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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

The bell rings


Dawn rushes out hoping to continue the slaughter. She looks possessed.

Kevin backs away and is slammed by a right to the head landing behind his ear. A right left to the face swivals Kevin's head sending sweat flying each time.
Kevin then suprises us, stiffins up and launches an effective counterattack.
He drives a powerful right hand to Dawn's belly stopping her in her tracks. He follows up ripping a vicious left right left right combo to the head which rocks our girl and piles it on attacking the chest. Dawn tries to clinch.

" No way babe. Now you pay. Now I put you in your place once and for all. Ready to be homeless? I'm gonna take everything from you, You stupid bitch, thinking you could beat me? I'm going to destroy you and punch these tits right off your chest!"

Dawn cries out in pain while absorbing a tit mauling. Lefts, rights, crosses and uppercuts slam them up and down to the left and to the right. She tries to protect her chest and is punished by a nasty stomach attack. Dawn can't get a decent punch off. She misses on at least three occasions and pays dearly four punches taken for every one attempted. Diane and I cringe with each punch. Did we underestimate this creep?

Kevin has been on fire and after again avoiding another punch rocks Dawn with a right to the head sending sweat, hair and spittle flying and stops only when she collapses to the floor.

I scream at her to stay down as long as possible. She looks over at me and looks to be in a bad way.

One...two...three.. Dawn rises to her hands and knees shaking her blonde to clear the cobwebs four...five...six...seven...on one knee she looks up at her grinning ex eight...nine...she rises and is cleared to continue. She looks over at us and shakes her head at us as if to say I'm alright.

She shakes her head, bangs her gloves and , I don't know how, attacks with a vengence.

She hates getting punched in the tits and is going for revenge. Enraged she slams a right to the jaw left to the chest stunning her ex.

Dawn tees off , right left right hurts him. She misses a right to the jaw which might have taken his head off had it landed and he now eats a nasty jab to the nose. They now box toe to toe .

Dawn drives a left to his gut but is rocked by a big right to the jaw. She is hurt and I see pain in her facial expression. I will her to stand tough. Easier for me I'm not getting slugged.
Kevin now smashes her to the jaw again staggaring her. She tries to clinch but Kevin will have none of that, he smells blood in the water.
Dawn is against the ropes, the worst place to be right now.
She cries out in pain as she absorbs a beating right to the belly, left to the face, right left to the stomach again causing her to crumble to the floor sitting on her ass in the corner gasping for air.

Kevin isn't much better as he stumbles to a corner gulping air himself as the count starts.

One...two...three...to hands and knees four...five...six...seven...one knee eight...nine
she's up (Been here before)

Paul asks if she wants to quit, he doesn't know Dawn very well , " No fucking way! I just got started." she croaks.

Kevin is red faced, already bruised on both cheeks and has a fat lip ready to burst.

Dawn is wet, her blonde bangs matted on her forehead, redfaced, nipples at attention and looks pretty haggared .

They square off again.

Dawn jabs her fist smacking off Kevin's cheek, ducks under his counter punch and tees off on him.

Right left to the stomach, left right to the face, right left to the nose causing it to freely flow crimson.
Kevin is now paralized as he suffers a brutal beatdown.
" Thought I was done? Not likely by a long shot."

Dawn pounds a right to the stomach, left uppercut and a right to the jaw which drives him to the ropes. His eyes are full of pain and fear. His ex is beating the hell out of him. Every punch sends blood and sweat flying.
Dawn now holds him up, her knee between his legs preventing his collapse. Nice move I note.

My bad girl now jerks her knee up placing painful pressure on his sack and causing his eyes to bug out.

A right uppercut square on the chin dumps him to the canvas and through the bottom rope to the floor.

Full of rage Dawn stands over him eyes wild and daring him to " Get up and fight! I'm fighting back now bitch! Get up and fight or are you too chicken shit."

Dawn wanders back to our corner as Kevin writhes on the floor saved by the bell.

We quickly sit our gladiator down and revive her for the next round.

Kevin is a wreck too but I hear him tell Paul that "No way I'm quitting. I'm not loosing to that bitch.She fights dirty..." Paul cuts him off, " Be a man. She's kicking your ass. Fight back!"

Dawn is completly out punching Kevin but has a nasty swelling on her left jaw. She winces when I try to ice it.

"Try a little defence will ya?"

Dawn smiles and then winces in pain again.

" OK daddy "

" Wise ass. You OK? "

" I'm great. Gonna knock him out real soon."

" OK girl, get him! "


Dawn moves out a bit slower this round but moves to immediately attack. Kevin is breathing harder and deeper than Dawn. He also looks the worse for wear as his left eye is swelling badly, his lip swollen and his nose dripping blood despite his corners efforts to stop it.

Kevin immediatly clinches, buying more recovery time and he wrestles Dawn tightly for over a minute. He tries to push Dawn around the ring but she finally has enough of it and breaks up the dance with a right hand over his clinging arms. This begins another exchange as rights and lefts bounce off each others faces.

Dawns red face is changing to black and blue, Kevins's dripping nose continues to drip.
Kevin tries to grab again but Dawn shoves him roughly and follows up with a right hand to his jaw rattling him again. A sharp jab busts Kev's nose wide open again.

Dawn blasts off again, right left jerks his skull back and forth, right to the stomach bends him foward and a left uppercut sends a shower of blood and sweat all over Su in the corner and drop Kevin to the floor.

Su looks around in disgust and runs off to the bathroom.

Dawn leaps for joy thinking that she has won.

Kevin has other ideas. One...two...three...he stirs and rolls over as blood pools under his face four...five...six...seven hand and knees eight...nine he rises.

His shirt is now more red than white. He wipes his face with his forearm and sees the extent of his wounds. Paul tells him that he's had enough and Kevin roars that he can continue. Paul shrugs his shoulders and let's it go on.

" I think that you should have quit. Now I'm really gonna hurt you."

( Dawn : I thought at this point that Paul might end this. I guess he doesn't like Kevin either. Kevin is up so I'll keep hitting him. )

Kevin moves toward Dawn trying to hit her. He misses a right. Dawn leaps foward slamming a right left to the face.
Kevin feels his nose flatten. He cries out painfully misses another punch.

Dawn drives a right deep to his stomach with all her might. Kevin spits out his bloody mouthpiece and falls face down and is counted out. The count was a formality, Kevin was out cold.

( Dawn: I did it! I beat that no good bastard to a bloody pulp. I've never felt so tired but I've never felt so euphoric. I've never wanted to hurt someone so much in my whole life.)

Dawn stands over Kevin stares down and screams " Get up, get up you bastard. I want to beat you down again!"

(Dawn: I don't remember yelling. I was so tired. )

We rush to Dawn and hug her. She did it. What a warrior, what a woman!

Paul suggests we postpone the MMA match for at least a month. OK with us. When Kevin wakes up, we'll see if he has the guts to face Dawn with fewer rules.

Four weeks until Kevin's chance for redemption.

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