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Default Angel

The last couple of years, I've tried doing boxing / wrestling sessions with escorts. And while I like the fact escorts will generally include total nudity and full service, the beatdown itself is not always very good.

So after the last few disappointing sessions, I decided to go see the dependable Angel, who I haven't seen in while. Just as I remember, she was quick with replies to my e-mails and texts, and we made plans for a beatdown session.

We met at a hotel, and she is as lovely as I remember. Great body, stunning face, friendly and to the point. And also just like I remember, as soon as the session started, the friendly-ness was gone, and she goes right into session "role-play" character.

As soon as she had the boxing gloves on (and not much else :-), the session started, and with no hesitation, she started punching the shit out of me.
She punched me in the face, stomach, ribs, everywhere I enjoy (I'm sure she would be great at ball-punching, but it's not my fetish). Just like the other times I've met her, she is relentless, punch, after punch, after punch, with little mercy, which is what I want. Even as I'd get backed up to a wall, she'd punch me while I'm there. If she'd knock me down, she'd sit on my chest and punch me, all while humiliating me verbally, and if you're into that, she's great at it.

After the boxing, and I was pretty rattled from the hundreds of punches, she did some scissoring, facesitting and smothering. Just like I asked, she would push me to the limit, and most of these holds were positioned with me staring up at her incredible body. A few times, I would feel myself fading, and she'd let me out of the hold, only to continue to punish me. And again, she does this all while calling me every name in the humiliation book.

She is great, and I love the fact that she will do exactly what you ask, and from start to finish, will do the session and role-play just how you want it.
Truly, a real professional.

PM me for her contact info.

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