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Default Re: Humiliated by my sister-in-law...again!

Hey there! Here's a sequel to my story [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register].
I invite you to read the previous two chapters, posted a few months ago. For those who don't have will or time to do it, here's a brief characters' introduction.

Mason: main protagonist and narrator. Cocky and pretty sexist, he has fought his sister-in-law twice, ending up defeated and humiliated both times.
Louise: Mason's wife. Sweet and pretty, after witnessing the first fight between her husband and her sister, she decides to take Karate classes.
Victoria: Louise's sister. Smart, feminist and sexy, she showed her brother-in-law who's the stronger sex.
Mark: Victoria's husband. Male chauvinist himself, in the second chapter he's hardly beaten by Louise in an 'only kicks' match.
Jane and Bob: Victoria and Louise's parents. Still in the previous chapter, they have an armwrestling match in front of daughters and sons-in-law, won by Jane.

Humiliated by my sister-in-law...again!

The umpteenth sleepless night, spaced out by the usual dream: the triumphant, naked, shape of Victoria over my demolished body. I can't keep this up, I thought. Gotta deal with it.

The Thanksgiving humiliation left me literally wrecked: my self-worth collapsed, as well as my manhood. For two months I couldn't speak to my wife, Louise, let alone touch her...I visibily started to lose weight and hours of sleep, and predictably to have trouble in my job. Until Louise, tired to see me that way, basically forced me to call Henry, our old friend as well as a therapist.

After the first sessions with Henry, things were pretty clear: the only way to regained my self-confidence and heal my hurt male pride was facing the source of my pain. In other words: I didn't mean to die before fighting my sister-in-law one last time.

So, I forced myself to follow a hypercaloric diet to get back my lost pounds, to sleep more and better, and started with convinction to practice MMA. My trainer, Jake, was precious and glad 'cos of my effort and improvements. And after sparring a bigger guy, more experienced than me, I thought: it works. I started to have sex with Louise again: she obviously was very happy about it. Now it's time to plan my payback. And this one's gonna be in front of many people...

We're in mid-May and my birthday gest closer. I normally hate celebrating my own birthdays. I mean, I don't like to be in the spotlight, and seeing other people singing that stupid song to me, forced to smile. Nonetheless, this time I wanna throw a big party at my place, because it will be my last chance to prove everyone, Victoria, Louise, my in-laws...and above all to myself, that the good old Mason is back.


I haven't seen Victoria since the last fight, just sent her a Whatsapp for her birthday in March, but for obvious reasons I called her and Mark first to invite them. A brief call: I tried to mask my embarrassment through the phone, while she seemed pretty easy and glad to hear me. Moreover, she was having a lot of things to think about in her life: at only 34 she reached the associate professor role at University and had just published her last book, The Battle of the Sexes in literature, from Middle Ages to nowadays. She sent us a copy: haven't had the courage to read it, yet.

May 28th has come, finally. Didn't sleep very much but I'm ok, last two weeks I worked out like a bull and I'm firmly confident tonight I'll celebrate as it should. At 6 P.M. our place begins to fill up with people. There are Jake and his wife, two MMA friends with their own girlfriends, a bunch of my co-workers and John and Martina, young couple of friends. I purposely avoided to invite people with kids, it's gonna be a party not recommended for them.

Here they are, Bob and Jane, my in-laws. Oh wow! Jane is radiant and in shape more than ever. She wears high heels and a dress that points out not only her huge breasts, but also her mighty biceps. They look bigger than the armwrestling match when she humiliated her husband.

We're waiting for the last two people. I'm starting to get worried, like if Victoria had figured out my intentions, and...THE DOORBELL! My sister-in-law and her husband walk in. I've always fancied about her but tonight she's really a bombshell. Mini-skirt, a blouse with breathtaking cleavage, silver sandals to her feet.

"Happy birthday Mason!" she hugs me and gives me a present.

"Oh thanks guys, I'm glad you're here!"

I look to the gift, trying to avoid the eye-contact. Damn, seeing again my sister-in-law, although she's not naked and trampling me, is really tough, but I must stay lucid. Ok, the party can get started now!


We started chatting, then dancing. People are having fun, I bet they will have more later. I see Victoria nicely dancing with Mark. I wonder if she knows how many sleepless nights I had 'cos of her. But also, if Mark had the same reaction after Louise kicked his ass. Meanwhile, Jane's having fun as well. She orders Bob to take her a drink, he carries out in a flash. Poor Bob...I used to see him as the outgoing buddy frequently mocking his wife, and now look at him...a puppy at the service of his dominant wife. That day changed many things...

At last, here we go: the birthday cake. They sing that stupid song, then I cut the cake. I'm asked the speech, as expected. I'm ready.

"Thanks to all of you for being here, tonight. This is a a chance to spend some time together, and I'm glad about it. But above all, I'm glad you're here because you're about to witness an unforgettable event..."

People start looking at each other, inquiringly.

"Not everybody here knows Victoria, my dear sister-in-law..." I make a sign, inviting her to come close to me. She accepts, although her confused look. I give a quick look to Louise: despite a couple of drinks, she nearly knows what I mean to do.

"Well, somehow this woman changed my life", I point out Victoria. "I used to be a cocky, sexist, arrogant boy. Until she gave me a lesson. A deserved lesson, I have to say..."

I'm taking off my jacket , my watch and my shoes. Guests start mumbling

"Now I'm a different man. Humbler, definitely. But tonight I have a job to do..."

I look to Victoria, eye-contact, finally.

"Victoria...I dare you to one last fight. Right here, right now."

Everybody in the living room begin to mumble louder and louder. My sister-in-law keeps looking at me, in silence. She turns her head to Mark first, then to Louise. And to me again.

"It's your birthday, Mason..." she takes off her sandals. "As you wish."


Here we are, on the carpet of the living room again, like the first time. Expect now there isn't just Louise to watch us, but two dozens people at least. I've taken off my shoes and the shirt, too. I thought Victoria kept her clothes on, being in front of many stranger people, but I was wrong. To fight better she chose the comfort. So, bye bye mini-skirt and blouse. Everybody in the room can check her statuesque body, barely covered by her underwear. This way I'm forced to take off my trousers, as well. Even if nobody asked him, Jake has come forward, to be the ref. The fight begins.

I want to make it short, seriously this time. I try to grab Victoria's left arm, but she pushes back my offense. It's clear she wants to keep me at distance, but a after a minute of walking around, I manage to catch her neck, and sweeping her left leg take her to the floor. Using my body size (I'm still 33 pounds and about 8 inches more than her) start crushing her breast and squeezing her neck. It seems over. Until Victoria's right elbow starts pressing against my arms, and little by little, amazingly, she manages to put her palms over my face and starts pushing my neck to get rid of me. Then, she has a brilliant idea: with stunning quickness, Victoria grabs my right arm and begins to twist it. The pain comes on time, my body loses stability so Victoria can slip away from me.

We're on our feet again. Furious, I try to catch her right leg but it's a predictable move, so my sister-in-law grabs my left arm and makes me fly on the carpet. I stomp my fists against the floor, by now I'm seeing red. But immediatly after I feel something landing on my nape: it's Victoria's right foot. Holding me down with that, she grabs both my arms and starts twisting 'em, making me scream for the pain.

I look around: a lot of friendly faces watching my further humiliation. Meanwhile, I hear some female voices cheering to my sister-in-law. They're my MMA friends' girlfriends. The rest of the audience seems in shock.

We're at endgame: Victoria releases my suffering arms, makes me turn around on my back and lands heavily over my belly. I'm definitely wrecked. Then she catches again my arms and puts her left foot on my throat and the right one's heel on my face.

"Say it, Mason...spare yourself more pain..."

My male pride doesn't wanna surrender, but my body is demolished. I just keep muttering 'cos of the pain.

"SAY IT!!!" her left foot presses more and more on my throat.

"I...I...ggg...give u...up..."

Same old story. Same old final. Still looking at my eyes wide open, Victoria gets up and puts her right foot over my bare chest. Then Jake takes her left arm and raises it in front of the audience. Everybody starts clapping. Even Louise, Bob, Jane, just everybody. Mark is literally entranced.

Immediatley after, Victoria takes a piece of cake and comes back with it. She opens my mouth and puts the cake into it. Then she starts pushing it with her right foot in my mouth and all over my face.

"This is an additional present to you, dear brother-in-law..."

All the people in the room got closer to see the scene, now I can see their heads just over me and Victoria. At first, my sister-in-law humiliated in front of my wife, then in front of her family, and now in front of almost all the people I know. Before I pass out, 'cos of the pain, the shame and the shock, I see Victoria's foot, with cake all over, landing one last time on my face.

"Happy birthday, Mason!".
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