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Default Re: Bellaluxx reviews

I can’t seem to pull off the big fancy review that I had inside my head, so here is a tweaked version of what I posted on Session Girls and a couple of pics from the session.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bella in Columbus, Ohio. I will break down my experience with Bella into categories so that I don’t get too long winded here, but I have so much say.


Bella is very prompt in responding to emails. Her tone is friendly yet professional and she makes it easy to schedule a session. Her schedule was crazy packed with travel to a different city almost everyday but she still made sure that I was taken care of.


This young lady made me feel at ease immediately upon opening her door. She has a warmth about her and a fun personality which made me feel like I was visiting an old friend. She is a total sweetheart.


Wow. If you’ve seen the many modeling pictures of her you already know that she is an incredibly beautiful and fit young woman. In person she is every bit as stunning and her body looks even more athletic and strong than the still images can reveal.


We had a wrestling session which consisted of her putting me into holds and I would either see how long I could last or I would try to escape. Per my request the session consisted of mainly scissor holds and also per my request I instructed her not to take it easy on me. Let me tell you, this lady has legs like a steel trap and I was second guessing my requests immediately as I felt the crushing pressure of her thighs clamping onto my ribcage. It was a bit of a shock to feel the strength of those long model legs. And as far as escaping her holds, forget it. Once she wrapped herself around me I was trapped until I gave in or she decided to move on to another punishing hold.


Bellaluxx is relatively new to wrestling but she is learning very quickly. She is willing to try new holds that you might suggest and she is plenty strong and athletic enough to give you a good semi-competitive match if you are near her size and not a trained grappler. This lady is a true gem and I will absolutely book her again when the opportunity arises.


This section will contain some of the highlights of the session for me. This section was not included in the reviewI posted on Session Girls.

( I pulled into the hotel parking lot about 30 minutes early as I like to freshen up a bit in the car before I go up to the room. As I pulled into the lot I saw a woman next to her car wearing short yellow shorts and a tank top. I didn’t see her face but I knew instantly that it was Bella. Watching her walk back to the hotel added an additional layer of excitement for me as I prepped myself for the session.

(I arrived at her door about a minute or two late because I took a wrong turn somewhere looking for the hotel elevators. As I approached the door and raised my hand to knock, the door popped open and Bella poked her head out. I got a playful scolding for being late as well as a nice hug and my first view of her in her sexy two piece outfit.

(We chatted a bit about what I wanted and about my previous session. I mentioned that I thought that my previous session girl took it easy on me, to which she replied “Do you want me to take it easy on you?” and of course my answer was “No”. After we determined that I wanted her to make me tap out a few more words were exchanged and she said something like “I can’t just throw you on the bed start scissoring you..Or can I” I quickly gave her the green light and she took charge from there.

(The first hold was a body scissor and I was immediately shocked with how firm her legs were and the pain in my ribs. This girl is long legged, stronger than she looks, and a harder body than her pictures can do justice.

(She put me in a particularly long and brutal reverse headscissor. Had she positioned it better I’m certain she would’ve KO’d me. As it was her thighs nearly pressed my airway shut and after a bit my face began to feel numb around my eyes. Later I would find those areas of my face covered in red spots as well as some spots on the top of my shaved head. I was particularly struck by how firm her inner thighs were when she engaged those muscles and squeezed my neck.

(At one point she had me in a bodyscissor and had both of my arms trapped. I was struggling to free myself but she had me locked up good. I said “If I could just get this arm free…” to which she replied “ok” and released an arm. I chuckled and said “You’re going to make me prove it aren’t you”. To make a long story short I still couldn’t escape the hold.


What I would change if I had a do over.

(I really want to wrestle her on mats. The bed is fine for scissors, but with the feistiness she displayed when I attempted to break her holds, combined with her athletic traits and surprising strength, I think she’d be dynamite for a true semi comp roll on mats.

(I had originally planned to arm wrestle her in the session but I totally forgot about it. It’s a shame because we are very closely matched height and weight wise and I think it could have been pretty interesting.


A few parting thoughts about Bella.

(She doesn’t know a ton of holds just yet and mentioned that she has done a little bit of training with a wrestler in San Antonio.

(This girl can really squeeze with the scissors and her legs are so firm that her scissors feel tight even when she’s not really squeezing.

(If you are a skilled grappler and want more than scissors she may not be right for you, but if you are untrained and have mats to roll on, I’m very confident that you will enjoy your time with her.


These pics aren’t as good as I’d hoped but here they are as promised.

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