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Default Re: Reverse rape

Originally Posted by someone92 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
"Getting sexually dominated" is properly the single most common fantasy. It almost always number 1 for women, and number 1-3 for men.
And to me it is no surprise. Think about it.
A (usually attractive) person is so into you that they (gentle) break your resistance and fuck you so vigorously that you have multiple intensive orgasms.

We do not know for sure cause feminists are very keen on shutting down any discussion or research that might put a dent on their "women good - men bad" narrative.
Read up how Camille Paglia (a feminist who advocated for victims of female sexual violence perpetrators) and Erin Pizzey (a feminist who advocated for victims of female domestic violence perpetrators) for two very prominent examples of shutting down a threat to said narrative.

For some cold hard numbers how women abuse their authority and power over others to commit sexual crimes look at the reports by the US Department of Justice.
If I remember the numbers correctly, they estimated that of all rape victims in male juvenile prisons, 90% of said boys were raped by staff, and in 95% of those cases the staff was female.
In fact, prison rape by female staff is so common that as an inmate you are more likely to be raped by a woman than a man.

Oh, and I just remember a report / study from the German army about sexual crimes within the army. Up to 40% of all rapes were committed by women, even though only about 10% of it's soldiers are female.[/spoiler]

Does the forum not have a spoiler tag?
I think what you’re saying is utter unsubstantiated rubbish. Going back to my earlier comment, a step mother tying up her stepson against his will and ‘forcing’ him to have sex with her is either unheard of infinitesimally rare. Agreed some step mothers may fanaticise about this, but it just doesn’t happen
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