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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

Originally Posted by Juvi [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I donīt know if it makes it more interesting if you get only answers from people who agree with you, but it will not have an impact on session prices, neither does it have if answer you and itīs an answer you donīt like.

I asked you the question twice, and you didnīt answer even though you posted other stuff, so you were not that busy, and of course you are free to answer or not, only if in a topice like this you post (and I quote)

"If anything jumped up that much in price, regardless of whether its a luxury or not, I'd be angry and I bet I'm not alone"

You have to deliver evidence, otherwise I consider it Fake News (although that post was not only directed to you).

I had one of my first sessions with a well known girl 20 years ago. the session fee was 350 back then. Nowadays her fee is 400. Thatīs 15% up in 20 years, less than inflation, so I cannot agree at all if you post that prices jumped.
Of course there are girls asking 600-700 for a session. Everybody is free to accept that price and do a session, I personally would never do a session at that price and choose another girl instead. And nobody of us posting here will have those girls lower their fees.
Spot on
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