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Default Re: 3 Favourite & Least Favourite Holds

Originally Posted by Jobckn [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Title says it all really. What are you top 3 favourite scissorholds, smothers, pins, etc? What are your least favourite? Why are they your (least) favourite?

I'm trying to get a rough idea of where I stand with some wrestling moves so that, when the time comes, I know what holds I would like her to prioritise. I've never been properly wrestled/submitted before, so what I think about a certain hold may be different to what is experienced. So, my favourites are based on appearance and imagination rather than experience.
I'll go first:


Reverse scissor (the common choice). Her weight pressing down on your chest, her ass right infront of you, perhaps the most helpless pin once inside. though I'm strangely leaning towards backwards reverse scissors - i dont know the name, but its a reverse headscissors facing the woman's feet.

Reverse facesit (again a common choice I reckon). Most humiliating, very desirable spot of the woman's body. Ass cheeks are fleshy and soft, her legs pin your arms as her weight keeps you from escaping. It's perfect. Her looking down on you as her thighs frame your face, a very humiliating pin as any girl could pull it off if they straddle you. It's not you vs air (smothers) or you vs pressure (scissors), it's just you vs weight. It can quickly turn into a facesit if she so wanted to. Can also shuffle up into a throat sit, or she could use her hands to smother you. Just a classic and iconic pin with lots to love.

Least favourites:

Armpit smother. It's an armpit, seems like it would be sweaty and unpleasant.

Camel clutch. Not really what I visualise when I envision mixed wrestling. Seems pretty uncommon and doesn't look particularly great or exciting to be in.

Foot choke. This is my favourite of the least favourites (if that makes sense). What I'm talking about here is when the woman uses her feet to press down on the guys neck. There's nothing I particularly hate about it, it's just I like the other moves a whole lot more.

I'm looking forward to hearing your lists and how they may differentiate from mine
I'm guessing from what you said that you have not experienced some (or most?) of these holds yourself. If so, my suggestion on some of these holds would be - don't knock it until you try it. You might find some holds that look appealing aren't very enjoyable in practice, and also that the reverse might be true. My recommendation is to experiment some, preferably in a session with someone who you trust to let you go if you are really disliking a particular hold.

As an example..I found very quickly, in my first session (with Karla Nelsen) that I love head scissors, but do NOT like body scissors at all. And additional experience with both types of scissors has just reinforced that. Until I tried it, I figured I'd like one about as much as the other. Needless to say, Karla (an absolute sweetheart) released the body scissors as soon as I objected.

And regarding the camel clutch - this is one of my favorites. Of course, it depends on what you're going for in a session. I like holds where the girl can torture me for a while, keeping me completely helpless and right on the edge of submitting, and a well applied camel clutch is really good for this (even from smaller, non-bodybuilder types). As an example, The Vegas Princess (check her out on the Scissor Vixens site, [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], if you're not familiar with her) had me 100% at her mercy with her camel clutch...and all the while, teasing me about how easily a 110 lb. girl was kicking my ass and making me cry.

And regarding the original question - favorites: head scissors, facesitting, camel clutch, breast smothers. I know that's 4 instead of 3, but I can't really pick one to eliminate. Least favorites: body scissors, and any kind of joint manipulation (like wrist locks).

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