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Default Cheerleading Is A Sport

Cheerleading Is A Sport

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] ( ‘Melissa’ is on the left, ‘Olivia’ is in the middle, and ‘Lucy’ is on the right.)

Part 1

“Melissa.......please!” Austin gasped out, hands on her thighs and chin tucked against her crotch deep in a headscissor. His desperate eyes roaming up her toned stomach, over her chest covered by a silver sparkling top with a blue stripe at the bottom, to her smirking face.

“Is cheerleading a real sport now Austin?” Melissa smugly asked, squeezing away.

“Lucy.......you’re gonna tear something.” Myles groaned through the pain from off to the right of Austin and Melissa.

“Maybe if you boys actually signed up for sports yourselves instead of messing with us, you’d be more flexible so this wouldn’t hurt!” Lucy replied, holding Myles in an inescapable and immobilizing grapevine.

It was a maddening position. Austin could at least try to resist and get some relief, pulling at Melissa’s toned legs. With his arms pinned to the blue mats by Lucy’s, he could do nothing but grimace and squint up at her face as pain seared through his lower body, his legs helplessly spread wide by the flexible fit cheerleader’s.

“Please......we give up.” Carter choked out, trapped between a cheerleader’s thighs just like his friend, Austin. Unlike Austin, the back of Carter’s head was snug against her crotch. He had no choice but to stare forwards, at the rest of the tanned legs choking him, and at her crossed feet with white polished toes. Right above that, he could watch Melissa squeezing the life out of Austin.

“But I thought cheerleading wasn’t a real sport? We’re just some weak girls right? We’re not real athletes.” Olivia said, pretending to be confused.

“You......are.” Myles pushed through the constant burning in his legs to blurt out.

“We’re.......sorry!” Austin forced out, barely able to speak.

“Oh come on, how long have you boys been harassing us for now? We know you guys don’t really believe that.” Melissa told them.

“We’re just a few girly cheerleaders, you guys can break free! You’re supposed to prove how much tougher then us you are!” Olivia mockingly encouraged them.

“It’s good you agreed to join our squad for a week if we won, you three could use some cheerleading practices. This is embarrassing.”Lucy added.

The boys just groaned while trying to survive the girl’s holds, being reminded of the forfeit they had carelessly agreed to.

“What’s wrong guys? Then you can be strong and flexible like us, get your cardio up too!” Olivia said cheerfully. That didn’t make them any happier about it.

“Ok girls, you think the boys know their places now? That they’ve had enough?” Melissa asked.

“Yes........please let us-“ Austin began to weakly strain out, before a pulse of Melissa’s legs cut him off. “Shut up, I’m not asking you.” An annoyed Melissa spat.

“Mine has, he looks ready for a nap.” Olivia giggled, at the now weak disoriented Carter between her thighs, as she ran her hand through his blonde hair.

“What about you Myles? Think you’ve had enough?” Lucy smiled down at him.

“Yeah......too much-“ he groaned as she gave a thrust of her legs and hips, giving him an extra jolt of pain. “No no, just a ‘yeah’ will do.” Lucy said sweetly.

“Okay......I suppose we should give them a little mercy, it would be cruel to keep torturing them in these holds. They need a bit to sleep this off, I think.” Melissa decided.

Her words gave Austin, Myles, and Carter hope, the 3 cheerleaders were finally going to let them go. Maybe they’d decide this humiliation was enough and not attempt to hold them to their forfeit? Austin was the only one who’s brain registered the last ‘sleep this off’ part, though he wasn’t sure what she meant. He soon found out.

“Olivia, Lucy.........knock them out.” Melissa cooly commanded.

The pairs of thighs around Austin and Carter’s necks immediately tightened. At Melissa’s command, Lucy finally released Myles from her devastating grapevine. His lower half still burned with pain, but he did feel some relief. Before he knew it, Lucy had crawled behind his head, tucked the back of his neck against her crotch, and curled her legs around his neck in a figure four.

“Meli-“ Austin desperately tried to speak before her full squeeze stopped him, fear shooting through him.

“Shhh. It’s over......for now. Go to sleep Austin.” Melissa calmly told him. His voice cut off, he locked eyes with her giving her a pleading look. The last thing he saw as he lost consciousness was her smirking face.

Carter was already a bit out of it, and he had no words or resistance left as Olivia began to pour on the pressure. “Goooood boy, just go to sleep for me.” She cooed. After a moment, he did. The last thing he saw as he passed out was Austin going out as well, Austin’s hands slipping from Melissa’s thighs.

Myles was almost gone himself, hearing his friends faint struggles go silent. He still pawed at Lucy’s legs, desperately trying to unlock her figure four.

“Don’t fight it” she told him softly. She grabbed her foot and pulled, fully cranking the hold. Within seconds, his vision went blurry and then dark.

“Myles is out too!” She confirmed to her friends. All 3 of them now lay unconscious at the hands-, or thighs, of the trio of gorgeous cheerleaders.

“Good. Well done girls, that was even easier then I expected! Now, Lucy?” Melissa asked, a devious smile coming to her face.

“Yeah Melissa?”

“Go to the storage closet, and get the jump ropes.”

Austin, Carter, and Myles, all began waking up from their brief naps at about the same time. Where they were, what had happened, and the events leading to it all all came rushing back to them.

The 6 of them had a bit of a history together. The 3 boys often found some amusement in antagonizing the girls, whether it was cracking rude jokes and mocking them and their squad, or discrediting their hard work and skills. Neither did they take any of the girls angry and annoyed reactions seriously, often just laughing them off. What were any of the 3 girly cheerleaders ever going to actually do about it? Walk up and throw a punch?

Finally, it had boiled over. The girls were apparently fed up. They were shocked and somewhat suspicious when they had crossed paths again yesterday, and the girls straight up challenged them to a fight, though it took them a moment to take their challenge seriously.

They had quickly accepted of course, they couldn’t back down to girls and look scared. All six of them quickly agreed on no striking, which suited them. They weren’t going to beat on girls anyway. They’d just wrestle them down, muscle them around a little, and enjoy rolling around with hot cheerleaders until they gave up. They had also agreed to ‘join’ their squad for a bit if they lost. Like that could ever happen, they didn’t have to think twice about agreeing to that.

“So where we doing this?” Austin had asked.

“At the gymnasium, tomorrow evening.” Melissa readily answered.

“What? How are we getting in there?” Carter questioned. That had set off some suspicions in their minds, that they didn’t opt for a more private location then their college’s gym.

“Oh, I have an in with a teacher. We can go in late on our own for some extra cheer practice, pretty much whenever we want.” Melissa explained.

Despite some suspicious, they had found it was exactly as Melissa, Olivia, and Lucy had promised, and with wrestling mats already laid out. It was quiet, and no one else was there. No setups, they were serious.

And, it had all lead to this. Each of them quickly fell victim to the beautiful cheerleader opposing them, ending in 3 headscissor knockouts.

“Wake up boys.” A female voice said. Melissa.

Groggy and lying on their stomachs, each boy’s vision began to clear. Trying to move and stretch themselves, they immediately found that they couldn’t. Each of their arms and legs were tightly bound behind them in hogties, and their mouth’s were sealed with tape. They began to squirm, trying to slip free from the uncomfortable position. Myles groaned as some of the pain in his lower body returned.

“Just relax guys, you aren’t slipping out of those.” Lucy dryly commented.

“Sorry for the hogties, but we need you three nice and still so we can take some pictures together!” Melissa cheerfully announced.

Austin, Carter, and Myles, immediately renewed their struggling, grunting and pleading through the tape. Everyone they knew finding out about this would be a nightmare.

“Calm down, we aren’t going to share them with anyone.......as long as you do what we say.” Melissa assured them with a huge smile. “We just want to make sure you have a reason to come back tomorrow!”

“It’s just like a little victory photo shoot!” Olivia chimed in.

That calmed them a bit, but after this they knew they would have no choice but to follow through on their bet.

Pulling out their phones, they began. Each girl took a selfie towering over the hogtied boy they defeated, with a foot lightly perched on the top of their heads.

Austin squirmed as he felt Melissa’s foot rest on his brown hair. The image in his head of her standing over his tied up body, holding her phone up with a beaming smile, her foot with silver sparkling polished toes atop his head, was too much.

For her second photo, Olivia got down on the ground and wrapped her arm around Carter’s head and neck, pulling him into a playful headlock.

“Nnnphhh” Carter complained.

“Oh shush. Say cheese!” Olivia laughed, snapping the picture.

Lucy got down to the floor as well, dragging Myles black haired head between her thighs, chin pressed to her crotch. He froze as Lucy lightly clamped her thighs around his neck again, remembering the sensations from when she knocked him out between them.

“Aw don’t be scared, this one is just for show!” Lucy laughed. He was tightly locked in, but she wasn’t applying any real pressure to choke him. She flipped the camera, getting a close up photo of his head snugly framed by her thighs, deep in her headscissor.

“That’s a cute one.” She said, releasing his head and getting up. Myles was just relieved she hadn’t squeezed again for real.

Meanwhile, Austin held his head up as Melissa slid a foot beneath it. “Olivia, can you come here? Just step on his head and push his face down.”

“Yeah sure.” She replied, already satisfied with her own blackmail pictures.

“He’s really resisting it.” Olivia giggled, though it didn’t matter much. Despite his effort, it was still almost effortless for her. Just a little of her weight was enough. “There you go. Get your face on that foot.” Olivia said triumphantly.

“”Mmmmm” Austin said as his nose and taped over lips were pressed down into the top of Melissa’s foot. It was mostly the humiliation of it that got to him. The scent wasn’t exactly freshly cleaned, but it wasn’t terrible. You couldn’t see his mouth was taped over from the angle she took the picture at.

Suddenly, the pressure on his head left as Melissa retracted her foot.

“Okay, I think that’ll do it. I don’t think we’ll have any problems with them disappearing on us now.......will we boys? Melissa smirked.

All 3 of them desperately tried to speak through the tape, giving muffled assurances that they wouldn’t be any trouble.

“Alright, let’s get out of here girls.” Melissa told them.

“Yeah we wasted enough of our night on these losers.” Lucy said.

Kneeling down upon exchanging a look with Melissa, Olivia untied Austin. His arms and legs flopping free from their bound position felt so good after being stuck like that for a bit.

“I’m sure you can handle untying your friends yourself.” Melissa told him as the girls turned to leave.

“Goodnight!” Olivia said, turning and giving them a mocking little wave goodbye. The boys eyes ran over their legs and hips as they went.

As Austin ripped the tape off his mouth and just sat for a moment, giving himself a moment to recover before he had to work on freeing his friends, Melissa shouted to them right before they exited and left the boys sight, voice dripping with satisfaction.

“Remember what happens if you don’t show up tomorrow!”

End Of Part 1.

- Here we are, my next story. Back to a multi part story. And, for the first time outside of my Redlands story, the main female characters have a picture to represent them! This won’t be based around one thing like my last story, it’s going to be more of a mix.
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Default Re: Cheerleading Is A Sport

Part 2: Austin And Myles First Practice, Carter’s Plan

It was early the next day that Austin, Carter, and Myles had had time to meet up with each other to discuss their.....situation. In the immediate aftermath, the three of them were in no mood to hang out or talk about what had happened. Instead, they had quietly and quickly gone their own ways with few words said once Austin had freed them, going right to their dorm rooms for the night to process and replay the days events alone. Needless to say, none of them had slept very well after that.

Myles was still feeling the effects of Lucy’s grapevine, facing some pain with every step. An almost constant reminder of the previous night and their situation now. In his head he could still see her smiling face over his, remembering the searing pain in his lower body. That moment replaying in his mind made him shudder.

When he did get to sleep, Austin had his sleep interrupted, waking up in a sweat at 4AM. In his nightmare, he was back on the mat in the gymnasium again, in another crushing Melissa headscissor. Only this time, his friends, and Lucy and Olivia, were nowhere to be found. They were alone.

Nightmare Melissa said nothing, simply maintaining that smirk of her’s as her thighs flexed around his neck. Unsettlingly silent with no reaction through any of his desperate pulls and slaps at her legs, completely unfazed by his choked pleas. As he felt he was about to pass out in the nightmare, he had awoken with a jolt. He was relieved to find he was in his room, safe in bed. It wasn’t real. The vivid dream left him unsettled and already anxious of what the next day would hold, but he managed to force himself back to sleep.

Now, the 3 of them sat together in Austin’s room. While Myles was still recovering from the previous night, and both he and Austin were mentally shaken by it, Carter had come out of it more fired up and defiant the next day.

“All I know is, there’s no way in hell I’m going back there tonight to be some cheerleader’s bitch.” Carter firmly stated, after they’d already been at it for a while. “We gotta do something, and we gotta think of it fast.”

“Dude, there is nothing to do! If we no show, we’re screwed! Our reputations will be trashed by tomorrow night.” A frustrated Myles replied.

“Yeah, and that’s why we can’t just hide. We actually have to DO something about it.”

“Like what?! Are we gonna just show up, fight them again, somehow win, take their phones, and delete those pics ourselves? I don’t know about you, but my body ain’t ready for that. That hold Lucy used was brutal.”

“I know. We can’t just fight them again. SO......we have to think of something else.” Carter calmly answered. “Maybe we can......get ahold of their phones without them even knowing. Delete the pics, and we’ll be free before they realize anything!” He proclaimed.

“What you think this is? You been watching too many spy movies, no way we’re pulling that off.” Myles scoffed shaking his head.

“Ok, I’m not sure exactly how either.....yet. BUT, at least I’m trying to find a way out of this! You two are ready to just go off and do whatever they say.” Carter shot back defensively.

“I.......think Myles is right on this one.” Austin added, after sitting quiet through their frustrated exchange. “If we try anything.....and it doesn’t work......this is only going to get worse.”

Carter let out a forced laugh as he stood up, heading towards the door. “I can’t believe you guys. Did their legs damage your heads or something? I’m outta here, you guys wanna go get pushed around by some chicks, go have fun!”

“Where was all this when you were begging Olivia for mercy?!” Myles tried to snap back at him, but he had already shut the door behind him.

After an awkward silence, Myles spoke first. “Well, I guess that’s that. He’s too stubborn. We’re stuck.” He said, getting up himself, moving towards the door. “I guess I’ll......see ya later then.”

“Yeah......see you.” A defeated and tired Austin replied, as Myles left and closed the door behind him. He was secretly happy to be alone again. They still had no way out, and now they were divided.

Hours later......it was time. Show up as ordered for whatever they may have planned, or have their humiliation exposed to everyone they knew.

Austin and Myles ran into each other at the door, heading into the building. It was a quiet walk through the empty halls to the gymnasium, they both knew what awaited them. As they entered, they found that Carter had indeed stuck to his word. It was only the cheer squad, Carter was nowhere to be found.

“So you guys showed up after all.” Lucy said, the first of the 3 girls to notice their presence and approach. A few other cheerleaders who’s names they didn’t know, let out hushed whispers and giggles to each other at the sight of them. “I thought we’d have to post those pictures and come drag you out of hiding.” She smirked.

Before they could come up with any way to respond to that, Olivia bounded up. “There you are, go put these on.” She giggled, handing each of them their own cheer uniforms. The ones they had given him were a bit different then the style the girls were wearing themselves. Instead, they were a variation of the tops that didn’t expose any midriff. The bottoms were the same, but of a bit bigger size then what any of the girls were wearing.

Austin and Myles knew better then to complain, immediately going to change as Olivia told them. Afterwards, they were mortified as they walked back in dressed in the sparkly feminine uniform, to even more laughs and whispers among the girls.

“Aw, you two look so cute!” Olivia smiled, looking over their newest cheer members as the boys faces flushed.

“They do, don’t they!” Melissa snickered walking up to the 3 of them. Then, she paused. “Wait.....where’s Carter?” She asked.

Austin and Myles exchanged quick nervous glances to each other. It was a nice few minutes that they had gotten away with it with Lucy and Olivia, they weren’t excited to explain that.

Austin gulped, answering first. “Uh......he’s......not coming.” He nervously spit out.

“And we haven’t heard from him since earlier in the day.” Myles quickly added.

“He’s. What.” Melissa demanded with anger behind it, not expecting to be disobeyed.

“W-we t-tried to get him to come b-but-“
Austin stammered as she began to get angry.

“Fine.” She firmly interrupted, clearly not pleased. “We’ll deal with that later.”

“Should I post our two pictures with him after practice?” asked Olivia.

“Yes. He’s going to regret this.” She said threateningly. Austin and Myles were just thankful they weren’t all going to suffer for it.

“What’s wrong?” Lucy asked, coming up behind her after overhearing an angry Melissa.

“Carter ‘isn’t coming’.” She answered with emphasis on the ‘isn’t coming.’

“At least these two losers know their place.” Lucy replied.

“I’m sorry Meli-“ Austin began, desperately trying to massage her anger. Melissa in a bad mood definitely wasn’t good news for them.

“Not now.” She snapped, turning and walking away. Olivia and Lucy drifted after her.

“Well......I guess that could’ve been worse.” Myles meekly commented next to him.

After Melissa had a few moments to collect herself after her initial burst of shock and anger, her mind cleared and she began to think it through. “He wouldn’t dare, would he?” She silently asked herself. “There’s no way we scared him that bad that he’d rather have his social life ruined then face us again.” Melissa thought to herself, trying to think of what else he could be doing other then hiding. Then it hit her.

“Olivia, Lucy?” Asked Melissa as she turned back to them

“Yes?” And “Yeah?” They immediately replied in unison, as they’d been giving her a moment to cool down.

“Would you mind going and checking out our lockeroom?”

“Yeah, sure.” Lucy replied.

“What are we looking for?” A curious and confused Olivia asked her.

“Carter is here, I’m sure of it.” Melissa revealed. “He’s not that pathetic to just hide in his room.”

“Why would he be in the girls lockeroom though?” Lucy laughed.

“Where are our phones right now? What did we take the pictures on?” Melissa rhetorically asked them, slightly annoyed now.

They both put it together after a few seconds. “Ohhh” Olivia said out loud realizing it. “Sorry” Lucy said sheepishly, before the two of them hurried off to do as Melissa asked.

As they saw Lucy and Olivia hurrying off out of the gym after a brief exchange with Melissa, Myles asked “what do you think that’s about-“
as Melissa’s loud voice interrupted them.

“Ok girls, and boys” She added for the first time, stifling a laugh. “While we wait for Olivia and Lucy to get back, we’re just going to run through some basic routines, okay? And boys.....try to keep up.”


“Fuck fuck fuck.” Carter cursed himself, sitting on the floor of the girls lockeroom, facing their now opened lockers, the 3 phones laid out in front of him, with a backless bench right behind him.

His plan had been going pretty well, even without any sort of help from his friends. Breaking into their lockers took a bit of time, but it wasn’t that difficult. He couldn’t wait to wipe those pictures and sneak back out with ease. He wished he could see Melissa’s face when she realized their blackmail pictures were gone. The best part is, she was probably already melting down that he wasn’t there, thinking he was hiding at home. Stupid cheerleaders.

But now he’d hit a bit of a snag. It was a simple part of it all, but one that he’d overlooked just getting this far. Actually getting access to their phones. All 3 were password locked.

He knew he was on limited time. Any time now someone could come in. Starting to stress and panic, he desperately tried to think of a solution. After a moment he gave in and just tried mashing passwords on Melissa’s phone. “Locked out. Try Again In 10 Minutes.” The screen read. He almost yelled out in frustration. He didn’t have time for this.

If he hadn’t begun to panic and become so sucked into fixing this in a hurry, he may still have heard their careful quiet movements entering the lockeroom and closing in behind him.

To his horror, time was up.

A pair of white shoes and tanned legs shot into his vision on both sides of his head, and in one quick smooth motion his blonde hair was grabbed and yanked back snug to her crotch as her legs clamped shut around his neck. Carter didn’t even have a chance to react and realize what hit him.

“Hi Carter! Whatcha doing?” Olivia teasingly greeted him. “Miss me? Or these legs?” She said, running a hand along one of the flexed smooth thighs that were now strangling him.

“Fuck.....off” He choked out, definitely not in the mood for her smug teasing.

“You shouldn’t mess with other people’s things you know” Lucy mockingly scolded him, stepping around into view as she collected their phones and locked them back up, safely in their lockers again. “Ooooooh, you tried messing with Melissa’s phooooone, she won’t like that.” Lucy added in a playful dramatic tone, noticing the notice on the screen as she put it away.

“Let......me......go.......bitches.” Carter sputtered out between Olivia’s thighs. He was desperately trying to grab and pull at her squeezing legs, but she kept grabbing his arms away.

“I liked ‘pleaseeee, we give uuuuuup’ ‘Stooop’ ‘please Olivia’ from yesterday better” Olivia joked, making fun of him with her tone as both girls laughed. “What happened to the sweet begging?”

“Don’t worry” Lucy said, “we’ll get him back to begging soon enough.”

Carter was fading quickly, he knew he only had seconds left before he was unconscious and completely at their mercy. He had no escape, it was over.

“Please.....let me go.” He strained out. “I’ll leave......just post the pics.........won’t see me again.” He pathetically begged for their mercy. He didn’t care anymore about the pictures being exposed. He just wanted out of Olivia’s squeezing thighs, and away from all 3 of them. Fear of having to face Melissa after this was starting to hit him.

“Nope, sorry. Should’ve stayed home then.” Lucy grinned, down on her knees watching him fade. “You came back to mess with us, and you’re going to regret it.”

“What an idiot.” Lucy added, rolling her eyes.

“Please....” He said barely able to speak.

“Shhhh. You’re going to go to sleep for a few minutes, while we take you back to the gym to see Melissa and your friends, ok?” Olivia cheerfully told him.

“No......” He groaned out, lightheaded and his vision swimming and going dark.

“Aww too bad, it’s not up to you. See you soon Carter.” Lucy taunted. Within seconds, he finally went out completely, going limp between Olivia’s thighs. Everything going dark, his last sight was a smirking Lucy, watching him go out.

Back in the gymnasium.......

Myles lay face up, mouth taped shut and tied down with jump ropes to one of the backless benches off to the sides, gasping in air. He was enjoying his brief break from having a sweaty cheerleader on his face. The girls tight skimpy silver short shorts didn’t help.

With his injury to his legs from Lucy’s grapevine, he hadn’t lasted long trying to keep pace with the athletic flexible cheerleaders. As the pain increased from over exerting his lower body too soon, he had desperately pleaded with Melissa for some rest.

Melissa was kind enough to grant his request......though not in the way he was hoping. Rather then simply allow him to sit out for a bit off to the side, she had given him a ‘new role’ for the night in their squad, turning him into a ‘rest station’ for the girls. At least that’s how she phrased it.

Every few minutes a girl would drop out and head over to take a seat on his face, to rest and drink some water to stay hydrated, before getting back to work. Sometimes the girl would linger a bit longer, leaving one on his face and one on his stomach as her replacement came over. Then other times, he’d luck into a ‘free’ minute or two where he’d have a moment to recover before another tired girl came over.

Then, his break ended. A hot and sweaty blonde girl strolled over and wordlessly took a seat on his face herself, plopping her ass down on his face as if it was normal. Luckily it didn’t smother him from this angle, but that also meant breathing involved taking in the hardworking girls sweaty scents.

Austin groaned under her feet as she kicked her bright white shoes off, resting her damp sweaty feet right on his face.

Austin lasted much longer then Myles, but gassed out himself, looking way out of place among the cheerleaders. Melissa quickly noticed and exiled him to join their ‘rest station’.

He was now in the same situation as Myles, except having his face or chest used as a footrest to remove their shoes and air out their feet on. Some girls had socks, some didn’t. He was secretly grateful to the ones who used his chest rather then his face.

He had protested becoming part of the ‘rest station’ at first, but Melissa wasn’t taking no for an answer, giving him a big smile and telling him she didn’t want to ‘overwork’ him already. That was a lie, but he knew better then to protest further.

Soon, the blonde removed her feet from his face giving him fresh air again as she put her shoes back on, got up off of Myles’s face, and went back to the group.

A moment later, Melissa herself strolled over.

“How’s it going guys? Taking good care of your teammates I hope?” She mockingly asked them, as she herself sat down on Myles face, wiggling a bit to get comfortable. Myles and Austin just groaned.

“You make a really good seat, better then the hard bench.” She commented, kicking off her warm shoes, and laying her sweaty feet down on Austin’s face. He had to stop himself from gagging in disgust. “They smell nice Austin?” She asked with a smirk.

“Ah this is perfect. I really outdid myself with this rest station, didn’t I?” The boys didn’t agree, but they stayed quiet. “Finally get to use it myself. She said, relaxing.

This was a nightmare. Yesterday was bad enough. Now Myles had Melissa’s ass on his face, and now her glittery silver polished toes were right on Austin’s nose. Most of the other girls had already done the same to them.

Melissa was well aware they hated every second of it. “Maybe if you two don’t like your new roles in the squad, you should’ve put more effort in so I didn’t have to reassign you for the night.” She condescendingly told them to no reply.

However, her next words left the tired, disgusted boys, shocked and confused.

“Oh look, the girls are back with your friend.” She said, getting off of Myles and sliding her feet off Austin’s face to put her shoes back on. Olivia and Lucy had finally arrived back in the gym, working together to drag a slumped and unconscious Carter there with them, each supporting a shoulder.

Rising to her feet, she walked away from them back over to the group.

Raising her voice, Melissa announced “Ok girls, great practice! I think we’ll call it a night here, we’ve already gone on a bit longer then usual.” There were no complaints, they were all ready to call it a night too.

As her squad got ready to leave, Melissa added “Remember, our next practice is Thursday!” It was now Tuesday.

After that she headed back over to free Myles. Ripping the tape off his mouth, she began to untie him from the bench. “Ok boys, I won’t lie. Your practice was awful. Even for first timers. BUT.......once I found the right roles for you, both of you really turned it around.” She teased them, pretending to be serious.

“Now......get out of here. Lucy, Olivia, and I, need to have a little private talk with Carter. Just the four of us.”

Austin and Myles slowly got to their feet for the first time in a while, groaning as they did. They were exhausted. They felt a bit guilty leaving him to the wolves, but neither of them were in any condition to go against her even if they had the will too.

As they moved slowly, Melissa continued “Actually......maybe we can figure something out for you guys to ‘sit in’ on our ‘talk’, if you want.” That got them moving, as they began to hurry towards the exit. She smirked watching them scurry off in fear.

“Remember boys, next practice is Thursday!” She shouted out to them.

Once Austin and Myles were gone, the four of them were alone.

Now, she finally turned her attention back to Lucy and Olivia, both sitting on the floor next to Carter waiting for her to wrap things up.

In a demanding tone, she told them......

“Get him awake.”

End Of Part 2

- Always good when a story is well received, but when it’s ‘20+ thanks well received’, that’s some extra pressure to follow it up with a worthy next part that keeps the momentum. This part is quite a bit slower compared to the beginning, but it heats up nicely I think. I see it as a trade off. Part 1 went from 0 to 10 instantly, so there’s more buildup in part 2 instead.

-Originally was going to have the end of the night with ‘Carter’ in this part as well, but pushed it to part 3 (which could be the end?) as the opener to that, so this part didn’t drag on. If a slower part 2 threw you off, stick it out. Part 3 should go right back to the pace of Part 1.
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Default Re: Cheerleading Is A Sport

Great story so far. Continue the great work.
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Default Re: Cheerleading Is A Sport

Final Part: Carter’s Night, And A Different Kind Of Practice

“Carrrrrterrrrr waaaaake uuuuup” in a playful singsong voice was the first thing he heard as he slowly regained consciousness. He felt a weight high on his chest and on his biceps.

It was Olivia. She was seated on his chest, knees on his biceps, lightly tapping his face. “There we are, come on back” She said warmly. “You don’t want to keep us waiting.”

“It’s about time. I’m surprised we even got him here in time. That must’ve been a hard knockout Liv.” Said Lucy.

“Thanks!” Olivia proudly replied with a smile.

“Wh-where’s.......Austin.......and Myles?” he weakly groaned, still fully regaining his senses.

“Oh, I sent them home right after the rest of our squad. Don’t worry, we’re alone. No one else left to bother us.” Melissa informed Carter, stepping over him into view. Seeing and hearing her was the last little jolt he needed to get him back up to speed, fully alert again to realize his predicament.

He was back in the gymnasium again as Olivia and Lucy had promised, except the practice session was over. Completely alone at the 3 girls mercy. He would’ve felt a bit better with anyone else still present, with how angry Melissa likely was.

“You really thought none of us could figure out your little plan?” Melissa began, placing a foot on his throat with some pressure. “And now we have to waste our time because somebody couldn’t just do what they were told. As she pressed down a bit more, making him sputter and choke. He tried to grab at her ankle, but his arms were partially pinned down by Olivia’s legs.

“Touch my foot, and I’ll stomp your face in.” She coldly threatened, immediately lessening his struggles. He didn’t think she was crazy enough to go that far, but he wasn’t ready to test her and find out.

“I think you need to learn what happens when you cross us.” She said threateningly, removing her foot from his throat allowing him to gasp in air. Focused on getting breath back after the pressure left his throat, he was caught by surprise as as stepped back behind Olivia, and delivered a hard stomp to his groin.

He yelled out as his body jerked and thrashed underneath Olivia, an explosion of pain burst through him. Shaken a bit off balance on his chest for a moment by his sudden struggle, she laughed “Woah give me a little warning next time Melissa.”

“Aw did that hurt?” She mocked. “You could’ve saved yourself aaaaall this trouble.

Struggling to speak through the pain, he pleaded “Melissa......please just let me go......and leave me alone. Post whatever you want, I’ll never bother you guys again I swear-“

She crouched down next to Olivia and reached in, giving him a stinging slap to his face, cutting him off. “Oh we’re past that now Carter.” She said sweetly. “No, you’re ours for the rest of the week.”

“Lucy, come over here. I think he needs a little extra convincing......from all 3 of us.” She finished, with a devious smile.

Melissa slid herself next to his head, laying on her side with her stomach facing Olivia. Lifting his head a bit , she slid a leg underneath the back of his neck, and the other clamped over his throat. Carter gulped. He was about to get Austin’s experience.

‘Now, scissor his chest Olivia, and Lucy you take his stomach.” She directed.

“This is your meanest idea yet!” Olivia laughed.

“I almost feel bad for him now.......almost.” Lucy joked.

A mix of dread and confusion hit him as the other two girls took their positions, locking their legs around him. He was about to be squeezed by all 3 of them at once?!

“Now, is there anything you want to say first?” Melissa asked.

“Please Melissa, I- I shouldn’t have tried to break into your stuff, I- I’m sorry!” Carter pleaded. He was more then familiar with having his neck wrapped up tight between Olivia’s thighs, but he really didn’t want to find out how being crushed by all three of them would feel.

“Hmm......not good enough.” She smirked, pouring on the pressure. Lucy and Olivia immediately followed suit.

Which pair of thighs should he even futilely resist against? Melissa’s were strangling him, but the other 2 girls double body scissor was just as devastating. Breathing with 3 pairs of legs clamped around him was near impossible.

Panicking at his inability to get any air or speak, he briefly tried to pry Melissa’s top leg off his throat, before switching to trying to pry Olivia’s top leg off of him.

“He doesn’t even know what to do.” Lucy laughed, as he desperately pushed at Melissa’s thigh with one hand while pushing at Olivia’s with the other.

“So are we going to have any more problems?” Asked Melissa. He only gurgled in response, his face turning colors, his pointless struggles weakening.

“Um, I don’t think he can even talk at all like this.” Olivia pointed out.

Each of them stopped squeezing to give him a moment to recover. He gasped in much needed air, his arms laid out on the floor to his sides. Being scissored by all of them together was overwhelming. The pressure relenting brought so much relief.

“N-no.......I swear. I’ll do anything........please. No more.” He groaned out while still catching his breath. He feared if he didn’t get talking quick, they’d get impatient and start again.

With a satisfied smile, Melissa continued, “Are you going to be a good bitch boy and come back on Thursday like we said?”

“Y-yes. Whenever you want.” He weakly replied. Hours ago he’d be disgusted at his current words and attitude, but now, he’d had the pride and ego squeezed out of him.

“Good boy.” She replied, pleased with his answers.

Turning serious again, she warned him “But you better not be lying to us just so we’ll let you go. What do you think girls? Does he mean it this time?”

Lucy pretended to think it over for a few seconds before slowly replying “I’m not really sure.”

Olivia played along as well, saying “I don’t know, he doesn’t sound very serious about it to me.”

Seeing a look of panic come over his face, the girls burst into laughter. “You’re so mean Melissa.” Olivia joked through the giggles. “I think we almost gave him a heart attack” Lucy laughed.

“It’s ok Carter, we believe you.” Melissa assured him with a grin. “Now, you’ve been through a lot since last night right?” She asked him. He was hesitant to say anything to that, he knew too well that she was surely getting at something and not genuinely concerned.

“Let’s take that as a yes.” She decided for him. “So, I think it’d probably be good for you to......sleep this off.” She said with an evil smirk, giving her friends a look. After a few seconds of terrifying suspense, his fears were confirmed.

“Wait-“ he tried to beg, right as all three of them suddenly returned to full strength squeezing.

After more desperate struggles to get air, his vision began to swim as he got dizzy. The now familiar sensation of being choked out returned. Before he slipped out of consciousness, he heard Melissa speak one more time.

“Oh, and just in case you do think about avoiding us now, if you aren’t here on Thursday......we’ll find you.” She threatened. And then, he was out.

Soon, Carter’s eyes fluttered open, once again going through the process of waking up from a knockout. He had no idea how long he was out. To his relief, he was now alone. His three tormentors must have left once he went out. Too foggy to get up, he lay in silence on the hard gym floor for a few minutes.

As he slowly forced him to get up, he stumbled and almost fell back over. In a short time, he’d been through the ringer. His upper body was very sore, still able to feel exactly where Olivia and Lucy’s legs were locked around him.

He then noticed his phone on the floor, about where his hand was sprawled out as he woke up. Picking it up, he had one notification. A text from a random number.

“See you Thursday! - Melissa.” It read. They must have grabbed it from his pocket and used his thumbprint to open it, he thought to himself. At least taking his number seemed like the only thing they did with it.

Then, he finally made his way out of the gym and back to his dorm room, already dreading Thursday.

Thursday Evening:

Sooner then any of Austin, Carter, and Myles, would’ve liked......Thursday arrived. Another day of torture from Melissa, Olivia, and Lucy, awaited. The 3 boys hadn’t talked much over the ‘off day’. Now with all 3 of their spirits broken, they didn’t have much to say to each other. No more plans, just humiliated submission to the girls will’s.

Austin and Myles had gotten a little out of their friend on what happened between him and the 3 cheerleaders that night, but he wasn’t willing to get into it much.

Now, sore from yesterday with another night of rough sleep, it was time to go back.

Changing into their ‘uniforms’ the 3 of them trudged back into the gymnasium in silence, making no eye contact with each other. They were greeted with the confusing sight of multiple blue wrestling mats placed out, pushed together on the gym floor, and only two other cheerleaders were there. They weren’t excited to see those mats again.

“Oh look, all 3 of you are here this time!” Melissa sarcastically greeted them.

“Aw really? I’m almost disappointed he isn’t trying to hide.” Lucy commented with a smirk, obviously directed at Carter.

Seeing their confusion, Melissa began to explain “We’re doing something a little different tonight for your final practice with us. I actually decided on a more.....private practice today. We asked a few of the girls and......your teammates Paige and McKenzie decided they were up to the challenge of taking you guys on in a wrestling match!” Melissa cheerfully announced. The part that really caught their attention was ‘final practice’. Did this mean the girls were going to leave them alone after this?!

“But.......there’s three of us.” Myles hesitantly pointed out.

“Duh, but we need a footrest while we watch!” Melissa replied as if he should’ve known.

“We figured you’d still be whining from that grapevine I put you in.” Lucy laughed.

“Come on.” Melissa commanded, waving him over to a bench. After instructing him to get down on his his hands and knees in front of her, she kicked her feet up onto his back. Lucy promptly joined her on the bench, sliding next to her and kicking her feet up as well. It was better then his ‘role’ on Tuesday, but he’d almost rather be in Austin or Carter’s place then being demeaningly used and ignored like an object again.

“Ok Austin, you got Mackenzie, and Carter, you have Paige.” Olivia informed them next to the mats while her friends got comfortable with their ‘footrest’.

As Austin took a gaze over at Mackenzie, he noticed she looked just a bit familiar.......she was the blonde from Tuesday night! The last cheerleader to take advantage of their ‘rest station’ before Melissa did so herself. He felt a sudden extra burst of embarrassment now, having to see her 1 on 1 again and fight her, after having her feet shoved in his face.

Unlike Austin, Carter had no clue who his opponent was until now. Taking a look over at Paige, he saw that she was just a cute petite brunette girl. Not quite what he had expected before pausing to look her over. He would’ve thought he’d be facing one of the girl’s more like Makenzie, a tall toned blonde.

As they took their positions on the mats, Austin was mostly thinking of how much he didn’t want to fight this girl, rather then about strategy to defeat her. His pride and confidence shattered, he was already accepting submission. He could only imagine how being caught between her legs would feel.

As they approached each other, about to get the signal to begin from Olivia, Makenzie could see right through him. Austin wasn’t doing very well at pretending to be confident and possess the swagger he would’ve in the past. He actually seemed......afraid of her. She liked that.

“It’s ok, I won’t be too rough.” She mockingly assured him with a knowing smirk. His face burned red now realizing she was fully aware of how he felt.

She wasn’t too close with her cheer captain like Lucy and Olivia were, but Melissa had certainly gotten this right. If fixing an arrogant guy’s attitude was as simple as squeezing their neck a bit and wiping her soles on their face, she would’ve done it herself by now.

“If you really don’t want to wrestle, I might let you give up now if you crawl over and beg.” She smugly grinned.

Letting go of whatever tiny piece of ego he may have had left, Austin hesitantly took her up on that offer. He was ready to just quietly submit to get through this as soon as possible.

“P-please.....Makenzie......don’t make me fight you. You’re......better......then me. In every way.” He slowly forced out the painful words that would hopefully please her. He somehow felt even more humiliated and submissive now. Even after everything else, he hadn’t been made to verbally accept and voice his submission before.

“Aw that was pretty good.” Makenzie teasingly praised him. “But actually, I kind of changed my mind.” She finished, diving on him and knocking the air out of him before he could react.

Meanwhile, Carter and Paige had taken their positions as well. Like Austin, he wanted out of this, but he wasn’t ready to do any begging for it yet.

Instead of giving him back some of the old arrogance he would’ve had just a week ago, wrestling a girl like her, the brunette’s shorter stature left him nervous and intimidated in its own way. There must be something she knew that he didn’t. She didn’t look like a girl who should eagerly jump at this. Maybe she trained martial arts? There just had to be something more to her. A more disturbing thought......even if their wasn’t, after being easily handled by Olivia, who’s to say she couldn’t take him too?

Another thought went through his mind as well. Were they even ‘allowed’ to win? Surely Melissa didn’t plan this with their victories in mind. Would he just be punished even if he did ‘win’?

Like Makenzie with Austin, Carter’s doubts and emotions weren’t masked very well. Having someone backing down and intimidated by her in any way was a new feeling for Paige. One she could get used too. Who takes the short girly cheerleader seriously in a physical contest?

“What’s wrong? You look a little nervous there.” Paige laughed. “You’re not scared of a little girl like me are you?”

Not having it in him for any back and forth trash talk, he stayed quiet as Olivia told all of them “Go!”

As they began to wrestle, he a bit halfheartedly, he found it hard to get a grip on the smaller quick, athletic, and aggressive, Paige as they competed for the takedown. The more agile girl got the best of him as she kept on top of him pretty well until getting an opening, as she managed to trip him to the mat, though it was far from a clean takedown.

They landed awkwardly with her body partially on his. Rolling over on his stomach to get to his knees and push himself back to his feet, Paige was already springing onto his back. Her legs wrapping tight around his sides and crossing her feet, he felt a soft smooth arm snake around his neck as he got his arms back under him.

Pushing himself to his feet, he was a bit panicked to find she was successfully wrapped tight around him even as he stood up.

It took her a second, but Paige realized her opportunity, using her other arm to sink in a rear naked choke. “Oh it’s over for you big guy.” She whispered softly into his ear.

Unsure what to even do, and a little unnerved by her taunt, he tried to shake the smaller girl off, but she was stuck to him like glue. He tried to pull her flexed arms from around his neck, but her choke was already sunk in deep.

Feeling his strength fading, he knew he couldn’t support both their weights for much longer. He had to dislodge her. Carter desperately tried to quickly unlock her legs from his waist, but Paige was putting everything she had into maintaining her grip with both her arms and legs.

In seconds, he started feeling lightheaded and his knees got shaky. He knew it was the end as he slowly sunk back to his knees, before tipping over onto his side with Paige still wrapped tightly around him.

“You’re getting sleepy now aren’t you?” Paige teased in a quiet voice. “It’s ok, just tap for me.”

“Come on, this is pathetic.” Lucy shouted to him. “Are you really gonna let yourself get choked out like that?”

Once she had taken her position on his back, even his genuine full resistance wasn’t enough. Paige had won, even she was superior. Weak and now dizzy, he could’ve tapped out before it was too late.......but he didn’t. He gave her her finish and full domination of him, passing out with his larger body wrapped up by her’s. Like Austin already had, he surrendered his complete submission.

“He’s out!” Olivia announced, coming over when she had noticed the situation.

“Yes!!!” Paige shouted with excitement. Knocking him out may have been nothing special for Melissa and Olivia, but having her bigger opponent helpless, his body shutting down tangled in her arms and legs, was one of the most empowering things she’d ever felt.

“You got him Paige!” Olivia cheerfully said, matching her energy and giving her a jumping hug when she got up.

“Did you see that?! I actually put him to sleep!” Paige shouted to Melissa and Lucy.

“Yeah nice one Paige!” Lucy shouted back, though not quite throwing the same energy back like Olivia.

“Yep we saw it!” Melissa assured her, giving a genuine wide smile back. Paige’s joy and excitement really was pretty cute.

A moment later, a dazed Carter would once again open his eyes, flat on his back. Waking up from being choked out was becoming disturbingly normal.

“How’s it feel being knocked out by a girl smaller then you?” Paige smugly taunted him with a grin. “Oh can I get a picture with him?! I promise I’ll keep it private!” She energetically shouted to Melissa.

“Well.....we were going to delete all of our pictures with them today and let them go.” Melissa responded. “But I guess you keeping one can’t hurt. Olivia?” She asked, passing Paige’s request to her.

“What about you Carter?” Asked Olivia, her and Paige standing over him.

He couldn’t tell if this was a genuine question where his reply would mean anything to them, they hadn’t really been given any choices so far. He did answer anyway.

With his old attitude, he would’ve fought to prevent it, but now, he gave a meek and defeated “sure”, just letting the smaller brunette have her souvenir of her domination over him.

Paige’s face lit up as she dashed over to a bench to grab her phone. She was glad she brought it in with her now. “Can you take it for me?” She happily asked Olivia, holding her phone out.

“Of course” Olivia said with a smile, taking some steps backwards.

Carter lay still on his back, waiting for Paige to claim her momento of his emasculation, one that wouldn’t soon be gone and that she would keep for who knows how long. Suddenly his face was pressed to the side as her foot smushed firmly against his cheek.

Olivia snapped the picture, Paige triumphantly posing over her victim with a beaming smile, holding her arms up flexing for fun, her foot pressed firmly on the side of his face.

“It’s perfect!” Paige exclaimed, grabbing Olivia for a quick hug after she walked up and handed Paige back her phone,

“You can go whenever you’re ready Paige, you did great.” Melissa told her.

Going over to them, Paige found she was a bit blocked from both of them, their feet kicked up on Myles back. Instead of awkwardly stepping over or making one of them put their legs down , she just went around behind them, awkwardly wrapping an arm around both Melissa and Lucy, lightly squeezing them together in a hug. Melissa was the only one who tried to reciprocate.

“Thank you guys, this was amazing.” She said happily.

“Aw, we’re glad you had fun. See you next week.” Melissa told her, as Paige then let them go, making her way out with an extra bounce in her step then she arrived with.

Now, complete attention was on Austin and Makenzie. During all of this, she had pretty much just been toying with him.

Right now, she was laid out on top of him, trying to lock his face into her chest. Austin was struggling, flailing his arms, stopping her from getting a good hold of his head. Makenzie wasn’t the most the busty girl out there, but if she could just seal him in, she had the assets to get it done.

“Get.....in there!” Makenzie demanded, finally succeeding in burying his mouth and nose in her cleavage. She had gotten a bit annoyed, this was the most trouble he’d been able to give her yet.

“That’s the hardest I’ve seen a guy try to stay away from a girl’s tits” Lucy commented, making herself and Melissa laugh.

Sealed in her pillowy embrace, it was clear another female was dominating him. Austin tried to pull at her arms and shoulders, trying to twist his head out of her bosom.

“Why are you resisting so much?” Asked Makenzie. “I’m literally smothering you with my boobs, I can’t be any easier on you then that.”

Austin’s struggles ceased, surrendering to her secure smother, her sparkly silver top pressed against his face. He rested his hands on her upper back for some seconds, before starting to instinctively twitch under her and tap out.

“Tap!” Olivia announced.

Luckily, she released her smother, letting his red face out of her breasts and getting up as he took several deep breaths.

“You’re lucky she let you lose that way, I wouldn’t have let you enjoy it that much!” Melissa laughed.

“Yeah you should really thank me” Makenzie told him. “That’s the most action a wimp like you is going to get.” She smirked.

“Thank you for.....shoving your......breasts in my face.....Makenzie” He slowly forced out the embarrassing words making her laugh.

“Now kiss.” She ordered, holding a foot over his face. Pathetically, he instantly obeyed planting a firm kiss on her foot.

Turning away from him, she joked to Melissa “we should do this more often.”

“I know right, wasn’t making him your bitch just the best?” Melissa joked back.

“Oh for sure.” Makenzie smirked. “So see you next week?”

“Yep, good win girl.” Melissa dismissed her.

“Have a good weekend Makenzie!” Olivia chirped.

Once she left, the 6 of them were alone together once again.

Once Melissa and Lucy got up, Myles finally let himself collapse onto his stomach. He’d been kind of zoned out of the action for a bit now, focusing only on maintaining his position on his hands and knees as their footrest no matter how uncomfortable he was, desperate not to anger the 2 girls.

“Well guys, that was pretty bad.” Melissa said flatly. “Carter, you got choked out by a girl smaller then you, and Austin, you gave up to a girls tits. But, you made it. We’re just about done here.”

“We’re going to need some cushions to sit on to delete those pictures though, right?” Olivia suggested with a giggle.

“Yeaaah, I don’t think I can sit on that hard bench again.” Lucy chimed in suggestively.

“Good idea Olivia, I think you girls are right.” Melissa laughed.

Austin, Carter, and Myles, didn’t have any reaction to the girls latest idea, so beaten down and close to the end of this, they were submitting to whatever the 3 of them wanted.

After being dragged into position by the 3 girls, side by side by side, they each laid still, face up, as bottoms with tight glittery short shorts settled perfectly on their faces.

While Austin and Myles had already suffered through some of this, Carter had only been scissored and choked several times. Having his mouth and nose sealed beneath Olivia’s ass was a new kind of humiliation and submission.

“Okay boys, I think we’re going to need a little more......convincing......to delete these pictures.” Melissa said suggestively with a smirk, though the 3 boys underneath them couldn’t see it.

“Kiss kiss” Melissa teased, lifting up and hovering her hips above his face.

“You heard her” Lucy told Myles as she and Olivia followed suit.

“Come on Carter, time for some kisses!” Olivia teased, giving a wiggle over his face.

Before, they may have complained about the girls late extra demand, but now, they quietly strained to lift their heads up planting a kiss on the girls asses over and over again.

“All those times you would bother us and make fun of us, now you’re laying here kissing our asses. You guys learned fast.” Melissa mockingly complimented them.

They couldn’t actually tell that the girls were deleting anything, but they were in no position to demand anything, and were in unfocused submissive headspaces.

Melissa, Olivia, and Lucy, glanced over to each other exchanging knowing smirks. They weren’t deleting anything. In fact, they each discreetly now had the boy they had personally dominated making out with their cheeks on video. They would keep their word not to spread any of it, but it was all just too good to be lost forever and not kept for themselves.

“Um.......I think their starting to like this.” Lucy laughed, bringing her friends attention to the bulges in the boys cheerleading shorts. The silvery bottoms meant for females didn’t do much to hide them.

“I guess that’s their final submission” Olivia giggled.

“Austin, are you three really that excited about kissing our butts?” Melissa almost cracked up laughing.

They couldn’t control their arousal having the gorgeous cheerleaders hips in their faces, and a submissive Austin gave her a reply he thought would please her the most.

“Yes Melissa. *kiss* Thank you *kiss* for letting us”. Making the 3 girls burst into laughter.

The girls spent a few more minutes enjoying their rightful places atop the boys, before telling them everything was deleted and letting them leave.

As their lips came to the 3 girls sparkly silver short shorts covered asses again and again, Austin kissing Melissa’s, Carter kissing Olivia’s, and Myles kissing Lucy’s, it was official.

The 3 boys that found fun in tormenting them.......had been tamed.

The End.......


“Garbage.” Melissa rolled her eyes, holding her phone over to her right side to show Lucy as they sat on the couch together.

‘Cheer Team SCANDAL: Disgraced Cheer Captain and Co Captains EXPELLED’ A student ran school blog read.

Very few people had any idea of what actually happened, and other then those involved themselves, none of them were students. That didn’t stop word from spreading like wildfire when the popular Cheer Captain and two friends always at her sides, were given the boot. Plenty of gossip and rumors flew to provide explanations for it though.

“You knock down a few obnoxious boys a bit, then YOU’RE the problem.” Lucy replied with mild annoyance as Melissa pulled her phone back. “The dumb bitch that must’ve reported us is lucky we don’t know who she is.” Lucy added with venom.

“Mmmhmm” Melissa replied, only half paying attention at that moment. She was mostly over the anger and bitterness. Sure, put her in a room with the traitor on their squad when they first found out, and it would’ve gotten ugly fast for that girl, but Melissa had accepted how it ended now. She was about to reveal why.

“Well, we never will. Only thing to do now, is pickup and start fresh somewhere else.” She calmly stated.

That threw Lucy off a bit, a very unusual attitude from Melissa in these situations. Perfectly calm and cool.

“Anyway, I’ve been looking into this college, and I think it’ll suit us much better.” Melissa revealed with a grin.

“What about Olivia?” Lucy asked.

“She said she’s taking some gap time before going right to anything else. It sucks, but yeah.” Melissa replied, disappointment in her tone.

“Buuuuuut, as I was saying, I found the perfect place to transfer!” Melissa said excitedly with a bright smile, handing Lucy her phone to check it out for herself.

A few minutes of looking it over later, Lucy looked up and locked eyes with Melissa with a grin of her own. Without any words, they both knew in that moment exactly where they were headed next.

She reached out handing Melissa back her phone.

At the top of the screen, the phone she held out read.......

.......‘Redlands College.’

End Of Epilogue.

-There we are, the final part. Excited to get the finale to this posted, this ending and Part 1 are definitely stronger then Part 2, I think.

- Yes, as the Epilogue reveals........Melissa and Lucy aren’t done, their characters will be making their appearance and sticking around in my other story. It’s a fun little twist at the end of this I think. Olivia may show up as well later, maybe not. We’ll see. Thought it was more interesting to just carry over the two of them for now.
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