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Default Dez Desire vs Me

All my life I have stood idly by and watched many of my fellow men tossed to and fro, choked, pinned and humiliated by beautiful women and wondered, “Yeah, but what if she went up against ME? Certainly there has to be a limit as to what degree of size and strength can be overcome by grappling skill, right?” For years I speculated, built up my body, and wondered what I would do if I ever came face to face with a strong and skilled woman. Would I react like [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], or would it be more like [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]?

Well now, at age 33, I can finally say that the wait is over--the stars have aligned, and the time has come for me to have my first, and quite possibly my only, real-life session. I have made contact with a powerful woman known as Dez Desire (who seems great by the way) and the two of us will square off August 22nd, on Dez’s home turf in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Here‘s the agenda we’ve planned --

Part 1 - Submission Challenge (~30 min) -- To start things off, Dez will put me in a variety of holds, and I will show her how easy it is for a real man to muscle out of them! To raise the stakes, I have given Dez the creative license to force me to make embarrassing admissions to her before she’ll let me go, in the unlikely event I’m unable to escape. Things like: “I admit that women can be just as strong as men”, “I admit that right now a woman could end my life”, “I admit that a woman’s skill beats a man’s strength”, “I apologize to women for my male ego” etc. I will be trying as hard as I can to leverage my gym-bro 6’4’’ 255lbs body to get out of these holds (barring any unsafe or inappropriate behavior of course).

Part 2 - Grappling Experiment (~15 min) -- After that, Dez and I will face off in the ultimate display of manly size and strength against womanly skill and experience! This will be less of a formal 'match' and more of an 'experiment' in that I won’t be trying to submit Dez, rather I’ll try to avoid being submitted by her while remaining in control throughout.

Part 3 - Lesson (~15 min) -- Finally, Dez has graciously agreed to spend the time we have left teaching my wife some holds that she can use on me! I told my wife she can write up a list of all the things I do that annoy her and all the things she wants from me, and if she can get me in a hold that I can’t get out of, I will agree to one item from her list before she lets me go.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be posting status updates and any new developments to this thread. I will also be eating and lifting much more consistently to try to get back to something approaching what I used to be.

Place your bets now! How is this going to go down?

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