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Default Re: looking for graphic designers

Steve is unbelievable. He disgusts me to the deepest of my core. And let me just add the attachment which I posted in my SG profile which I am sure Steve will remove.

Like many of my clients, Steve offered to exchange wrestling services for, in his case, programming services. was up and running in 2010, four entire years before Steve got involved. I offered him 50% of the revenue, while waiving my usual $350 hourly rate for wrestling services. He was never offered 50% ownership in my already formed company. It was a work for hire situation, which is a standard agreement in the programming world.

Since involving Steve in my business, he has helped himself to a number of my resources, and has damaged his own reputation by abusing the site, and the female members. He's used unprofessional, abusive, and misogynistic slurs against the hard working women who are the backbone of session girls. He has crowned himself the arbiter of how should be run, and has abused his programming power to make his own changes, whether I want him to or not. Obviously his unprofessional behavior made it impossible to continue to involve him the site in any capacity.

Unfortunately, Steve won't leave.

His claims continue to increase in grandiosity; there's a never ending list of the things he feels he is "owed".

The only thing Steve is owed is 50% of the revenue from the memberships as agreed. He refuses to accept the money, or grant me access to my own site. He refuses to follow the rules of the company or be fired. He has completely hijacked the site and is holding it for ransom against 50% ownership and now he's trying to bully me into acquiescence by posting misleading and defaming information about me and our agreement on my own site. If anything this proof that he has in fact, stolen the site.

Regardless of his feelings, the law is very clear on this matter, and my attorney has advised me accordingly. No matter what complaints he has lodged against me, or what he feels he is entitled to, the law is what the law is. His claims of some fantasy agreement, are just that, pure fantasy.

Also, there's no such thing as "emotional information". I googled it. I guess it's just one more thing he's making up to make himself sound legitimate.
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