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Old 12-Feb-15, 07:16
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Lucky bugger, being the only guy there to witness these bloodthirsty girls. Only in your imagination, perhaps, but from your descriptions that is not a bad place to spend your time. On the whole I thought the story was really well written. I came to care who would win and lose due to the back story and animosity that was present for nearly every fight. My only hope now is that your climb into the ring and let the girls show just how good they really are.

Thank you so much for a fantastic story, mate.
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Old 13-Feb-15, 07:33
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

good stuff altho I admit I was hoping an impromptu mixed bout would materialize.
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Old 13-Feb-15, 21:39
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Wink Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Already boxed Dawn, don't want it to be Diane...who should it be?
Hmmm, need to think on this.
Any suggestions?
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Old 14-Feb-15, 06:14
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Krysten could be a hot opponent. She was pretty dominant in her match and with the straight brown hair, glasses and hot young body, she could look great as she gives you a run for your money. The other option is some kind of gauntlet match, where you need to fight through all the girls one after the other. Smiles... Before you ask if I want to see them kill you, I always want to see the girls win. Thanks again for a great series of stories, mate.
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Old 14-Feb-15, 14:59
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Have to think this through. Gauntlet sounds like some painful fun.
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Old 21-Mar-15, 02:31
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

At the conclusion of another successful fight club party, as our guests and fellow combatants were leaving, I saw a sight which greatly suprised me. My wife and Dawn, two warriors who less than an hour ago were at each others throats trying to knock each other out, were huddled on the back deck and were deeply engrossed in conversation.

Dawn appeared extremely upset and seemed to be pouring her heart out to Diane as they talked.
I saw her shaking her head and wiping tears from her face.
Diane was listening intently and intermittently responding to her.
I didn't dare to intervene , but was curious as hell as to what was being discussed.

After about 20 minutes the women both stood up. Dawn finally smiled, shaking her head affirmatively and they engaged in a long mutual embrace.

Before we departed, I approached Dawn and asked if everything was OK.

"Now it is. Diane will tell you everything on your way home. Thanks for everything. See you at work tomorrow. Your wife Diane is OK."

On the drive home Di told me the tale.

Dawn was very upset and depressed about how her ex-husband has been screwing with her and making her life miserable.
He had successfully turned her son against her and had him residing with him even though she had legal custody of both her kids. Now he was thwarting her efforts to sell their house and was forcing her into a dire financial hole.

She told Diane that she was near the end of her rope and was desperate for a way to end his bullying and financial harrasment.

Diane dug a little and found out that while he never physically assaulted her, his psychological bullying was stripping her of her dignity. Di told her that if I had ever done that to her she would have beaten the crap out of me and taken me to court to legally rape me.
Diane suggested that maybe it was time to confront him and put an end to this.

If negotiating was not solving this, maybe it was time to settle this woman to man.
Di asked Dawn if she thought that she could "take" her ex in a physical confrontation to put this all to rest.
Dawn seemed hesitant.
Diane asked her about her ex and found that Kevin was slight of build but stood at almost six feet tall. He was a typical bully who picked on those he felt couldn't or wouldn't defend themselves. He was about 140 lbs and Dawn doubted that he had ever been in a real fight in his life.

Dawn was still doubtful of her chances until Diane reminded her of how she handled herself in their three fights and how she held her own against me, even beating me twice in our wrestling match and MMA fight.

My job at work the next day was to continue rebuilding our blonde friends confidence and begin to prepare her to get it on for all the marbles.

I asked Diane point blank if she was not just setting Dawn up for a beating.

"Hell no! I want her to beat the shit out of this no good bastard! I really like Dawn now."

Dawn did still look a little down the next day when I met up with her. She immediately asked me about my conversation with Diane and wondered if challenging Kevin was a good idea. She asked me if I thought she really had a chance at beating him and ending the warfare once and for all.

She was going to see him this weekend at the house, and wondered if we might both accompany her for moral support and to serve as witnesses to the proposal. His current girlfriend would be there and she did not want to give him any way to worm out of it. I told her that we would be there.

Dawn brightened up immediately. We drew up a written agreement to the effect that when (not if) she beat him up, he would agree to the sale of the house, stop poisening her kids against her and just plain get the hell out of her life for good.

"Do you really think that I can do this?

"Hell yea! We fought wars against each other leaving me hurting for weeks. You were in every bout with me right up to the end, and you beat me twice! Besides he sounds like
a class A pussy to me! Of course you can win!"

She smiled broadly and kissed me on the cheek.
She kept that smile on her face the rest of the day.

Now the work begins. The motivation was always there, now we needed to sharpen her skills for the fight of her life!

To be continued...
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Old 21-Mar-15, 07:05
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II


I love the sound of this one.
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Old 22-Mar-15, 02:00
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Dawn had planned to visit her house to move some things to her new residence and had wanted us to come along "just in case" the ex caused any trouble.

Sure enough, he was there and cast disapproving looks at us while being rude and sarcastic to Dawn every time she tried to initiate civil discourse with him.

I know what Dawn's facial expressions mean and I could see that she was getting hot under the collar quickly. Kevin was poking fun and insulting her constantly.
Finally Dawn went into the bedroom to get a chair she was going to take with her. Kevin followed her and commented ," Why don't you leave it, you'll only break it when you sit on it with your fat ass."

Suddenly we heard Dawn shouting, and a loud thud as if someone had fallen.
Kevin's subsequent statement was that " This must be your favorite room. Isn't this where you screwed your boyfriends when we were still together."
When we rushed in, Dawn had Kevin pinned against the wall and screaming, " Me screwing around while we were still married? You were the whore in our marriage. I was always the faithful one in our lives, fat lot of good it did me!

Kevin's face was getting beet red as Dawn had her forearm up against his windpipe.
His girlfriend came charging into the bedroom, but was taken down by a well placed knee to the groin by Diane.

"Stay down" she bellowed "unless you want some of what he's getting!"

Dawn's knee was placed where Kevin would become a soprano if he made one false move.

I convinced Dawn to back off, which she did, but her fuse was lit.

"I had almost decided not to do this, but you just made my mind up for me. I've had it with your shit. Let's settle this one on one. You and me, a fight to the finish for everything. I win, we sell the house and split the proceeds 50/50. no more contact and your out of my life forever. You win, you get to keep the house! I already ran this contract by your lawyer and he said that if we both agree and sign it, it would be legal and binding. We have witnesses. You man enough or are you chicken shit afraid I'll beat your ass in front of your girlfriend?"

Kevin looked suprised but took the bait immediately.

" You want to fight me? Are you serious? I'll kick your ass and you'll be flat broke.Give me the paper. Tell me where your ass kicking will take place and when."

Dawn threw the paper and a pen at him." Sign it and be at Paul's gym 4 weeks from tonight at 10 PM. Be ready to be humiliated in front of your tramp girlfriend."

His girl, Susanne, tried to take a swing at Dawn, but again Diane's educated knee rammed into her stomach depositing her back onto the floor.

Kevin signed, left the house with Su, and the deal was sealed.

" What did I just do?"

" You just took the first step to your liberation." I told her.

Three weeks of intense training followed. Dawn boxed, grappled and wrestled with Diane and myself. Tabitha's boyfriend showed her some effective tactics to use on a taller and possibly stronger opponant. Even though I wore headgear and Dawn wore oversized gloves, she put me on my ass more than once with her big right hands. On the floor, seeing little birdies circle my head, I also heard Dawn apologize after decking me and I had to (Painfully) tell her that it was alright, this was what we were trying to accomplish here.

Diane and her would rehearse various submission holds (gently) then she would apply them to me, not so gently.

She was practicing while I was suffering.

More and more the moves became automatic and fluid. We went over strategies daily, emphasizing speed and aggression and the need to finish when she had the opportunity.

I almost felt sorry for Kevin, (well, not really)

Week four was to be light practice and plenty of rest.

Dawn arranged the use of her daughter's friend's gym fighting cage. Then it was time to go shopping!

Wanting to appear as intimidating as possible, she purchased everything in the color black. 3/4 length leggings, sleeveless tank top, black mma gloves, even a black mouthguard.

I urged Dawn to keep the fight clean, no cheapshots or low blows.
I also told her that if Kevin went for tit grabbing, kicks between the legs or hair pulling, then she should lose the rules and go for the pain.

We visited the gym and had a final light practice, me wearing heavy pads just in case.

The small cage and Dawn rocking my consciousness one more time brought back painful memories of the ass kicking she gave me here in our fight.

From the cage floor where she had just deposited me again, Diane and I proclaimed Dawn ready to go!

Tomorrow off.
Next day Armageddon for Kevin.

To be continued ...
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Old 22-Mar-15, 15:58
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Keep up with your stories, I'm looking forward in reading them. I am a person who likes to read mixed boxing stories. I like watching mixed boxing videos but I like them authentic, not make believe. Unfortunately there is not to many of them. Keep up the good work.
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Old 24-Mar-15, 22:08
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Default Re: Women who Box. Fight Night II

Dawn and Kevin would engage in a two part contest. Kevin chose a boxing match, Dawn wanted a MMA submission fight. They would box first, fight second.

The boxing match would be for 3 minute rounds. There would be no limit to the number of rounds or knockdowns. Wins come by knockout or submission of one of the combatants. No illegal blows or hitting your opponant while down would be allowed. That fight activity would come in the second contest.

In the submission fight, both will again fight to a knockout or submission with the winner being allowed a 10 minute " Humiliation session."

In the event no knockout occurs, the combatant with the most submission to their credit, wins.

Neither of Dawn's offsprings will be at the fight. Everyone agreed that it would not be in anyones interest for them to see their parents beating the shit out of each other.

Kevin's girlfriend and his brother would work in his corner, while Diane and myself would assist in Dawn's. The gym owner, Paul, who knew both fighters would referee.

We arrived early and went to one of the dressing rooms. Dawn got her black fighting outfit on and Diane helped her put her blonde hair up in a high ponytail.
I spread some vaseline on her face to help some of the punches she was bound to take slide off with a little less damage.
Knowing how my "guy" might react to the sight of her, and not needing any grief from the bride, my cup was in place. He reacted and my cup saved some embarrasing moments. Dawn looked like a sexy amazon dressed in black.

I put on some pads and had our blonde bomber warm up by pounding punches into my pads. She worked up a light sweat while we waited for Kevin to make his way to the boxing ring for our first fight.

We made him wait a few minutes just to piss him off.

As I watched him come out through the window, I commented to Dawn that he looked gaunt, not well muscled at all. He wore a white sleevless shirt and a pair of cutoff jeans shorts. Joking and laughing with his girlfriend and brother. He looked confident and did not seem to be taking this seriously at all. He was underestimating his ex. Good.

We draped a black satin robe over Dawn's shoulders and headed out to the ring.

To psych Kevin out, the gym lights dimmed and a spotlight shone on our warrior as she climbed into the ring.

I accompanied Dawn to the center of the ring for Paul's fight instructions, rubbing and loosening the shoulder muscles as we listened.
When Paul finished, Kevin immediately started trash talking, " This won't take long Dawn,
I'll make it as painfull, I mean painless as possible. They laughed and joked while Dawn stared in silence.

Back in our corner Di and I gave a final pep talk. " Remember his height and reach is his advantage. Don't let him box you, get in close and punish his body it's a big area and he can't protect it all. I don't think he can take your pounding for too long. This is for your freedom. Beat the shit out of him."

Dawn smiled at us.

The Bell rings and Paul calls the couple together to fight!


Dawn wastes no time and comes out swinging. Kevin is not prepared as he is rocked immediately. Dawn slams a left to his stomach and his eyes bug out. He can't react defensively to avoid a right left combo to his head which rocks his head back and forth upon reciept. He is stunned and is quickly put down against the ropes by a big right cross which again jerks his head to the side.
I remember rights like that and rub my jaw reflexively.

On one knee and with his back against the ropes, he looks up in shock and confusion. He sees his ex wife standing over him taunting him and daring him to get up.

"Get up bitch, I'm a long way from being done with you."

Paul pulls her away and we call her over to a neutral corner so the count can begin.


Kevin is up and looks at Dawn still in a state of shock!
She stares back, venom in her eyes.

Paul yells " Fight! "

Dawn charges in punching like a wild woman. She slams a five punch combination of lefts and rights all hitting their mark, his head, swivaling it violently back and forth.

Kevin throws his first punch, a weak left which completely misses it's mark.

Dawn returns fire immediately banging a left to his jaw and a followup right uppercut to the chin decking him again in the middle of the ring.

Dawn races to a corner again. Paul counts One...two...three

Kevin gets up quickly, pissed as hell. Dawn impatiently waits.


Dawn doesn't let up. A left to the pit of his stomach and Kevin wretches, he takes a right to his ear and stumbles away from his attacker.

He hasn't laid a glove on Dawn yet! Di and I are pleased and cheer loudly!

Kevin and Dawn face off in the center of the ring. " Come on bitch. I'm going to beat you senseless you pussey. "

Dawn jabs, Kevin blinks. Two more jabs flatten his nose and fill his eyes with tears.

" Gonna cry now? Come on fight like a man. You have made my life a living hell. Now YOU pay!" Two more stinging jabs strike home.

Dawn and Kevin stalk each other. I should say Dawn stalks, Kevin tries to stay at a safe distance while being targeted.

Dawn's next right is blocked and Kev finally lands a decent right hand which bangs off the shoulder. He pays dearly for his momentary success when D rips a three punch combo to the gut. Kevin backs up against the ropes, right were Dawn wants him and slams a left to his chest which reddens immediately and follows up with a right to the jaw, again snapping his head backwards over the top rope.

" How do you like me now huh? You don't look so tuff now bitch! You are a pathetic bully who's gonna get his ass kicked in front of his slut girlfriend. I bet even she could beat your sorry ass."

Kevin, eyes filled with anger comes off the ropes to attack and D meets him with a straight right to the chin and a left jab to the nose, and buckles his knees with another sweeping right hand to the jaw.

Kevin grabs D in a tight clinch. As he holds her left hand tight against his body, the free right fist pounds his lower stomach. His hold is weakened upon reciept of the shot and Dawn drives a left to the chest.
Kevin grabs her tight again.

Seemingly recovered, Dawn and he start trading jabs all finding their targets on the face.
Dawn counters and misses a short left and pays when a big right hand jerks her head backwards.
Kevin takes advantage and attacks. He lands a left right combo to Dawns face causing her to blink and miss a counter left. Again Kevin takes advantage and scores with another left left right combo rocking his ex.

Dawn is able to counter with a straight right to the face but is rocked again by a right hand to her nose. They continue to trade punches and Dawn finally starts to concentrate on the body. She punches his stomach as if she is trying to put a hole through it and reddens his chest with jab after jab. Kevin lands a third of the punches he throws, Dawn lands about 75% of what she attempts. She is punching his body raw. I'm pleased and knowing how hard she can punch and predict that she is going to win if she stays focused. I'll remind her shortly. The bell sounds. Round one is a rousing success.

Dawn is sweating and breathing deeply in our corner, but Kevin is almost gasping for air and is drenched in his sweat.

" You got this if you keep your head and bust up his body. He looks afraid of you. He's hurting and getting tired."

( Dawn's words: " I can't believe how easy this is. Except for the last exchange, he couldn't hardly touch me, let alone hurt me. Joe and Diane keep reminding me to keep my feelings in check, but it's hard, I hate him so much!")

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