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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

Gotta say, even though the going rate these days seems to be around $400/hr, I don't think I've ever had a session that was worth more than $200-250 to me personally, and if that was the going rate, I'd be sessioning FAR more frequently than I currently do -- as would everybody else. Cheaper is obviously better for clients, but is it better for session wrestlers? Well...

Newer session wrestlers would benefit greatly by lowering their prices, because they would get more experience quicker, more clients, less no-shows, and more money.

Established session wrestlers with lots of repeat clients would lose many of them to the newer session wrestlers who charge less, which would mean they'd have to lower their rates to stay competitive. Once they do this, they'd likely get many of their old clients back plus tons of new ones that can now afford them. They'd bounce back, but be working harder than they were before to make the same amount of money.

That being said, if you go from averaging, say, 3 sessions per week @$400/hour to averaging 6 sessions a week @$250/hour... that's an increase of $300/week, or $15,600/year.

So... yeah, ultimately it's probably a good thing for everybody. Way more clients means way more money for session wrestlers. But it would mean the session wrestlers are working twice as hard.
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