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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

I read your post, and I think rates more or less stay the same because by the time you go over $600 you have very few customers. And if you have enough, you probably know them reasonably well and have no need to advertise on sessiongirls or wb270. Most girls don't session for so many years, so there's not too much time to increase rates either.

If they publicly write "only $300!", some guys may actually think "that's too cheap, I don't want it." People do tend to believe higher price points give you higher quality. In general, there is correlation, but not so much at the extremes. I have a nice $800 couch (can't remember exactly, bought it long ago), and I've seen similar items priced for $2500 or more at "fancy" stores. Someone is buying them, or that store would be out of business.

If the more-established girls can fill their entire calendar with $400 sessions, I would expect to see the less-established girls publicly advertise their comparatively cheaper rates.
That might work in a situation where there are two girls in city X, and 100 guys, and they each want to session more than once a month. In reality, a city might have a few good regulars, but mostly travelers, so schedule availability and so forth becomes a factor. Guys tend to want variety. They may get bored of seeing the same girl every time (but sometimes not). The competition optimization here is a multi-variable problem. Then there's also the reality of girls (and guys) being disorganized. I remember Holly would often email me maybe 3-5 days in advance of her trip to my city asking when I could meet. That's just really short notice. I hope she had some other appointments lined up already, especially when some guys have to give a certain amount of notice to take off work.

But the prices are not quite flat. I know of a couple girls that have been at $300 or $350 for at least 5 years, probably much longer. And others who came in at $350, eventually went up to $400, even went up to $500.

Girls get a lot of emails with guys trying to negotiate prices, lots of complaints. They see it as an insult in general (sometimes they'll cut a deal). The unseen part of their work is all the hours training and the rigorous dieting and so forth. I just can't imagine even if I were to be successful in negotiating $400 down to $300 that it wouldn't be an awkward session where she just becomes less enthusiastic during it. If the price is too high, I just politely decline and move on with my life. If my employer told me they wanted to give me a 25% paycut, I would be less likely to smile at work too.

For many of the average, or somewhat above average, session girls, I have personally seen:
  • girl tapping on her phone all day long (I was having a meal with her after our session), dealing with guys trying to negotiate, complaining about the guy who no-showed her, etc.
  • girl who couldn't get enough deposits even for a hotel room and had to cancel her trip to a very popular session city
  • girl who was staying in an admittedly not-so-popular city for a couple days and could only get 2 bookings

Grabbing that $300 or $400 or $200/hour is just a lot more work (especially to do so consistently) than putting an ad online and saying "book now."

I also think it's a mistake to assume that just because a guy only wants to pay $150 for a session that there's a higher probability he'll be violent, creepy, or unwilling to pay.
I think there is a very high correlation between low-pay (or poverty even) and crime. There have been a lot of crime increases during the current recession for instance. It's actually pretty remarkable how easy the booking process for wrestling sessions is. They sometimes ask for a deposit, it's about 50/50 whether they ask for references, and they almost never ask you for more personally identifying information like women in the escort scene do. They don't even ask for a picture. They are taking on a lot of risk. They have absolutely no idea who you are. A guy willing to pay $400 without arguing instead of begging for a $100 session is just less likely to be dangerous. But if you politely say it's too much for your price range, they sometimes will cut a deal for like $200 for half an hour or something, depending on their schedule and so forth.

At the end of the day, even if they lowered their rates to $100, they'd get more business, absolutely. It still wouldn't be enough on a regular basis to get 6 or 8 or 10 sessions a day, in most cases. They'd be doing way more work, taking on way more risk, for less money. The lower the price point, the more no-show guys you probably get too. And personally for me at my job, I work more or less 40 hours a week, but not all days are the same. Some days are really intense, others are closer to checking-my-email days. If I had to work at 100% (which is what the SGs would be doing if they were doing that many sessions every day) every single day, I would burn out.
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