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Default Re: The Matrona Virus. Men are forced to stay home. Family fights begin

Part 3. Family affairs

The next day the girls woke up later than the boys who were preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Sara and Cindy were a bit tired but didn’t feel too bad. They weren’t light weight drinkers after all. Cindy had proven many times that she could drink more than the men of the family because of her tall and fit body. Sara never boasted about it, but once she had to drag and carry her husband back home after a party, although she had drank more than him, and everybody had witnessed that. A couple of times she had to carry him to bed, after they had drunk one or two bottles of wine together at home. They had drunk the same amount but he had always fainted in her arms and fallen asleep on her lap, her strong thighs were holding his head like soft, comforting pillows. She would stroke his head every time like a caring mother, until she would have enough, lift him up in a cradle hold and deliver him to bed. He always felt embarrassed the next day when he’d have a hangover, while Sara was doing just fine. She would watch him deep in the eyes and ask him, if he was doing better. In those moments he had always felt like being reduced to a child in her eyes.
Today the girls looked confident and refreshed as they came to join breakfast. Their gorgeous bodies in their short morning dresses as well as their sharp looks were intimidating for the men. Both knew how they had been dominated by these females and how they had dominated and used those guys at the club. They henpecked their boys at the breakfast table too, taking all the bacon and scrambled eggs for themselves while none of the males dared to raise a voice. Then the girls kept all the coffee and juice for themselves and laid their feet on the table right in front of the boy’s plates again. “Don’t you want to give us a good morning kiss?” Sara moved here feet to give Richard a clear sign, looking at him assertively. Richard didn’t hesitate long and kissed his wife’s tender foot. When Jordan protested having to kiss Cindy’s foot, she said with a smile: “Do it, or do you want me to lock you in your room more often, bro?” Still feeling humble and demoralized he did what she said.
“We will sit outside and enjoy the sun while you will clean the kitchen and make laundry, also clean our shoes, especially those we wore yesterday at the party!” Sara said, “Oh, Jenna and Mitch will visit us later. We thought it would be fun, so that quarantine won’t get too boring for you. And, yeah, she got her husband tested, don’t worry. We could play some games together.” – At least some good news, Richard thought, so they could forget for a while all that happened and have some nice chat. The males didn’t dare to discuss their condition or any ideas about escaping via their smartphones because they feared being monitored and also they hadn’t yet any real idea of what they could possible do about all that. So they were looking forward to talking in person.

When Mitch and his wife came, the men weren’t left alone of course and their wives observed them constantly demanding of them to be at their side always. They sat together in the living room, ordered pizza and talked about the new situation, but the topic changed soon. The three women just forgot the difficult condition of their men and chatted about how wonderful this new world was for them, how freely they could walk the streets at night without worrying about nasty or offensive men. How they enjoyed partying and having fun the way they wanted and how having all that political and economic power was a great feeling and would benefit the future world. When Mitch raised his voice to remind them, that men were suffering and dying right now, while the girls were having fun, his wife put him in his place immediately. She replied that men shouldn’t be so selfish. Female freedom had been suppressed for thousands of years and would be rightfully prevailing now. - Richard just watched Mitch being shut up by his wife, imagining him wearing that wig, was ashamed of manhood and shook his head contemplatively.
Jenna, Mitch’s wife, was a CEO of a big company and knew a lot about economy and politics. She was super-hot, a blonde chick, 32 years old with juicy lips, big plastic tits, pretty blue eyes, pink slutty nails, a great makeup, long creamy legs and a perfect ass. She looked more like a rich pornstar or a playmate. Mitch had worked in the same company but Jenna had got promoted because she was more ambitious, was a smarter and better leader than him. She became his direct boss, then the chief executive of the whole company and when the economy got impacted by the coronavirus, she fired him... It didn’t matter to her that he was her husband. She didn’t care if his feelings were hurt being fired by his own wife. As a lower manager he was of no use for her at that time. He had begged her in tears to keep him in the company but she hadn’t even listen to his pleads. On the contrary, she wrote him a very bad job reference, so that he hadn't any chance to get a job in this position ever again. She had basically demoted him for the whole job market and lowered his value significantly. Every time he read her reference, he felt crushed and degraded by her. She had made him look like a totally incompetent, inefficient loser. She had made her husband umemployable, simply because she felt like it. Although her company did well after a while, she didn’t employ her husband again but instead she took a young, good looking girl for his former position who barely was of Cindy’s age, and even gave her a much higher salary. This was a big humiliation for him, but every time he politely complained, she explained to him how much more efficient this girl worked, compared to him and why in her opinion girls were doing much better than boys in today’s business world. Jenna had then employed her husband out of pity as that new girl’s office assistant, which was even more degrading for him. But as his new superior the young girl fired him again after a month, having Jenna’s approval, because he wasn’t able to keep up with her work pace and her demands. She hired another, even younger girl instead, that was at the age of his daughters.
On his last day, when they had all been in Jenna’s office, Mitch had begged his young female superior together with his wife not to fire him. He had been crying in front of them out of self-doubt and the secret feeling of emasculation. But the two women then just fired him with a wide smile and fake pity in their eyes. Desperately Mitch had offended the girl, that just had fired him, verbally and by hitting her face. But she knew self-defense, kicked his ass and immobilized him quickly in front his wife’s eyes. When he was on the ground, Jenna had stepped over him with a big smile, sat on a chair putting his neck between her crossed ankles and feet that were in high heels. She had squeezed his neck between her feet until he couldn’t breathe and asked him, if he would give up, say sorry and thank the girls for firing him. When he thanked them, both delivered him out. The girl didn’t sue him because, as she said, she had enjoyed it too much giving such a loser a nice beating after having him fired. From this day on her and Jenna had become good friends.
At home Mitch felt inferior even to his daughters now, who already had well-paying jobs. Sometimes he had to ask, to beg his young teenage daughters for money. As the main breadwinner Jenna had demanded of Mitch to sign over all his property and finances to her. He didn’t know what was more degrading, when the females of his family gave him money or when they refused it to him. Anyway he had to thank them every time even for refusing it to him. He also couldn’t keep up with the girls in making housework. They didn’t really need him, he wasn’t good for anything. He started feeling absolutely useless among the girls at home, like their pet they had to feed and give some superficial attention. But most of the time they were just ignoring him. He had nothing to offer. They were all much smarter than him, really hot and ambitious. It was extremely degrading for him to be ignored by four sexy young females at home every day, almost all the time. At some point it was, as if he didn’t even exist anymore in their eyes.
Richard on the other had also just sold his company, transferred the money to Sara’s bank account and was now completely dependent on her. Jordan had likewise no chance at that time to either work or to apply to a university. Even simple home-office jobs were impossible to get for him. Many companies even rubbed it in that they had preferred to employ a girl that was younger than him most of the time. Jordan felt emasculated every single time, especially when he checked out those girls’ profile pictures at the companies’ websites later and saw how pretty and superior they looked like. So he had to watch his sister getting promoted and making money while he was home without having a career or a job prospect anymore.

When the conversation went to economy, Jenna explained:
“Society will change to a more female led, feminine world, where the symbols of power will be identified with femininity. The biggest companies and corporations are already changing their products and symbolic names. For example our greatest tech and online shopping company that decades ago was called ‘Cadabra’, had changed its name into ‘Spartan’, to emphasize its manliness and its ability to face larger competitors. - Now that it is the world’s most powerful company, it has been named ‘Amazon’. This symbolizes that women are naturally the strongest and most powerful species on earth and that universal power is feminine.” – Mitch answered annoyed: “That’s ridiculous. I mean, the ancient Amazons have humiliated and emasculated the Spartans and Athenians many times, that’s true! They were admittedly way better warriors than men. But they didn’t achieve total, imperial power over them.” – Sara replied: “Well they are rising to power today. The modern woman is the Amazon. She is outperforming and beating the man. Men will fall like the 300 Spartans did, they have no chance against the overwhelming female power, which is universal and birth giving. Your struggle is useless and futile in the end.” – “That’s just dumb feminist ideology. After the pandemic is over, everything will return to normal. That corporation just became so powerful due to the lockdown and this feminist virus! Everybody buys on the internet and smaller, honest, manly competing businesses get destroyed. To name the world’s largest corporation ‘Amazon’ really insults and degrades men.” Richard said. – Cindy giggled as she sensed the emotional helplessness of the males facing such changes. “That’s true. ‘Amazon’ uses masses of men as slaves basically, as working drones for its bee hive empire. Male individualism can’t compete with ‘female’ international corporations. Spartans are no competition for Amazons. It’s another dimension. The female doesn’t even have to compete, it is so naturally superior that it just swallows and engulfs the males. There is no fighting at all. The Universal swallows the Individual, the Amazon army just completely engulfs and strangles the Spartan army: Modern women win so easily, it’s not even a real fight, they outclass the men more and more.”

When the pizza delivery rang the bell, she said: “Guess what, brother, your favorite pizza chain restaurant we just ordered from, and which is also the biggest in the world, has recently changed its name too. - It is now called Domina’s Pizza! Isn’t that cool? So most of the time when men order pizza from now on, they’ll get reminded who’s boss.” She gave Jordan a big, girly smile and laughed. He answered defiantly: “No! No way…! I’ll never eat that pizza again!” – “No…? Oh you will, believe me!” Cindy said with a smirk. When they started eating their ordered food, Jordan refused. Cindy stroked his cheek and said: “Aww, won’t you eat from Domina’s Pizza? Is this your tiny protest against female domination, baby? Let’s make him eat, girls!” The women laughed, stood up and approached Jordan, while Cindy took one of his hands and bended it painfully backwards making him sink to the floor. Then Sara and Jenna pushed him further down and held him there. Cindy took one slice of pizza, pressed it against his mouth and then used her foot to force it inside. “Now eat from my foot, little bro!” Cindy’s foot squeezed the slice right through his lips and into his mouth, causing him pain in his hand at the same time. Sara held his head by his hair and hurt him also. Jenna, wearing her heels, sat back again and pressed them on Jordan’s thigh and chest adding some sharp pain on her part, making sure he didn’t move. Thus the girls simply made him eat a couple of pizza slices against his will. Cindy’s pretty toes with her polished nails dug deep inside his mouth. He had to lick here whole soles up after each slice. “Don’t worry, little brother, I showered before. My feet are clean and silky. Don’t they add to the meal that little something?” The women laughed while Richard and Mitch just sat there, not being sure how to react. Jordan was weak and helpless. Three average women were able to humiliate him so easily, just because they felt like it. He also never had imagined that high heels were that sharp and could hurt him so much. Jenna’s strong legs held him nailed to the ground tightly, while she was giving him a teasing smile. “This is how we enjoy our life,” Jenna said, “our new freedom! Women have the power in society, they go out and do anything they like, while men have to stay inside, as women had to do in the past. Simple role reversal,” she pressed her heels deeper into Jordan’s body, he winced and she sighed in pleasure. “It was the best night of our lives. This is how it should always be. Girls go out, they don’t get offended by men anymore and they can fuck whomever they choose, play with any man they like, whenever they like!” She was in a euphoric state, as were the other women while watching and listening to her. The men were living a shock of humiliation that also filled them up with adrenaline. It was like being in trance, facing a coming new world which they couldn’t fight. The two husbands of course didn’t dare to speak up against their wives’ adultery. - But then they all came to their senses again and tried change the subject.
After they had eaten and Jordan had cleaned himself up, they continued chatting for some time. The girls drank a glass of wine and after that they made coffee for themselves but didn’t allow men to drink neither alcohol nor coffee, because they said, it would be bad for their health in times of such a dangerous pandemic. The truth was they just didn’t want to waste it being the ones who were managing the finances now. This was quite demeaning and made the men feel like children in the eyes of the girls the whole afternoon.

Jenna had an idea: “Why don’t we make an IQ contest and compare our scores? Wouldn’t it be funny? I bet us girls would outsmart you men by far. Studies say that due to the complexity of modern world and all the difficulties women had and mastered, being mothers and breadwinners, they have surpassed men in intelligence. And if you males see it black on white, that we girls are officially way smarter than you, maybe you will listen to us more often and don’t talk back all the time!” The girls loved the idea. “We can take a test online, it lasts about half an hour.” The men were a bit skeptical but accepted the challenge finally. They opened the same site on their smart phones and started it together. “Don’t forget, we’ve had some wine, so this gives you boys an advantage,” Cindy said, “but I believe we will kick your asses anyway.” Sara and Jenna nodded and laughed.
Then they started. The girls faces were calm and quite self-assured, although concentrated. The boys began sweating after ten minutes and felt more and more uncomfortable. Richard was the calmest, but they all became desperate as if they couldn’t understand or solve any questions after half of the test and had already given up. Then they waited to get their results.
“Males first,” Sara commanded and crossed her hot legs. So they started to present their scores. Jordan had reached an IQ-score of 110, Richard had 121 and Mitch scored 105. They presented their scores and the girls’ facial expressions changed from pity and empathy to wide smiles followed by laughter. Cindy then showed her number, an IQ of 145. - Jordan immediately felt ashamed and intimidated, when he heard that. Cindy’s blue eyes pierced through him. They didn’t talk. He lowered his head feeling deeply degraded and unfairly treated by nature… He just looked at her stunning crossed legs and dangling feet and felt as if he belonged under them. “Yeah…” she said with a soft voice, “look at my legs and feet, bro, and let it sink in, that I am more intelligent than you. Do you feel like being under my legs now? Does it make you feel inferior that I’m so much smarter than you and have such hot legs, that are stronger than you and could crush you? My mind can crush you too, like those legs and feet can.” – “Stop bullying your brother,” Sara said giggling, “although I can’t really blame you. I got an IQ score of 152.” She smirked at Richard, who suddenly felt sick, when he heard that. His and his son’s self-esteem dropped by a lot. Richard’s eyes also got hit by his wife’s glance and turned down. “Yes, look at my perfect legs, that’s where your attention should be focused, always look at my feet.” Sara said with a smile. ”Your 120 ain’t bad though, that’s how you managed to build up a small company... which I had to save! But my thirty points more explain, why I am now your provider and control your finances, darling. – And Jordan! How does it feel, that your mother is so much smarter than you? Does it emasculate and infantilize you? How did such a dumb boy come out of me, out of my body? I should throw you out of my house or strangle you like a Spartan mother would do with a weak, dumb child! That’s why Amazons kill their male babies in the first place. I should treat you like a small, immature child from now on. Don’t ever question my or your sister’s word again. You’ll do anything we say. – And you Richard should also do that and remind yourself all the time of how much more intelligent your daughter and your wife are than you.” – “Yeah, that’s why women should have the unrestrained right to abortion,” Jenna added, “to be able to abort most boys. How does it feel to be a living abortion in the eyes of your mommy, Jordan, as well as in mine and your sister’s eyes?” – “Yeah, how does it feel, if I tell you, that I should have aborted you, that I should not have let you out of my womb, that you didn’t belong out of my pussy? That you should have been killed within my pussy? Does such a female power make you feel weak and worthless?” Sara looked deep into her son’s eyes. Her sense of superiority had made her predatory, like being ecstatic and intoxicated by her power and she wanted to verbally punish her son for being so stupid. His mouth dropped open, when she had said all that. It made him feel small and absolutely inferior to her. The only thing he saw again, were her gorgeous legs and feet in front of him... He didn’t know why his eyes were drawn to their legs, every time he felt degraded by girls. –
Then she went back to normal again: “We are just teasing you, baby! We love you, you know that. You are our cute, dumb little boy with a big male ego that we girls just love to make fun of! You know, women can be cruel, don’t take it seriously.” – Jordan stammered: “Nature is so unfair...” – “Oh yeah, nature is a bad girl, a real bitch! Females Are nature. Boys are just their toys,” Cindy giggled.
Then all the eyes went to Jenna. She just looked awesome, like a super model, here blonde hair was tied to a high pony tail. She revealed her score with a shy smile, astonishing 165 IQ points. Again the male jaws dropped open and trembled. How could such a hot pornstar-like woman be so much more intelligent than the men? This was simply unfair and absolutely emasculating. Especially Mitch was devastated. He didn’t dare to look his wife in the eyes. He just watched at her fit and sexy thighs next to him and felt pure humiliation pumping through his veins. “Baby, don’t be sad and embarrassed!” she said to her husband stroking his head, “I knew that from the beginning.” – “Well, congratulations, darling,” Sara hugged her, “that’s why you are the CEO among us! You scored higher than Einstein, baby!” She kissed her cheek euphorically. An ultra-hot pornstar like woman had a higher IQ than Einstein – and a higher one than most men on the planet. This had to sink in... - “Although I hadn’t assumed, that your IQ would be that low, Mitch,” Jenna’s tone got more serious: “That’s why all the young girls outperformed you in your job! That’s why girls have demoted, fired and humiliated you in the past! I became your superior from the beginning. - What shall I do with you now? You are totally useless to me... Shall I throw you out on the street? I would step on your face with my heels and make your mouth clean them every day, if I saw you lying on the pavement!” Mitch’s head sank down, her words had crushed him.
Jenna became kinder again: “No, baby, I’m kidding, just playing with your sweet dumb head. I will use you as my favorite toy, as my living dildo, like I’m doing already!” The women burst out in laughter while the men felt broken from so much female degradation. “Oh sorry, I didn’t want to be obscene.” Jenna laughed also. But Mitch was really broken. He felt so extremely degraded, intimidated and reduced by his wife that he sank to his knees and slowly but automatically started kissing her feet and heels. She looked at him dominantly amused and expectantly, raised her heel gently and let him kiss her dirty sole... He whispered: “Please don’t divorce me and crush me under your heels, Jenna. I’m so glad to be your sex toy, your emotional tampon, your punching bad, your doormat, anything, to be with you and make you happy.” – She smiled. “Yeah…? Oh that’s so sweet, baby.” Jenna said grabbing his mouth softly.
The other men felt almost the same way. Female humiliation had made their brains foggy. – “Don’t you want to kiss out feet too? You have enough exercise in that already.” Sara dangled her right foot seductively. Slowly the boys were drawn toward their feet, as if they had no will of their own anymore, and kissed them. Then they sat back on the couch and after a while their male ego kicked in again and cleared their minds. “Those tests don’t prove anything, believe me. If we had practiced them a bit, we would have better results and maybe surpass you,” Jordan said and the other men approved. “Well, if we had ever practiced and hadn’t drunk wine, we would have wiped the floor with you even more.” Cindy answered and the girls laughed. “Intelligence isn’t everything in the world,” Jordan said weakly. “That’s right, but we girls are more ambitious and decisive also, we also more empathic and sensible than men. So I guess we win in almost every aspect.” Cindy had brought Jordan almost to tears, she had crushed his argument and everybody in the room knew that. – He saw and felt the superior looks of the three women upon him as he couldn’t fight back his sister’s argument.
Jenna changed the topic after a while. “Have you heard that the new government already changed the election laws? Guess what, men with an IQ of less than 120 won’t have a right to vote anymore, unless the women of their household will give them permission.” - “Yeah, I read that in the news,” Sara said smiling. – “What? That’s discriminating! Why can they do that to us?” Jordan said a bit shocked, since he was really looking forward to voting in some months. “Science considers men as being more irrational than women. And our new government is determined to listen to science from now on. That’s also why girls will be allowed to vote from the age of 16, because they are more mature, while boys will have to wait until they are 25 to vote. So my daughters and Cindy will be allowed to vote in a few months while Jordan would have to ask his mother and younger sister and beg them to let him vote. Both will have to agree.” – “That’s absurd and unconstitutional,” said Richard, “but at least, I, the man of the house, still get to vote.” Jenna looked at him pitifully: “You could, if there wouldn’t be this pandemic. For now no man is allowed to vote the next government because of the health risk and a possible protest-voting against your lockdown. They can’t allow men to vote against the current government only because they don’t agree with their quarantine.” – “Sorry boys, only girls get to vote in the coming election. There will be only female votes and female politicians,” Sara added with a wide grin, “and before future elections we will think about it very carefully, whether we allow you to vote.” The men couldn’t bring up one single argument against that new policy and felt helpless. Cindy giggled and said: “How does it make feel that your younger sister is allowed to vote and you’re not? Every sixteen-year-old girl is considered more mature than you, bro, and can vote while you can’t. Imagine, a 16-year-old girl would have voted three times already, before a boy her age would be able to. Boys will feel humbled in front of girls for their whole life. I bet they will ban male votes in the future entirely.” The girls laughed and stroked the men softly with their legs, teasing them. A rush of humiliation made the men feel sick once again. It was as if they were getting socially marginalized by women. Again they looked at the gorgeous feminine legs surrounding them, that more and more captured and traumatized their minds, and felt infantilized and being more and more at the women’s mercy.

When the females started bragging about their success in beating their men at home in so many things, Jordan protested in a polite way: “You found us in a weak and seemingly bad situation, we are demoralized by that virus and you are motivated and able to be more active. That’s why you beat us lately in so many things. But we are still men! In substantial things that are masculine you won’t beat us. Why don’t we play a round of soccer in our garden? I’m still a leader among my friends on the field! You’ll never beat us in this genuinely male sport.” He felt confident and wanted to take advantage of their exhaustion after the wild party last night. “After that we could make an arm wrestling contest for fun, to show you that men are the stronger sex after all.” – “Wow, I’m into that.” Jenna licked her juicy lips. She was quite a bit younger than Sara, at her height and had a well-shaped but still casual female body. She was already wearing sporty clothes, a tank top and a pink spandex mini skirt. The rest got into some proper clothes and they moved out onto the grass.
Before they started the match, Jenna responded to Jordan’s previous statement: “Let me remind you, that soccer isn’t a purely masculine sport anymore. There are many successful female teams nowadays and some of them beat the male teams of their league and sometimes even the higher ones. Some professionals even claim that women have naturally a better technique. They just need to build up some more strength or just improve their natural technique, train and develop a bit more and they will surpass the male teams once and for all. This pandemic of course is a heavy throwback for men but even without that, women and girl teams could potentially beat the males. I have played myself some times and I can keep up with Mitch or other guys. Two of our daughters play in girl soccer teams and their teams have beaten the boy’s teams many times. I think they even won more times than they got beaten by them. – Believe me, my daughters could destroy you and your friends easily. They’re just sixteen. They wouldn’t allow you to score a single goal. And you wouldn’t be able to catch a single one of their kicks. They would make you cry. It would be the worst emasculation for you.” – Jordan felt shivers running down his spine. Jenna said it with a very convincing, serious voice. This would be the worst day of his life being beaten by pretty young girls in his favorite sport. Jordan came closer to Jenna and whispered: “We couldn’t train that much because of the pandemic. So please don’t tell them to play against us. Deep down I know you are right. They could crush me, I’m afraid. Please… don’t let your daughters humiliate me... Don’t tell anybody I told you that, please. I’ll do whatever you want.” Only to her he would admit that he was intimidated by females sometimes. He felt like lying under Jennas high heels again. She petted his cheeks. “I know that your biggest fear, which more and more is becoming a reality, is that girls are better than you in everything. – You are such a good boy, you know that? And now you are playing against us women. We’ll give you a hard time, so prepare.”
Cindy approached them and said: “I have also played some times with my girlfriends for fun, so I’m not totally inexperienced. Only mom hasn’t that much experience.” – “Well, not much, although I am a fast runner. Also men have lower stamina than women and on the other hand,” Sara said, “I know how to kick balls really hard!” The girls laughed looking at the male’s overconfident yet a bit insecure expressions. Cindy added: “If you win the games today, we girls will serve you drinks and food the whole evening. But if we win, we will test our strength upon your body and challenge your resistance! We will make a slapping contest to see which one of you will endure more face slaps from us! So we will prove to you, how weak you are and that you should listen to what we say more often!”- Jordan answered overconfidently: “Yeah, such a scenario won’t happen again, in your crazy dreams only. You will get slapped in the end! Today men will finally get their small but fair revenge for all your recent treatment.” The women laughed with high pitched girly voices.

The teams got ready and the soccer match started. It should last 45 minutes or until one team would give up. The men quickly gave all they had, full force and energy to destroy the girls’ team quickly and decisively. The girls tried to coordinate and communicate at first, find a strategy, understand how their opponents play and think. Sara was the most amateur one and had some problems to control the ball at first. The boys had of course way more experience, although they all were basically amateurs too. But on the other hand the girls were more athletic and intellectually in a fitter state, so they could react fast and think of ways to master some of their opponent’s tactics soon. Nevertheless it was almost unfair how the males took advantage of the girl’s inexperience and bragged about their first goal. At first the girls felt insecure. Maybe they had overestimated the female ability and forgotten that men were still men, and that meant certainly superior in important aspects of life. The second attack was likewise brutal, they passed the resistance, Jordan slammed his mother to the side, almost fouling. It was devastating for the girls. But strangely enough the second goal had been already way more difficult to score. Jenna and Cindy could defend some shots and pass the ball around for a while. It took more than seven minutes until Jordan could score the second one. The boys didn’t bother to set a goal keeper and left their goal undefended, thinking they would never need much defense.
The girls on the other concentrated more on defense and keeping their goal secured. Quickly they had learned how the boys would attack and tightened their defensive strategy, so that it became more and more difficult to score or even to try a shoot. This got more and more frustrating for the men. Richard got a bit annoyed and when Cindy screamed next to him, he lost focus of the ball and Jenna passed it behind the boys to her. She quickly got behind the enemy line, run fast and made the first goal, almost missing it though in a clumsy, girly way. The boys were shocked. They hadn’t had any defense plan whatsoever. Jordan had started running after her but he had no chance. In this moment it was clear that Cindy was much faster than Jordan and the other two men. - “Girls, all we have to do, is run and let them eat our dust. I’m way faster than Jordan and you are surely faster than Richard and Mitch. Look at our legs, they are longer and stronger than those of the men,” Cindy said to her female team mates. So, although the boy’s team still had the more experienced skills, if a girl got the ball once, she would run too fast for her male opponents most of the time. Jordan had even difficulties catching up with Sara or Jenna.
Slowly but steadily the male team was forced into defense mode. Jenna and Cindy had already tried many times to score and were putting up pressure. It was incredible, the men were defending themselves. Even Sara had learned some techniques already and managed to beat her husband in a couple of fights for the ball. Cindy had managed to achieve the same against Jordan. She was a better player than the middle aged men for sure. Richard and Mitch started to fear Cindy while losing many battles against her, Jenna was about their equal, although faster. And they didn’t really dominate Sara, she could give them a hard time every now and then. The girls’ game improved while the men got faster exhausted. Suddenly Cindy passed the ball to her mother, who didn’t know how to react being attacked by Jordan and Mitch at the same time. She started to run and just outpaced them as well as Richard, who was the last to defend the goal. But she surpassed him with ease, making some circles at first, and scored the tie 2:2. The girls cheered while the boys were stunned. But it was foreseeable. They all had already lost many duels against the girls.
Then some rather devastating things happened to the boys. Cindy ran into Richard once, trying to tackle him and he fell to the ground. As he was down Cindy stood over him: “Sorry, did I play too rough?” His own daughter had thrown him down, he felt battered and quite degraded. Another time Sara kicked the ball very hard and hit Jordan in the stomach. He bent in half and sighed. “Did I kick too hard baby? I hope I didn’t hurt you much,” Sara said seriously but giggled soon after. And after that Jenna hit her husband’s testicles by accident with her knee being in a duel. He fell to the ground and she stroked his head. “Sorry, baby, I forgot you have some balls too, hahah…” Fortunately Mitch wasn’t hit that badly and he continued soon. But this happened often. When Jordan tried one attack, he got tackled by his mother and thrown down bluntly. He got a free shot but Jenna caught his ball easily. After that Sara kicked accidentally her son’s testicles in a duel, took the ball running towards the goal and didn’t realize that Jordan was motionless down on the field, weeping.
All this demoralized the boys more and more. The women were certainly fitter and stronger in some way than the men. When Sara crushed into Richard once, he felt down yelling in pain. One shot from Cindy’s right leg that hit Jordan’s head, immobilized him for a while. All this occurred, when in the meantime the girls scored three other goals, it was 5:2. All three of them were basically able to score at any time. This was becoming a massacre, not only were the boys losing, they were beaten and hurt by the girls, most of the time still in a legal way though. The girls just liked to play a bit rough from time to time, while the boys did everything to play respectful, so that they couldn’t be accused of winning unfairly. They all saw though how the female legs triumphed over the male ones, the sight of Sara’s, Cindy’s and Jenna’s fit and beautiful legs got more and more into the boy’s focus again. They felt directly humiliated by the girl’s legs, they made them feel inferior, weaker and smaller.
The men got more and more exhausted while the girls stayed fit and improved their play all the time. Jenna scored the 6:2, Sara the 7:2 and Cindy after some minutes the 8:2. The boys weren’t able to get even close to the other goal again. The girls were in possession of the ball most of the time. Of course they didn’t hold back and mocked the boys whenever they could. It was a sheer physical and psychological torture. Once Richard got knocked over by Sara, and Jenna, who was approaching, stepped on his face by accident, he screamed like hell. After a while she scored the 9:2. She saw Richards devastated look and asked: “Is it, as if we would run all over you? Does it feel that way, Richard? Sorry, but I think you have to accept that you got beaten by girls thoroughly. My daughters would have destroyed you easily too, and they are teenagers.” – “This is not over. Richard and Mitch are older than you. We just need a pause,” Jordan said. “Yes but we play better than you also, baby,” Sara answered.
After the pause the game was just a mere run the gauntlet, a cat-and-mouse torment, where the women almost sadistically toyed with the men, as if they were little boys. They passed the ball around, laughed and scored every two minutes. The boy just had to watch their painted toenails, their sexy feet touch the ball, their gorgeous legs kicking hard and outpacing them just for fun. When the score was at about 30:2 they stopped without many words. The boys just didn't want to give up until it simply was too much for them. - Jordan felt like throwing up. Such an extreme defeat was too humiliating, he hadn’t seen this coming. Richard and Mitch felt likewise. Sara came closer to the boys and said smiling: “How does it feel, to be humiliated by women in soccer? Have you ever felt something more degrading in your whole life? Is it emasculating to get destroyed by these female legs?” And Cindy added: “Our legs and feet humiliate you, our bodies and brains humiliate you to such an extent, I’m afraid it will cause you a trauma. Sorry, you have to experience that.” Jenna said smiling: “Yeah, you have to take it. I’m sure you have never experienced such a complete degradation by women. We toyed with you like with little children. Just let it sink in. Don’t be sad. You may cry of course, if you feel like it.” The men felt mentally castrated at that point. In addition to that, Jordan was still feeling it almost literally, having been kicked by his mother’s foot so hard he had almost passed out from the pain. Sara approached him: “Baby, did I hurt your mental as well as your physical balls today? I’m sorry. You can cry on my lap, if you want.” He didn’t answer. After a couple of minutes Richard tried to rationalize it and improve their moods: “All right, for women you played really well. We just aren’t in shape and not motivated enough due to this pandemic. But we are still the stronger sex. Let’s do this arm wrestling!”

When they sat around the living room table, Jordan made the first round of arm wrestling and managed to beat the women, although against Jenna, the third one, it started to get a bit difficult. The same with the others. Mitch was the first one who got beaten by Sara already in the first round. The soccer game had sucked a lot of their energy and in the second round Richard and Mitch got beaten by all the girls, one after the other. In the third round finally Cindy slammed Jordan’s arms down while watching him in the eyes. The men’s strength was gone and they felt that the women were much stronger than them now. The females grinned and giggled all together. “Got you, brother. I’m stronger than you…” Cindy whispered. Then it was Sara’s round again. She and Jenna now pushed Jordan’s arms down like they were nothing. Sara whispered: “That’s it, babies, we beat you. We beat you in everything.”
“Stand up! In a row.” Cindy commanded. Silently the men stood up and the slapping contest began. “Who will stay up longer? Which female hand will bring more men down? Let’s see.”
Even the first slaps the girls delivered to the boy’s faces were devastating. The boys almost never had a female slap them in the past and they never imagined how much it would hurt, even after a few slaps. They passed them in a row, first Cindy hit Jordan, then her father, then Mitch. Then came Jenna and then Sara. Cindy’s slaps were the hardest at first but after a while Jenna and Sara increased their strength too. The boys started to get red, to sigh and even yell after every female hit they got. They all were seeing stars very soon. Sara noticed that: “Aww.. do you see stars, little boys? Will we hit you unconscious?” The girls laughed and slapped even harder. This was pure torture, the men were almost crying now but nobody wanted to give up to girls! This was the last test of their ego’s strength. Unfortunately it was Jordan this time, who got knocked out first. It was Sara’s hand that slapped him so hard he finally fell unconscious to the floor, after dozens of female slaps had hit his swollen face. He collapsed before Sara’s and Jenna’s feet. “Are you crazy, what are you doing to us? You could beat out a tooth or damage our ears! Don’t send us to hospital…” Richard was almost begging now. After a while Jenna hit Mitch so hard, he also collapsed and gave up almost unconscious, crawling lifelessly to his wife’s feet, begging her for help. Richard was the last man standing but the feminine hits became stronger and he started yelling and crying after every slap. The women just looked at him with wide sadistic smiles, giggling or screaming in joy. Finally Cindy, his own daughter, gave him the last devastating slap that knocked him out cold. – “Look at them… beaten and destroyed at our feet!” Sara said and all of them laughed. “Well I guess we have to bring them to bed again,” Cindy smiled. “Yeah girls, I will carry Mitch home and tell my daughters a car hit him on the road,” Jenna said and the girls laughed hysterically. “Just kidding, I will tell them every detail of how we slaughtered our boys today, hahaha!”

The next day it was as if the men’s egos and bodies were crushed all together. They felt wrecked, their limbs hurt and their bruised, red swollen faces made them remember immediately every detail, every single smaller or bigger shameful moment of their defeat. In Sara’s house the women had gone to work and had locked them inside like some teenage boys that had been grounded by their mother and sister. They had sent them pictures of themselves being unconscious on the ground with their swollen faces next to the girl’s feet and of how they had tucked them in afterwards. Cindy had texted: “This is what happens to little boys, when they have a large ego and think they are better than girls in something.” Sara had sent them following message: “You see that we girls crush and outperform you in basically every aspect of life. Look what our soft feminine hands did to your faces. They knocked you out cold in the end. You can put some ice on your swollen faces. We hope it will teach you a lesson. We hope you will listen to girls from now on. Just accept your lockdown. We would have to hurt you badly and restrict you even further.”

For some days or weeks the males of the family were too humbled and obeyed the females. They didn’t even think of escaping and always listened to them, did anything they said. The girls had established total female dominance in the house. The men did all the housework, did the laundry, washed the girls’ panties and stockings. Even Richard did anything his daughter Cindy told him, cleaned her room, cooked her food, brought out the trash, cleaned her shoes. The females told them when to go to sleep, when to stand up and when to eat. They had to ask for their permission to watch TV, sit in the garden, play video games, have a shower and even to use the toilet. They told them it was important to know and control everything they do, to be sure their life would be according to the new regulations.

“There is a new law that loosens some restrictions,” Sara said, “it is allowed to go out for a walk, but only for an hour and under female supervision. A female can go out for a walk with her male relative, if she can assure that he won’t escape, if she is able to hold and subdue him if necessary. So I’m sorry to say that, but we would have to tie your hands and hold them on a leash, if we go out, so you won’t have a chance to escape.” At first the boys were really happy to hear that but then they realized how unpleasing and embarrassing this would be, to be walked by women like some dogs. “Do you wanna go walkies? Yeah? Good boys!” Cindy said with a sweet condescending tone, as if she was talking to her little puppies. At first the men refused but after some days they gave in. Sara tied Richard’s hands and Cindy tied Jordan’s hands with some ropes they had gotten from the basement and kept holding a longer part of it as a leash. And because the girls didn’t trust those raw manly ropes they also tied some nylon stockings around their wrists. They were so tight they cut into the men’s skin and reduced their hands’ blood supply immediately. “Nice and tight. You’ll never get out of these, if we don’t let you.” Sara said with a smile. “This is not happening.. This is just a nightmare, no?” Richard said to Jordan. “We can’t be doing this seriously,” Jordan answered. - “Oh you can, no worries, you will get used to it. Just forget your stupid male ego and enjoy the walk outside. Let us lead you, trust your women.” Sara smiled and kissed Richard on his cheek. Walking outside felt for the men like being prisoners, slaves or dogs, something in between. When they arrived in a park they sat on a bench.
Suddenly Sara had an idea. She stopped two teenage girls that were jogging around a small lake. “Would you mind holding our boys and go for a run with them, so that they get some fitness, now that they are locked down for so long?” – “Sure,” the girls said and took the ropes in their hands. “You are two cute doggies, aren’t you?” the one girl said mocking them. They didn’t protest because the wanted to avoid any difficulties and liked the idea to go for a run, even when being on a leash, led by two stunning girls in hot tight black leggings and pink yoga pants. They couldn’t keep their eyes off these girls that were now humiliating them publicly. When they returned the boys were exhausted, they couldn’t keep up with the girls at all, which were laughing at them all the time.
When they walked alone being two meters away from Sara and Cindy again and got pulled back by them, Jordan couldn’t stand it any longer and was about to cry out of shame: “Don’t treat us like dogs, pulling at our leashes like that!” – “Awww, baby, you don’t have to feel like a dog. You don’t want to be mommy’s doggy?” Sara stroked her sons head giggling. “How does it feel to have become your daughter’s little dog?” Cindy teased her father while pulling his leash. “Sit! Bark!” she commanded. – “Yeah, stop this femdom crap, it’s not funny. Let’s return home again, please,” Richard said. While walking home the boys knew though that this wasn’t some silly femdom story… but real life. They felt real degradation by females, being really mentally emasculated while on a leash, watching Sara’s and Cindy’s awesome, feminine legs that were longer and way stronger than theirs walking in front of them. The girls walked them like dogs. This was no funny fetish, this was reality. This real life humiliation by females was a strange, intense, warm and engulfing feeling they never had experienced before this pandemic. It was as if femininity was strangulating their male ego deep inside, not allowing it to breathe.

When some time had passed the men had enough, they discussed their condition and decided to take new actions. Richard and Jordan couldn’t take it anymore being at home all day having to take orders from the women of the family. So they arranged secret meetings with some of their friends outside. They waited for the women to leave for work and escaped, climbing the garden fence. Finally they had some freedom to drink a beer, talk with their friends and discuss what they could do. Some of them even had big plans, to escape the city, make a revolution against the new female establishment. They convinced themselves that this whole story of the Matrona virus was a big hoax, a feminist conspiracy to control men and allow women to gain all political and social power. After a while they made secret web conferences that were arranged by some male computer programmers, so that the state and the police wouldn’t discover them. From all around the country men and boys attended those digital meetings and they started to plan to make more organized escapes and fantasized about a future revolution.
Well, the women seemed at least to have found out about their small daily escapes. One day when the boys got up, they heard noises from outside and saw that a new garden fence was being built which was so tall that climbing over it was made impossible. - They were real prisoners now. Things were getting serious and more and more unacceptable. The boys had secretly done some workout at home and were preparing to break out of lockdown soon.
Sara explained to them: “Sorry boys, we have heard that many men leave the house secretly to meet and relax with their friends, while their women are at work. We understand that you feel like prisoners and how awful it must be, not to be able to have a beer outside once in a while with some friends, especially while in the meantime we women have a wonderful time outside, enjoy our lives doing anything we like, going anywhere we want. But we have to take such measures and you have to accept it. We are responsible for your life, as you know.” – The boys couldn’t believe it. Those few hours and minutes of freedom were taken away from them again. They felt caged like some dumb animals having to wait for the women to be feed them.
Now that the weather got colder, winter was coming with its storms, Sara and Cindy decided that the boys shouldn’t be allowed to go out to the garden anymore. It would be so cold anyway and it would be more secure to keep them inside. Cindy explained to them: “We have locked the glass door to the garden with a special lock, so you don’t get any ideas of climbing the tall new fence. Soon it will be freezing so you don’t need to go out anyway.” - This was too much. As if it wasn’t already enough to be locked away and told what to do all day, to be beaten every day by the women of the house in video games, chess, sports or even in arguments. Life had become a constant and total humiliation of their male egos as well as a full time incarceration.
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