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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

As said above, a lot of these women are disorganized, it's well known you frequently have to describe your session again once you meet, even though you sent an email with details. I suspect the really organized ones tend to work independently, not for a studio.

Add in the language barrier, and things get worse. They are *not* translators. They probably learned English from watching TV, and learned the wrestling terms by doing this stuff, but in so many videos/interviews, you can see it in their eyes when they didn't understand a word or phrase. For some reason, we repeat what we said slowly instead of using simpler language. I remember Jennifer Thomas interviewing Sheena for example, and you could tell Sheena got confused by an idiom Jennifer used. She just repeated herself instead of using neutral language. We just don't think about these things until we learn a new language ourselves.

Unless they read a lot or have more intellectual conversations, they're just not going to expand their vocabulary. So translate it into English/their language. If you can't, pay someone to do it. Just imagine you are a wrestler. You go to the gym every day, multiple times a day. You do some skype sessions, go to studios to film matches, and do session wrestling. You don't have that much time for other things. When some guy sends you a long detailed script, and it's not even in your first language, that is a lot of mental effort. And if she's making 100 Euros off it? I bet she's making 100 Euros off the matches other guys request where not so much work is involved.

If you want a perfect video, stop whining about being treated poorly, about how everyone is mean to you. Realize that most people are going to do certain things imperfectly, or even poorly. Plan for it. Do the translation yourself. Pay her more so that she prioritizes your request. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Be a better manager.
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