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Default A hard lesson for Paisley (Maledom)

"Heard you were talking shit behind my back!" screamed Walter Echo.

Paisley Weaves was resting in the sauna, when the uncultured brute had come barging in to the league steam room.

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"Who the fuck gave you permission to waltz in here?" She got up, letting her disdain be known.

"I go where I want to bitch!" Echo snarled in response. "And you and me? We gonna have a nice little talk right now"

"About what?" said Paisley unimpressed.

"About the shit you be sayin' behind my back! That's what!"

Echo walked right up to her face but Paisley did not back down. They stood chest to chest, and bodies pressed against each other. Echo had always thought Paisley was one of the sexiest women in the intergender fight league, and up close she looked even hotter. Her soaked body glistened under the lights.

Paisley looked down and scoffed, unimpressed with the tent he had pitched in his pants.

"Is that seriously all you have?," She said with a sultry smile, pointing one finger at his groin.

"Looks like the rumors were true after all!"

Echo gulped and pulled back, furious at the insult.

"That's it bitch! You and me...in the ring...no rules!" He screamed at her face.

"Bring it on limp dick, let's see what you got!"

They pressed against each other again, and Paisley's snarky grin came back. She playfully rubbed her crotch against his groin, and leant in close to whisper into his ear.

"Coz if that's all ya got, It ain't gonna be enough!"

Echo was now furious.

"That's it!" He grumbled. "Imma destroy you in the ring, and then imma destroy you in bed."

"Yeah? Tell ya what! You beat me and I'll be your slave for a week. How bout that?" said a cocky Paisley.

"Oh yeah, now we talkin'," Echo rubbed his hands together.

"But If I win," She said taking a step closer, and running a finger down his large, ebony chest. "You have to walk around the League, and tell everyone you're my bitch! Deal!?" She extended a hand.

"Ohhh, you gonna regret this!" Echo took her hand, and they shook on it.

The two did not waste time getting into the ring. The empty arena was silent and dark, except for the one spotlight that bathed the ring. Paisley stood in her corner, looking the big man up and down. She had to admit he was handsome, with a bright, youthful face that seemed ten years too young for his developed, mature body.

He puffed his large chest, smacking the turnbuckles with his head. All he had on were his purple briefs.

"You goin' down bitch!" Echo snarled. His eyes red with fury.

Paisley had not bothered putting any clothes on, she could see the effect her body had on the big man and decided to use his lust to her advantage. Paisley was the rising star of the league, battering her male opponents and leaving them broken in the ring. But she wasn't really enjoying the competition on offer in her weight class, so she decided to sniff out an opponent from the heavyweights.

Walter Echo was the perfect prey, dumb, ill-tempered and horny. Just like all the other men she had wrestled. If it all went according to plan, his strength wouldn't even factor in to their fight and Paisley had no reason to doubt it wouldn't. She deliberately took her time to slump out of the corner, pushing herself towards the center of the ring using the ropes. Paisley made sure she got nice and close during their stare down, rubbing her body against his.

She saw his lust filled gaze and smiled. She would have him eating out of her hands in no time, and a victory against a heavyweight would give her some clout in the league. It was all going according to plan.

They locked up, fingers entwined and chests pressed, straining against each other's strength. Paisley smiled and made her move, deliberately rubbing her body against his and pressing her chest in. She had seen this all to many times before, any minute now, Echo's lust would take over, giving her the opening she needed for a sneak attack.

Then something strange happened, Echo's strength didn't wane, it increased. She grunted against the pressure but he pushed her down to one knee, then the other. Why wasn't it working? She looked at the tent in his pants. It seemed to get harder than before, almost straining against the fabric of his briefs.

Suddenly, Echo let go and backed off, leaving Paisley on her knees and taking a few steps back to allow her to stand. She got up cautiously, eyeing his every move, looking for any sign that he might be preparing an attack but none came. Paisley got up to her feet, and wiggled her arms and legs around rotating her joints, and cracking her neck for a quick warmup.

Echo smiled as he watched the cocky demeanor disappear from her eyes. She looked nervous, her breath was sharper and Paisley could feel her heart pounding. It had been a while since she had felt this sensation, there were butterflies in the pit of her stomach. When she was new, she had to take her fair share of beatings but of late, that had no longer been the case.

She had worked hard on her body, maintaining and improving it to a peak condition. She had never lost a test of strength to a man, even during fights that ended with her defeat but Echo's strength did not wane, and his mind did not wander. She could see the bulge in his briefs getting harder.

They locked up again, in a collar and elbow this time. Paisley strained against his strength but it was no use. With a laugh Echo pushed her away with sickening force.


Paisley's back thudded into the mat, her body bouncing from the impact before settling back down. She quickly covered up, expecting him to mount but Echo stood his ground.

"You young bitches are all alike," He growled. "You think you all that but you nothin' but a little pussy beggin to be used!"

"Oh Yeah!?" Paisley shot back, jumping to her feet. "Whatchya gonna do if you do get it?, pat it with your limp dick?"

Echo took three huge steps forward, his boots thudding into the ring till his body smacked into Paisley's. They stood chest-to-chest, but this time it was Echo pressing his chest into hers. He rubbed his groin on her crotch, and Paisley could feel his rock hard member. It seemed larger than before. She traced its outline with her eyes, and let out an inaudible gasp when it looked like his appendage would spill out of his pants.

He pressed it in deep into her crotch, and she couldn't help but let out a small moan, immediately catching herself and backing away. Echo laughed and made a cutting motion with a thumb placed on his throat. Paisley gasped, she found herself getting more nervous. The heavyweight seemed nothing like the men in the lightweight division, she had underestimated how many of her tricks he could negate with his experience, and now her tricks were being used against her.

Flustered, Paisley tried a sneaky shoulder tackle. Echo smiled and let her wrap her hands around his waist, and laughed as she tried to push him off his feet.

"Crap!" mumbled Paisley when she felt the air move over her back.

Echo landed a sadistic elbow to the center of her spine, causing Paisley to let out a scream of agony and collapse on the mat. She cradled and covered up anticipating Echo to strike, but he was more than content to step away and take the sight of her suffering in. He watched as she slowly got to her feet, her muscles straining.

With a smile, Echo took one step forward and kicked her hard in the gut.

"OUAGHHHH!" She screamed and bent over. Echo wrapped an arm around her head and gave her a stunner.

"OOOOFFF!" She cried. Her head snapped up from the impact and she languished on her knees, googly eyed and drooling. Eventually she tipped over and fell face first on to the mat, completely out cold.

Echo licked his lips as he ran his fingers over Paisley's muscular body, feeling up all he could and giving her some good spanks while he was at it. Echo's hard spanking eventually woke Paisley from her slumber.

"Ungh...ahhh!" She grunted and shook her head, wondering where the slapping sound was coming from. Soon, she went teary eyed as a wave of searing hot pain shot through her butt, and she finally screamed as another fierce hand rippled her skin. She looked behind to see her posterior now red, Echo had been enjoying himself while she was out.

"N-N-NOOOO!" pleaded Paisley but Echo grabbed her legs and folded them till her heels rubbed against her glutes. He sat on her ankles crushing them, and pushing her heels deeper into her butt. She cried in agony, it felt like her ankles were being crushed in a compactor. It was about to get worse.

Echo grabbed her wrists and pulled her torso up, forcing her body to bend in the shape of a reverse horseshoe.

"AHHHHH...FUCKKKKK!" She screamed being pulled till he rested her arms on his knees.

He placed his hands below her chin and pulled further, bending her body in a modified camel clutch that he liked to call Vile Torment.


Tears ran down Paisley's eyes as Echo bent her back and crushed her ankles under his weight. Echo pulled on her chin till her head nearly touched his large chest, and whispered.

"You know what you have to do, just say the words and I can make this all go away!"

A cold chill ran over Paisley. Submitting would mean more than just losing the fight, she could feel his now generous member rubbing against her body and knew defeat would mean domination in bed. Stuck on a thin red line of fear and indecision, Paisley couldn't make up her mind on what was worse and suffered more punishment at her captor's hands.

"Please..." She grunted, as her strength started to fade. "Stop"

Her body began to twitch, her limbs flopping wildly. Echo smiled and repositioned his hands on her breasts.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Paisley threw her head up, her short hair throwing off sweat as she screamed in agony.

Echo's fingers twisted and pulled her nipples, making her body sing a concerto of pain. Still stuck in the hold, her spine was now nearly upright, while her ankles lay buried beneath Echo's massive body weight. The pain was getting too much, and she slowly began to fade. One violent twist of her nipple later, she passed out again.

Echo got up to survey his destruction. Paisley's body still twitched on the mat, involuntarily humping the canvas. Her tongue twisted out of her mouth, and drool hung off the side of her lips. Echo stood in his corner, waiting for his prey to wake.

It had only been a few minutes, but it seemed like days had passed to Paisley. She whimpered and slumbered out of her restless sleep, her eyes slowly adjusting to her surroundings. She crawled slowly to the ropes, pushing herself on elbows to reach the bottom one. Little by little, she grunted and pulled herself up till she rested against the ropes.

She looked around to see her tormentor no longer in the ring. Her head jolted side to side, her eyes scanning her periphery for a gaze of the destroyer. He wasn't there. Paisley began to giggle, then slowly burst out into laugher, but her emotions took another turn and she started to cry. She found it strange he would leave her alone, but wasn't one to question his motives. She turned towards the ropes and looked to get out.

Paisley froze all of a sudden, her face went deathly cold. Her eyes were wide, and her lips trembled as if to scream but nothing came out. She slowly tilted her head down and saw a large hand clasping her pussy from behind.

"AHHHHHHH!" She screamed as Echo squeezed with a handful of her minge.

"AHHH FUCK! NO! IT HURTS! IT HURTTTSSSS!" She screamed as Echo squeezed some more.

With a violent jolt, Paisley felt herself pulled back from the ropes and then felt a cruel forearm strike connect with her spine. She collapsed, her cheek thudding into the mat with great force. Echo walked around his prey, rubbing his erect member and taking the sight of Paisley in.

She lay chest first on the mat, her body wet and gleaming with sweat. A few strands of her hair stuck to her wet skin, and soft breaths from her lips blew on them, making them flutter. The muscles on her back expanded and contracted, heaving in motion with the symphony of her breath. Her eyes struggled to stay open.

"OH SHIT! NO, PLEASE NO!" She screamed as Echo pulled on her hair, dragging Paisley to her feet and scooping her up in his arms. He slammed her back into the mat hard with a powerful bodyslam.

"ARGGGGH!" grunted Paisley with clenched teeth, as she rolled around clutching her back. Echo picked her up and gave her another one.

This time the impact was even more violent forcing Paisley's back to arch to distribute the pain. She cried in agony and rolled around on her elbows, then gasped as Echo tugged on her hair again. The third bodyslam was even more brutal reducing Paisley to tears, and sending pain rippling though her back.

As she saw him approach again, she tried to crawl away. Echo grabbed her leg and pulled her back in.

The fourth bodyslam took the wind out of Paisley's sails and she lay on the mat coughing and cradled, her body wracked with pain. The fifth bodyslam nearly rendered her limp, and the sixth one finished that job. She was barely conscious when he pulled her up again. The seventh bodyslam reduced her to a twitching mess on the mat, her limbs flailing as her nerves sent shocks through her body. The eighth bodyslam finally knocked her out.

Echo gazed at his victim out cold on the canvas. She lay spread eagle, head cocked to one side and completely limp on the mat. He licked his lips, and ran his hands over her body, cupping a feel of her breasts. He carefully scooped her up in his arms and took Paisley to the corner.

He took his time to make sure everything was right, hanging her up upside down in the corner with her head dangling at the bottom turnbuckle. Echo rubbed his groin at the sight of her sweat drenched body, thinking of his next move. He smiled as he made up his mind and rolled out of the ring. Echo disappeared below the ring, and then reappeared a few moments later with a smile on his face and an air horn can in his hand. Echo positioned himself in the opposite corner and broke into a sprint.

About halfway through the sprint, he blew the air horn shocking poor Paisley out of her slumber. Her eyes went wide when the shrill noise of the horn invaded her ears. She saw an upside down vision of Echo floating through the air, with his feet outstretched. Her mouth hung open.


Paisley couldn't even scream, she barely had time to react. Instead, the air whooshing out of her lungs did the job for her. The dropkick connected Echo's feet deep into Paisley's stomach and her body bent in half around his legs. The impact broke her legs free, and she slumped, landing at an awkward angle on her neck. Her legs rebound off the rope, and her body rolled up into a ball, with her ass pointing to the air and her feet hanging by the sides of her face.


Violent fits of cough and spit consumed Paisley, she looked down to see two heel shaped bruises on her poor six-pack and let out a yell of pain. She stared at the ceiling, that looked hazy filtered through her wet eyes. She had never taken a beating like this before.

Now filled with dread, Paisley ignored her pain and quickly rolled out of the corner, trying to make a break for it to the ropes. She managed one step before a clothesline knocked the sprit out of her.

Paisley lay spread eagle on the mat, barely moving. Soft grunts escaped her lips as she moaned in pain. Her breasts heaving for breath, and her body wet from exertion. She slowly turned her head to see Echo approaching again and shivered in fear.

"No..N-ooooo, wait, w-we can work something out c-can't we?" She pleaded. Echo just walked toward her with a smile.

She protested as he jumped on top of her, her limbs flailing and useless against the might of her tormentor. Soon he had her locked in a grapevine with her legs spread wide, pouring more pressure on the slit between her legs.

"Ahhhh...Urgh...Argh!" Soft yelps of pain escaped her lips as her legs spread.

Echo decided he no longer needed his briefs to hold his lust back. Paisley moaned as his stiff cock rubbed against her vulva, eliciting soft moans in response and breathless heaves of her chest. Her nipples, now fully pert and erect rubbed playfully against her attackers large chest.

A confused moan escaped her lips as she felt the pain coming back. Echo spread her legs even further, till they were straight at her sides. Echo began to nibble on her neck, slowly making his way down to her nipples.

"AAOOOF?" A confused scream left Paisley's lips, her body in reverberation by pleasure and pain. Echo licked her nipples clean, playfully biting them in between for a shrill moan from Paisley's mouth. Her body sputtered and began twitching, confused between the pain and pleasure, overloading her nerves.

She threw her head back and moaned, her eyes flickering and rolling back into the back of her head. She orgasmed hard, gushing out a fountain as Echo smiled and increased the pressure. With a final spurt, Paisley passed out, her face stuck half way between a stone and a smile. Her tongue twisted at the end of her lips.

Echo rammed one finger and grabbed a reminder, licking it clean and now nibbling away at her body. He planted soft kisses on her neck, then made his way down to her breasts. A spirited suck of her nipple bought Paisley back to life, as a wave of pleasure overpowered her body. Then she felt his lips go lower, down to her hard stomach.

She twisted and turned on the mat, as he explored each crevice in her six pack, then made his way down further between her legs. Paisley sat up for a moment at the sudden rush of pleasure assaulting her nerves. She fell to the mat again and writhed in torment, as another lick tamed her kitten and one more bought her close to an excruciating orgasm.

Then she felt the air move around her and opened her eyes. Echo lifted her up off the mat, positing Paisley on his shoulder. He continued his merciless assault with his tongue but dread mixed with pleasure now engulfed Paisley.

"Ahhh..pleassse...ahhh...no..." She pleaded between moans but Paisley knew there was no use. Echo power bombed her hard into the mat. Paisley writhed in pain while screaming in pleasure as she gushed another orgasm all over the mat. Sweet pain shot through her nerves, making her neck stiff and the nerves on her forehead bulge. Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when she passed out, squirting one last time.

Echo stroked his aching erection, wondering what he could do to prolong it. He rolled out of the ring and below again, to remerge with a rope and a pair of boxing gloves.

"Wha-who-where?" Paisley mumbled out when Echo lifted her head up by grabbing her hair.

It felt excruciating to stand, and even more painful as Echo was unceasing in his demand she stand up. She whimpered and grunted all the way to her feet, feeling her hair being pulled nearly out of her scalp. Echo threaded her torso between the ropes and locked her arms on the top rope. He gave her a hard forearm to the back, earning her compliance with a loud scream.

Suddenly, Paisley's arms pried at her throat, her mouth wide and her tongue out. Her face turned red as the blood rushed to her head, Echo was choking her from behind using the rope. He forcefully entered her ass, smiling at the gasp that escaped her lips. He began slowly thrusting in and out, long and deep while he choked her.

Paisley's eyes teared up but her lips cracked an erotic smile, her muscles protested the lack of oxygen but her hips gyrated to another tune. Her body was stuck in two states at once, each as agonizing as the other and each fighting for control. She began drooling as Echo kept his slow, slow thrusts up, painfully teasing her to an orgasm.

Her head began to slump, her eyes half-closed and fluttering before they shut. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth, and her pussy gushed out another orgasm before she passed out. Echo left her there for a moment to the sight in. There she was hung up on the ropes, her pussy still wet and body limp and folded over the ropes. Now covered in sweat, she glittered as soft beads that caught the light at the right angle looked like sparkling diamonds. Echo rubbed his hands together and untangled her from the ropes.

Paisley woke up to find herself tied up in the corner. She panicked as she saw Echo stand in front of her with boxing gloves on. She gulped as he knocked his gloves together with wide grin.


All Paisley could do was scream, she screamed while Echo pounded her belly with unyielding and savage punches. Soon he began to mix some punches to her breasts.

"Please...ungh...stop...please!" Paisley didn't even have the energy to scream anymore but Echo still ravaged her body. Large bruises now tattooed her breasts and stomach.

Suddenly the punishment stopped and Paisley slumped over, her body violently held by the ropes. She ached to get on her knees but the ropes wouldn't let her, she couldn't fall and she couldn't go back, stuck painfully in between. Paisley drooled on the canvas, as she looked down on it, reflecting on the choices she had made in the last few days.

She slowly lifted her head up with tired grunts to see Echo roll out of the ring. She saw him disappear below, wondering what foul devastation he had in mind, she was terrified to see her answer. Paisley knew its shape intimately, long and round, battery powered and guaranteed to last 12 hours. It was her vibrator.

How the fuck did Echo get a hold of her vibrator? It didn't matter, she was mortified at what he planned to do with it. Her breath's grew sharper and shallower the more her brain put the pieces together. She was trembling by the time Echo reached her.

He turned on the machine and taped it to her pussy, putting it on full blast before resuming his savagery on her body. Fists flew, her breasts swayed and hips danced, all in perfect sync along with the sharp yell of pain.


Her voice turned hoarse, then shrill, crying in pain one moment while agonizing over ecstasy with the other. She began to tremble, her body gyrating in spurts the closer she came to an orgasm. When the adrenaline kicked in, the only thing her body could do was to mix pleasure and pain into a concoction that drove her wild.

She drew short, sharp breaths, quickening and quickening till they reached fever pitch. She felt a shockwave ripple across her skin as a punch landed deep in her belly, then felt a tinge of pleasure shoot through soon after. Echo squished her breasts with his gloves as another wave of unintelligible emotion washed over. Paisley came hard. So hard, it ripped the tape of the vibrator and flung it to the ground. Her body convulsed in maddening ecstasy, the whites of her eyes now visible as she slowly passed out. Echo undid the ropes and she slumped to the mat, awkward and limp.

Paisley woke up to the sound of a table being set-up. It hurt to open her eyes, she too tired to keep them open but she had to know what she would have to suffer through next. Her heart dropped down her throat as she saw Echo set-up a table outside the ring, near the apron. She wanted to run away, go anywhere but her body did not respond. It lay limp and breathing heavily on the mat.

She slowly resigned herself to her fate when Echo rolled and dragged her to her feet by the hair. Soon she was upside down in his arms, balanced precariously on the apron, her head pointing to the table. Echo's erect phallus soon came into view and she moaned as his tongue relished in another taste of her juices. His hard cock now resting on her face, Paisley found herself beyond aroused at her total physical and sexual domination.

Echo had left her quivering mess and something told her, she was going through the table when she was about to have another orgasm.

"Called it," She thought to herself and moaned. His tongue fluttered her close to another release and Echo jumped off the apron. The top of her head went through table breaking it in half before her skull bounced off the hard padded floor and her body flipped in the air. She landed on her ass, sitting and staring somewhere in the distance with drool running down the side of her lips, her arms limp by her side.

Miraculously, she stood up and began to walk, taking slow lumbering steps towards the exit. She made it close to the steel steps before she fell to her knees, she crawled to the steps and then her head shot upright. Her body convulsed and sprayed out another orgasm, twitching as her cheek hit the floor and Paisley passed out. Unable to control his lust any longer, Echo decided to end this contest and licked his lips at the thought of his prize. Then he smiled, there was still one more thing he wanted to do.

He grabbed a steel chair and set it up halfway between Paisley and himself, taking a mocking snapshot of her with his fingers. He tested the chair by getting up on it and practicing throwing himself, when Paisley stirred out of her slumber. Echo smiled and ran towards the other side, excited and anxious at one final move.

Paisley got up through sheer will, her body no longer co-operating and demanding she give in. She wasn't there anymore, her mind was blank and her eyes cold and staring in the distance. Her body trembled wracked with pleasure and pain, and she was completely aroused at her domination. She had learned a hard lesson, one that she was sure Echo would remind her off everyday for the next week she spent as his slave. There was one final chapter that had yet to be closed, and Echo ran towards the chair launching off it into the air with his leg outstretched and his heel pointed at her face.

By the time she turned around, it was already too late. Echo's heel squished her face, flinging her back into the steel steps, knocking the top half off. Paisley lay spread eagle on the surface of the bottom step, her body twitching with one final orgasm before she passed out.

Echo smiled and rolled under the ring, emerging one last time with a collar, a leash and a marker. He collared up Paisley and attached the leash to her neck. Then he began writing on her bruised torso.

"Property of Walter Echo" It read when he was finished. With his domination now complete, there were other needs that now needed to satiated.

He grabbed her hair and dragged Paisley's unconscious body behind him, slowly making his way up the ramp.
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Default Re: A hard lesson for Paisley (Maledom)

Big Brenda Powers liked to stay in character even away from the ring. The amazon persona wasn't just for show either, the 30-year old was big, burly and intimidating. The men in the locker room stood in shock when the steel door clanked on the wall, and gulped at the sight of the mighty amazon.

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Brenda had been on an incredible streak of 49 victories in a row, all of them dominating. She crumpled men on her way up the ladder and let their broken bones attest to her might. Brenda Powers wanted the 50th one to be special, to be against someone who hadn't tasted defeat in the league yet. She wanted it against Walter Echo.

Sweat ran down the men's faces, as they looked around to see if any of them had done something to deserve a visit, and breathed a sigh of relief when she passed them by, one by one. Every man in the locker room stood silent and with their heads hung, all except one man.

Huddled in the back corners of the men's locker room, Echo sat with two of his friends exchanging war stories. They had not yet noticed the amazon, Brenda would soon change that.

"Sheeeit..." He said as his friends laughed. "I ain't never seen a woman take it all in before but Paisley..." He imitated a chef's kiss with his fingers but was met with silence from his friends. They slowly began to move away when they spotted Brenda, leaving Echo by himself.

Brenda took slow, calculated steps towards Echo, her eyes locked with his all the way through. She cut a line between two men who were drying themselves off after a shower and pushed them aside, giving the other men blocking her way, a deathly stare. One by one, their ranks broke and they made way, standing in two rows to welcome the mighty Brenda and leading her straight to Echo.

Echo got up and walked towards Brenda, showing no fear or intimidation. They moved towards each other in measured steps, neither breaking eye contact and neither backing down. Soon Powers and Echo stood chest to chest, or rather chest to stomach as she towered over him.

"You want somethin'?" he said non-chalant and unafraid of the big, burly amazon.

She smiled at his confidence, maintaining a cocky grin of her own as she tilted her head down to meet his gaze. Echo cocked his head up to match her eyes.

"How interesting..." She said, licking her lips. "You do not bow?"

She walked around Echo, in a slow circle around his periphery, looking him up and down with her eyes. Then she moved in closer, and whispered.

"Do I not make you shiver?"

Echo smiled and slowly turned to meet her eyes. They stood for a while, staring deep, neither willing to budge. The men around stared at the showdown, you could cut the tension with a knife.

With a loud yell, Brenda moved her leg and Echo soon found himself jumping in the air. She rammed a knee into his groin, hard enough to make him jump in agony and then curl up on the floor in pain. Brenda grabbed his feet and spread them wide, stomping him hard in the balls again and again till she saw tears flowing from Echo's eyes.

Brenda let him go to revel in his pathetic form slithering on the floor, then she grabbed his hair. Every man stared in horror at Echo, gulping as she dragged him through the locker room, pulling him against his will by his hair and then pulling him up to his feet.

A loud, metallic thunk echoed through the locker room and every man winced in pain as Echo's head bounced off the steel lockers. The repeated thuds made everyone shiver in their boots, sending chills down their spine, enough to turn the air cold. Brenda did not stop till she saw blood and let him slump to the floor.

All the men winced and embraced their privates as Brenda began a reinvigorated assault on his groin. He screamed in agony at the sheer brutality of her stomps that turned his balls blue. She kicked and she kicked till she eeked out an humiliating orgasm. Echo's body twitched and convulsed in pleasure and he lay limp on the floor.

"How about now?," She said placing a boot on his chest.

"Do you fear me now?"

Her face contorted into rage, when Echo began to laugh.

"Afraid of you?" He said in between a vicious laughing spurt. "Bitch, you ain't nothin' but a piece of meat!"

A violent stomp between his legs faded his smile, and another one had him howling in pain. His wails of agony bought a smile on Brenda's face. She laughed watching his eyes go wide and watery as she trampled his balls beneath her boot.

"Tough guy huh?" She said to the whimpering mess of man on the floor.

"Why don't you show me how tough you are in the ring, eh bitch?"

The challenge was now out there.

"T-Trust me bitch!" Echo whimpered, suffering beneath her boot. "I-Imma destroy you in the ring!"

He let out another scream, when Brenda's boot dug deeper into his groin.

"I have never met anyone who has been this eager for destruction," She crushed his genitals some more, leaving Echo squirming in pain.

"But If it is a beating you want..." She stomped him hard in the balls. "Then it is a beating you will get!"

"Meet me tomorrow in the ring, no holds barred, winner takes all!"

"You are on...you thick slut!" Echo growled, his blood red teeth clenched with pain.

"Good..." said Brenda. "Now let me leave you with a little teaser of what to expect!"

Brenda got down to her knees, spreading Echo's legs wide and drove an elbow into his groin. Echo sat up from the pain, staring wide eyed in the distance. He teared up, drool hanging from the side of lips. His eyes begged to put him out of his misery. Brenda obliged.

She bloodied his nose with a hard fist, then punched him silly with rapid, ferocious strikes that battered and bruised his face. Echo finally collapsed after a vicious punch to the chin.

Brenda walked away from the locker room, leaving a broken man in her wake. The other men huddled around Echo in fear, looking at his bloodied and broken body. They understood the message Brenda was trying to send.

The next day...

A wide grin appeared on Brenda's face as she stood in her corner. Echo's face was still bruised from the assault, his cheek still swollen, and one of his eyes bloodshot and half shut. She glanced at his flaccid appendage, tucked away deep within his briefs. His eyes simmered with fury.

The men and women of the league had assembled for the fight and took up seats in the large arena. The women appeared cocky, as if Brenda's victory was a foregone conclusion. They spoke in murmurs and whispers, eyeing the men around them who hung their heads in shame.

In the ring, Brenda smiled as a couple of whispers whizzed past her ear.

"She's gonna break him!"

"He deserves it! The limp dick bitch won't be walking away from this fight!"

"You hear that?" asked Brenda with a sultry grin. "Can you hear them talk about your destruction?"

Echo said nothing. He stood at his corner, his eyes cold and unmoving, staring at Brenda. There was no fear in his eyes, no intimidation, just fury and a flame of burning vengeance. Echo was dangerous when he had singular focus, and all of his attention was now on Brenda. He wanted to torment her, break her and make her his little slut.

"What's the matter boy?" asked Brenda with a smile. "Cat got your tongue?"

She looked a little disappointed when Echo did not respond. She liked to play with her opponents, and was used to being the predator but Echo behaved like no prey she had ever hunted, he looked angry, he looked mean and he looked like he wanted a fight.

Brenda casually took a few steps from her corner, throwing her hands up above with open fingers and motioning for a test of strength. Echo had other ideas.

He rushed out of his corner at blinding speed, and Brenda heard the snap of his leg as it cut through the air.

"AHHHHHHH!" She screamed as his shin collided hard between her legs, squishing her crotch and sending pain through every last nerve. The women in audience gulped at the ferocious strike, cradling their crotches and wincing in pain for Brenda.

The big amazon bent over, wheezing for breath. Drool hung from the side of her lips and her knees bent inward till they met. Her hands firmly clutched her aching pussy, leaving her defenseless and at the whim of her pissed off opponent. Wasting no time, Echo squeezed her head in a front headlock and gave her a brutal DDT.

Loud gasps emanated from the women in the audience, covering their mouth's in shock. Brenda's head bounced off the canvas, and somehow she sprang back to her knees from the impact. She shook her head violently to shake the cobwebs away, desperate to find some strength to get up. Echo took a couple of steps towards her.

"HOLY SHIT!" screamed a woman in the audience.

Echo's leg swung in an arc, and his boot thudded into the side of Brenda's skull. She found herself on all fours, in shock at the violent blow and crawled towards the ropes. Echo rushed in behind her.

"THAT'S GOTTA HURT!" screamed another woman in the crowd.

Brenda threw her head up and screamed in agony, Echo's moved his leg with a violent snap, letting his boot crash into the center of her spine.


Scream after shrill scream escaped Brenda's lips, her throat straining from the pressure, her voice slowly getting raspier and raspier. Echo did not let up. He bruised Brenda's back with unrelenting kicks, one after the other in quick succession, each strike more violent than the last. He kicked her till her torso hung on the middle rope, her head dangling over the apron and her arms limp by her side.

Seeing her limp on the ropes finally made Echo smile. He walked toward her and grabbed a handful of the big amazon's hair. He pulled her to her feet and rested her back on the top rope. He draped her arms behind her and placed a foot on her tailbone.


She screamed as Echo pulled on her chin and bent her body in half on the ropes. He undid her top, licking his lips as Brenda's generous, round breasts bounced into view. He grabbed her hair and shoved her into the corner, flinging her arms over the top rope. With a smile on his lips and rub of his groin, he made his next move.

The women in the audience averted their eyes, and looked away, but they could still hear big Brenda's screams echo through the arena and the loud smack of Echo's palm on her breasts. They turned red and bruised from the unrelenting chops, Echo's large hand was now a permeant feature on Brenda's skin. He chopped her tits with malicious intent, burying each palm deep and squishing her mammaries back into her skin. He wanted to reduce her breast size by at least two.


Echo did not stop, he chopped her like a tree, reducing her down to size and till her skin took on a dark, purplish hue. Satisfied for the moment, Echo undid his briefs and let his rock hard erection spring into view. He made Brenda wince when he pressed his chest on her bruised breasts, running a tongue up and down her cheek.

"What's the matter bitch?" He said with a smile. "All that talk, and you turn out to be nothing but hot air"

Angry grunts escaped Brenda's lips, her teeth clenched. She winced as he ran a finger over beaten mammaries, licking his lips.

"I am gonna blow you away like a fart in the Sahara," he whispered into her ear and pulled on her hair.

"MAKE THAT BITCH PAY!" Shouted one man in the audience.

"YEAH FUCK HER UP GOOD!" screamed another one.

The worm had turned, and the women now sat in disbelief. If a big girl like Brenda couldn't cut it against Echo, then who would? They sat shaking their heads and mostly looking away from the ring. Meanwhile, Echo had dragged Brenda to the center, pulling on her hair like a ravenous dog. Beating up the big titted amazon was turning him on, more than he could ever imagine.

He trapped her head between his thighs, and wrapped his hands around her waist. The women gasped as Echo lifted the burly amazon upside down, like she weighed nothing. His strength was incredible.

The piledriver saw Brenda's body bounce away towards the ropes. Her head cracked on the canvas and her body flipped in the air till she ended up on her ass. The women in the audience saw her face and shivered in their boots. Her eyes were barely open and drool hung from the side of her lips. Her face couldn't stop contorting into a million expressions, all without her control. Then they gulped as Echo pushed himself off the ropes.

Echo flung himself in the air, letting his feet shoot straight in front of him, and letting his boots bury flush into her bruised chest.


Brenda rolled around the mat in agony, with tears streaming down her eyes. She cajoled her battered breasts, blowing on them, hoping it will make the stinging, hot pain go away. It only made it worse. The atmosphere in the arena had completely changed, the men now howled for blood, 49 among them shouting the loudest. They screamed Echo's name, and the women sat silent, shook and in disbelief.

Echo walked around the broken amazon on the canvas, eyeing her body with malicious intent. This was revenge, and he had not satiated his quench yet. He wrapped his knuckles around a handful of her hair, dragging a whimpering and pleading Brenda to her feet.

"N-no p-please, I'll be a good little fuck slut, I-I promise!"

Her pleas were promptly ignored. Her strength had waned and her ego had shrunk. Now all that was left was the shell of a battered woman, pleading for mercy. There would be none. Brenda's mind wandered as Echo grabbed hold of her hair again, she now thought of the first time she looked into Echo's eyes. She remembered that intensity, that foreboding fury that had warned Brenda that she was way out of her league. She didn't listen, and now she would pay the price.

The women winced as Echo flung Brenda out of the ring. Her body shot through the middle rope, landing awkwardly on the cold, hard floor. Wracked with pain, she crawled towards the security fence, hoping to at least stand but Echo was right behind her. He grabbed one leg and pulled her back towards him.


The women winced and squinted, watching as Echo ran his fingernails down her back. He dug in deep and raked the length of her spine, reaching all the way to her miniscule thong, that he quickly discarded, leaving her nude. He wrapped his arms around her shoulder, and locked his palms behind her head. Then with a great show of strength, he lifted her completely off the floor.

Brenda's legs kicked fruitlessly in the air for a few moments, till she had no choice but to rest them at his waist to ease some of the pain.


She howled in pain, Echo bent her body in half by pouring pressure into the full nelson lock and bending her back. Her breasts jutted outward towards the women sitting by the security barricade. One of those faces looked extremely worried.

Echo smiled as he recognized Paisley, he could still see the fear in her eyes. What was more interesting was the panicked look she was giving Brenda. She was still airborne, wrapped around Echo's body like snake hugging a tree. Her shoulder bones had started to ache, and her back had now contorted with her legs still wrapped around his waist.

She could feel Echo's hard erection rub between her legs. Then she looked into Paisley's eyes and mouthed something.

"I failed you, forgive me"

Echo smiled. So that was the plan! Brenda's sudden attack had been a simple, mindless ploy of revenge. A revenge orchestrated by Paisley. This was still revenge all right, but Brenda wasn't the one dealing it out. Emboldened by his new discovery, Echo began to walk towards the steel steps with Brenda in tow. Paisley gasped and steeled herself for what was to come.

Echo kicked away a portion of the steps, leaving the base intact. Then he slammed Brenda chest first into the unforgiving steel. Brenda let out a scream of agony as her breasts squished on the cold steel, and Paisley looked away in horror.

Echo's shadow loomed over Brenda's body. She lay motionless on the base of the steps, awkwardly folded in half and nearly out cold. She wished with every painful breath that she was.

"Hungh..arghhh" grumbled Brenda, incoherent and dazed when Echo lifted her head up.

He dragged her towards the barricades again, making sure Paisley could see her broken lover. If there was one thing the fight with Echo taught Paisley, was that it was never over when you think it is. Echo was not the kind of man who would stop, not until he had satiated his lust. Paisley now feared for her lover, and shut her eyes.

She opened them half-way when she heard Brenda scream. Echo had sent her running head first into the steel ring post. Then she shut them again. She prayed and hoped against hope, but then Brenda screamed again. Paisley opened her eyes again to see Brenda crotched on the steel ring post and shut them.

The next time she opened them Brenda was power bombed through the empty announcer table, her large body reducing the wood to splinters and leaving her spread eagle on the floor. Paisley gasped at the awful sight, closing her eyelids, praying for a miracle. The only thing she heard was Brenda screaming again.

The loud chair shot to her back sent a shiver down the spine of even the men in the audience. Paisley's eyes closed one more time. The next time she opened them, Brenda had been tied up to the ring post, her hands imprisoned behind her back.


Brenda's cries rang in Paisley's ears as Echo slugged her in the stomach again and again, bruising her skin. He momentarily switched his attention to her pussy, giving Brenda a few hard chops between her legs before resuming his beating on her stomach.

Brenda couldn't even scream anymore, she just begged. She begged to be put out of her misery and slowly began to slump down the ring post. Fist after fist thudded into her stomach, forcing her six-pack to flex and absorb more punishment. Her body began to shake and twitch. Paisley gulped but kept her eyes open. It was almost over.

When she finally couldn't take it anymore, Brenda slumped. The rope that bound her broke with the pull of her weight and she fell face first to the floor.


Brenda was now a beaten mess on the floor, and Echo was finally satisfied. She whimpered as he flipped her over and placed a boot on her bruised breasts.

"1...2...3" Shouted the men in the audience, and the women all looked away.

The fight was over. Echo had done the impossible, take down Big Brenda Powers. The amazon now lay broken and bruised at his feet.

"Hmph!" He scoffed and began to walk away.

Paisley jumped out from the audience, rushing to Brenda and laying her head softly on her lap. Brenda's first reaction was to cower in terror, thinking Echo had come back for seconds.

"Shhh..." whispered Paisley. "It's over!"

Was it? As the crowd began to disperse, 49 men jumped out looking for some sweet revenge. The sight of the beaten amazon was too good to pass up. They rubbed their hands together with glee.

"Stay back!" cried Paisley. "I said stay back!"

Paisley kicked one of the advancing men in the head, felling him but the rest still came. Overcome with lust and rage, they soon overpowered Paisley and dragged her away. Brenda Powers was no pussy, she may have been beaten but she was not going to stay down. She got up, wracked in pain and barely stood. But she still put her knuckles up for a fight.

The men smiled and cracked their knuckles and began slowly advancing.

"NOOOO!" cried Paisley, being held back by two men as one of them nearly reached Brenda. Then her face contorted into shock.

Walter Echo suddenly stood between 49 men and Brenda, holding them at bay.

"This ain't your fight Echo, you did us a favor by beatin' the big broad up, now get out of our way!" screamed one of the men, and the rest of them howled their support.

Echo held out his hand behind him, pointing it towards a shocked Brenda. She took it and slowly got up. The big, burly amazon cowered behind the smaller Echo as the vile group of men sought to end her career.

"Well this ain't your conquest!" screamed Echo. "This bitch is mine, and if you have a problem with that..."

Echo took one menacing step towards the man.

"I 'm more than happy to take it outside!"

Echo's eyes dulled the man's rage, he gulped and nodded, then turned away. The rest of the men came to their senses and slowly began walking away. Echo turned his attention to Paisley and Brenda. Brenda slumped to her knees, but Paisley caught her and kept her standing. With one arm around her lover, Brenda stared at Echo.

For a few moments, nothing was spoken, then Echo's deep baritone cut the air.

"Take her and go..." He said with his voice cold and heavy. "If they come back, I won't be able to hold them off."

The women nodded and slowly walked away.

That night, big Brenda Powers tossed and turned in bed. She couldn't sleep and stared at the ceiling. The more she thought about her brutal beating, the more aroused she got. She was beginning to think she was going crazy.

It was pouring outside, the sudden bursts of lightning cast long shadows of the window on her bed. Brenda sat up, wincing as she ran her hands over her bruised breasts. She played with her nipples and soon lost one hand between her legs. She gave in to the pleasure and moaned.

After Brenda was done, she got up and grabbed a raincoat off the rack and her car keys off the table.

"What the fuck am I doing?" She thought to herself. She looked down at her phone to see messages from Paisley, she will have to pay her a visit later. Brenda arrived at her destination and got out of the car.

In a large yard, a singular trailer home was anchored to the ground. She could see Echo's shadow in the window, sitting on his couch and watching tv.

"All right Brenda..." She gulped. "Remember you asked for this!"

She knocked at the door, and froze when Echo opened up.

"What the..." He squealed. "The fuck you doin' here bitch!?"

Brenda stopped thinking. She let her lust take control and planted a deep kiss on his lips. When his shock subsided, he responded in kind, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Brenda's lips soon wandered to his chest, then she got down to her knees to kiss his six-pack. Echo moaned as she unzipped his pants, and took his erect member into her mouth. Echo throated her hard, making her gag on every thrust before he unloaded deep down her throat.

Brenda took off her raincoat and Echo smiled. She was already wearing a collar and a leash, presenting a whipping wand to her master. Echo took it in his hand and shut the door behind them, guiding Brenda by her leash to the bed.
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