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Default Squats: Battle of the Sexes


(Loosely based on a true story)

My sister was having her volleyball teammates over for a party at our house. They were all seniors on the varsity team. I was a year younger, a Junior. I didn’t really know any of them very well. I just occasionally saw them in the hallways at school. Our parent’s were out of town, but they knew about the party and approved, as it had been planned for some time.

I played on the junior varsity football team, but our season had just ended. I had nothing going on, so I decided to stick around at home for the party. Plus, I thought many of the volleyball players were hot.

The players all arrived at the house at around the same time. They just finished a home volleyball game and left right after— still wearing their short volleyball spandex shorts and uniform shirts. Apparent they had won the game, and they were in a celebratory mood when they arrived.

I greeted them at the door as they walked in. They were all tall, as volleyball players usually were, and all of them were very athletic looking.

My sister had set up some games for them to play at the kitchen table. I stayed in the periphery at first, listening to them talk and laugh. They seemed to be getting louder as the night went on. Then my sister asked if I wanted to play Pictionary as they had an odd number of players.

I took a seat at the kitchen table with my team, sitting next to Beckie. She was the middle blocker on the volleyball team. She was tall— 6’2”. She was the only girl at school who was as tall as me. She was a very good volleyball player and was likely going to play in college next year. We were close together on our side of the table because extra chairs had been added to fit everyone in. Our legs bumped several times. I noticed her legs were quite a bit bigger than mine, and her quad muscle just above her knee was much bigger. I was surprised by this because I was on the football team and we lifted weights all the time. And because, of course, I was a guy, and she was just a girl. I assumed my legs were still stronger than hers, but was it possible her legs were stronger?

As it got later, everyone became louder and more out of control. A couple of the volleyball girls decided to arm wrestle one another, which quickly turned into a tournament between all of them. The last two players left went against each other. It was Beckie and Jennifer. Jennifer was 6’0” and slightly overweight, but still very attractive and strong looking. I watched as they arm wrestled. Their biceps became much larger as they flexed, and they both had veins popping out of their biceps and forearms as they struggled against each other. Beckie finally won, and she put her arms up in the air and let out a loud victory scream.

My sister saw me watching them. She suddenly got excited and suggested to her teammates that I should arm wrestle Beckie. “He’s on the football team,” she said. “It’ll be like the football team versus the volleyball team!”

Beckie seemed reluctant. “Yeah but he’s a guy, he’s probably a lot stronger than me,” she said.

I smiled. I assumed I was stronger than her— than all of them, but I didn’t want to be rude and outright say it. And I actually did want to arm wrestle Beckie, because I thought she was hot. I shrugged, “I’ll do it.”

I sat across the table from Beckie. My sister and the other volleyball girls surrounded us. We held hands. I felt the soft skin of her hand against mine. Her grip was firm. I looked at her. Her big brown eyes looked directly at me, as if challenging me. She bit her lower lip and smiled slightly. She was ready to go. Her arm was strong looking. It actually made my arm look skinny. Still, I didn’t think she would be much of a challenge. I was a football player and she was just a volleyball player. And a girl. I thought about going easy on her and letting her think she was winning for a bit.

My sister had her hand on the top of Beckie and my hands. She lifted her hand up, and told us to go. Beckie immediately flexed her arm and pulled hard. Really hard. Much harder than I was expecting. Her bicep bulged and I saw the veins in her arm and forearm. I struggled against her. I pulled as hard as I could, but I couldn’t budge her. It was a stalemate— at least for now. How was this possible?! She was just a girl! I was a guy on the football team! I should be much stronger than her!

The other volleyball players and my sister started screaming, cheering Beckie on. Beckie seemed to smile as she struggled against me. Her mouth opened as if she were surprised she was so strong. I could feel my arm muscles tiring, and I was out of breath. Beckie didn’t seem phased at all. How was this possible?!

My arm slowly started to give way. The back of my hand got closer and closer to the table. I looked at Beckie’s face. It was the look of total determination. I tried as hard as I could to pull my arm back up, but Beckie was still able to slowly pull it down. Finally my arm gave out, and the back of my hand slammed against the table.

Beckie had a huge smile on her face. She stood up and put her arms in the air. She jumped up and down, and I saw the outline of her large breasts bounce up and down under her uniform shirt. Her teammates and my sister all held their arms up in victory and congratulated her.

My sister pulled Beckie over to my side of the table, and held her arm next to mine. Beckie flexed, and my sister wanted me to do the same. I couldn’t believe Beckie had beaten me, even when I tried as hard as I could against her. I was embarrassed and humiliated, and now they were all rubbing it in. I didn’t want to show it though. I flexed my bicep next to Beckie’s. I flexed as hard as I could, trying to make my arm as big as I could. I looked at my arm muscles next to Beckie’s. Her arm was bigger than mine, and her bicep much more defined. The girls all cheered loudly again, raising their arms up and saying “Girl Power!” over and over.

I was even more embarrassed. And humiliated. And now mad. I don’t know why I said it— it just slipped out. “I could still outlift you!” I said to Beckie.

The girls became quiet. Beckie looked right at me. She furrowed her brow. “Why?” she asked. “Because you’re a boy? You think you’re automatically stronger than me?” She held her arm up and flexed it. “We’ve already proven that’s not true!” The girls began laughing again.

My sister tried talking over them. “No wait! My parents have a squat rack and weights in the basement. We should totally do it!”

I hoped Beckie would go for it. We did squats all the time in football practice. It was a ‘manly’ exercise, because it used so many muscles. There was no way she could beat me at it.

Beckie agreed.

We all went down to the basement, which my parents set up as a gym years ago. My sister and I used it all the time. The squat rack was against the wall. I changed out of my jeans and put on a pair of athletic shorts.

The rules were simple. Each squat had to be at least to parallel. I would go first, followed by Beckie. The starting weight would be 150 pounds. My sister and the other players gathered around the squat rack to watch. Jennifer had agreed to spot us both.

I went first. 150 pounds. I felt the barbell across my back. I squatted down to parallel, and pushed back up. Easy. “Your turn,” I said to Beckie.

Beckie got into position. She squatted down. Her strong butt looked like it was going to burst out of her volleyball shorts. She thrust back up quickly.

The next weight was 200 pounds. I squatted to parallel. A little harder this time, but still pretty easy. I straightened myself up and put the bar re-racked the bar.

Beckie went. She squatted down to parallel, and then up again with ease.

The next weight was 250 pounds. I squatted down. Now it was getting heavy. I slowly pushed the weight back up. I let out a small grunt. I looked at Beckie. She was going to have a hard time with this one.

Beckie squatted down. She paused for a moment. Then slowly pushed herself up. She to let out a small grunt as she pushed the weight up.

275 was next. I put the barbell on my shoulder, and stepped back from the rack. It was heavy. The barbell dug into my upper back. I squatted down and paused. Jessica moved close to me, spotting me, just in case. I slowly pushed back up. My quads burned. I grunted, loudly this time. My face felt as if it were beat red. I made it all the way up. Barely.

Beckie took her position in the rack. There was no way she could lift this. I was confident of that. She slowly squatted down to parallel, and paused just like I had. Then she slowly pushed back up. Jessica was close behind her. Beckie’s quads and hamstrings were pumped. And I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks just below the bottom of her volleyball shorts. She grunted loudly as she squatted back up, even louder than I had. She made it. She re-racked the barbell. I couldn’t believe it. I felt myself getting hard between my legs. I was getting an erection. The other players were high-giving and congratulating Beckie. I turned to the side, and lifted my manhood straight up in my shorts so it would be less noticeable.

300 pounds was next. I was determined to lift it. I stepped back from the squat rack with the barbell across my back. I paused for a moment, getting my footing just right. I still had an erection. I hoped no one noticed. I squatted down. As soon as I made it to parallel I thrust myself back up with every bit of strength I had. I let out a loud grunt and took small, determined breaths. I made it about halfway up, and then stopped. I couldn’t push it anymore. Jessica was close behind me. I tried as hard as I could, but it wasn’t enough. I started to fall back down. I couldn’t lift it. Jessica was quick to act. I felt her strong legs on the outside of mine. Her groin pressed firmly against my butt. With her arms she reached under the barbell letting it rest on the front of her shoulder. She held the top of my back with her hands. Her entire body braced mine. “Up! Up! Up!” I heard her yell. We re-racked the barbell. I stepped back from the squat rack. My legs felt like jello. I had to sit down.

Beckie’s teammates encouraged her as she stepped forward. “You got this Beckie!” Jessica said. “This is your strongest lift in volleyball practice. Show him your girl power!”

Beckie took her position at the rack. She put the weight on her shoulders and back. She squatted down. Her smooth legs showed every detail of her quad and hamstring muscles below. Her butt cheeks were still visible at the bottom of her shorts. She paused for a moment, then slowly pushed back up. She grunted loudly, but femininely. Jessica was right behind her, ready to assist just like she had with me. Beckie slowly pushed up. And up. And up. Her face was completely red. The veins in her neck were bulging. She continued to slowly push the weight up. Was she actually going to be able to lift it? I stood up to get a better look. I still had an erection. Beckie screamed loudly, and with one final push stood completely upright, and re-racked the barbell. She screamed again, practically jumping back from the squat rack, and held her arms up in victory. My sister and her teammates were all screaming and congratulated her. They jumped up and down. All of their breasts bounced up and down under their uniform shirts. I couldn’t help but fixate on Beckie.

I was humiliated again. I had been beaten in arm wrestling. Beaten in squats. By a girl. An attractive girl. I saw Beckie look at me and smile. Her big brown eyes widened and her dimples relaxed. She came over to me. She shook my hand. “You’re pretty strong,” she started to say. “For a boy.” She smiled widely again, and held up her arms in victory with her teammates.

The End
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