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Default Re: Session rates are getting out of hand

Originally Posted by Royh [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Let me get this straight. so a girl has 7 sessions a day, gets paid what she asks for ($400) and makes 5,600 USD. your offer is for the girl to make her rate more accessbile, let's say $200 so she could make 10 sessions a day, as you insist is possible. so, that amounts to 2*10*200=4,000. so, you want the girls to work more for less money. what would you say if your employer would ask you that? why is it ok for the session girls? and yeah sure, you love them and you are a fan. of course. and you tell me this thread is not about mysogyny.

Is this thread about sessions or about custom videos? Have you actually had a session? I'm not really interested in custom videos, I did it only once as a mean of support. So if you're happy with custom videos with dominatrices, then continue with them.

But if you are talking about ACTUAL SESSIONS, the wrestlers provide service that most dominatrices can't. My goals in a session is to be brutalized by a strong woman despite my resistance. most dominatrices cannot provide that. If what you look for can be provided by a dominatrix, then by all means go see one for less money. and if what you want can be provided by a crackhead, then go see her for $40. No problem with that at all.

The number of girls that provide the service I am looking for is limited. I do my due diligence (usually).

No, you don't . you want them to work more and harder for less money. You talk about how much they make like you know them. Do you know that a lot of them are on the breadline right now?

You can be fans as much as you want. but If you want a session, you'll have to pay the asking fee regardless of your collar color. Prioritize your expenses, save money, work a second job. If you want it, you can do it.

Now why would I care about that?

Oh my friend, I have a lot to teach you.

First of all do you know that the first session wrestlers were and still are dominatrix's. Are you aware of how old session wrestling actually is?
The term session wrestling was not what is was originally called. It was called beat downs or combat torture, or bullying and perhaps several other names.
So to teach you a history lesson on THE RATE, it all originally started with dominatrix's. Trust me, session wrestling did not start with glow wrestling. I am sorry to inform you but pretend wrestlers did not start session wrestling.

Next custom videos has EVERYTHING to do with the rates of session wrestling.
See if you go to the clips stores you will see that session wrestlers took over the monopoly. They now dictate what we watch, the price of customs, and the style of match. All the holds are put in place by session wrestlers. And when a new clip store comes onto the scene they learn from session wrestlers or are new session wrestlers starting up. As a customer I am affected by you handing over your wallets to them. ''CHARGE A LOT OF MONEY BECAUSE THE MEN WILL PAY IT'' not only hurts me but it hurts the community because I bet in your video library , you probably have videos that I have help to produce.
And videos are part of every marketing and advertising communication between the session wrestlers and her customers. So you and I effect each other.

Also back to Dominatix's, lol, Are you not aware that session wrestlers is a Dom / Sub relationship? You pay them to beat you. The difference is that Dominatrix's are better trained to do that because they know pain/fetish/lifestyle more than a session wrestler does.
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