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Default Re: Sheena reviews

I sessioned with Sheena last night, in Los Angeles. I've grappled with some strong women, skilled women, and Sheena is in an elite class.

The Setup
I set up with her four days before our session date. Communication was prompt and clear. She directed me on payment and deposit $450 in my case, didn't flinch, and got her paid up.

Her hotel was in a sleezy part of town, and there were people loitering and yelling around the hotel. I don't put that on Sheen obvs.

The session
She greeted me warmly and we started promptly. She had a thick mat to wrestle on. We discussed the type of session. She said, "How competitive do you want?" I'm a bug guy, near 300lbs at 6'4" and I could have said "all out" and she would have done it. Very cool, a bit intimidating.

She stood there, with her full musculature, she looked strong, and like a warrior. I was in awe.

We locked up, and I could barely do anything to her grip, and couldn't budget her arms. She knocked me off my base after some struggling, then she was on top, and man, I couldn't do ANYTHING with her. She knew how to use her weight, and pretty much did what she wanted, and submitted me whenever with whatever move she wanted. Incredible. Truly.

She was nice to talk to as well, great personality.

She accomodated a fireman carry with me. Which women never do, who I session with. The stronger types tell me their limit, or I don't ask. I asked Sheena and she hoisted me up and held me up there and dumped me on the bed. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

I'm so glad I got to session with her. She's in the US for a few months, I think she said. So she'll be around.
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