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Default Celebrity Fantasy Story: Dominated by Sarah Michelle Gellar

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story featuring a match between myself and Sarah Michelle Gellar. This is not an actual account, nor do I claim it to be so. And I have little doubt she is much nicer than this in real life.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is much more popular then the other girls in my stories. But if anyone reading this isn't familiar with her feast your eyes.
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Dominated by Sarah Michelle Gellar

by Dan Femwrestlingfan

I was flying high after finally defeating Ariana Grande the last time we fought. After her humiliation, and the celebrity opponents who defeated me in matches after her, I felt like I had redeemed myself. Without the vision of her lucky win in the back of my head, I was unstoppable and was beating any and all comers.

In hind sight, maybe I should have given up wrestling celebrity vixens right then. Even after defeating Ariana, there was no doubt they were proving to be my weakness.

But when the hot blonde came into my gym after a workout, that thought went away.

I got up from the weight machine and was toweling myself off when I looked and saw one of the trainers pointing her towards me. Clearly I was who she came to see.

At first I had no idea what was going on. She wasn’t dressed for a work out. But as I noticed her dark glasses and a trench coat, I immediately recognized it as the standard “dressed to roam in public un-noticed” look these celebrities always seemed to meet me in.

When she got closer I finally noticed who it was and was shocked. It was none other than Sarah Michelle Gellar, blonde vixen and former Vampire Slayer.

“So, I hear you’re the person celebrities come to when they want a discreet match?” She asked.

“I didn’t realize I was becoming so popular” I answered.

“Oh, word of you has definitely gotten around.” She said, “And word is you like to beat up on little girls. Care to take this one on?” She asked. Her reference clearly to Ariana, who didn’t seem so little when she was violating me.

“Seriously? Of course.” I answered. I had to admit to being a bit star struck. She was definitely the highest profile celebrity to come into contact with me so far. Never mind all the thoughts I had of her back in the day when I was watching “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”.

“Good.” She said, leaning down towards me and even in her coat giving me an ample view of her cleavage through the tank top she was wearing underneath it. She then reached out and handed me a slip of paper.

“This is my address” she said, “Be there tonight at 7:00, I’ll have my security guard buzz you in. Be even a minute late and the match is off. Don’t think I’m short of people who would do this with me.”

Then she turned and walked away, not even waiting for me to reply. She clearly felt that it was a given I would make time for her. It never ceased to amaze me how egotistical these girls were.

I had little doubt I was about to take her down a peg. She was taller than Ariana, but not my much and definitely not as tall or fit looking at Victoria and Charisma. This was looking like it would be a fun night.


I arrived at her house 10 minutes early, just to be sure. I hated to admit it, but there was no way I was missing out on the opportunity to wrestle Sarah. She was cocky, but she was also right.

As I rang the gate I heard Sarah’s voice on the buzzer. “Nice and early, good boy!” she said, in a tone of superiority that was already pissing me off. “Go inside, take the first left and it’s the third door on the right. I told security to hang out in the back of the house, but if I find out you took the time to snoop around, I’ll have them throw you out.” I then heard the gate open up.

I entered into her huge house and was greeted by a living room full of furniture and trinkets that reeked of excess. Clearly, money hadn’t been tight since Buffy ended. I took the turns she directed, making sure not to touch anything. I didn’t think she could see me, but I didn’t want to risk she had cameras watching me.

As I entered the third door, I saw an empty room with mats laid out. Clearly this was what the room was made for. I got a tad nervous, although I hid it well. She clearly had done this before, that fact and her confidence made me wonder if there was something I didn’t know. But I shook it off, she was a tiny little girl. Ariana got lucky once, but there was no way this girl was going to pull off the same thing.

As I entered, I saw Sarah standing before me in a small red Bikini. It took my breath away, especially her legs. She never showed them off much in her various movies and tv appearance. But the girl had gorgeous legs that were as toned as ever, even if she wasn’t in her early 20’s anymore.

Sarah stood before me. “Ok, I don’t do small talk. You ready?” she asked, matter of factly.

“Oh you know it” I said. I was so engrossed in the beautiful blonde before me, the girl I used to lust after on Buffy for so many years, that I went towards her to start the match without even taking my shirt off.

I reached out to grab her, but she leaned back, dodging my blow. Before I knew what hit me she had her hands on my wrist, and I was being flipped in over and landed straight on my back.

I looked up in shock at how easily this tiny thing threw me, as she allowed me to get back to my feet.

Seeing the smirk enraged me, and I came at her again and grabbed for her. But just like before she grabbed my wrist and stepped to the side, flipping me over on my back. This time I almost landed on my head.

I got up, a bit slower this time. “What the fuck!” I called out.

Sarah stood there smiling, “That all you got tough guy?” She said.

I went towards her but moved slower this time, not wanting to be thrown again. Not only did it sting, but being tossed by this little bitch was just plain embarrassing.

I grabbed her arm this time but she grabbed my wrist. I braced myself to be thrown again, but she had other ideas. She leapt up so quick I didn’t know what happened and wrapped her legs around my arm. I went falling back as she pulled on my arm and put her legs over my chest for leverage. I let out a cry as she pulled my arm back.

“What the fuck! How?” I called out.

“What’s wrong? Mister tough guy must not have done his homework. If you did, you’d know I was a brown belt.” She asked, then pulled my arm back more and all I could do was answer with a grunt. “Aww, were you expecting a pushover.”

I couldn’t let this happen. I couldn’t let another petite little princess just take me out effortlessly. My ego barely recovered from the last time. So I pulled on her leg and tried to wrestle out.

I was able to kneel between her legs, but I lived to regret it as she moved her toned, shapely legs up and wrapped them around my head, trapping my free arm as she did. Crushing it against my head as I let out a cry.

I heard her giggle, but there was nothing I could do about it. I tried to struggle but she had me, and hadn’t even worked up a sweat doing it. She squeezed harder and the pain was excruciating as she worked my arm.

I couldn’t believe it, I was getting my ass handed to me by a girl over six inches shorter than me who wasn’t even at her “peak age”.

I was sure it was over, and was about to cry out my surrender, unable to take the hold any more.

Then, I felt her let up on me and release my head and arm. Before I could react she pressed her bare feet against me and pushed on my chest knocking me back. I looked up and saw her do a flip and land on her feet as I slowly got to mine.

“Damn boy. I thought you were supposed to be tough? I haven’t even gotten a workout yet.” She said mocking me.

She came forward towards me slowly and reached out. I grabbed her arms and threw her, spinning around and then backing up. She turned around and came at me again. I grabbed her wrist once more as she reached for me and threw her once more before backing up again. Keeping some distance between us.

“What’s the matter big boy?” She said with a smirk, “You’re acting like you’re scared or something.”

I would never admit it, but she was right. Every time I tried to grab her she had made me pay for it. I was worried what she would unleash if I tried again.

She moved forward and I couldn’t help myself. A part of me was ashamed for stooping so low as what I did next, especially against a girl. But I couldn’t just let her continue to dominate me, it was to humiliating.

As she moved forward I came in, I then swept my leg forward, tripping Sarah. As she fell to her back I leaned down and delivered a punch to her stomach, rewarded with a grunt. I then hit her again, harder and was rewarded with another grunt.

I knew I had to stay on her and grabbed her hair, lifting the blonde to her feet.

“You mother…” she started, but was not able to finish her train of thought.

I delivered another punch to her stomach. Her abs were slightly softer than I expected, but she was still taking the blows. I grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up as I tossed the smaller girl into the wall.

That dazed her, and I moved in and slammed a punch into her stomach again. She grunted but not much more. I delivered another one, as hard as I could this time. She grunted once more but took it, most girls would have doubled over from that punch. What was this chick made of?

Before I could finish my thought, her hand went out hitting my jaw with the palm of her hand. Her martial arts training hitting the mark and sending my backwards holding my Jaw, boing more damage with that one blow then all my punches did to her.

“Didn’t you mother ever tell you not to hit a lady asshole!” She said. There was fire in her eyes, I had clearly pissed her off and am ashamed to admit that I was a little worried as I tried to clear my head.

She came for me and in desperation I delivered a blow. But she was ready for me and put up her arm up blocking it. She then delivered a blow to my lower belly that sent me doubling over. She knew exactly how to throw a punch for maximum damage.

As I doubled over, she let out a cry and came towards me. She lifted her knee to my jaw while I was hunched over and I fell backwards onto my back… hard.

As I coughed and began seeing stars, Sarah jumped onto my chest, forcing me to gasp for air. I then felt her hand move down to my stomach, and deliver another blow to me, causing me to grunt in pain.

“Can dish out a beating, but you can’t take it huh?” She taunted.

I then felt her hand go further down and over my crotch. Before I could even protest her hand began to move over my bulge. Even after such a beating, her hands knew how to bring pleasure as easily as pain and I let out a moan. My manhood growing rock hard within seconds.

“Maybe I should be nicer then.” She taunted. As she continued to rub my bulge I let out a moan, this time not from pain. I was caught up in the moment as she worked me, making her younger earlier counterparts pale in comparison. I didn’t even know if I could handle this kind of pleasure.

“Oh yeah. Like that, don’t you?” She teased.” I heard you like this a lot.”

All I did was moan in response. I could barely think straight with what she was doing. How were the girls all able to bring more pleasure without directly touching me than other girls could with me naked But before I could ponder that I felt my member throbbing, I was close.

“Uh oh, about to lose it are we… so close!” she teased. She then abruptly stopped before I could finish getting off, and grabbed my arm roughly rolling off of me and forcing me into a sitting position.

“You don’t deserve pleasure asshole!” she replied.

I then felt her legs wrap around my sides and quickly went to a cry of pain as she squeezed hard. Before I could even fully register what her legs were doing, she grabbed my head and pulled it back. She trapped it under her arms and suddenly I was in a dragon sleeper, her legs still torturing my sides.

“That’s it, time to go to sleep. You can dream of what would have happened if you were a real man, and could have handled me!” she said.

I couldn’t even struggle; the fight took so much out of me. Within seconds everything went black.


I awoke later, I don’t know how long it was. I got to my feet and saw Sarah leaning against the wall, clearly waiting for me to regain consciousness.

At first I was worried she had more in mind, and I was still groggy from my beating. But she just smirked.

“Be gone in five minutes, or I’ll sick security on you. Don’t ever come back, you were a huge disappointment.” She said, as she turned and walked awayleft the room away.

I got to my feet and immediately stumbled to the wall. The last thing I wanted to do was go anywhere, but there was no way I could take on security. A little girl could have beaten me up in my present state, then I remembered one already did.

With my tail between my legs I thankfully remembered the way out and left, before anything else happened.
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Dominated by Sarah Michelle Gellar

Great story
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