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Default Christmas Socks

Christmas Socks
By A.J. Brown

**Note to my readers: I write Custom Stories for those who enjoy my work that would like a personal story written for them. Please email me at [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] if you would like more information on my Custom Stories**

Liam Potter walked down the hallway to see his first patient of the day. His feet felt heavy with every step that he took. The depression he was feeling being at work today was causing that. He had been trying to prepare himself for working on Christmas Day. It was only a 12-hour shift, he had told himself, he had done plenty of these already. But now that he was here, walking down the depressing hallway, it was really starting to kick in. He was 27-years-old but it was a little after 7 am and even last Christmas he was still waking up in his parents’ house with his brother and sister there as well, exchanging gifts, much better gifts now that they were all grown up and had money. The rest of them were doing that right about now while he walked down this hallway, the cheesy limited Christmas decorations hung up on the walls trying to make them seem a bit more festive, only making the situation worse.

He walked into the room to see his first patient of the day, a 39-year-old overweight man who was having minor trouble breathing due to asthma issues. Due to his mild symptoms, this guy had been waiting here a little over 6 hours to be seen. It was hard for Liam to feel too much sympathy for him since he was a smoker. Here this guy was, spending his Christmas morning in the ER because he didn’t take care of himself better, making it so they needed enough staff for Liam to be here. He checked the guy’s vitals and when he listened to his breathing, Liam thought about how much worse he had heard before and if it were him, he probably would have just sucked it up.

“The doctor will be in shortly, Mr. Hulbert” Liam said once he had done everything he needed to do, mostly just making sure the guy wasn’t about to die.

“Thank you,” Hulbert said back and hearing the wheeze in his voice made Liam feel a bit of sympathy for him.

Liam left the room having no idea if the doctor was going to be in shortly or if Hulbert was going to be waiting another few hours. Normally he worked with Dr. Kalinoski, a 60-year-old man who was very respected at the hospital, one who always made it a point to get to his patients as soon as possible, and one that there was no chance he was going to be working on Christmas Day. Liam knew nothing about Dr. Natalie Verdini who he was going to be working with today, other than that since he got stuck working on Christmas because this was his first year at the hospital, that meant she was probably new too. Whether that meant she was a go-getter who was going to try to do her best to move as quickly as possible to make a good impression, or if she was as miserable as he was about being here and she was going to slack all day, he did not know. He approached her office, the door halfway open, and politely tapped on the door with the knuckles of his fingers.

He first saw her from behind, long and full brown hair, wearing blue hospital scrubs above and below the waist, a stethoscope around her neck, and a pair of white sneakers on. He did notice that while her clothes and shoes looked quite depressing, he could somewhat see a pair of Christmassy socks she had on between her pants and sneakers. The socks were red and from a brief glance they appeared to be a pattern of a snowflake and a little Christmas tree circling around them.

“Hi!” she said enthusiastically, startling him.

He looked up quickly, glad that she most likely thought he was looking at the floor as opposed to staring at her socks. She had a big, cute smile on her face and she with her excitement and overall cuteness, this woman reminded him more of a college orientation leader than a doctor.

“I’m Liam,” he said and he held out his hand to shake. She stood up eagerly and she couldn’t have been more than 5’2.

“I’m Doctor Verdini,” she said as she shook his hand, her handshake being stronger than he would have expected from a short woman that looked like she barely weighed more than 100 pounds. The peppy way she spoke, her smile, and the way she looked like she wasn’t carrying any of the burdens that someone who has been out of college has, made it hard for him to believe this woman was more than 22 years old, though he knew a doctor couldn’t be that young.

He found his eyes gravitate towards her socks again. Something about those super cute socks with the rest of that outfit that he didn’t want to look at on this cute girl on Christmas Day was really catching his eye. He forced himself to look her back in the eyes, that huge smile still on her face.

“So this your first time working on Christmas?” he asked her.

“Oh no, not at all,” she said with a laugh that made working on Christmas seem like it wasn’t so bad. “I’ve had to do this many years.”

“Many years?” he said, already feeling very comfortable speaking to her. “I figured you were about my age and this is my first year working here.”

“How old are you?” she asked him.


She laughed again. She seemed like one of those people that could get along with anyone immediately. “Yeah kid, I’m a lot older than you think,” she said. He wondered her age as they looked at each other awkwardly. “I’m 35.”

“Wow,” he said. It wasn’t the first time he had guessed someone’s age wrong but normally once he found out the real age it made sense. He looked at her pretty face some more and still saw a girl that couldn’t be more than 22. “I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that.”

“Well thank you,” she said, almost giggling. “You made my Christmas.”

She walked away with a spring in her step. He admired her ability to be so naturally happy when working at a hospital on Christmas morning although part of him thought that it seemed exhausting to have to act that way right then. While she was still in his field of vision, he looked down at those cute Christmas socks. They were his bright spot of the day and he could feel a bit of happiness inside himself as his eyes stayed glued on them. He watched her enter Hulbert’s room, smiling. It made him smile a bit until her and her socks were out of sight and his smile quickly went away.


“Sir, please sit still,” Autumn said and Liam watched the heavy nurse push down on his shoulder a lot harder than Liam would have to a guy who was acting this erratic. “You’ve been hit by a car and it is very important that you don’t move.”

“No white girl’s tellin’ me to sit still,” the guy lying on the stretcher said as Autumn and Liam wheeled him back to get treatment.

The guy started to sit up but Autumn pushed down on his chest hard. This guy had to be in his early fifties but even though it was hard to guess his weight with the winter coat he had on, Liam guessed that he had to weigh over 230 pounds. Autumn calmly took her hand, pushed it into his chest, and kept him down on the stretcher. Autumn was no midget either, standing at close to six feet tall and so chubby that Liam guessed she probably weighed close to what the guy on the stretcher weighed. Still, she was a woman and as Liam looked at this big guy trapped underneath her hand, grabbing at her forearm with no success, he couldn’t help but be impressed by her.

“Fuck off of me!” they guy yelled and Liam caught a big whiff of the hard liquor on his breath. “She’s trapping a black man here! She’s trapping a black man here!” He looked at Liam. “You gonna allow this here, boy?”

The guy looked up at Liam like he was going to try and fight him and Liam found himself hoping that Autumn’s hand would be able to keep him down. Liam looked away, trying to avoid eye-contact, but then looked down at him again, fully expecting the guy to still be staring him down. Instead, the guy’s face and eyes were looking up like he was trying to figure out where he was and he had completely calmed down. It almost looked as if he had forgotten everything that had happened a few seconds earlier.

He looked down at the guy with his thick hair, his unshaven face, his teeth that were actually quite white except for the couple that were missing, and his coat that looked like it was something he had found on the ground. Liam was really starting to smell the alcohol on him. Liam thought about what this guy with no ID was doing on Christmas morning getting so drunk that he got hit by a car with no loved ones by his side, and probably none coming. This was this man’s Christmas Day, and his previous ones probably hadn’t been much better in a long time. Liam thought how at least he wasn’t having as bad a day as this guy was having. Though spending the day with people like this didn’t make him feel any better. Daily he saw people in here with urgent medical needs but he never thought about what their actual lives were like. He didn’t want to think about people living like this, not now.


“Got a drunk one for you,” Liam said to Dr. Verdini when he walked into her office. “This one’s really drunk.” He looked down at her socks again, still visible, still so cute. He liked how it was a lot easier to sneak peeks at her socks than it would have been to look at her bra or underwear if they were exposed.

“A few Christmas cocktails!” she said and he looked back up at her big smile. She was looking right at him. He was going to have to be a little more careful. “Nothing wrong with that.”

Her smile was so big and genuine that either she hadn’t caught him looking or hadn’t minded. When she walked away he looked down at those cute socks as her heels lifted off the floor. They were so nice to look at.


“Hey kid,” Dr. Verdini called to him as he walked by her office.

He hadn’t been looking in but as he walked in he saw her sitting in her chair, her legs stretched out straight so the bottom of her sneakers were looking right at him. Her right hand was on her computer mouse as she looked at the screen, and she looked quite sexy pulling off that pose that only a short woman could.

“Close the door,” she said. “Come see this.”

As he closed the door and looked at her sitting there looking so sexy, catching another glimpse of her socks, he had a sudden fantasy that she was going to offer to have sex with him. He felt his cock start to grow as he thought about that, feeling very horny on this day that he didn’t want to be here. He had no idea if she was married or involved but maybe she was feeling just as miserable as he was and the idea made sense.

“That guy’s blood alcohol level was point five,” she said, the huge smile on her face suggesting that she wasn’t feeling miserable like he thought she might. She motioned with her head for him to walk back behind her desk to see the screen which had a report on it.

“That’s point five when we took it,” she said, her eyes fixated on the screen like she was amazed by the numbers. Liam looked at her little legs stretched out with her feet resting on the desk. Her pants had pulled up a bit the way she was sitting and he saw more of those cute Christmas socks.

“By the time he got hit, taken here, and we drew the blood it was probably an hour since his last drink,” she continued. “And he was still at a point five. That guy should be dead. But he’s actually doing OK right now. Crazy stuff. Angels were looking out for him today.”

Liam had to bite his tongue to not make a comment that angels were looking out for him right then as he had that wonderful view of her socks. He couldn’t get over how sexy she looked in that pose and having her feet right next to the computer screen allowed him to look at her socks discreetly, at least he thought so.

“You just can’t stop looking at my socks today, can you?” she said.

It took a moment for him to process what she said. Maybe he misheard her, maybe he was in a dream, because it was unlikely he got caught and even if she did, he never would have imagined she would have been that blunt about it. He looked at her, looking at him with a big smile on her face and he couldn’t tell if it was a friendly smile or if she was mocking him.

“I’m sorry?” he said.

“You don’t think I’ve noticed you looking down at my feet every few seconds?”

He struggled with what to say. Denying it seemed like it would make him sound defensive and he felt in a no-win situation. “I mean, I’m looking at the screen, yeah that guy was really drunk.”

“Alright,” she said and this time he couldn’t tell if she bought it or was just letting him off the hook. “That’s too bad. If you like my socks I was going to ask if you wanted to massage my feet. They are killing me today.”

She was still smiling but this time he saw the sincerity in it. His instinct was to just keep playing dumb. Maybe he’d feel her out and at a time that was less awkward he’d see if she wanted her feet massaged. But he also knew that time would probably never come. He was still single because of passing on so many opportunities thinking another one would pop up that never did.

“We wouldn’t get in trouble for that?” he said, thinking it was a good test that didn’t close the door on the opportunity.

“The two of us are away from our families on Christmas Day helping everyone that needs it,” she said. That big smile seemed to never leave her face. “If I want a foot massage and you want to give me one, I’m getting a foot massage.”

She leaned forward and as she started to take off her sneakers, she may as well have been taking her top off. As he saw her right sock get completely revealed he thought about how easily turned on he was when he was stuck in a hospital with the only good looking woman around one that was over 30 wearing hospital scrubs.

But when she took off her other sneaker and he saw those wonderful Christmas socks completely revealed, he decided he wasn’t going to be hard on himself. They were so tight to her feet and now he saw little Christmas designs all over those red socks, some looked like holly, some looked like Christmas lights, he couldn’t really tell as they decorated them all over but they made them look especially cute. She wiggled her toes like she was happy to have them free and he had to show a lot of self-control to not lunge at them and put one of her feet in his mouth. She swung her legs towards him, grabbed another chair and pulled it in front of her, then rested her bare feet on it so the bottom of her socks, so tight to her little feet, were looking right at him. There were more little Christmasy icons on the bottom of her socks too.

“Go ahead and massage them,” she said, and he had never had such an inviting tone from a woman to touch her that he wasn’t paying. “You know you want to do it.”

Any more hemming and hawing would have been silly at this point and probably would have blown this amazing opportunity. He got down on his knees and started massaging the ball of her left foot with both hands. He could tell how soft it felt through her sock and he concentrated on massaging it the best that he could, taking his job very seriously.

“Oh God, you are good at this,” she said and she almost sounded horny as she sat back in her chair. “This is my lucky day. Keep doing it, just like that. Oh yeah, kid. Now do the other one.”

He moved his hand and began massaging her right foot, feeling honored to have it in his hands. He felt his cock rapidly growing in his pants as he watched her toes wiggle a bit to the pace that he was massaging her foot. He started breathing heavier and more rapidly.

“Is it OK if I smell your foot?” he asked.

She sat up a bit and he hadn’t thought that that big smile of hers could have gotten any bigger until he saw it do so right then.

“I’ve been on my feet for hours already today,” she said, kind of laughing. “You really want to smell my foot?” He nodded. “If you want to do that, go right ahead.”

Now incredibly caught up in how horny he was, he moved his face in with no hesitation, putting his nose up so he could smell around the top of the ball of her foot and the lower part of her toes. He took in a deep breath all through his nose and listened to her happy laugh.

“There’s no way that smelled good,” she said.

“It smelled great. A nice, natural smell of socks that are protecting some hard working feet.”

“You’re crazy,” she said with a laugh and now she started to sound really horny. “Can you take my socks off and rub my bare feet?”

He was starting to feel extremely connected with her as he pulled off her right sock and threw it on her lap. He saw a few red fuzzies on the sole of her foot but other than that it was perfect. It was soft and had a great arch, looking much more like the bare foot of a 22-year-old than a 35-year-old. He wanted to stuff that foot right in his mouth but he resisted and just brought his face as close as he could as he rubbed her foot.

“Oh my God, that feels so good,” she said, her voice getting higher. “Take off my other sock, kid.”

He started pulling that one off, though this one was a bit harder to, but then getting it off and throwing it on her lap. He pushed both of those perfect little feet right next to each other on the chair so he could tend to them both at the same time the best that he could. He rubbed her right foot with his left hand and her left foot with his right hand, his face close to the center of both of them so he could breathe in some nice bare foot smell as he massaged them.

“You are so good at this!” she said and now she was sitting back looking at the ceiling. “I’ve never had someone give my feet so much attention.”

“Can I use my mouth on them?” he asked. “I bet that would feel even better.”

“You’d do that??” she said and she sat back up a bit looking at him excitedly. “Yes, do it!”

She closed her eyes and flung her head backwards looking like she wanted to take it all in. He started sucking on both of her big toes at the same time and as he treasured that taste and feeling of both of them in his mouth, he listened to her now moaning with satisfaction. His cock felt like it was ready to explode in his pants and he felt completely comfortable pulling it out by this point.

He did so with his right hand as he massaged her foot with his left hand and continued to suck on her toes. He stroked his cock rapidly and the whole set up was far better than any actual sex he had ever had. He sucked on her toes like he was trying to suck every last bit of taste out of a freeze pop, the taste of her toes just being much better.

He stroked his cock harder as the doctor leaned back in her chair, letting out moans of satisfaction, still looking up with her eyes closed. He could feel himself starting to cum and as he felt that wonderful feeling and taste of her foot in his mouth he thought about how this random position he was in felt better than any kind of sex he had had. He let his mouth off of her foot and moaned himself as he came all over the floor. She sat up a bit and opened her eyes, a guilty smile on his face as he kneeled there with his cock in his hand. He had the relaxed feeling of a guy who just blew his load with a girl until he saw the big smile leave her face for the first time and turn into a look of shock and almost disgust.

“What are you doing??” she said, a tone in her voice like he was the most disgusting individual she had ever seen and the look on her face now matched that. “Why are your pants down?? Are you masturbating??”

He tried his best to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she was messing with him but as it sunk in how her tone sounded and he looked at her face, there was no mistaking that she was very serious. He felt his face immediately get red while his hands started to sweat and his heart raced, kneeling there in the worst possible position with his cock still in his hand.

“Pull your pants up!” she yelled at him. He felt his eyes water up. It took a lot to make him cry but the way she had said it felt like he had just gotten punched in the nose and the tears were just automatic. “Come on, do it, what’s the matter with you??”

He felt like a bad dog being disciplined as he watched the doctor who was far more educated and far wealthier than him, grab her socks and start putting them back on her feet. He quickly pulled up his pants.

“I’m sorry,” he said and even though he didn’t like talking because it made it sound like he was crying a bit. “I thought you were enjoying it.”

“You think just because someone’s enjoying a foot massage that gives you the right to expose yourself in front of them,” she said and for someone who had maybe the happiest smile he had ever seen, she also had possibly the nastiest tone. “Did you ejaculate all over MY office floor?” She looked down at his mess and he felt further busted. “Ugh!” She put her hands out in front of her to block herself from having to see it. “Clean that up! Use plenty of soap and water.”

She motioned with her head to behind him where there was a sink, a soap dispenser on the wall, and a paper towel dispenser. He got up, did exactly what she told him to do, then got back on his knees and started cleaning the floor while she sat above him, watching him. When he went to nursing school he realized that profession wasn’t going to be as lucrative or prestigious as a doctor but he still thought it was quite a respectable one. But here he was on his knees, cleaning up the floor of this woman who probably thought she was so much better than he was, when she was the one who had taken her shoes off enticing him to begin with. Didn’t she hold some responsibility in this too? Looking up at her look down at him with disdain as he finished up, she didn’t seem to think so. He stood up, threw the towels away, and as he washed his hands he could feel her looking at him from behind like she was worried he was going to steal something out of her office or something.

“Alright, get out of my office,” she said when he had barely dried his hands at all and he threw the paper towel away.

“Can I please just explain what I did that?” he said with what he thought was a kind and reasonable tone.

“No!” she snapped back like his words didn’t matter. “You probably don’t have any woman you’re going home to tonight and that’s why you’re jerking off to my feet, huh? That is so pathetic. You have five seconds to get out of my office or I’m going to report you for what you did and get you fired. You want to lose your job on Christmas Day? You get fired for exposing yourself in front of a doctor and you’ll never work in nursing ever again. All of that school and hard work for nothing because you’ll never be able to work. Is that what you want? Now get out of here, NOW!”

He felt like he could have taken multiple physical punches to the face from the drunk guy or Autumn and he could have held his tears back but Dr. Verdini was being so mean to him that he couldn’t control himself. He turned his head and started crying as he ran out the door. He actually saw Autumn walking towards him in the hallway looking like she was about to ask him what was wrong but he put his head down and ran right by her and she didn’t say anything. He ran into the men’s room, ran into a stall, and the tears flowed down his face. He had thought working on Christmas was bad enough but now on top of that he had just been treated like some worthless rat. He just couldn’t stop crying. He pulled out his phone and saw it was 12:18 pm. His shift wasn’t even halfway over with.


All of the other nurses always complained about how bad the cafeteria food was at the hospital, but Liam never found it that bad at all. Now he looked down at his 3 chicken tenders, the accordion fries, and the apple on his tray, along with the Coke can. It wasn’t a bad meal when he was hungry on a normal day. But it didn’t look so appetizing when he thought about how soon his whole family would be sitting down for a real Christmas dinner. A big juicy turkey, shrimp, potatoes, a big salad, and they’d be cracking open the bottle of wine soon too. And they’d all be together.

He looked up around at the empty cafeteria except for the woman who had been at the counter serving him his food who was now walking around wiping tables. When she wiped the table next to his and leaned forward, he could see the e-cigarette that was in her shirt pocket. She looked to be in her sixties and he thought about how she had probably been working on Christmas for years. Just regular life for her.

Was that going to be him too? Dr. Verdini chewing him out had really left an impression in his mind. As a new nurse it was tough to get top choice of days off and now that there was a doctor that didn’t like him, that just made matters worse. How could she have treated him like that? She was the one who asked him to rub her feet to begin with. Wasn’t that a fire-able offense too? Didn’t she set him up for what he had done? If it came down to it, he knew HR wouldn’t see it that way. Taking your shoes off wasn’t the same as pulling out your cock. And they would always side with the doctor over the nurse.

She had belittled him about how he wasn’t going to be going home to another woman. That was true. Part of the reason was because so many women in his experience had been like her – he really thought they were connecting and then the woman did a 180. But she probably wasn’t going home alone and even if she was working today, having a significant other and a much higher paycheck for the day, probably made it not as bad.

He watched the worker with the e-cigarette go back to behind the empty counter. He took a couple of bites of one of his chicken tenders but it hurt his stomach. He put it down and threw most of his lunch away.


Liam watched as Geri Nichols vomited in the bag once again.

“Are you able to give me your arm so I can take your blood pressure real quick, ma’am?” he asked her as nicely as possible.

“Does it look like I can give you my arm??” she looked up at yelled at him before she turned her head back down to the bag and vomited in it more. Her attitude plus the smell coming from the bag made him want to get out of this room immediately. But this was his first patient since he had to clean up his mess off of Dr. Verdini’s floor and he didn’t want to go back to her telling her that he wasn’t able to get her vitals.

“Ma’am, if I could just…”

“I’M NOT GIVIN’ YOU MY ARM!” she yelled at him and despite her small frame, she had a yell that felt like it was going to knock him off his feet.

“A doctor will be in to see you shortly,” he said nervously and he quickly made his way out of the room, not wanting Dr. Verdini to hear that he had driven a patient to yell at him like that.

He made his way down the hall feeling like a loser who had a woman in one room that refused to cooperate with him and a woman in another room who had already belittled him and was probably going to do so again for not being able to do what he needed to. Dr. Verdini’s office door was mostly closed. He tapped on it with her fingers and she called for him to come in. He opened the door to see her feet with her sneakers on resting on her desk, catching a glimpse of her Christmas socks which he still thought looked so cute despite what had happened. Once she saw it was him she immediately pulled them away and put her feet under the desk out of his sight and then looked at him like he had done something wrong.

“Looks like this patient has food poisoning,” he said as he handed her the file, trying his best to act like there was nothing gout of the ordinary between the two of them. “She absolutely refused to let me take her vitals.”

Dr. Verdini took the file from him, stood up, and looked away from him like he served no purpose other than handing that to her. She walked right by him quickly, making sure not to make eye-contact. He felt glad that she was now going to have to deal with this combative woman.

Liam went to the restroom and when he came out, he saw the door to the room Geri Nichols had been in was still closed. With nothing going on at that moment he leaned against the wall a bit down the hall in a spot where he would be able to see in and hear if the door opened but a discreet enough spot where if he needed to bail, he shouldn’t get noticed. He pulled out his phone and started to scroll for less than a minute before the door opened.

“Thank you so much!” he heard Geri saying now with a friendly tone he wouldn’t have guessed the woman to be capable of. “My Christmas had gotten off to a bad start but you made it much better, Doctor.”

“Of course,” Dr. Verdini said and Liam watched her walk out of the room now with the same big, friendly smile that he had seen from her initially. “It was a pleasure helping you. It’s not easy for us that have to work today so getting a pleasant patient always makes the day brighter.”

“Oh dear, I understand,” Geri said with great compassion in her voice. “Trust me, old people like me are extremely grateful for you doctors who take time away from your families to make sure we are taken care of. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you,” Dr. Verdini said.

The doctor turned her head in a way where it looked like she knew Liam was there and was going out of her way to make sure she didn’t look at him. As she walked away from him towards her office, he took another peek at her socks. He was mad at himself for doing it but they were still nice to look at. Geri Nichols had great appreciation and respect for doctors. Clearly not for the nurses, though, they didn’t matter.


Liam looked at the TV screen watching the news story talking about the group of college students who had gone to a retirement home earlier that day to bring gifts and sing carols. Normally watching the local news a little after 7 pm on Christmas made him feel happy after enjoying a good day to see what had gone on around the city. But as he sat alone in the hospital waiting room after a long, depressing shift, it made him feel lifeless. The evening news meant Christmas was just about over and even he knew he was missing Christmas, this really made the reality sink in.

That’s how his Christmas was spent, helping ungrateful people, getting belittled by a doctor who did not even look at him the rest of the afternoon, acting like he was some machine and not responding to him every time he gave her details on the next patient she was going to see. All of those good grades he used to get, all of the extra schooling he did for nursing, all of that was supposed to give him a better life. Now here he was making less money than his salesperson brother and H/R manager sister who were both at home right now, winding down. By the time he got home, got out of his scrubs and showered, most of them would be in bed, maybe one or two would be awake watching the NBA game that was on, and watching basketball on Christmas night seemed a lot less appealing when coming home from work at a hospital as opposed to capping off a fun day with the family.

His shift was over but he felt so lifeless that he didn’t feel like getting up. He couldn’t keep sitting in this hospital waiting room, though, so he finally stood up to leave. He started walking down a hallway alone until he saw Dr. Verdini walking towards him from the other direction. She was looking down at the ground making a point not to look at him which he thought was just as well. He walked towards her also avoiding eye-contact wondering if he should take one more peek at her Christmas socks. He felt like he’d be giving her satisfaction if he did that, though she wasn’t paying attention to him anyway.

As they walked by each other, he gave her socks one last look, why not? They did look so cute and he wished they weren’t being worn by a woman that had been so mean to him. He looked up, looking straight ahead at the empty hallway ahead, as he walked away from her, thinking how depressing his drive home was going to be.

“Hey kid,” he heard her call to him. He wanted to keep walking, not turn around just to have her get one more nasty line or look in before he went home. But he did turn around to see her about 25 feet down the hallway. She had turned to look at him and she was using her feet to slip off her sneakers.

“Sorry about how I acted to you before,” she said and she started taking off her socks. “I get a little testy when I have to work on Christmas.”

She rolled her socks up in a ball and lobbed them over at him. They looked like they were coming at him in slow motion as they floated in the air. Liam felt like a precious fragile antique was coming at him and his arms started to shake as he did not want to let those wonderful, wonderful socks fall on the floor. As they got closer he could feel his hands shaking rapidly but he stayed focused, determined not to drop them. As they fell into his hands, his arm muscles tightened up, but he did catch them in his hands, and they did not fall on the floor.

“Merry Christmas,” she said.

She put her shoes back on, turned her back to him, and started to walk away. He looked at those wonderful socks and as felt how soft they were in his hands, he began to process what had just happened. Those wonderful socks that had been on Dr. Verdini’s feet all day now belonged to him to sleep with, to snuggle with, to smell, to cherish, whenever he wanted to. This was the best Christmas ever!

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Default Re: Christmas Socks

Thread approved
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Old 12-Dec-23, 17:05
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Default Re: Christmas Socks

Great story. And, at least, we have some happy ending.
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