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Default Re: 3 Favourite & Least Favourite Holds

Originally Posted by mixedwrestler08 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

reverse headscissor
reverse facesit

(followed by holds like front facesit, schoolgirl pin, grapevine, most head scissors and rear naked choke)

least favorite

armbar, armbar, armbar ( or any kink of lock and bars)
I hate the arm bar! If a girl is experienced with it, she can slap it on and have you tapping before you even know what the hell is going on!

Added after 6 minutes:

My favorite holds are (in no particular order):

The GOAT...the reverse headscissor.
Breast smother
Being mounted. Once a girl has you mounted, you are pretty much at her mercy.

Least favorite:

Grapevine ( I have terrible flexibility)
Guillotine (puts a lot of pressure on the windpipe if not executed correctly)

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