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Default Re: Real sister vs brother match account (NO FICTION)

I noticed I missed some questions, I'll try to answer them

Originally Posted by del [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
It sounds like you were lucky to avoid most fights with the bigger, stronger girls.
I often had friendly tussles with one of them. Many semi-friendly minifights with another one. Another two preferred to intimidate me with their menacing look without fights, I wasn't actually their main target. Though they liked to beat some nerds like Andrey (I have already given examples earlier). The remaining two weren't warlike at all.

So yes, I was lucky to avoid real troubles with them. Some guys weren't that lucky.

There were also 2 girls in my grade 7 who were not tall, average height, but very fat and hopelessly out of shape. They were a bit shorter than me, but heavier than any boy, and they could beat most of boys at that age, using only their overwhelming weight superiority. All boys and most girls were about 40kg or 40+ kg at the time, and they were 64kg, and barely bigger than 1.5m (5'1'' or so). It seemed a gigantic weight to us then. One of them was very kind and didn't fight at all, and another one was very stupid fat pig bitch from a dysfunctional family. She had the worst temper in the whole class, she was terribly envious, and she constantly had conflicts with everyone around her.

She was especially envious of intelligent students who were way better than her, no matter boys or girls. This constantly manifested itself in her behavior in the worst possible way. But she didn't like other people either.

I was constantly a victim of her black envy too and regularly had problems with her. A couple of times she beat and humiliated me in front of the whole class. She was waaaaaaaay stronger. But I was not afraid of her at all and resisted as fiercely as I could. And I insulted her too. My only feeling for her was contempt. And the whole class cheered for me looking at my beating, so it didn't even damage my reputation, but on the contrary, improved it.

She looked very unattractive so nobody even perceived her as a girl.

Originally Posted by del [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Would you mind describing a fight that you did have with one of these girls?
I described the most interesting example in my story "Russian Amazons", chapter 13. I quote from there:
It’s the girl named Marina, the tallest and strongest girl of my grade.

I think I have to tell more about this girl here. We lived in the same big building in the city, more than 100 meters apart (it was an ordinary new ten-story building with 200 flats and more than 600 inhabitants). She was the tallest girl and much taller than any boy in our grade. Now she is an adult woman and her height is about 180 - 183 cm. She is normal slender woman now and she was slender girl at the time, however being the tallest kid in the grade made her the strongest too at that age. Even at 10 (our 5th grade) she was about 155 – 157cm (5 – 7 cm bigger than me), and after that the girls grew faster than the guys, so she was about 170 – 172cm at 12yo (7th grade), about 14cm bigger than me and much bigger than any boy and girl. She was invincible in basketball games, no matter against boys or girls; and she could run faster than any kid. She was quite beautiful and she had clearly visible breasts during our 7th grade, and people said she was almost a woman among us children.

She was kind and funny and we always got along well. We both knew who is physically superior, and she liked to emphasize her height/strength advantage over me, but it was all in a joking manner. Shortly before that summer, in May 2000, she even made me dance with her at a school disco. When I say “she made me” I literally mean this. The DJ turned on some fun song, if I remember correctly it was Aqua “Barbie girl”, as Marina came to me and said “go dance together!” I refused because I was quite shy, and also I was embarrassed because she would dwarf me. However she just grabbed my hands and brought me to the center of the hall using her brute force, so that I felt even more embarrassed.

By then, girls began to visit my dreams more and more, and Marina was there very often. We usually wrestled, she straddled me and kept me helpless in different positions.
I have to add one funny detail here. One of my girl classmates , who witnessed this, later said something like: "Beware, today she forced you to dance with her, and tomorrow she will force you into the women's toilet with her." This remark was daaaaaaamn humiliating and pierced my very heart, so I couldn't forget this for a long, long time.
The girl who said this was very kind, our mutual friend, and she said it out of friendly intentions, but I was fucking embarrassed.

This incident and the words of this girl influenced me so strongly that later I even had wet dreams in which Marina dragged me to the women's toilet. It sounds ridiculous, but it shows how important little things are at this age.

Added after 1 19 minutes:

Originally Posted by del [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
What is it about these stories of your school days that still grabs you the most today?
There were quite a lot of them, I gave one of them above.

Another of those 6 tall strong girls named Lena (Elena as adult). For a long time she was my deskmate. In Russia, all school desks are designed for 2 people sitting side by side in 99% of cases. So we were sitting together at the desk for 2 years in most lessons (grade 5-6). She was quite good personality (and she still is), we get along well, and we always had semi-friendly tussles too.

In 6-7 grade she was 5cm taller and stronger than me. She beat some guys, for example Andrey. But she didn’t hit me, she was just having fun. For example, she pushed my chair with her foot and pushed me out from behind the desk along with the chair. And I couldn't go back, she was too strong for me. She repeated this from time to time, not during lessons, but during breaks, when there were no teachers. She also always liked to mention that she is taller and bigger than me, and therefore she owns more than half of the desk. She measured for herself about 55% -60% of the desk and said that it belongs to her. She wouldn't let me put my books, notebooks and pens on "her" part. I always said it was unfair, but she had her girl power as an argument, so I was powerless to change that. But overall, our relationship was good. Some nerd guys (like Andrey, the headmaster's son) suffered a lot more from her, she literally wrestle him down.

One day he annoyed her (I don't remember how exactly), and she wrestled him down in front of the whole class and pinned him with her chair. She straddled him and pressed the chair to his chest and neck until he apologized. All kids laughed at him as usual. She made him say something like "I'm sorry" (Я больше не буду, it literally means "I promise not to annoy you anymore"). He was embarrassed, but he used to it, he was always bullied by boys and girls. He was nerd, but overweight and stronger than me, so at the moment I was fascinated. I watched it with trepidation and I realized how really strong this girl was. I realized that I was very lucky that we got along with her.

In grade 9 she was already so much smaller than me, and smaller than my 7grader sister, so it was really amazing. She was so powerful 2 years ago and so weak now.

Most of my grade 7 I had another girl deskmate named Lola, half-Russian half-Uzbek origin, very cheerful and very beautiful girl. She had a crush on me and she was much more comfortable for me than Lena. She was a bit smaller than me in grade 5-6 and she caught me up in grade 7, but not passed me, and she was about the same strength as me, so she could beat some weak boys, but not strong and average boys. She was a very good actress, she could act as strong-willed girl and could act as submissive, as the case may be.

On the very first day she became my deskmate she tried to get the upper hand right away and give me orders, in a very confident tone. She wasn't that real sort of dominant bitch, though I could say she is a natural leader, and that's all. I suppose she decided to just try it, and if I obeyed her, it would just be more comfortable for her. I wasn't too strong boy, so why not. She gave her orders with a great confidence and strong will, but I immediately said she is not my owner and she should go fuck herself. And she immediately fell in love with me. I was very surprised at this metamorphosis. As a result, she was a very comfortable classmate for me.

What would happen if I just played along with her? Well, obviously, then she would not have fallen in love with me, and vice versa, she would have turned me into her subordinate boy for the entire 7th grade. She was quite psychologically gifted and loved different experiments. Damn it, she even experimented trying to control some guys sexually in 7th grade, including me. But here I am afraid to break the rules of the forum and I will not mention the details. If anyone is interested you can PM me. She didn’t actually do anything illegal or anything like that. She was just a good psychologist and experimentator.

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