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Default Revenge

Antony abruptly threw his phone onto the sofa, mumbling profanities under his breath as he did so. He had been trying for three days now to contact his girlfriend, Anja. Mind you it wasn’t a great surprise that she wasn’t picking up, considering she had found out about his indiscretions with his colleague, Becky in the store room. It wasn’t that he wasn’t serious about his girlfriend, but Becky was a little minx who knew how to get her way. It had been the promise of a tit wank with her massive melons that was the straw that broke the camels back. God knows how she found out, but several days ago, Anja had sent him a text saying how she knew exactly what had gone on. Naturally, that was the last Antony had heard from her.
Deciding to give himself a break from his constant efforts to contact Anja, he plonked himself on the sofa, slumped back and fiddled with the remote before settling on a cookery programme. He finally settled down only to be disturbed five minutes later by the sound of the doorbell.
‘Parcel for you, mate.’ Said the young driver as Antony opened the door. The man promptly pushed the package into his hands before turning and heading back along the garden path. Judging by the shape and size of the parcel, Antony guessed it was some kind of DVD or book. He looked down at it perplexed, racking his brain and trying to remember as to whether he had ordered a DVD or book from somewhere. Moving back to the living room, he slowly unpacked the small package. It was, indeed, a DVD. The cover was blank but there was a note slotted into the plastic; You might want to look at this when you are alone, lol. He instantly recognized his girlfriend’s handwriting.
Anja’s face appeared in the shot as soon as the DVD started running. The picture wobbled as she adjusted the camera. Once happy with the angle, Anja stepped back and Antony could see that she was in fact topless, dressed only in a pair of black panties. Antony, although, pretty confused by now, felt a tingle in his groin. Anja was about 35 but had a banging body. She was slim and had medium-sized but firm breasts. Of course, he had seen her naked many times, but the thought of her on film, was quite frankly hot. However, Antony’s excitement soon turned to horror as Anja moved to one side of the shot in order to reveal a man lying on the bed in just his underpants. The camera had be so angled that you couldn’t make out his face but one thing that you could see was that he packing some meat!
Still looking into the camera, Anja walked over to the bed slowly and sat on the edge. Running her tongue over her lips, she began to run her slender fingers over his packet. She inched her way along the huge swelling in the man’s pants, the bulge twitching as she did so,
‘Wow, Antony’ she grinned into the lens. ‘Look how big his cock is’
Antony looked on in total shock and horror.
Hooking her fingers either side of his pants, Anja pulled down his pants, allowing a huge cock to pop out like a massive salami!
‘Oh my God’ cried Anja. ‘What a cock!’ ‘Well Antony, you are about to watch me work this big boy over with my tongue. What do you think about that?’ Smiled Anja as she looked directly in the camera. Cupping his huge balls, she gently squeezed then.
‘I am going to definitely give these a sucking!’ she grinned.
Leaning down to the man’s groin, Anja ran her tongue slowly and seductively down his cock. Upon reaching the top she slowly circled his helmet before she parted her lips and took this huge cock into her mouth. She took it deep into her mouth before slowly bobbing up and down; not once losing eye contact with the camera. Antony could barely hear the man’s moans over Anja’s slurping as she greedily gobbled on his manhood. After a while she broke contact with is cock, a thin streak of phlegm and cum still connecting his dick and Anja’s lips as she did so,
‘He tastes so good, Antony’ said Anja bringing he little pinkie up to her mouth to gather in that streak of cum before sucking the end of her finger.
Antony was transfixed to the screen. He knew he should have just switched the whole thing off but he just couldn’t.
The man had now turned around and was on all fours on the bed. Anja was sat back up again and was cupping his huge balls. She positioned herself under him and started to bash his balls with her tongue. The man’s moans now became audible and he legs were visibly trembling. Before long, Anja had taken his entire sack in he mouth and suck ravenously on them. After a few minutes, the guy looked like he was going to explode. Noticing this, Anja released his balls and came out from beneath him.
‘It would be a real waste of such a lovely cock not to ride it. Don’t you think so, Antony?
Antony was awash with mixed emotions. On the one hand he was gutted that his girlfriend was cheating on him, but on the other, it was turning him on to see Anja work this guy over. He felt himself wanting her to get fucked by this guy. But most of all, he secretly wanted her to take his load in her mouth. Nevertheless, before Antony could come to terms with this dilemma, Anja had already mounted the man.
She lowered herself down slowly on to his cock and gave a short sharp gasp as she took his whole length. She turned back to the camera and grinned from ear to ear,
‘Oh my God, Antony. He is so so huge!’
Anja ran her fingers through her shoulder-length blonde hair as she hopped up and down on his massive dick, her hips gyrating as she did so. She glanced back at the camera as often as possible with a look of pure ecstasy on her face.
Antony just couldn’t hold on any longer; he unzipped his trousers and his stiff cock popped out. He stroked his dick vigorously as he watched this huge cock slip in and out of his girlfriend’s pussy.
Anja had now got herself into a 69 position and was deep throating this guy whilst staring into the camera. Occasionally, she would take his length out of her mouth and run her tongue up and down his cock before taking it back in.
Antony was on the edge. He couldn’t believe he was going to see Anja suck this guy dry.
It wasn’t long before the man’s legs started to tremble as he groaned from under her pussy. A smile broke across Anja’s face as she parted her lips slightly and a mass of cum dribbled back down his cock. Still looking directly into the camera, sucking the spunk back up again grinning as she did so. Antony shot his load as she spent the next few minutes licking and sucking up every last drop of cum.
Anja got up from her position and once again her face filled the screen. Antony could still she some spunk dribbling from her mouth as she spoke,
‘I hoped you enjoyed that, Antony. Watch out for the next DVD. I plan on getting spit-roasted for my next movie!’
He faced disappeared as the screen went blank.

Please let me know what you think of the characters in the story. If you have any suggestions for Anja’s next DVD, let me know.
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