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Female Supremacy Total Submission Wrestling

Total Submission Wrestling is special kind of wrestling match that is very popular in the female ruled society called The XX.

The goal of the wrestling match is to make your opponent submit, both in the traditional sense of forcing a submission while wrestling but also in the sense of making your opponent mentally submit to you while fighting.

The fight is heavily tilted in favor of the woman. At the start of the fight, the man has to swallow a pill that contains a specially designed drug that has a powerful effect that starts to work quickly and lasts for a few hours. This drug acts as an aphrodisiac while reducing testosterone levels and is supposed to bring out the submissive side of a man shortly after it is consumed.

Since the woman almost always wins the fight, the ranking for a man is usually determined by how long he is able to resist submitting, how much of a fight he puts up and ultimately how badly he gets beaten and humiliated in the ring.

To further speed up the process and bring out the submissive side of the man, the woman wears a dominatrix outfit for the fight while the man is completely naked. Additional equipment that can be used to dominate the opponent such as whips, collars, handcuffs and chastity devices are allowed to be used by the woman only.

The fight takes place in a traditional wrestling ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another fight for total domination! Tonight we have a new exciting match up for you all," the commentator said. "In the red corner we find the very sexy and very dangerous Amber Valkyrie! In the blue corner we find her brave opponent, a man who always puts up a good fight, Tom Steel!"

Amber was wearing a black leather corset and panties, black leather boots and gloves and had her blonde hair tied together behind her head. She also wore a utility belt with some additional equipment.

In the opposite corner, Tom was standing completely naked. He felt very exposed and vulnerable with having no clothes on and wrestling a woman who was wearing a dominatrix outfit.

As the fight was about to start, Tom was given the pill that contained the drug. He swallowed it down with some water from his water bottle and the wrestlers then got ready to start.

The bell rang, signalling the start of the fight.

Tom knew that the drug was going to effect him soon and that he had to act quickly in order to score points while he was still focused. He rushed towards Amber and tackled her to the mat.

"Ooph!" Amber groaned as she got the wind knocked out of her when they hit the mat with a thud. Tom remained on top as he grabbed Amber wrists and sat on her upper chest.

"What a move!" the commentator said. "Tom quickly takes charge and gets an early advantage as he now has Amber pinned to the mat."

Amber was still catching her breath as Tom then wrapped his legs around her mid section and locked them it place, securing a body scissor hold.

"The first submission attempt of the night comes early, will Amber be able to get out of this?"

"Fuck," Amber said as she felt the pressure starting to build up around her body. Her arms were still restrained by his and his weight was making it difficult to get away. She kicked her legs and tried to wiggle around beneath him. The struggle made him lose balance as well as his grip on her arms and he soon found himself beside her on the mat with his legs still locked in place. She moved around as much as she could and almost managed to get out, but the pressure was becoming too much.

"I submit!" she said, feeling shame over having been made to submit. Tom let go of the hold and the audience cheered for him.

"The first submission of the fight goes to Tom!"

The bell rang again, signalling the start of the second round.

The fighters approached each other and locked up in the middle of the ring. This time Amber got on top as they fell to the mat. She held her arms around his neck as they struggled for control. Her leg moved between his and then under them as she managed to force him into a grapevine pin.

"Ugh, no!" he grunted beneath her, feeling the tension on his legs.

"You've been a bad boy," she teased, trying to get into his head. "Bad boys need to be punished."

She raised herself up a little and looked into his eyes before slapping his face harshly with her leather covered hand. He noticed her moving around and the slap that then followed came as a surprise to him. He felt a stinging pain in his right cheek as blood was rushing to it.

"Aah! Sorry Mistress!" he cried out and then realized what he just said. The drug was getting to him and he had to try harder to resist it. ”Fuck!”

"That's a good boy," she said and laughed in surprise at this early sign of submission.

As she then slapped him again, she was also applying pressure to his legs. He struggled against her but was unable to get away. She slapped him once more before he could not stand the pain any longer.

"No! I submit!" he cried out. She let go of him and got up.

"We are now even in this exciting fight and I think that Tom is now starting to notice the effects of the drug. It will be interesting to see how this fight turns out now,” the commentator said.

The wrestlers got ready for another round. The bell rang and they started approaching each other.

The fighters once again met up in the middle of the ring. This time Amber pushed Tom towards his corner before letting go and delivering a powerful kick to his chest, making him fall backwards into his corner. Tom fell onto the bottom rope in the corner and remained in a sitting position as he was recovering from the kick.

Before Tom had time to react or recover, Amber put her black, shiny boot up against his groin and applied pressure.

"These are mine now," she said to him while slowly crushing his balls under her foot. "Your balls are mine to crush and abuse any way I want "

Even though there was a part of Tom that wanted to let her dominate him and even though he was becoming hard under her foot, he did not want her words to get to him this easily and struggled against her. He grabbed her leg and pushed it away.

Before Tom managed to get up from the ring post, Amber kicked him again. This time she hit his head and he was momentarily stunned from the impact as he fell down to the mat.

“What a kick!” the commentator said. “That might be enough to knock most people out, but not Tom!”

While Tom was recovering from the impact, facing downwards on the mat, Amber picked up a leather whip from the side of the ring and slowly approached him. Her hips moved from side to side as she walked confidently towards her stunned opponent.

“Looks like the domination is about to begin!” the commentator said.

Tom felt a weight on his head and shoulders, pushing his face into the mat, as Amber sat herself down over the back of his head and upper back.

"It's time for your punishment now," she said teasingly while stretching the whip out in her hands like she was admiring it. "You've been a bad boy."

"No!" he said from below her as he weakly tried to push her off with his hands against her legs. "Don't…"

Tom was interrupted by Amber as she delivered the first hit of the whip directly onto his bare ass. With a powerful whipping motion, the tails of the whip hit Tom's ass with a loud smacking sound.

"Ahh fuck!" Tom groaned.

"Stop resisting," Amber said. "Or I will make it even worse for you."

A second time the whip hit Tom's ass and then another. The painful treatment was quickly making it turn red.

"No! Stop!" Tom cried out in pain as another blow hit his ass.

"I would, but apparently you need this kind of treatment to understand the true meaning of female superiority," Amber said and dominantly whipped him again.

"No, please stop," he started begging. "Please, Mistress, stop."

"That's a good boy," Amber said with a smile. She knew that he was starting to break down now. “If you want me to stop, then you have to thank me for whipping you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied.

The next time the tails of the whip impacted against Tom’s ass, he cried out in pain. His red ass was becoming very sensitive from the punishment it was receiving.

“Ah! Thank you, Mistress,” he said right after the impact.

“Mm… Good boy,” Amber said softly and put the whip down to her side on the mat.

Amber grabbed a pair of handcuffs that she had attached to her belt. While still sitting over the back of Tom’s head, pinning him down, she grabbed his arms and forced them up behind his back.

“This could be it!” the commentator said. “If Ambers manages to lock Tom’s hands behind his back, this fight is officially over. If Tom wants to have a chance of winning this, he needs to act now!”

“No, don’t…” Tom cried out, realizing that she was trying to lock his hand behind his back. If she succeeded, he would be completely powerless to stop her from doing anything she wanted to him. He struggled to free himself from this restraint attempt.

“Stop struggling!” she said while locking one end of the handcuffs around his right wrist.

“No!” he said and with a lot of effort finally managed to free himself by rolling around and pushing himself out from under her legs.

“Fuck! Bad boy,” she said threateningly.

“What an escape!” the commentator said.

Tom got up to his knees and faced her. He knew he didn’t have much time before his submissive side would take over and turn him into her bitch and figured he had one last chance of taking control of the fight.

The both wrestlers met up and grabbed hold of each other. They were both trying to pin the other down and gain control.

Tom was surprised by how hard it was to force Amber down to the mat. Maybe it was because she was stronger than he had thought, or maybe it was because he subconsciously didn’t want to take control of the intimidating dominatrix he was fighting.

After a short struggle, Amber finally managed to flip Tom over onto the mat on his back and straddled his body. She grabbed his wrist and held them over his head while sitting herself down on his chest and looking deep into his eyes.

“Fuck!” Tom groaned.

“Once again, Amber takes control,” the commentator said.

“You don’t stand a chance,” she said hypnotically. “I am your superior and you are my submissive. You need to understand that.”

“No!” he said weakly.

“Stop resisting,” she said assertively. “Just let it happen. You know you want it to happen. You want to be dominated by a woman. You want me to take control of you. You want me to own you. You’re not a wrestler anymore. You’re my bitch now.”

Amber was starting to get into Tom’s head and he was now struggling less and less. He was lying beneath her and meeting her eyes while whimpering softly.

“Women are superior to men,” Amber said cockily while still sitting on top of Tom’s chest. “Accept it. Any man can and should be trained to serve women.”

As Amber noticed that Tom was becoming calmer and struggling less, she decided to take take it to the next level. While still holding his hands pinned to the mat above his head, she slowly slid herself forward onto his neck and then onto his face and sat herself down with her ass resting on his face.

“This can’t be good for Tom,” the commentator said. “A face sitting pindown at this point in the match is definitely not what he needs right now. Now that the effect of drug is growing more powerful, he needs to stay away from these kinds of domination holds if he wants to stay in this match.”

“Breathe in my divine, feminine scent,” Amber said after settling herself down on his face. Tom drew a deep breath and then exhaled. “You love this, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Tom replied beneath her ass and drew another deep breath. Getting treated like this by a dominant woman was making his submissive side take over.

“That’s it, that’s a good boy,” she said and giggled.

Amber sat atop the face of her opponent who was eagerly sniffing her ass, inhaling her venomous smell with each breath and getting deeper and deeper into the submissive mindset.

“Tom does not seem to be struggling anymore,” the commentator said. “This is not a good sign for those that where rooting for him to win this fight. I suspect that the way Amber has dominated him has finally forced him into a completely submissive state.”

Amber kept sitting on Tom’s face for a while and observed his movements. He seemed to be calm and non resisting. His cock had become hard from having Ambers ass on his face and it was occasionally twitching, letting her know that he was very sexually aroused. After about a minute of this, she was feeling confident that he was not going to try to fight her anymore.

Amber got up from her defeated opponent.

She grabbed his hair and made him get up to his feet as well and then grabbed his neck and pulled him in close. She then drove her knee into his naked, vulnerable balls with force. He took the hit to his balls with a yelp and would likely have fallen down had he not been held up by her arms around him.

“Ouch!” the commentator said. “That’s gotta hurt!”

"Thank you Mistress," he then said in an act of submission and Amber giggled at her defeated opponent. The drug seemed to have hit it's peak effectiveness and Tom was now in a state of total submission to the woman he was supposed to be fighting.

“I think Tom just thanked Amber for kneeing him in the nuts,” the commentator said. “This just proves what I suspected, Tom has now entered the submissive state.”

"That's a good boy," Amber purred as she prepared another strike to his balls. "Let Mommy take take of those balls of yours."

Amber delivered another knee to her opponent's balls and he cried out in pain.

"Aahh! Thank you Mommy," he said to the delight of Amber and she giggled in delight.

"Have you had enough?” Amber asked. "Are you going to be a good boy? Have I tamed you?"

"Yes, Mommy," he replied.

"Good boy," she said and drove her knee into his balls yet again with a sadistic smile. This time he fell to the floor as he cried out in pain and Amber stood victoriously over her defeated opponent.

"On your hands and knees, bitch," Amber said to her opponent and he got to his hands and knees.

“Come here, boy," Amber said as she picked up a collar that was on the floor

"Yes mistress," he replied and crawled over to her on his hands and knees.

Amber attached the collar around his neck and then proceeded to attach a leash to the collar. She grabbed the other end of the leash and pulled it, forcing his head in close to ho her thigh.

"I'm done with you, bitch boy,” she said. “There’s only one thing left for you to do now. I want you to submit yourself to me and all women by acknowledging a simple fact: that women are superior to men."

"Umm… Yes, Mistress," he replied with hesitation. It was very mean of her to demand him to do this degrading act of submission. He knew that if he did this, it would be the ultimate betrayal towards his own sex, the male gender.

"Say it," she commanded and the audience waited in anticipation.

“Listen to this!” the commentator said in excitement. “Could this be real? Is she really going to make him do this?”

If he said those words he would not only be declared the loser of the fight, he would also be degraded to a true submissive male in the community. If he later wanted to join the male dominated society, his chances of being accepted would be greatly reduced.

Any man that publically acknowledged female superiority was a big thing in this female ruled society. The dominant women of the society loved it when a man did this. It was seen as the ultimate act of male submissiveness and any man that did it was forced to become a full time submissive to the first woman that claimed him, which was usually the same woman that made him do it.

“I.. I can’t…” he said weakly. “Please, don’t make me do this!”

“Say it,” she said demandingly again with a strict tone. “Admit female supremacy. Now.”

“He seems hesitant,” the commentator said. “But as we know, this is a woman that does not take no for an answer. However. we have to keep in mind that this is something that most men would never want to do, even in their most submissive state.”

"Women… Women are superior to men," he finally said submissively with his head pulled against her thigh and the audience erupted in cheers.

“He did it!” the commentator exclaimed. “He admitted female supremacy! Ladies and gentlemen, this man, who was just one hour ago an accomplished wrestler, has just been transformed into a submissive slave on the mat right in front of our eyes! This is something we don’t see every day! I think this will be a warning to any man that tries to go up against this woman in the future. She may be beautiful, but don’t let her looks fool you. She is a true female warrior!”

As the man was still resting his head against the side of her thigh, she raised her hands into the air in victory and met the cheers of the audience.

Tom couldn’t believe what he had just did. This viciously dominant woman had just made him into her bitch, and even though he didn’t want to admit it, he loved the thought of it.

When she was done flexing for the crowd, Amber grabbed Tom’s leash and assertively starting walking him around inside the wrestling ring. She was parading around the ring with him crawling behind her on his hands and knees. Her mesmerizing ass was swinging from side to side in front of his face as he crawled behind her.

“You like the sight of my superior ass, slave?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied. “I love it.”

“Good,” she said. “In that case I will let you get a closer look.”

She stopped and stepped over the leash that was attached to the dog collar around his neck. Now, the leash was between her legs and as she pulled it tightly, his face was forced against her ass. She started walking again and Tom was forced to follow her around in the ring in this humiliating position with his face tightly pressed against her ass.

“I can’t believe it! She’s still not done!” the commentator said. “This once proud fighter has been humiliated, degraded and turned into a submissive slave before the eyes of the entire audience, and Amber still wants to humiliate him even further. Even after making him admit female supremacy, she is now making him follow her around on all fours while sniffing her ass like a dog in heat!”

Tom’s exposed cock had grown hard and was now twitching and leaking pre cum onto the mat for everyone to see. He knew that what she was putting him through was going to significantly lower his rank in the society, but in the heat of the moment, he could only focus on the sight and scent of her sexy, leather clad ass right in front of his face.

“Women are superior to men,” he thought to himself.

For more stories like this, check out fightswitch on patreon.

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Super hot story, love seeing his submissive nature take over
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