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Default Re: Fighting in the water, women drowning men

Indeed, those 12 - 16 years were my favorite when it came to fighting with girls. They often had equal if not greater strength and had not yet been convinced by society that they could not fight with a male, they had the beginnings of womanhood with the lingering carefree attitude of childhood.

I wouldn't take losing to a taller, thinner girl too hard, height and leverage has a great deal to do with fighting in the water because you can't exactly score a takedown and start grappling on the bottom of the pool.

Another one I vividly recall was an especially mean (and hot by kid standards) girl capturing and dominating a kid at our community pool around 11 or 12 yrs old. She was very attractive with a golden brown tan, sandy blond hair, and was mean as a rattlesnake for whatever reason. The boy she captured was a very skinny, quiet kid. To the best of my knowledge I didn't even realize they knew each other. One day I was running around the deep end and I heard him calling for help. I looked out to the middle of the pool to see her honey brown arms locked tightly around him in a reverse bear hug, his arms pinned inside her grip. They were not quite in the shallow end/not quite in the deep end, so the water was up to his chest /neck area, probably frighteningly close to covering his mouth.

I wish I could recall more specifics from there but it was so long ago, he was legitimately scared and calling for help but was being completely ignored by every adult including the life guards, at one point I think she threatened him to stop calling for help or she would "pinch" him again. He was her prey and there was nothing he could do about it but shut the F up and go wherever she decided to take him. I wanted badly to swim out there and take his place but knew she would have probably just told me to go away. I never saw her dunk him under but would have to assume she did either before or after I saw them. I also have no idea how long she kept him, hopefully a good while

To this day I still love seeing a woman hold anyone (man or woman) in that position. Just something really hot about being crushed against their chest, unable to break free from the strength of their arms and shoulders. There was a very hot lady in Brooklyn who chased down a teenage mugger in her sun dress a while back and captured him in that same hold for 5 or 10 minutes before the cops came.

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