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Default Re: A separate section for F/F?

I would be strongly in favor of having a separate section for F/F content.

In my opinion, this wouldn't undermine the "diversity" of the forum anymore any having separate sections for "Female domination", "Pictures", "Videos", "Stories" etc does. It's a matter of organization. No one is proposing that we remove F/F content from the site, just that it be accurately categorized as such, so people can correctly anticipate what kind of content they will see. The "scroll past it if you don't like it" mentality can only take you so far--What if 1,000 new members joined and started posting content from a host of other fetishes and made the same argument? Eventually the mix would become so eclectic that the forum would lose its theme together and become difficult to navigate.

At the end of the day, my position would be that it is not unreasonable for a website called "malevsfemale" to prioritize M/F content over all else, while making secondary accommodations for things like F/F etc.

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