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Default Boxing Beatdown Session

I parked my car in the parking lot of the hotel and took the keys out of the ignition. I was nervous, while I had done sessions before you never know how they could turn out. The session wrestler could be terrible and have a bad attitude, or the whole thing could be some disaster police bust. I was also nervous because I had requested our session be a hard boxing beatdown. I wanted hard punches and told her she could punch me in the face as much as she liked and knock me out. In our email exchange she had sounded excited about it; I had talked a big game.

The session wrestler’s name was Crystal, not her real name of course. Her profile online was basically a fantasy come true. She was a strong Hispanic woman in her early 30s. She came from an MMA and boxing background; she was some sort of semi-pro fighter a few years back. In her pictures she flexed and exposed her large biceps while wearing black boxing gloves. She had smaller breasts, I would guess b cups and big firm ass.

I was hoping she would look half as good when we met. I got out of my car with my bag in hand. I brought a cheap mouth piece from Walmart along with my athletic shorts and a tank top. Getting out I took a long look at my reflection in my tinted window. I wasn’t a bad looking guy. Six feet tall and 175 pounds. I liked to work out and was pretty strong, I also had a thing for taking punches. Last session I ended up with swollen lips for a few days. I was already thinking of asking Crystal to take it easy on my lips so I wouldn’t have to tell work I fell down again.

Knock on the door

I walked to the room marked by the number Crystal had given me through our text exchanges. I let her know I was here and knocked on the door. She opened it with the chain lock still attached, and looked at me through the opening.

“Hey it’s me Mark.”

“Hey mark, come on in”

She opened the door and let me in. She looked as good as her pictures, maybe better. She was wearing a hoodie and some tight jeans, and I could tell she was my type immediately.

“So we going to do some boxing today,” she asked.

“Yeah, im excited and kinda nervous. I know its going to hurt haha.”

“It wont be too bad Mark. I wont knock you out unless you want me to.”

“I kinda want you too. I have never done a session with a real boxer before. I’m excited to see how much I can take.”

Well Ill tell you what. We will start off slow and if you can take more let me know. Im going to get dressed. Anything in particular you want me to wear?”

“Something that shows off your booty.”

“You got it.”

She went to the bathroom and I heard a bag unzip. I started to get undressed myself and put on my shorts. I took the mouthpiece out of my bag as well. It was cheap and didn’t fit well but I figured it would do its job for the next hour or so.

Crystal came out of the dressing room and my jaw hit the floor. She was wearing a black g-string with an athletic sports bar. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I said yes. She began to wrap her hands with a boxing wrap and I started to get aroused as she turned around so I could stare. Her ass was perfect; it was large and firm with muscle. Her g string was black and was barely there. She told me I could touch it I wanted and I did. I grabbed it with one hand and it was so firm I could barely squeeze it. She drew me in closer and let my penis rub between her ass cheeks. I grew hard immediately and she laughed.

“I thought you might need a pre-fight warm up,” she said and laughed.
She moved away and went to get her boxing gloves. These gloves were red and looked like professional gloves. The kind of gloves you have to lace up and not the cheap sparring gloves with Velcro. I helped her get the second glove on still hard as a rock. I tied up the second glove for her and she took a step back and violently slammed her gloves together to intimidate me. The effect further turned me on and she smiled when she saw the rush of excitement run through me. She grabbed me through my shorts with her gloves on and asked me if I was ready.

I asked her if she did many beatdowns.

“No, most guys are too afraid. I love it though. You are the first one ive done in a long time.”

“Should I be scared,” I asked.

“Yes, put your mouthpiece in.”

I did and then we started.

The Fight

We started the fight. Crystal took a few playful snaps at my stomach, increased the force with each blow. Her breasts were heaving slightly and with each punch she exhaled a small noise like a real boxer.

“Bring it,” I muffled through my mouth piece and I pointed to my chin. I didn’t have any gloves on but I had my hands up all the same. I had no intention to fight back but I liked to take the position.

Before I could finish I felt a hard snap against my chin. My head went back and my eyes closed in pain. The punch let out a loud whack and it made me take a step back.

“Too hard?” she asked.

I shook my head in approval and told her that’s what I wanted.

“You’re crazy,” she said. She laughed and had a huge smile on her face.
The smile went away and she got serious. She hit me with two hard jabs and landed a huge right on my face. I grunted from the shots but didn’t back down. She punched me two more time in the abs and made me drop my guard, and then hit me with a surprise uppercut. The punch was hard and snapped my head up. I didn’t feel the pain my adrenaline was begging to rush.

She continued to circle me and was pleased at how well I was taking her punches. She started to aim for my ribs and began to work them over. With each punch to my left rib she started to punch more with her legs, and each punch hit with a louder thud. She hit me 4 times in the left ribs and then began to work the right ribs. The pain was starting to build and with the 5th shot she knocked the air out of me. I grabbed on to her shoulders but Crystal didn’t stop. She used one arm to hold my neck and began to violently punch into my lower exposed belly. Punch after punch rained into my gut and I couldn’t believe the force she could deliver. It was like she winded up her legs and punched through her whole body, like a depressed coil springing out.

She could sense I was about to collapse and pushed me hard against the nearby wall. My back bounced against the wall and I moved back towards her. I was even harder than before and she looked on with surprise.

“I’ve got you going huh.”

I playfully punched at her midsection and landed a soft blow.

“Go on take your best shot boy,” she said.

I decided to give her a firm shot to the stomach. As soon as my punch landed I felt a huge shot come across my face. She hit me with a hard right hand that almost knocked me out. I pointed to my chin and asked her to do it again. She hit me with another left and then a quick right hook. The succession of punches was so quick it whipped by head both directions and knocked my mouth piece out of my mouth. I was woozy and starting to see stars. I reached down for the mouth piece and put it back in. She directed me toward the hotel bed and placed my back to the bed. She hit me with another left hand and the pain shot through me. The punch had a tremendous follow through and it was violent, but I didn’t go down. She hit me with another right and another left and each was hard as the last. She looked frustrated that I wouldn’t go down and I was frustrated that I wasn’t going down because of the pain. Finally she started changing her punches to straight punches. The first punch hit my mouth and the next hit my nose. She then hit me with a third right hand and I fell to the bed.

She started to count. My head was aching and I was starting to see stars. I stood up as she reached 8. Crystal was sweaty now. Her biceps were pumped and her hair was starting to stick to her forehead from the sweat. Her brown skin was glistening and her nipples were erect under her sports bra.
“You are starting to bleed.” She said. She was right. I was bleeding from my lower lip and I could tell it was starting to swell.

I was still pretty hard. She walked over and put her ass on my throbbing cock.

“Come on big guy, you know you can take some more.”

I told her I wanted more and I did.

“I want to take your hardest shots,” I said. “I want you to make me beg you to stop.”

She agreed and told me to get ready. She started on my face again and hit me with another 3 punch combination. This time the punches were so hard that I staggered each time she hit me.

“You’re not going down that easy”

She started to circle me again and led me to the corner of the room. She started to work me over with punches to my abs again. She would take hard gut shots that made booming thuds and I would lower my arms. As soon as my arm went down she would snap a jab at my face. She was aiming for my eyes now. She wanted to give me a black eye. She focused on my left eye. Every time I would look down or instinctively try to block a body blow she would snap a jab at my eye. I couldn’t get out of the corner and she wouldn’t let me. I took about ten punches to the eye and felt it start to close up.

“Give me you hardest shot”

“Okay I think you’re ready”

She let me out of the corner and to the middle of the room. She told me no bed this time.

She then hit me with 6 punches in a row hard to the face. I felt knocked out on my feet barely conscious. I was staggering hard, trying to stand in place. She grabbed me again and held the tip of my penis with her glove. I pointed to my chin that I wanted it bad.

She hit me full force with a right and I went down violently. She started to count and I could barely hear it. My ears were ringing and I felt far away. I started to get up and she punched me hard in the face again.

“Please stop!”

“What are you going to do about it?”

I stayed on my knees and begged. She pointed at her feet and told me to kiss them. I did. I kissed and licked every toe. When she was satisfied she turned around. I started to kiss her ass. I took it with my hands and made out with it like my life depended on it. She told me to smell her ass hole stick my tongue in. I moved her g-string over and did. I was barely conscious and my head was throbbing, but I was so turned on I didn’t care.

She slid off her g string and turned around. I started to lick her sweaty pussy on my knees. She took me by the head with her gloves still on and forced my tongue inside her.

She pushed me over and began to ride my face. Rocking back and forth. She was wet with excitement and sweat and I barely knew where I was. She slid down my pants and took me inside her and we both came. She laid down on top of my battered body with her sweaty head next to mine still inside me.
I told her I never came so hard in my life. She stood me up and took off her gloves. We both walked over to the bathroom mirror to check out the damage. My lip was busted and starting to swell. My left eye was swollen as well and starting to close. A deep bruise underneath the eye lid was starting to form.

“You ready for wrestling?” she asked.

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