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Default Amazonian Games - The begining

This is a story is intended for adult readers and does not contain any underage character. Readers discretion is adviced. Feedbacks are welcome [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

From the shore of Lake Tsobe if you look up you will see the snow covered peaks of Mount Sharara. Also known as breasts of legendary queen Sharara, the white snow covered peaks completing the allusion. The land from the foothills of the mountain to the shores of the lake are lush and full of game, the rich soil of the valley supports good crops and a thousand years of peace has benefitted the local communities. The valley is hidden from the rest of the world and no one has ever crossed the mountain to reach here is thousand years since a mysterious group of women arrived with their queen eleven hundred years ago.
The villages at the shore and the foot hills were raided and looted by these invaders, who were driven out from the known world due to their ferocious war like qualities and refusal to accept subjugation at the hand of men. Now the inhabitants of the valley were not deficient in valour but each individual village was no match for these hordes of women warriors. As village after village fell the inhabitants took shelter in an island in the middle of the lake. Now these villages were neither patriarchal nor matriarchal but shared their labour and life equally, decisions were made in councils by agreement. But due to the extraordinary times they decided to choose a leader by combat who will lead them against the invaders and rebuild their armies. Now as it was forbidden to kill accept for food and war so it was decided via nude hand to hand non lethal combat where contender of either sex displayed their biggest strengths and greatest vulnerabilities to decide the winner.
Atlast Poco the champion of a hunter tribe slammed Sira the championess of a fishing/boatmen tribe on the grounded earth of the arena to mount and punch her unconscious, winning the title of Khamosha the supreme leader. It took Poco five years to rebuild the army. After five years when their boats touched the shore they were astonished to find that their land has turned to ashes. The men from the known world have followed the warrior women to their beautiful valley and five years of war has devastated their land. The warrior women had been driven and confined to a small parts of the foothills and were surrounded. Poco was so enraged at the sight of his burned charred land that he immediately ordered an attack on the rear of the invading male armies. The surprise attack drove back the invading male army and the warrior women free from the siege came out from the foothills along with thousands of survivors from the valley who were not able to escape to the island. They told a strange story; the warrior women actually protected them until the male armies defeated the warrior women and forced them to withdraw. They talked about the horrors of rape and murder the invading male army brought and how the amazons tried their best to stop them. Most of the survivors joined the warrior women and together they resisted the might of the male army.
They also told interesting stories where they described the warrior women as Amazons and named their queen as Sharara. The amazons were a tribe of hunters and gatherers, they fish in the streams, worship nature and pray to the mother goddess. They are fierce in war but have no skills in farming or boat making and hence they never were able to row to the island. The locals provided them foods and sowed the field even during war to keep up a steady supply of food.
Poco met Sharara and they made a pact to not only drive out but kill every one of the male army so that the valley remains undiscovered. They never were able to decide who will lead the expedition before the male army came back with vengeance; each led their own army with many of the local survivor women joining the Amazons. It took another three years to free the valley of the invading male armies then the last battle was fought between the combined might of the locals and amazons against the invading males. Zhorroc the commander of the male forces was confident of victory despite recent reverses and was prepared to withdraw his army beyond the mountain in case of defeat.
When the battle started the male army was gaining ground until a attack from the rear by Sharara leading a combined army broke their back. The Amazons and the locals came hurtling through the pass attacking the male forces from behind and cutting off any retreat avenues. Sharara battled Zhorroc herself and killed the male behemoth by cutting his head off in a grueling battle almost all the male warrior were killed a few submitted and were spared when the combined armies were tired of letting out more blood.
Now when the threat to the valley has been eliminated peace was again threatened by conflict among the locals and Amazon armies. Both Poco and Sharara wanted to rule the land and none was ready to give up their claim. Both were reluctant to start a war and Amazons after spending considerable time in the land has adopted some local custom such as killing only for food and war. No killing was permitted among the valley dwellers this pact was agreed by both the armies. But to protect the valley from the marauding male armies a unified command was required. Most of the women of the local tribes were also supporting their own sex and the local males were outnumbered. The situation had turned to a battle of supremacy between the sexes now.
So it was decided that the Amazon queen and the local leader will compete for the position of the commander of the two forces with winner having the right to rule over the land. As such the two competed in Running, spear throw, swimming and archery. Poco barely outran the Amazon queen and speared the straw dummies from a further distance then Sharara. But Sharara came back to defeat Poco in the water and proved her aim to be truer then the male champion of the locals. Now as they remained equal the elder of both the tribe met to decide the final test of a warrior; wrestling. Now the local version of wrestling was brutal fought in the nude with punches and kicks allowed only genital holds and direct hits to vagina, breast and penis was not allowed. Amazons fought in the same way except in Amazonian style of fight holds and strike to pussy and breasts were allowed as strikes and holds on cock and balls are far more effective then strikes to pussy or breast. Many Amazon wrestlers defeated their male opponents by such holds or immobilized them by strikes to the most vulnerable parts of their bodies. Also a big part of the Amazonian wrestling was sex. Sexual holds and trying to weaken opponents were common tactics by the Amazons as the female has far more sexual stamina then the male. It was a favourite among nude oiled up muscled Amazonian beauties to wrap an opponent in an immobilizing hold and either penetrate or rub him/her to climax to weaken the moral and physical will to fight. It amused Amazon warriors to scissor or smothers their male opponents and jerks them off or engulf their inferior organs with their superior organs and then milk them with their strong pussies. Every Amazon warrior developed strong vaginal muscle and sexual control during their training with other warriors and wrestlers.
The local elders did not agree to Amazonian style of wrestling as they did not have any knowledge of these techniques and feared that Poco would not be able to withstand the might of the Amazon queen in such a contest where not only male and female physique battled one another but the most intimate and unique of organs for both sexes battle each other to decide which is superior. The Amazons on the other hand believed that the Mother Goddess has made women superior and has provided them the superior parts compared to the male and in any contest to decide the better sex such organs should be involved where they have superiority over the male.
Sharara said that if they battle as male and female wrestlers in the method prescribed by the locals they may remain equal and no decision could be made. Loco bristled at the suggestion; already his wounded ego prickled him on drawing with a woman in athletic pursuit. He has met and decimated his local female opponents. He was a strong male 210 kgs in weight and 6ft 3inches height His body was all muscles with a 7 inch cock. Sharara was an equally muscular wrestler with 6ft height and 215 kgs in weight. She often used to get in battle with a two headed battle axe on one hand and a spiked mace on the other. Her strikes would split shields, break swords even armies retreated infront of her prowess. There were other bigger and perhaps stronger Amazons in her nation but none were faster and more lethal than her. Her punches could fell bullocks in mid charge, she actually grew up wrestling bullocks in her mother’s herd and was a very fine wrestler from a young age with oak like thighs and her very strong vaginal muscles developed with years of training and beating male and female wrestlers all over the known world. Her hair was golden and her breasts rose up as two mountain peaks on her muscular shoulder muscles.
Poco was angry at being challenged by a women but Shararas beauty, warrior skills and her athletic feats had created admiration for this foreign challenger. Sharara also had never met a men or women who could match her in athletics or fight. She was presently curious about this man and whenever she saw her adversary, admired his musculature and oiled torso she felt her vaginal juices flowing. He was perhaps more muscular then her on the upper body but she definitely knew that no men or women can compete with her in lower body strength. She did not doubt her prowess as a wrestler but the strange customs of local wrestling was un acceptable to her as she thought it was against natural process of male vs female wrestling and gives an unfair advantage to the males whose vulnerable parts though exposed cannot be taken advantage of but the males can use his advantages against the female.
At last after days of discussion the council agreed upon the rules. Local wrestling rules will apply and no direct hits or holds are allowed on sexual organs. Sexual holds or any kind of sexual behaviour would not be allowed in the arena. But the fight must go on till one fighter completely submits to the other and either refuses to fight any longer or cannot be revived for another round. The fight will start from sunrise and continue till sundown. If the wrestlers remain equal even after seven days of wrestling they will have to switch to Amazonian style of wrestling as local style would have been deemed in effective in deciding the superior sex.
Now while the discussions were going on Poco and Sharara carried on with their training. Each used to admire the other while training. Sharara noticed how Poco’s muscled bulged when he lifted the boulders to strengthen his shoulders, how his legs would bustle with strength as he lifted another opponent in the air and slammed him to the ground. He trained solely with male wrestlers; both would slam against each other wearing only the tiniest loin clothes wrapped between their legs and try to push each other out of the circled arena of grounded mud. Poco admired his adversary with when she would do squats with tree trunks as weights and wrestle Bulls into the pen. She also wrestled with wrestlers both male and female wearing a only piece of cloth wrapped around her waist, oiled & completely topless. The sight of her gloriously breasts slamming into another bigger Amazon and completely outmuscling their globes and pushing out the owner from the circle intrigued him. He also noticed her tree trunk legs; no opponent male or female seemed to budge them from their place. They soon started complementing each other on their strengths and musculature and started talking about moves to be used on next sparring partner. As negotiation for the match progressed so did their conversation and unknowingly they started longing for each other.
The day the negotiations concluded Sharara bathed in rose water, wiped off the dirt and mud of the gymnasium from her skin, her companions oiled her skin in fragrant oil and she felt like a women after many years. Poco also had bathed and oiled himself, he was thinking of the coming fight at sunrise and whenever he thought of the arena Sharara’s beautiful muscular body came into his mind. His raging hard on made him aware how much he needed release but as a male he believed in conserving himself before a fight and despite desperate desire to touch himself he refrained.
Suddenly he noticed the curtains of his tents shifting and Sharara came into view, the lamp lights flickered and his eyes caught the magnificent view of a beautiful Amazon princess. Sharara was wearing a transparent silk dress which played hide and seek with the mountains and valleys in her body. Her hair was tied above her head in a pony tail. Loco was astonished and as he stood up his hard on became obvious. The fragrance of her oils was driving him crazy and his hard on increased in size if it was possible. Poco was embarrassed at Shararas presence and his obvious sexual arousal but as she came into light he could see the flushed face. Her nipples were rock hard as she walked in. Roco opened his mouth to speak but Sharara put a finger on his lips. “No, leader of valley people, listen to me first” she said, “We do not know what will happen tomorrow who will live and who will die. Neither of us can accept the ignominy of defeat and would not live beyond this defeat. We are the ultimate champion and championess of our people. Neither of us has tasted the bitter taste of defeat. After today one has to taste this bitter taste. But let us share a night of passion before we enter the last combat of one of our’s life, let us share the passion we have for each other. I have seen you looking at me in the training grounds, I have seen the lust in your eyes and I have the same feelings for you”. With these she tore the Tunic of Poco. Poco was still tooStonished to do anything so Sharara said “We Amazons have trained ourselves to not to feel passion during our fights our orgasms are only aimed to weaken an opponent. Particularly of the male species, many males have submitted their life force to my superior organ but I have never let one impregnate me. But after I saw you on the training ground I have decided that I will only let you impregnate me and honour the mother goddess by giving birth to a strong princess”. She tore off her dress and with one swift motion she engulfed his hard on. Poco was transfixed his hands found her rock hard nipples and mounds of pleasure sitting on her muscular shoulder. As he started kneading those magnificent mounds Sharara moaned in pleasure and whispered in Poco’s ear “After I defeat you tomorrow don’t kill yourself, there is no shame in being defeated by the superior sex, you will have a place of pride at the feet of my throne.” Poco had forgotten all about the impending contest and with his member engulfed in the silken pleasure of her sex his erection was on the fast track to submission to the female. With a sheer display of force he lifted the Amazon queen of him and threw her on the ground. “You whore, you want to weaken me before the contest, you know you cannot defeat me in a fair wrestling, so you wanted to drain my man force and weaken me before the fight.” Sharara’ was first astonished, then her face showed hurt, as if something has broken within her heart, then as he listened to the words uttered by Loco her eyes flashed, the crimson of her cheeks flashed red and she stood up with a jerk. “You low life male you have forgotten your place in the world, I will teach you your place in the arena tomorrow, prepare well weakling”. Saying this she stormed out of his camp, his guards flinched and stepped out of her way as she stomped towards her camp, her naked body shimmered in the moonlight.
Early before sunrise the next morning, torches were lit in both camps. The arena had been prepared and cordoned off. People started to gather around in a circle around the roped off land where the mud has been grounded to clay to make it soft. Both the competitors were being oiled off by their attendants. While Sharara’s sisters took particular attention to rub copious amount of oil on her breasts as her tender organs were sure to engage her male adversary’s chest in frontal combat. They also oiled her muscular limbs and torso and tree trunk legs which were bulging with muscles. No one in the camp whether male or female possesses more muscular lower body then Sharara. They were surprised to find Sharara’s pussy completely dry while oiling her groin and asshole. Generally against either male or female opponent Sharara’s pussy overflows even before the start of the match in anticipation. Those who knew of the previous night’s humiliation understood that she is focusing and concentration. So they oiled the inside of her vagina and ass hole well ; Although genital holds were not allowed they did not trust the male gender to honour the rules and so did their best to make the pussy and asshole slippery lest her opponent can take an illegal advantage during the fight.
Poco’s attendants did the same for him putting copious amounts on his cock and balls and ass, as they also did not trust the females to play by the rule.
As the first rays of the sun was touching the ground both wrestlers were in the arena cheered by thousands. Sharara had come in the arena wrapped in a transparent silk cloth on her upper body while a silk cloth wrapped from her waist to her thighs, as was her training attire. She threw of the silk cloth covering her upper body. The thousands of the nation who had never seen the Amazon queen like this grasped at her beauty and musculature. Even the males who were skeptical to be ruled by a female internally agreed that if ever there would be a woman to rule mankind this is she. The crimson rays of the sun reflected off her oiled breasts provided a hallow effect while the dark areolas sucked up the sunrays. Poco himself was transfixed but quickly untied his loin cloth to give some hopes to the male gender. His bush was denser than any man present and from that jungle his massive oiled python uncoiled with its head engorged in battle lust. All the local males and females and even some Amazon females applauded the display in thunderous claps. Poco drummed his massive chest to acknowledge the applause. Sharara let the applause die down before unwrapping the cloth wrapped around her waist, for the first time the local people saw the heaven between her legs. Her bush matched and may be surpassed Poco’s, showing the virility of her sex. The work done by the Amazon attendants now showed as the oiling and rubbing had engorged the pussy lips of the massive Amazon and her lips and engorged clits pushed through her natural foliage. The males were hushed by this display while the females cheered their gender. Her pussy looked capable of not only defeating any male organ but reaping the organ from its owner in a fight.
Two drummers placed at the opposite end of the arena started beating their drums signaling the start of the fight and egging the wrestlers to engage. Both started circling each other looking for an opportunity to attack. Sharara suddenly took a step forward and landed a perfect uppercut on Poco’s Chin. She lifted him clean off his feet and he landed on the ground a few feets back unconscious. Now a lesser male would not have woken up from that blow. But Poco was a champion he revived in seconds but as his dazed senses were coming back he found himself hoisted in the air. His cock and balls were in a strong grip as was his neck. Sharara kept the male champ in the air for a few moments before slamming him down on the ground with such force that the ground shook on impact. A dazed Poco tried to get up but as he was in his all fours a knee met his face and he tumbled backwards. The Amazon championess was giving Poco the worst beating of his life. She pulled him up by his hair and punched him on his stomach lifting his feet from the ground. As Poco doubled over another knee met his face. Poco was on the ground again. Sharara pounced on him to pin the male champion and show the male gender who the superior sex was. But Poco turned on his stomach to escape the pin. Sharara mounted his back facing his ass, clamped his thighs under her armpit and pulled back. His thighs left the ground and his lower body bent to form an arch. His massive erection had subsided to flop down lifelessly under the assault of the female championess. Now still maintaining her position Sharara extended her arm and cupped Poco’s chin and started pulling it back ward. No wrestler male or female had the strength or flexibility to withstand this hold. Poco’s spine was bent backward to the point of breaking; he screamed his submission to the Amazon queen. Sharara released her captive and started parading around the arena with her arms raised; her magnificent breasts heaved with motion of her arms and kept the transfixed crowd in state of frenzy. The females were screaming her names and the males while dazed at their champion loosing so quickly could not resist the strength, technique and brutality of this female championess. She walked off the Amazon drummer who was beating away ever louder drowning out her male compatriot and encouraging her queen. Poco was standing up clutching his back trying to regain the flow of blood in all his limbs. The Amazon queen had drawn first blood in the battle of sexes eliciting the first submission from the male sex. But the fight had just begun.
Poco was surprised and humiliated at the speed of his defeat, never had he been submitted in a fight and a mere female had done the unthinkable.

(To be continued..)
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