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Old 13-Aug-11, 05:26
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Default Sport girlfriend (tennis, armwrestling)

True story from an old yahoogroup (female arm wrestlers] Wed, 13 Mar 2002

my girlfriend

I began dating my current girlfriend when we were 18. We are now 23.
Her name is Katie (Kathrine, but no one calls her that). We had quite
a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for the first 6 months of
our relationship, but that slowly changed.

Katie has always been the althletic-outdoors type as am I. She did
alot of working out (treadmill, biking etc). After High School and HS
Sports, I had stopped exercizing and lifting weights - I've always
been somewhat undisciplined.

As our relationship progressed, katie asked me if I like to play
tennis, she said that she played with her father when she was younger
and was pretty good. I had never played before but said I would like
to play.

In our first game she beat me handily - over and over again. I'm not
one who has a bloated ego - but getting my ass kicked by a girl in a
sport burned a little. She told me not to worry that as soon as I had
a little practice I would beat her pretty badly because I am alot
stronger than she is.

We played several times after that and she beat me worse everytime.
We stopped playing because it was hardly even a contest and not much
fun for either of us.

I'm somewhat competitive and while I wasn't looking to beat her in
something for the sake of it, A few days later I asked her if she
liked to Bowl, she said she only bowled once or twice but thought it
would be fun.

She kicked my ass - again and again.

While it burned me to get beat by a girl, I couldn't help but notice
that on some level, when I looked at her - I was attracted to her
althleticism and (strangely) her ability to beat me in those sports.

A few days later, we were at my Mother's house, and Kate was talking
to my younger sister elissa when she was getting ready to go out. I
heard Kate telling my sister about how she beat me in tennis and
bowling. So I went over and playfully covered her mouth with my hand -
we were playing around - roughhousing - you know the deal -

as we fell over onto a bed, my sister said good bye as she left. By
this time Kate and I were lying on the bed and I was tickling her,
then she got on top of me, (i was on my back, she was straddling me)
and began to tickle me.

I am very tickilish, I don't know why, but I am. I was laughing
really hard when she began to taunt me - 'so you don't like being
beaten by a girl - huh?' - 'aren't boys supposed to beat girls in
sports?' I don't know how to explain it, but between to the tickling,
her strattling me and the taunting, I was really turned on. Anyway,
it continued this way until i finally grabbed a hold of one of her
hands and then the other and held them together in front of her to
stop her tickling of me.

She looked down at me and laughed. 'thats pretty impressive, but I
can break out of this anytime I want to'

'Go for it' I replied.

Immediatly with a quick burst ripped her hands out of my grasp and
began tickling me again. I was amazed. "You're pretty strong for a
girl - you want to try me in an armwrestle?"

"Comon, that wouldn't be fair, you're a guy and you're alot bigger
than I am" she replied. (I'm 5'11 about 185, she is a 5'6 about 150)

"Are you afraid of loosing?" I asked.

I was looking foward to finally beating her in something physical. We
got on opposite sides of the bed and put grasped each other's right
hand. "You're gonna kill me" she said. "I know, but I want to see how
long you can last - you are pretty strong for a girl" I replied. She
counted to three and we began.

I've got to tell you, It felt like I was trying to move a stone
pillar. I wasn't looking at her, I was looking down, and i was in
disbelief. I was giving everything I possibly could and we were dead
even. This went on for probably less than ten seconds but it seemed
like a really long time at which point she said - "are you even
trying?" I could not believe she said that, I can't even explain how
it felt to hear her say it.

"YES.." I blurted out, "are you?" with that she looked at me and
smiled a little, and powered me hand down within two seconds. She
didn't even try. Immediatly I put my arm back up again and told her
to rematch me. "are you sure you want to?" she asked.

I lasted 3 seconds.

"are you okay?" she asked.
"I guess." I was burning inside. I never thought for one second that
she was stronger than me. She had thick enough arms, but my
muscles were bigger than hers. I was in disbelief. While I was
stunned, angry and embarrassed, I was also totally arroused.
"Do you have a problem with this?" she asked.
I didn't reply. Then she reached her hand across the bed and grabbed
my cheeks with her hand "comon, don't be upset." well that pissed me
off, now she was patronizing me. I grabbed her wrist and twisted it
off my face- she looked at me with this look as if to say 'now you're
in trouble'. She quickly came over the bed and jumped on top of me.
She grabbed one hand and then the other- she began slowly pushing my
right hand above my head, and then my left. She had rapped her legs
around mine to subdue them. At this point i was completly under her
contol, no matter how much I struggled she just smiled. Then she
began to whisper in my ear. "You might as well stop struggling and
accept it. If i decided to, I could hold you here for the next few
hours - you know that - so you might as well just give in." I was so
angry at her at this momement.
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