all I could feel the strength in her arms and realized that I would not be able to escape from that hold if she did not let me.
Unlike some other girls that hurt like hell when the choke me, Samantha's choke was soft and sensual, almost like a hug, yet extremely strong. With some girls I tap from the pain or strangling feel, but with Samantha I would only tap out when I started seeing black closing in on my vision.
Plus, Samantha is in my opinion, the best value for sessioning of any I have had.
My only complaint is that I have a fetish for hairy forearms, and Samantha does not fit that description..
It sounds like she has a right technique for rnc. And she is sexy as hell so that sounds great! I have a little same thing with forearms, do you know who has hairy ones? Have you been choked by them?

Yes, I bet Jennifer and tommi are first glass with rnc!!

Don't know if its better that she has slim arms than thigh and very muscular ones.. Little slimmer arms goes little deeper and might work better.
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