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Default Clifford's Debut.

Clifford had a fantasy. For as long as he could remember, the image of him in a boxing ring with a woman was the hottest thing he could imagine. Boxing had always excited him. He watched it on television every chance he got.

There were two elements that appealed to him on a very erotic level. First, the fact that the participants stripped down to next to nothing. He liked the sweat and the sight of bare skin. Second, was the knowledge that two people were engaging in personal combat; both participants
striving for the defeat and domination of the other. he especially liked it when one fighter began to wear down the other. And the moment when one combatant finally fell to the fists of the other, sinking to the canvas in defeat was sublime. He had actually cum on more than one occasion as the beaten fighter lay stretched out at the feet of the other, the referee counting to 10 overhead!

He finally decided he must experience his passion as a participant, instead of merely watching the spectacle. So he bought a heavy bag, and some gloves. Every night he pounded the bag. he did this while dressed in only a pair of Everlast trunks he had bought at a fitness store or nude. The sight of him laying into the bag in the mirror, sweat glistening on his well toned body was very erotic, and never failed to get him off.

Now he had had sex with women. But the thought of fighting it out with another attractive, half naked woman, really got him going. Working out was fun and stimulating. But wouldn’t the real thing be even better? No doubt! But how does one go about finding a female boxing opponent?

The answer came from an unexpected source. He stopped by a sports bar one night after working especially late. As he sat at the bar, the TV had a live boxing match going. This would have caught his interest at any time, but what he saw now was even more exciting. Two women, a blond and a brunette, they’re battling it out! They were both quite skilled. Almost immediately, he noticed an attractive woman sitting two stools down.

She was struck by how intent on the action this girl was. Her hands were doubled up into fists, and her face was flushed with excitement. She really got intent when the blond fighter got nailed by a particularly nasty punch, and looked wobbly. He heard her urging the other fighter to "finish her". A flash of excitement shot through him. Here was a woman being turned on as much as he was! To her disappointment, the blond, although obviously hurt, made it to the end of the round, which also ended the fight. Clifford could see the other viewer was as disappointed as he was. She caught her eye and frowned.
"Too bad they don t keep going. She’d never make it another round!" he smiled, and slid over next to her.
"The name is Clifford", he said, sticking out his hand.
”I’m Roxanne" she answered.

In the course of the next hour, they discovered they had a strong, mutual interest:Boxing in general and in particular; Inter gender boxing. What s more, he found she liked it for the same reasons he did! It also turned out she was as hot to do it herself as he was. One thing led to another and they found them planning a match between them! She even had a place to do it, her boyfriend’s athletic club. With him being the manager, she could get a key, and they have the place to themselves after the club closed! It was agreed, that they’d meet the very next week about 11 p.m. The rules: 12 oz. Gloves, bare chested, sheer tights, sneakers and for an unlimited number of rounds until one of them gave up, or got knocked out.
Clifford agreed to let her boyfriend act as referee.

It was the night. This was an erotic wet dream come true. Clifford was going to fulfill his most exciting fantasy: a fight---a fight to the finish. And; His opponent was as sexy and aroused by the prospect as he was! Now as it turned out, her boyfriend couldn’t make it. Couldn’t make it?! How could he not make it for an experience like this? It seemed he had a minor auto accident. Nothing really serious, but enough to land him in the hospital for observation that night. So it would be just her and he.

They entered the ring from opposite sides; she in a red satin
robe. he wore a black one. They met in the center of the ring and stood nose to nose, looking one another in the eyes.
"Let s see what you got!” Clifford sneered. So he showed her. He was 5 9", 142 lbs. His body were narrow but perfectly shaped; and his erected dick was about 8½” and did nearly thrash the thin pantyhose he wore for the first time in his life.

Now it was Roxanne’s turn to show off. She dropped her robe to reveal a body most women would kill for. Her stats are 5 6", 129 lbs, 36b-24-35 with long, blond hair. Her nipples are about quarter size and chocolate brown and the thin shimmering pantyhose was an extra perk for her.

Clifford was feeling many things at that moment: fear, excitement, pride and most of all lust. The air was alive with sexual energy! They wanted exactly the same thing: to conquer and possess the other.

The fight itself was everything he had hoped it would be. To his delight his workouts paid off in dramatic fashion. Clifford laid his gloves on her, and it doesn't mean this literally. She fight back in the same manner. He discover that this shorter female took his punches well. His cock was trembling.

Not only was Roxanne faster, but he discovered that she could really punch. She had planned to jab and move, taking her time as she gradually got into it. To his frustration this works out well. It was obvious she been match for him. Within the second round he hurt her. A killer instinct that he didn't know he had rose to the surface. In the third, he was all over her, landing punch after punch to her body, then moving up to her head. She was glassy eyed as she stumbled back into the ropes. Her momentum bounced her off the ropes and directly into a powerful right cross. She dropped to her knees, then fell onto her back.

What an awesome sight. His tough Female boxing opponent resting flat on her back, arms stretched out over her head.There was never a doubt about whether she' d get up or not. She was out cold!! Clifford stood over the fallen female boxer and began to count. As the count reached 10, he plant his foot on her tits and was close to explode. The sight of her lying there, the act of counting her out and the knowledge that he had defeated a woman in a real, live fight made him hard and horny like he never been before.

Roxanne lay at the ring floor feeling ugly after being defeated by him. She had expect a good match against Clifford and was full of confidence for the fight. As usual in her matches against men she want to show him her superiority and defeat him. But, for the first time in her life she been facing a better man in the ring and been knocked out. The shocked and dazed Roxanne was not even able to give him, the winner, her tribute and she was teased by the victorious man. Yes, he pronged her twice after the fight, the first time in the ring, the second in the locker, but she jus lay there sobbing taking it until he came—in that way, she really disappointed him, even though cunt is cunt.

But, anyhow, Clifford was satisfied walking out from the gym after a gorgeous new experience. Having done his first boxing fight agains a Woman., His record was now 1-0, and he was eager to find opponent number 2. But that's another story, for another time.

Roxanne’s record was now at that time 5-1. She wanted revenge. Next time they face each other in a ring, her record was 7-1 after she'd facing some earlier victims in the ring and his still 1-0.

That evening they did 2 fights and Sheilas record was 7-3 and Clifford’s 3-0 after they had done 1 "public" fight and 2 hours later they did 1 private one. Roxanne been KOed twice and out fucked that night. It was a true satisfied Clifford who leave the gym after two victories and good fucks.
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