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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

Originally Posted by InTheFlesh86 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I don't see what's stopping a new girl from getting into the scene and saying "I'm going to undercut everyone at $200 a session, and I'm going to book 30 sessions a week". All she needs is a simple web page with a booking form, a way to take paypal payments, and a comprehensive FAQ answering common questions. She doesn't even have to provide an email on her profile, so no wasting time with question askers who don't read her FAQ, and I bet if she only charged $200 she'd still have people lining up provided she was halfway decent. If that scenario were to happen, I think it would only be a matter of time before other girls started lowering their prices too, but these things are always hard to predict.
This is just crazy, unless women are traveling, they're not getting that many sessions a week. You can do some multiplication and think it sounds great, the reality is there aren't that many paying customers out there, and most emails are from time-wasters, and half those who book sessions end up being no-shows. There's a reason girls from NY and LA travel. If they got enough business at home, they'd never (or rarely) leave.

I might add that girls don't charge any more in LA than in Cleveland, despite the cost of living differences (which is reflected in hotel costs, and food). Also, long tours will generally reflect the 80/20 principle. They may get tons of sessions when they visit NY and LA, and Vegas may be alright too. But Chicago is known to be a disappointment, they may waste a night or two in Baltimore and get absolutely nothing. Not too different from many concert tours. You basically have to crush the big cities in order to come out ahead at all. One other expense is baggage fees have gotten insanely high over the years. This can be mitigated with some special airline memberships, but they often take multiple bags with them and fly from city to city to city for several weeks. They need to book that stuff in advance, which is non-refundable (at least pre-COVID), and hope that not too many guys no-show them and they don't lose money on the trip. They are taking on a lot of risk.

On top of this, 30 hours a week is a lot, unless it's very short-term, like a tour. You're putting your body through a lot if you workout 30 hours a week.

Originally Posted by gutpunch [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I do not believe that a high price is what is needed to filter the good and the bad customers out. There are some great low income people out there with big loving hearts that would love a session and at the same time there are some very wealthy people out there who are just tyrants.
Repeat it over and over again, this is just missing the point. Companies recruit college kids all the time and say "we require GPA of at least 3.5." No, grades don't mean shit, and there are some great candidates who had GPAs below 3.5, or even below 3.0. But filter to 3.5+ and you get mostly quality candidates, and the filter is very low effort. Same thing here. You don't need to waste hours filtering through and trying to guess which guys are nice and which ones aren't when you can just filter out the duds with a higher price point.

You are not entitled to a session. You are paying for her time and company, if she's more of a bodybuilder and not just a regular wrestler, she has a very unique look that takes years to achieve, and very few people can compare. Respect her, either pay her rates or don't waste her time, and appreciate that this is usually short-lived. A year or two from now, she may no longer be on the scene.

Let's get real, they'll give you a good session if you can pay, but they're interested in higher-income clients who will repeat. They usually ask you how often you session, who else you've met, and so forth. This is partly a proxy for "how much money do you make (or spend)?"

I would rather have an amazing $400 session with a woman who's happy than an ok $300 session with someone who's frustrated, getting spammed all day long, is distracted during the session because she has a back-to-back and gets some texts she has to answer about his arrival. But there are also some new girls who charge $400 because she heard she can and just doesn't give a very good session. Girls having some reviews on them before booking can help filter that out.
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