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Default New story: Female Martial Arts Justice

Hi all, this is the first chapter of a story about a young female martial expert seeking revenge a clan of gangsters. You can find the second chapter of this story on my blog
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Female Martial Arts Justice
(Pt.1 of 5)
by Kicked72
She was just a little child when the evil crime boss and his gangsters attacked her family’s home. The mafiosi were seeking revenge on her mother and father, two high profile investigators who had just prevented the mobsters from finalizing an important drug deal. The boss decided to counterattack as viciously as he could: by bribing corrupted police officers, he discovered the true identity and home address of the secret agents. The mafioso put together a commando of his most ruthless sicarios to attack the family home of the couple: he joined the expedition himself to show the two agents - and other potential enemies - how merciless and determined he was in crushing whoever stood between him and his illegal trafficking. The attack took the family by surprise: despite being largely outnumbered they put up a heroic resistance, taking out several gangsters. It was all in vain though: the criminals managed to capture the husband and wife and two of their three children. Luckily, their third child - a little girl who was just 9 years old – managed to find refuge in a secret room of the house: she had been instructed by her parents to hide there in case of danger. From a loophole the little child had to see with her own eyes all the violence and perversity of the Boss unleash on her family. It was an absolutely traumatizing experience for her: everyone including her older brother and sister, was atrociously tortured and slaughtered. Before being killed by the brutish mafiosi the women were also brutally raped. The Boss knew that one of the couple’s daughters was missing: his henchmen searched for her all over the house to no avail. Finally, the boss decided to set the entire house on fire so that the missing little girl would burn alive with it.

The little child managed to escape the arson: luckily, the secret room had an escape tunnel which led outside, right in the middle of the woods surrounding the house. Hidden behind a tree, she watched her house burn with all the members of her family inside. She also saw the gangsters laugh and scream, celebrating the atrocious crime they just committed, before driving away from the scene of the crime. She was now alone, the only survivor of a terrible massacre. This had left a permanent scar on her soul: a deep wound that could only be healed by revenge. Her only goal in life became bringing savage retribution on the Mafiosi. She felt that only killing the boss and all the gangsters who had participated to the extermination of her family with her own hands could ever quench her thirst for justice and revenge. To pursue her goal she spent the rest of her childhood and teenage years perfecting lethal martial arts fighting skills. She went under police protection and had to change her identity: she was adopted by a wealthy family who brought her up giving her the best education a girl could possibly dream of. Her adoptive family was also really supportive of her passion for the most effective martial arts disciplines, even if she never spoke to them about her desire to eliminate the responsibles for her tragedy singlehandedly. During her teenage years, as she was growing up to become a stunningly beautiful woman, she travelled the entire globe to learn all the most devastating fighting techniques from the strongest and most respected masters: at the end of her training, before she left each school, she made sure that she had become stronger than all her male senseis. She proved it by defeating each one of them before saying goodbye to their dojos and move on to other schools and masters. Her deadliest weapon were kicks: they were so lethal that she became famous in the fighting sports community for being able to defeat any adversary by using only her feet. Now she had just turned 21. She was now a full grown woman, as well as one of the deadliest martial artists in the world. She was finally ready to begin her journey to justice.

Since the beginning, she knew way too well that she was going after someone who deserved no mercy and she was not going to show him none. Fueled by a cold rage, she was going to be ruthless in her retribution. She started by eliminating all the crime lord’s side men one by one. She then killed all his soldiers, sometimes facing several dozens of them at a time: she vanquished numerous groups of well-armed gangsters singlehandedly. She took particular care in making those who had participated in the attack to her house suffer the longest, just before killing them with her deadly feet. Of course, before inflicting the final blow she would reveal her identity to the desperate men she had just defeated. Seeing the mafiosi shocked reaction when they realised who she was had become the most satisfying aspect of her revenge: not only they had been defeated in combat by a female but they were dying at the feet of a woman who once was the harmless little child they thought they had burned alive. It was a terminal blow for their misogynistic egos. She often made them beg for their life, before killing them mercilessly. It was surreal to see once feared mafia men kiss the feet of a young girl, asking for mercy, only to be crushed to death by those pretty female soles.
Another weapon in her arsenal was mystery. Nobody had survived her so far, so no one could reveal her physical appearance to the Boss. The chief had not the slightest idea of the name, let alone the looks, of this unstoppable mysterious warrior who was slaughtering all his accomplices. The only thing he knew is that no firearms had been used in the systematic elimination of his henchmen so far: apparently the only weapon that this unstoppable killing machine was using to destroy his giant crime organization were hands and, especially, feet. Indeed, to further humiliate her defeated opponents, the female executioner had stamped her bloody bare footprints all over their bodies and faces: she was literally walking over the bodies of her enemies to get to the Boss. But the chauvinistic macho gangster would never believe that this mysterious assassin could ever be a ‘she’. His mafia clan was one of the biggest in the world with more than two hundred and fifty soldiers: now only 5 of them were still alive, including the Boss himself. It was impressive and scary to think that 245 feared criminals had been slaughtered by one single unstoppable -and unarmed - killing machine. When almost all of his most trusted compadres had been found dead, the boss got really scared. It was a new feeling for him: he was used to terrorize people from a position of power and privilege and now he was the one being chased and forced to run from danger. That was exactly what the young female avenger wanted: she wanted him to develop a profound fear and utter terror for a mysterious power that could destroy him at any time. She wanted the boss to experience what his victims had been going through because of him. Only then she would finally reveal herself to him: she knew that the simple realisation of having been terrified, weakened and cornered by a young woman would destabilize his misogynistic mind in their final confrontation. And then she would kill him by slowly demolishing every part of his manly body with her deadly female feet.

Fearing for his own life, the middle-aged boss had gone into hiding since a few weeks now: he escaped to a luxurious house set in a secret location from which he was having almost no contact with the outside world. It seemed like a perfect hiding place and he almost felt safe there. However, just like any man, the boss had a weakness…and he was going to pay a very high price for it. He was a sex addict: as such he could not resist the urge to call girls over to his place to cater for his many fetishes. The young and smart female martial arts avenger managed find out about his foe's sordid habit. She cleverly managed to hack the website/mobile number of the contact person that the gangster was using to book the girls. Eventually, she intercepted one of his calls. It was a very strange feeling for the young woman to hear the voice of the man that she had been chasing for her entire life: the last time she had heard that voice was 12 years ago, during the fateful night of her family’s massacre. However, with steely determination the female avenger managed to stay in character. They arranged for one of the few mafioso’s henchmen who was still alive to come and pick her up and drive her to the secret villa for their sexual encounter: obviously, the criminal did not know that his nemesis was on the other side of the line. Being a chauvinist macho pig he would never suspect that the mighty destroyer of his evil empire of crime could be a sexy voiced girl. The boss was in for a big surprise, the final one of his vile existence.


The young female martial arts avenger drove her mini-van to the spot where one of the Boss’s henchmen was already waiting to pick her up and drive her to the villa in luxury car. She was wearing high heel shoes, black pantyhose and a very short dark blue Chinese dress. The lower ends of her mini dress had a slit on both sides so that she could kick her legs as high as she wanted…When the big mafioso henchman got to the pickup place, he could not help but gasp at the incredible beauty of the boss’s date. She was blonde and her stunning face features, heightened by a short haircut, resembled closely those of actress Scarlett Johansson. Being 174 cm tall though, her slender but athletic body could have belonged to a young Milla Jovovich: her perfectly shaped legs seemed to go on for miles. The man thought she was the most perfect woman he had ever seen. On the other hand, the gangster was fat and balding man in his forties: it took a lot of imagination to believe that this superior specimen of female beauty and the beastly gangster both belonged to the human race… Aroused and excited, the mafioso kept sweating profusely while he was searching the sexy young woman with his hands to make sure she had no smart phones or any other tracking devices on her: ‘Go any further and you will have to pay’ - the woman told him as his hands were going up and down her shapely legs - ‘and I’m pretty sure you can’t afford me, slimeball’. For a moment the man was taken aback by the girls’ defiant remark.‘Shut up bitch!’, he replied unimaginatively, then she blindfolded the woman and pushed her in the backseat of the car. During the ride the mafioso immediately addressed the girl with the customary threats he reserved to all the call-girls that he drove to the villa: ‘As you know, all this must stay secret. If you ever speak to anyone about tonight, I will hunt you down and kill you personally… - He paused and smirked - but first I am gonna have fun with you, it would be a waste not to take advantage of a super-hot chick like yourself before wasting you…’.The girl replied confidently: ‘Don’t worry no one will know about what will go down tonight’.‘Good for you’- the man said -‘We are a very dangerous organisation and we will get you anywhere if you don’t behave, woman’. ‘Oooh, I know’ the girl answered with a smile, maliciously pretending to be impressed. She could not help but feel amused thinking about how easy it had been for her to dismantle the ‘dangerous organisation’ that this dumb mafioso was boasting about: she knew very well that very little was left of it and that the gangster was bluffing to terrorise her.

During the trip, the man kept looking at the rearview mirror to check the incredibly sexy woman in the backseat. ‘Oh my god, you’re so hot’- he couldn’t help but exclaim looking at her sexy legs covered in black pantyhose – ‘Among the many bitches I have taken to the boss you are certainly the hottest one. Make sure my chief enjoys you and maybe he will let me take a ride over you as well after he’s done’.

The young woman smirked sassily and replied - ‘You can rest assured: I’ll make sure you and the boss will never forget this’. Once she said that, the blindfolded girl slipped off one of her black open-toed high heel shoes and extended her leg over to the drivers’s seat. Her calf was resting on the top edge of the seat, beside the henchman’s head and her foot was hanging right under the gangster’s lips. Initially, the gangster was surprised and upset by the girl’s bold move: ‘What the fuck are you doing, you filthy whore? Take that foot back or I’ll fucking cut it off!’ he yelled. The blindfolded girl did not obey, on the contrary: she just smiled and kept dangling her sexy size 9 in front of the sweaty fat man’s lips with a bratty attitude. After a few seconds, being a closet female foot fetishist like most men, the middle-aged gangster just couldn’t resist the allure of that inviting foot. He started sniffing and kissing it passionately, getting inebriated with the texture of the pantyhose and the smell of the young woman’s incredibly sexy foot.

The girl smirked at the man’s predictable behavior. During the last ten months, since she began her systematic extermination of the mafiosi, she had been using these teasing techniques several times to lure and confuse the gangsters. Invariably, they were all weak and lustful men and most of them were rabid foot fetishists. It was a pleasure to beat and kill them with the same sexy feet with which she had been teasing them: it showed how women could easily overpower men mentally, sexually and physically. This gangster was not going to be an exception to the rule: actually, even if she was blindfolded she already had him wrapped around her finger…or around her toes, as it would be more appropriate to say in this case.

‘Easy big boy’- the young woman said to the middle aged criminal as he was still intent at tasting her shapely foot - ‘And please keep your eyes on the road and both your hands upon the wheel’. Among moans of pleasure the stupid mafioso was holding the car’s wheel with one hand while the other was already stroking his groin through his trousers. His mouth was going up and down the woman’s stockinged foot in a morbid sexual frenzy.

‘Control yourself, douchebag! I don’t want you to dirty up my precious foot with your disgusting saliva’. As soon as she said that, the young woman playfully kicked the man under the chin with her big toe. She then wiped her foot on the man’s large red cheeks. Finally, she took back her foot as the man was still breathing heavily. ‘Hey slimeball, don’t forget that I am your boss’s prerogative tonight and not yours. Or do you want him to be angry at you when I tell him what happened during this ride? And besides, I am a high class lady and I only entertain very important people. Servants and slaves like yourself are barely qualified to kiss my feet: you should feel grateful to me for allowing you this privilege. Now show some professionalism: cool down, shut up and just get me to your master. However, you have my permission: if you want, you can wank about my foot later...’ - she smiled – ‘But maybe you'll have to ask permission to your boss even to have lonely a wank about one of his date’s feet. Hahaha…– the blindfolded girl laughed. After having been insulted, teased, denied and ridiculed the triggered man couldn’t take it anymore. Banging his hand on the wheel and foaming at the mouth he started screaming: ‘You are such a whore, you really are a proper bitch!!! How dare you speak to me like that? You don’t know who I am and what I am capable of!!! I am going to fucking kill you sooner than you think!!!’

Unbeknownst to the gangster, the young woman was very well aware of who her driver was and what he had done: the man had become much fatter and had lost most of his hair now but, as soon as the martial arts executrix had reached the pick-up place, she had recognised him as one of the men who had participated to the slaughter of her family. She already knew what she was going to do to him very soon. She only had to wait for the right moment to strike.

‘I will have those feet in my groin before tonight is over, whore!’ The man kept on bragging.

‘Do not worry, that can be arranged’ the blindfolded woman smirked in reply ‘But you should always be very careful of what you wish for, big boy…’

The man was confused: he was angered by the fearless attitude of this sexy call girl, but at the time he was incredibly aroused by her. However, he could have never imagined that this bratty young woman was the much feared barefoot exterminator of all his fellow gangsters and that he was personally escorting such a lethal threat right into his clan’s last hiding place.


Finally, the car reached the outside gate of the villa. The man opened the big gateway with a remote control and parked inside the secret mansion’s walls. He then got out of the car and opened the rear door. She pointed a gun at the girl in the backseat and yelled: ‘We’ve arrived. Now get out bitch! It’s your time to shine’– the man joked, pathetically trying to match the girl’s punishing sarcasm. The woman did not reply and instead of getting out the car, she just stuck one of her sexy legs out of the door. One undone shoe was dangling from the toes of her foot: it was the same foot with which she had teased the gangster during the ride.

‘What is this now? Are you gonna get out or not?’- the impatient gangster yelled at her. In reply, the woman just dangled her foot a little more. Maliciously faking helplessness, she told the furious man in a whiny voice:

‘Do my shoe up, please. I can’t do it myself if I’m blindfolded. I don’t wanna stumble as I walk to the house and maybe dislocate my ankle. Your boss will be very angry at you if I get injured before I can meet him.’

The man could not believe the attitude of this whore. But there was nothing else he could do: the hooker had a point, he had to deliver her to his boss in good conditions. Just like him, the chief mafioso liked foot fetish action and he would have been very angry if her date for the night would show up with an injured foot due to the incompetence of one of his henchmen. He was scared to even think about the consequences he was going to pay for such a mishap. It was unbelievable for the gangster, this bratty beauty always seemed to have it her way with him: he just met her and she already managed to make a mockery of him, ridiculing his threats and his fetishism. Now she was making him get on his knees: what was next? If only the big man knew what was awaiting him…

So, as he kept muttering threats and insults directed at the girl, the big man got down on his knees to do the shoe up. He had to reach with his fat and clumsy hands behind her heel to lace up a leather string. As it’s typical of every man, the gangster’s brain could process just one action at the time: his eyes were now on the girl’s mesmerising foot and his chubby fingers were having a hard time doing up her sexy shoe. Concentrated on his task he could not see what the upper part of the woman’s body was doing. The big man was kneeling in front of his hostage with his head just over her lap, exposing his lardy nape to her hand strike and his nose to her lethal knee. That’s exactly what the young woman wanted him: it was time for her to spring into action. She started raising her hand to perform a karate chop to the back of the man’s head which would have rendered him immediately unconscious. At the last second though, she noticed that the man had parked right in front of a security camera…to her disappointment, she had to hold back and wait for another moment to strike…however, she did not pass this chance to further ridicule and psychologically submit the fat man kneeling at her feet. Indeed, while he was doing her shoe up the young girl casually started stroking the man’s penis with her big toe. Her shoe was open toed so she could perform her teasing easily, playfully caressing the man’s swollen gland through his trousers: the man’s penis had been painfully erect since the first second he had seen the woman, so this further provocation sent him in a further state of confusion. As his dick started to get wet with pre-cum, the man became all red in the face, his disgusting sweating increased and his difficulties in coming to terms with the leather string behind the girl’s pantyhosed heel intensified.

‘Oooh what’s up, big boy?’– The girl mocked the struggling gangster – ‘You are having an hard time lacing up a girl’s shoe? Maybe being around my foot is making you too emotional? Well actually it looks like your dick is very ready to pay homage to my foot!’ -she said as she kept on stroking his pulsating dick with her foot. She knew she was taking him to the point of no return…’However, it would be very disrespectful towards your boss if you happened to climax earlier than him tonight. If you come now, I will immediately tell your boss that you already wanted a footjob from me. I’ll tell him that you have put your own leasure before his right to have me first. How do you think he’d take this?’

The man was totally confused, he wanted to come so badly but he knew the girl was right. The boss would have killed him for that act of disrespect: Führerprinzip was sacred in the Mafia. Morevoer, it would have been impossible to convince the chauvinistic boss that a young girl had taken command of a middle aged gangster to the point of leading him to an uncontrollable orgasm almost against his will: his life would be over and his dignified legacy as a mafioso would have been forever shattered. – ‘P…p…p…lease stop– the man stuttered –Please don’t do this to me...’

The girl laughed at the humiliating state in which she had reduced the gangster. She was the one being taken hostage and blindfolded while he was the one on the right side of the gun: however it was the woman who was calling the shots. She only had to move her big toe to have absolute command over him and exert total control on his destiny. ‘Ok slave– laughed the girl – me and my toe have decided to save your life: I don’t want to disrespect the mafia hierarchies: this special treatment is reserved to the boss only’ - She suddenly stopped stroking the man’s penis, painfully denying him another almost inevitable orgasm: just one more sultry caress of her pantyhosed toe to the man’s penis and he would have certainly exploded in the most powerful orgasm of his life – But hurry up with that fucking shoe! We haven’t got all night! - the woman yelled at him.

Finally, despite his shaking hands, the confusion in his mind and the pain in his groin, the denied gangster managed to secure the leather string to the girl’s heel. ‘Finally, you don’t seem to be very accustomed to girl’s garments do you? Not too many experiences maybe?- the woman sarcastically remarked – ‘However, good job. Now you only have to thank my toe for stopping before it was too late for you and saving your life'. Once she said that, the woman casually put her open toed shoe in front of the kneeling man’s lips. At this point the man was completely shocked. Was there a limit to this woman’s ability to turn the tables in her favour and humiliate him? ‘Come on, big bald douchebag! You know what you have to do! Or do you want me to speak to your boss about this embarassing episode?– Once again, the man had no choice: this young girl had him against the wall once more. And moreover her foot was too inviting for him to resist: still on his knees, he kissed her sexy toe and took his head back.

‘That’s it? - The woman replied – That’s how you express your gratitude? No, no, no! Please do this properly or else! You first have to say: ‘Thank you my lady’s merciful toe for sparing my worthless life’ and then you can kiss it.– Surprised by this further degrading demand, the man hesitated for a second – C’mon say it! We need to move forward here! – the girl yelled.

Absolutely humbled by the young woman who was supposed to be his hostage, the man complied. He hung his head down in front of her foot and uttered – T…tthank you, my lady’s merciful toe, for sparing my worthless life’. Then he devotedly kissed that pretty but all powerful female toe.

'Finally!- the lady replied – it’s so hard to get the right words out of you men sometimes: now kiss the other foot’s toe as well or it might get jealous and give you that little final stroke down there, just out of spite.I know my feet very well, they can get very capricious at times…’

The woman defiantly presented her other foot under the man’s lips: now completely overwhelmed, the middle-aged gangster repeated the humiliating formula he had been instructed to recite and then duly kissed the pantyhosed cover toe.

‘Good!- said the girl – now that we’ve settled this little matter we can go!’

Finally, the big man stood up, trying to recover whatever little control he had left over this incredible woman who just made him kiss her feet in gratitude. Completely overwhelmed by her attitude, he just couldn’t process how she had managed to submit him to this degree during the short time of a car ride. ‘Could you please get out and walk in front of me now?’ The man said. His tone had become much gentler, compared to his previous rude and menacing attitude: ‘Oohh now I am starting to like you a little more, fatso!’ the girl said exhuberantly– ‘Good manners are always appreciated when you are speaking to a lady.’ The woman got out of the car proudly and started walking on the pathway that lead to the villa’s door, while the confused gangster was stumbling behind her at very close distance, with a gun pointed to her sensual back.


The long and winding pathway leading to the house was entirely covered by a series of high wooden arches. All over and among the arches vegetation and climbing plants had grown abundantly to form a long, green tunnel which led to a little square just in front of the main house door. It was all very luxurious but also very dark at night. Under the green tunnel, the woman was walking ahead confidently, while the still confused man was plodding behind her: he was very careful and preoccupied, since this woman had already demonstrated to be fearless and totally unpredictable. Nothing could prepare the fat dude for what was going to happen though. As they were getting close to the end of the tunnel, the middle-aged gangster reached out into his jacket to get his cell phone: he called another henchman - who was inside the house - telling him to get ready to open the door to let in the girl. He put his phone back in the inside pocket of his jacket but when he looked ahead again he had a shocking surprise: the young woman was gone! She seemed to have disappeared into the night. The only thing left of her were sexy high heels, lying on the floor in front of him. Alarmed, the fat man looked to his left, to his right and behind him too: nothing. This tremendous woman seemed to have exploded into thin air: only her shoes were left, a potent reminder of her sexy footpower. ‘Damn bitch!’ the man screamed. He frantically reached back into his pocket for the phone but he had to stop because he heard a female voice just above his head.

‘Foul language again, I hear’ the voice said. The man looked right above his head and, to his shock, he could see the girl hanging perpendicularly to the floor from one of the arches. Like a gymnast, she was holding on to one of the wooden arches with her hands. Her legs were spread apart in a mid-air split position: for a second the man enjoyed a vision of her sexy underwear. She had slipped off her shoes and jumped up there in the millisecond in which the man got distracted with the phone: the wooden bar she was holding on was very high but she had leapt up there effortlessly.‘Are you looking for me?’– the girl said tauntingly looking down on the shocked man – ‘Well I guess you found me’. The gangster did not even have the time to point his gun at her because the girl slammed her legs together with incredible force. To the left and to the right of the gangster’s head, the heels of her pantyhosed feet impacted with the fat man’s temples with tremendous force. Almost as if he got shot by lighting the man’s body stood rigid and stiff for a second and then collapsed to the floor, lying on his back. Still hanging perpendicularly to the floor the girl smiled in satisfaction. She effortlessly managed to knock the big man out while she was still blindfolded: all those years of zen-like training were paying off. Then she abandoned her grip on the wooden arch and let gravity do the rest: even if she could not see, she easily managed to land with both feet right on the man’s face, forever crushing his facial bones. The terrified man could see her pretty size 9 soles coming down on his face until he felt the tremendous impact on his cheekbones, nose and jaws, which were immediately fractured. He tried to scream but nothing came out of his lungs. Moreover the girl’s feet standing on his face prevented him from opening his mouth. ‘Ok now it’s time to take this off, what do you think?- The girl said removing her blindfold. Wow, it’s nice here! – she said looking around with childlike enthusiasm. Then she addressed the man suffering beneath her feet ‘Hey you might be wondering why you can’t speak, scream or move’– the girl said, like a primary school teacher talking to her class – ‘Well, that’s because I have just executed a double hammer kick to your temples. The impact of my heels on your head has caused an immediate breakdown of your nervous system, blocking all your movements and depriving you of most of your physical abilities. You will not be able to move, speak or walk anymore for the rest of your life. Don’t worry too much about it though, that will amount to a very short time anyway. However, you can still hear, see and, most importantly suffer. And that’s when the fun starts, well at least for me.’- The girl laughed while the man spread his eyes in terror under her feet - ‘you see, this is one of the main differences between me and you: I can demolish you and thrash you around with my kicks because I am a free woman. On the other hand you are just a servant, a slave and you must ask permission to your boss even for kissing my feet or for getting a footjob.'– the woman said – ‘Speaking of which…I know that you are loving my soles on your face because you are a foot fetishist, but now I must descend from you because I need to take you somewhere more intimate to finish this, if you don’t mind.’ Having said that, she stepped off the man’s face and started kicking his body, making it roll over to the side of the archway among the woods. Once there she put one foot on the man’s neck and said ‘Now that we have some privacy let me ask you a question: do you remember these people? From a little fold in her tight minidress, she took out passport sized pictures of her entire family, including herself as a 9-years old and showed them to the terrified gangster- Well of course you do, don’t you? Well I am the one you could not find, the little girl you thought you had burned alive. I could see what you did to my family, I could see it all! – she hissed - I am here for retribution. It is me, I am the one who has killed all your fellow Mafiosi: it’s been a pleasure to crush them slowly under my feet. – The man was in total shock: he had just found out that the youngest daughter of the secret agent’s family had survived and that she turned into the merciless killer who had slaughtered their entire clan with her kicks. He also realised that he had been fooled and outsmarted by this formidable woman way beyond what he actually believed. The lady continued: ‘Those who – like yourself - have slaughtered my parents are the ones to whom I have inflicted the most intense and prolonged suffering. My only regret is that I cannot make you suffer for as long as I originally planned to. Tonight I must get your boss and, as I said before, I can’t waste my time with you. However, growing up without my parents turned me into a very resourceful girl. I have thought of a funny game that will keep you suffering atrociously for a fair amount of time, while I take care of your chief.'

As soon as her speech ended, the martial arts executrix jumped with both feet on the man’s groin, crushing his still erect penis and his swollen balls. Standing on the man’s crotch she started pumping her feet on his genitals alternatively, like she was marching on the spot: she looked like a woman making wine in the traditional way, crushing grapes under her feet. ‘You said you wanted to have my feet in your groin tonight right? I told you that it could be arranged. Well here they are, you are welcome to my feet. See? I always keep my word! - the beautiful young woman took a little pause and then she added - I was not joking when I said careful what you wish for though’. She clenched her perfect teeth in concentration, as her feet were pummeling the man’s genitalia to a pulp. The man underneath her lethal feet was experiencing unbelievable levels of pain but he could not utter a word let alone move a muscle. The young girl’s thundering double hammer kick had caused a total paralysis to the middle aged gangster’s body. Inside his brain and all over his body however the pain was as loud as hell.

When the woman felt nothing but a squishy pulp under her feet, she stopped her alternate pummeling action. For good measure though she kicked between the mafioso’s legs a few times and then she jumped again to execute the definitive double stomp kick to his groin. When her meticulous castration of the man beneath her was completed she stopped to take a breath and to inspect her work. Her nylon covered feet were now resting in a little pool made of blood, various disgusting organic liquids which had emerged from the man’s squashed genitals and semen. Yes, the man was so much under the sexual spell of this young woman’s feet that he had managed to come despite the destruction that was being brought to his genitals. His repeatedly denied climax finally happened in death, even if he paid the highest price for it: Eros and Thanatos were deeply interconnected in this young executrix experience. The young woman shook her head in disbelief even if by now she got used to this: almost all the men that she had killed with her feet had been found with semen stains in their pants. As thet died, having been estroyed in their ego, bodies and mind by a sexy woman, these men couldn't help but paying the most spontaneous and instinctive homage that their simple phisiology could come up with to celebrate the superiority of this perfect angel of retribution. ‘There you are you got the footjob you wanted so bad, you filthy fetishist’ she hissed at him. ‘Goodbye now - she told him - I am off to greater things. You will stay here and suffer in silence. From the amount of blood you are losing down there, I predict that you still have a few hours of hellish pain in front of you. If you are lucky, you’ll be dead by sunrise: for what you'd done, I should have made you suffer for a much longer time but that’s all that I can do for you tonight. If there'a an afterlife, you can rest assured that I will hunt you down there too and make sure you will get all your dues. For now, enjoy your pre-death by castration agony, scumbag!’

The paralysed man just laid there like a vegetal among vegetals, his eyes wide open as a universe of unparalleled suffering was burning inside of him. As the young girl had predicted he would be dead by sunrise after hours of unspeakable suffering which to him would feel like years. In the meantime, the executrix adjourned her mafia dudes kill count. Since the beginning of her journey, the bald chauffeur was her kill number 246.


As soon as she had finished addressing the dying scumbag under her feet, the girl’s attention was attracted by a sound coming from the big wooden door of the villa.

The mafioso which had been warned by the chauffeur about the call girl’s arrival had walked out the door to inspect the entrance pathway. Too many minutes had passed since the driver’s had called him. Suspecting that something might have gone wrong, he started walking down the archway armed with an electric torch and a shotgun.

As he cautiously inspected the premises, the man started shouting the chaffeur’s name ‘Mario, everything’s ok? Mario, where are you?’. Mario could not respond because he had been purposedly and completely been paralysed and forever made mute by the martial arts avenger. However the girl realised she had another problem: her shoes were still there, in the middle of the stone path under the archway. She had to act swiftly to prevent the mafioso from calling the general alarm and informing the boss. Moving fluidly like a shadow in the dark, she left the bush under which she was hiding to spring into action.

When the mafioso reached the middle of the arched stone pathway, he found the pair of sexy female shoes down on the floor. It was a clear sign that something was not right. He began searching for his cellphone to call his other mates and the boss but he suddenly stopped when he heard the sound of very fast shoeless steps coming towards him from the other end of the stone pathway, which was completely dark. As the speed of the steps intensified and their sound became louder and louder, he pointed the torch in the direction of the noise but as soon as he did that the sound stopped: all that the man managed to do afterwards was to acknowledge that two pantyhosed covered feet were flying towards him. The young woman had walked back a few meters on the pathway and started running in the dark towards the mafioso: when he pointed his torch towards her it was too late for him. She had already jumped in the air to perform an explosive double kick to his chest. Her slender and athletic body was perfectly parallel to the ground as her nylon covered feet hit the mafioso’s chest with tremendous force and precision. Still wet from the castration of the chauffeur, her soles left two bloody footprints on the man’s white shirt: most importantly, the impact of the young woman’s double kick drove the man’s ribs straight through his chest and heart, piercing several vital organs. The power of the kick sent the man flying across the pathway until he landed under a small stone wall in the garden. He found himself in a sitting position, with his head and back now leaning against the wall. It was a perfect hiding point also for the girl, so she slid besides him. Quickly, she adjusted herself in a comfortable position so that her upper back and neck were lying against the wall and her lower back was resting on the floor: in this way she could extend her right leg sideways to her left, where the shell-shocked young man was sitting and coughing blood. As soon as she was ready, the girl kicked to the side and drove her right foot under the gangster’s chin: with extreme precision her big toe hit the man right in his Adam’s Apple. With her kick, she sent the guy’s Adam Apple right in the back of this throat, cutting his air supply and preventing him to speak or scream. She kept her toe pressed against his Adam Apple as she addressed the blessed man. ‘Hi– she told him with one of her irresistible smiles –Do you come here often? This is my favourite spot too!- She added sarcastically – OK, let’s be serious, at this point you might have understood who I am. My feet have already introduced me to you, so to speak. Let me explain you briefly what they have just done to you. With my flying double kick I have driven your ribs through your lungs and heart. You will die as soon as your lungs are completely filled with blood: not nice, I’m telling you. Alternatively, you will die from your heart collapsing, which is preferable for you, if you ask me.’ Tears started running on the man’s cheeks, as he heard his death sentence coming from the inviting lips of the beautiful executrix. Sitting beside him, with a sexy leg stretched across her body to keep her toe pressuring under his chin, the girl was intensely looking at his face with her beautiful green eyes. The dying mafioso was very young: more or less he was the same age as his executrix. There was no way that he could have taken part to the massacre. However he had made the wrong life choice of joining the mafia and partaking in the boss’s hideous activities. It was clear that, since most of his most trusted man had already been eliminated, the boss was now employing young, unexperienced recruits to protect himself. Undeterred, the girl continued her casual explanation: ‘There’s more though: with my toe on your Adam's Apple I’m currently blocking your capacity to speak so that you are not tempted to scream for the pain or to call for help. Also, I’m partially blocking your breathing, another thing that will lead you to death soon. By the way your Adam's Apple has been just pulverized: not that you will need it for much longer’ she said with a matter-of-factly tone. She liked to target specific male features with her kicks: it made men feel more vulnerable and genetically inferior to women.

As she was telling these terrible things to the dying mafia boy, she was speaking calmly almost as if she was talking to a friend who she had met on a lunch break among college classes. Looking at them from a distance they could be mistaken for a young couple lying against a short wall to kiss and exchange cuddles…Unfortunately, for the boy that was not the case. However, the Executrix could not help but notice that the mafia boy she had just wasted was also very handsome. ‘You are very good looking and you must be more or less my age: I could have dated you if you weren’t a shitty mafioso!’she told him with a hint of regret, as she pushed her toe harder on his Adam’s Apple to remark her disappointment.

Then she picked up a passport sized picture of her sister and showed it to him: ‘She was really pretty too, don’t you think?’. She was almost the same age as you and me when the men from your clan raped, disfigured, mutilated and killed her. Then they burned her body. When they found her body, no one was able to recognise her. Only the forensic police was able to identify her. She was my sister. You were not there but perhaps your uncle, your cousin or your father have taken part to the massacre. Who knows? In these retarded Mafia clans you are all related. The Family is important as you always say. And anyway, even if you are not related to any of these men you deserve what’s happening to you just for being part of this. We all have a choice and you made the wrong one. My sister and my brother had nothing to do with the feud between my parents and your clan but your men killed them anyway’. She took a pause before continuing.

‘So here’s what I am going to do to you next: I’m going to kick your face relentlessly until no-one, not even your mother, will be able to recognise you. I am not mentioning your father because I have probably kicked him to death already. What do you think? I think it’s only fair because you are a fucking scumbag mafioso just like any other.’

The young man listened to the pretty girl’s speech and nodded slightly in resignated approval of his winning foe's words. She was completely right: not only she had already killed his father, but also all his older brothers, cousins and uncles. The young man was the only surviving male of his family: he had joined the Mafia driven by the a burning desire avenge his relatives and restore the honour of his clan. Clearly, things had turned out quite differently for the deluded young gangster. With utter shock, he had just discovered in the hardest possibile way that the unstoppable killing machine that exterminated all his beloved ones was a single and incredibly pretty woman. And now he was at her mercy too: she had outfought him with one single move. It was painfully clear now that this long legged young woman was the one who was going to pursue her righteous revenge and not him. Completely powerless against the immense and effortless superiority of his female opponent, the boy could only accept the shameful destiny of all the men in his once proud family: to die by and under the feet of this young woman warrior. As it always happened to all men who had given in to her, the boys' dick rose up to an inevitable erection.

'Good!'-the young woman said acknowledging both his feeble nod and his potent erection with a confident smile – 'I’m glad to know that you agree with me in more ways than one. Now get ready for a perfect storm of kicks landing on your pretty face boy!'

She removed her toe from the boy's Adam’s Apple and brought her leg 180° degrees back, almost as she was loading a catapult. She shoot the first kick to the boy’s face so hard that a cloud of blood came out on the impact. That was just the beginning though because she kicked again and again and again: like a velvety sledgehammer, the top of her pantyhosed foot was bringing absolute devastation to the pretty boy’s features. Sometimes she changed the angle of her foot to use her big toe to stab his eye sockets. Very soon both of the boy’s eyeballs started sliding on his cheeks only to be squashed under other merciless female kicks. After a series of one hundred kicks to the young boy’s face, her foot was not meeting any resistance: it felt like kicking into a clod of semi-liquid mud. What was formerly a pretty boy’s face was now a sewage of blood and organic fluids coming from the inside of his head. Incredibly, the formerly handsome young mafioso was still breathing: that only meant that he had been able to experience every single nuance of pain that the young woman’s feet had brought to him during the relentless kicking series. She was happy about that, but now she had to move on.

The executrix attentively inspected the boy's face one more time, like an artist checking the state of his work. She was satisfied with what she had accomplished. Predictably the boy had climaxed too and a huge cum stain was now clearly visible through his trousers. To complete her demolition job, the young woman finally changed position. She placed herself on all fours in front of her victim so that her perfect behind was facing the destroyed kid. She turned her head to speak to the boy for the last time. 'I am sorry -for you - that this is the only experience you will have with me darling: however you will soon join all the male pigs in your family and in your clan in hell. Down there, you and them will masturbate for eternity remembering how I killed you with my feet! So let me wish you an happy eternal wank party as I terminate your existence!'. As soon as she said that, she put one foot on the boy’s face to better identify his position and to practice her aim. Then she brought her foot back and shot an incredibly powerful mule kick to what was left of the kid's head. The young woman's heel completely disintegrated the boy's forehead while the ball of her foot split open what was left of his chin. The boy’s head exploded like it had been hit by a bazooka, leaving a rainbow of gore on the already bloodied wall. The girl’s size 9 foot went entirely through his skull to the point that it hit the wall behind it, leaving a pretty but bloody footprint into the concrete. With his head smashed in half like a pumpkin, now the young mafioso was really dead. The executrix did not admit it to herself but hers was actually an act of mercy towards the pretty young boy: with her final mule kick she saved him some more minutes of incredible pain before death. It was the first time that she shortened the suffering of one of her victims. ‘Pretty boys have all the luck!’ she thought to herself with a smirk. Finally, the young girl stood up leaving the headless corpse behind her. As she was running to get her shoes which were still lying in the middle of the stone path, she updated her score to 247 men killed. According to her estimates, she had to deal with another two gangsters before getting to the really big fish. Finally, it was time to get into the big boss house. Holding her shoes in her hands, she walked through the massive wooden door, ready to go all the way before the night was over.

(to be continued...)
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Default Re: New story: Female Martial Arts Justice

Hi all, this is the second chapter of my Female Martial Arts Justice Story. I hope you will enjoy it and please let me know what you think about it.
all my other stories can be found here (free content) [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Thank you.

Female Martial Arts Justice
(Pt. 2 of 5)

Breaking In

The young female martial arts avenger walked through the imposing wooden door of the villa with the confidence, the fluidity, and the authority of a panther. Once she got in, she found herself all alone in the middle of the huge entrance hall. In the previous days, she had studied the anti-intrusion system and the planimetry of the entire mansion with extreme accuracy, so she knew exactly where to go. She also knew that after having disposed of the first two henchmen, she wouldn’t have to face any other opponents until she reached the corridor leading to the underground bunker where the boss was hiding. After that, there was a staircase going down several steps, leading right into the bunker’s blast doors. The corridor leading to the staircase was guarded by two Mafiosi: this was the ultimate checkpoint, the last hurdle between her and the main objective of her revenge, the big boss. Before moving forwards with her plan, the young woman entered one of the villas many bathrooms and checked herself in the mirror. Demolishing the two first goons had been so easy for her that she still looked like she had just stepped out of an exclusive beauty salon. She only needed to wash her hands, straighten her mini dress a little bit and run her fingers through her beautiful dark red hair to look perfectly in order. However, she was so naturally pretty that even if she had turned up in rags, no-one would have raised an eyebrow: her hot body, perfect face and feline-like green eyes could mesmerise anyone in the space of one single look. Despite all the power kicking that she had already performed in it, her black pantyhose looked fine too. However, as she was slipping her high heels on again, she noticed that there was a little scratch on the thin nylon tissue under the sole of her pretty right foot. For a moment she pondered over a change of pantyhose: she reached for her petite crossbody purse but then she thought that after all the next two sicarios were not worth a fresh pair of nylons.
She smiled into the mirror, assumed a voluptuous sexy-lady stare again and then exited the luxurious first-floor bathroom. With sure footed confidence, she ventured into the big halls and corridors of the mansion, on her way to her inexorable revenge.

It's All in the Family

Totally unaware of what had just happened to their fellow gangsters, the last two henchmen of the boss were sitting behind the big wooden door which opened on the long corridor at the end of which there was a dark staircase which lead to the bunker were the Capo dei Capi was currently hiding. They knew they were the big boss’s last defense from the terrifying enemy that had slaughtered the entire clan, making hundreds of mafia families cry with pain and dishonor. Actually the two big men were related, and very strictly too. The oldest looking one - he was in his early fifties - was probably the Boss’s most trusted sicario.He was a big man, tall and large: he had accompanied the boss in all of his most infamous actions during his clan’s rise and reign. He was also one of the men who attacked the young martial artist’s house, abundantly partaking in the violence and abuse towards her family. Sitting in front of him, there was a much younger and fresh-faced gangster. He was the arch sicario’s son and he was not supposed to be there, at least not in his dad’s original plans. He was the Mafia man’s youngest son: as such he was destined to become a lawyer or a politician, curating the clan’s interests and protecting their affairs with corruption and bias. His three older male brothers had already become soldiers for the Clan: obviously they had been already slaughtered and humiliated by the mysterious avenger. Two uncles and several cousins of the young boy had suffered the same death too: basically, the two men guarding the corridor were not only the last two living gangsters of the clan but also the only two surviving male members of their family. However, the young boy was so full of rage and desire for revenge that his father had to accept his request to join the gang, even if he knew that this might represent the end of their name. Moreover, the clan was so desperate to recruit new fighting sicariosthat they couldn’t afford to say no. Even if he was just eighteen the young boy was ‘made’ with a quick ritual and sent out into this desperate battle against this silent and unstoppable killer. After having lost three sons the young boy’s distressed mother was desperately trying to change his son’s mind, but there was nothing she could do against the clan’s will. Despite knowing that this was very close to signing a death warrant for his only remaining child, the mafia dad was proud of his son’s choice: sentiments of revenge and hatred were considered good fuel for a soldier. After all, with classic macho delusion, the boss’s second man still entertained the thought that he was going to eventually stop and kill the mysterious bare handed exterminator. After getting rid of this problem, the Clan would rise again, he thought, and his boss would be so grateful with him: who knows maybe one day him and his son would take over and lead the clan together taking the criminal world by storm once again!
But now here they were, father and son, spending another sleepless night together to guard their boss’s security: they had been doing this for one full month now. Armed to the teeth and sitting in front of each other on two little stools, they were waiting for the big boss’s dose of sex to arrive: their task was to check the girl for microphones and arms and, at the end of the date, escort her out back to the car where the chauffeur was waiting to take her back. Sometimes, when the boss was in a funny mood, they also had to get rid of the girl’s lifeless body: after all, the boss could do what he wanted with the girls. All the prostitutes came from a world-wide sex trafficking network which was controlled by the clan itself: ultimately, they were the Boss’s property and he had power of life and death over them…

Kicking Drill Festival

When they heard a knock on the door the two men stood up and nodded to each other. The father checked the security camera and was pleased with what he saw. A stunning lady was standing alone in front of the door, waiting. He ordered his son to open the door. ‘Hi darlings’ said the girl with a tone that combined joviality with sensuality. The two men couldn’t avoid from being distracted by the incredible beauty in front of them: she was by far the best looking hooker that the agency had ever sent to the boss! As a result, both men immediately had an erection as they were pointing their guns at her. ‘Raise your hands whore, we have to search you’– said the older of the two as he nodded to his son to go and inspect the girl’s body for weapons or planted mics. The girl theatrically raised her arms in the air ‘You’re welcome boy’ she said provocatively. The boy nervously obeyed and, while sweating profusely for the excitement, proceeded to run his hands all over her from head to toe. ‘Remove her high heels and bring them here’- ordered the father - ‘she might hide something in her shoes’. The young mafioso was a closet foot fetishist since his early puberty: fighting against his own lust, which dictated him to throw himself at this beautiful woman’s feet to kiss and lick them, the boy nervously removed the girl’s shoes and brought them to his dad. The older mafioso, a secret foot fetishist himself, inspected both shoes taking the chance to give them a good sniff: the inebriating smell of the woman’s perfume mixed with a tiny bit of sweat - which had transferred from the girl’s nylons to her shoes from the previous fights - invaded the man’s nostrils making his hard on even bigger and stiffer than before. After a few seconds of rapture he collected himself and handed the shoes back to his son who, feeling validated by his father’s inability to resist, gave a good long sniff to the shoes himself. As she watched this pathetic display of weak male lust the young female avenger couldn’t help but smile and roll her beautiful eyes: just like all men these two were desperate foot fetishists, trying to cover their desire to fall under a woman’s feet with their machismo and toxic masculinity. She knew that it was going to take her just a few minutes to make this men realise the reality of their inner nature.
Moreover, by removing her shoes they had just freed her most lethal weapons - her feet - which were now ready to spring into action!
Without even putting her hands down, the young woman suddenly lashed out with one of her long nylon-covered legs. Her foot impacted with the older man’s wrist, breaking it instantly: the man screamed in pain as his bones and tendrils broke. Then she switched legs to hit the elbow of the man’s other arm with the heel of her right foot: she could feel the satisfying crunch of breaking bones under her foot and that familiar sound made her smile. She knew that the type of kicks she had just performed on the mafioso invariably caused irreparable fractures which no surgery could mend: this knowledge gave her deep satisfaction. With both arms atrociously broken, the man could no nothing but drop his gun on the floor. In less than a second, this sexy young girl had made a 50 year old gangster a cripple by only using her feet. Amongst screams of pain the old man yelled at his son: ‘Shoot this fucking bitch!’. Still holding the woman’s shoes in one of his hands the boy was completely shocked by what he had just witnessed. Until a few instants before - and since the beginning of his life - he had thought of his father as an invincible fighter: now this once almighty figure had suddenly been turned into a defenseless wreck by the feet of a beautiful woman: his entire world of macho respect for his criminal dad had been destroyed in less than a second by a sexy looking girl. However, the boy did not have too much time to think about his father’s painful fiasco, because the young female turned her attention on him with the same skill and ferocity. With four lighting speed kicks, the woman warrior kicked both his elbows and his wrists breaking each one the boy’s arms in four different points. As a result the young man dropped both her shoes and his gun on the floor, howling for the unexpected and excruciating pain. Both father and son were crying in agony in front of the red-haired beauty that had just made them two disabled men. With her typical ironic attitude the girl looked up at her own arms which were raised in the air: ‘Well I guess I can put my arms down now, what do you think gentlemen?’ - the two men replied with more pained moans - ‘Actually, as we have just seen, I could defeat you easily without using my arms…or even blindfolded as your friend whom I have left for dead in the park can confirm – the young girl sassily winked at the two agonising men before continuing – ‘There was one time when I fought with my hands tied behind my back and with a blindfold on my eyes: on that occasion, I’ve killed more than twenty of your family men by only using my feet, as you might have heard…therefore I guess that you can easily understand how easy this is for me tonight…‘- she stopped for a second and then she said – ‘Oh yes, in case you are still wondering: I am the one who singlehandedly slaughtered all your compadres. And I did it my way so start spreading the news: two trained female feet can destroy hundreds of fully armed Mafia men like you guys. But don’t act too surprised about it, because this is just an anticipation of the future: women will rule again soon and they will do it by the foot’ - The girl paused briefly to appreciate how her words were sending the two men into deeper states of psychological and physical pain – ‘But now let’s get back to tonight: how can we make our meeting meaningful for my purposes and at the same time give you the chance of doing something useful for the first time in your life?’ – with a quirky smile she looked behind the two men’s shoulder – ‘Well, I think I’ve got it guys! This is a very long corridor and I’ve got two walking kicking bags in front of me: this is just a perfect situation to train my jumping machine-gun side-kicks just before I move on to execute your big boss. What do you think?’ Her words were met by more whimpers by the two unsteadily standing men in front of her. ‘Great ragazzi, I’m glad you agree with me. So shall we start?’ Balancing on one leg she assumed a taekwondo high side kick position: her left foot was suspended in the air, right between the faces of the two tall men. ‘Get ready for the most painful backwards walk of your life!'– She said with a jolly tone, sounding like a baby sitter announcing a fun game to a couple of children. Immediately after that, she started jabbing her foot alternatively into the faces of the two men, while she was making little jumps forwards with her other leg. Pushed by her unstoppable kicks, the two men started stepping backwards like two big unsteadily standing lobsters: she kicked them without any pause, jumping forward on one leg, pushing the father and the son down the 50mt long corridor. It was a surreal, almost comical scene: a beautiful, long legged girl dressed in pantyhose and a chinese dress was making the two men stumble bacwkards all the way through a long corridor with her machine gun kicks. With each jump/kick she let out a sassy ‘Kyia!’ scream which was met with the whimpering of the two doomed men.
Her kicks only looked like jabs but were actually extremely powerful and accurate. Each contact of her foot with the faces of the father and son couple, was causing microfractures and traumas: once the strange threesome made it to the end of the corridor, both men had their jaw, teeth, cheekbones, noses, lips, eyebrow arches, eyes and each part of their faces either broken, bloodied and irreparably compromised. Due to their copious bleeding their shirts had changed color, from white to red. Just a few steps before they reached the staircase leading do the bunker, the young girl paused her relentless attack on the men’s facial features. Another kick and the two men would have fallen down the stairs hitting the bunkers massive blast door. With satisfaction, she inspected the damage she had brought to the men’s faces. With girlish enthusiasm, she yelled: ‘Two hundred and sixty kicks in fifty meters guys! That was very good but not exactly my record. However, we can still try to break it on the way back! Are you ready to walk back to where we started? Are you ready to taste my right foot now? This is my favourite kicking leg, so let’s say that I’m going to put my best foot forward…all over your faces!’ the girl giggled childishly to her own joke. To the horror of the two men, who were staggering like zombies in front of her, this was just the beginning of their suffering. With the grace of an olympic gymnast, the girl leapt in the air and landed with one foot on the shoulder of each man. The she jumped down and, as she took off, she pushed with her feet against the men’s backs making them spin around so that they were facing her again. The female martial artists assumed her high side kick position again: this time her right foot was performing the kicks, while she was effortlessly balancing on her left leg. And to the desperation of the two overwhelmed Mafiosi the ‘walk of kicks’ started again: this time the woman was pushing them back to where they started from. Always balancing and jumping forward on one leg, with her other foot she relentlessly jabbed the faces of the two men pushing them all the way back for the entire length of the corridor one more time. She was now kicking with even more conviction, precision, and power. With each kick, the blood gushing from the men’s faces was spraying on either side of the corridor, changing the color of the walls from white to red, in accordance with their shirts. The occasional tooth or piece of cartilage was also flying, getting mixed with the blood on the walls and on the floor. After another 50 meters of unstoppable machine gun kicks the fighters found themselves back to where they started from. At this point the faces of the two men had been horribly modified by the young woman’s relentless kicking: with her feet girl had just turned two male faces into abstract paintings whose primary colours where blood red and concussion black. ‘280 kicks! I told you I was going to beat my record with my right foot!’ The girl screamed and then she looked at the men’s demolished faces ‘Whassup guys? Aren’t you happy for me?’ –the two barely standing men could reply with other pained moans– ‘Look at you, you are such typical males!– the girl said, pretending to be upsetby their lack of reaction - ‘Admit it…You just can’t cope with the achievements of a successful woman!’. She followed that with an earth shattering roundhouse kick to the face of each man. Her kicks sent the two gangsters with their backs against either side of the wall: now they were facing each other while the girl’s high kicking leg and foot were still extended in mid-air, in the empty space between the two thugs. As they hit the wall the two devastated men were ready to slide down to a sitting position but their female torturer had no intention to give them quarter: she needed them to stand up, at least until she had finished with them.
‘Ok guys are you ready for another kicking drill?’ - the girl said with the energy of a personal trainer in a martial arts gym. As confused as they were, the father and the son could not believe that another dose of humiliating punishment was coming for them. When was this nightmare going to end? There was no time to think though as this incredibly powerful woman began her new kicking torture on both of them simultaneously. Always balancing on one leg and without having to put her foot back on the floor since her devastating double roundhouse, she began kicking both men alternatively. Her foot was going from one side to the other like a windscreen wiper, hitting one man first and then the other at unbelievable speed. Her kicks were striking their bodies with extreme precision her foot was going up and down, starting from their groins, then their bellies, chest and face. She kept kicking sideways and up and down, sideways and up and down again, continuously, for at least one hundred times. Her kicking speed and power were so high and perfectly paced that she was keeping the two men standing up, even if their legs where not supporting them anymore: as she inflicted this excruciating ordeal on her two opponents, the young girl’s face had become dead serious. This is when she was going to produce the irreparable damage that would lead these two criminals to death: her kicks were severely devastating their ribcage, as well as their genitals, their lungs, their throat, all their internal organs and once again, their faces and heads with definitive harm to their nervous system and brains. She then switched legs for balance and started kicking with her other foot, repeating the same deadly sequences at full speed, over and over again.
When the young woman had finished with her lethal drill, she had delivered at least 500 kicks to each guy: adding this to the 530 kicks of the walk of kicks and to the initial arm breaking kicks this meant that each one of the two men had been on the receiving end of 765 kicks since the start of the fight, which had happened only a few minutes before.

Splitting Domination

As soon as the young lady had finished delivering her punishing kicking showcase, the two men were more than ready to finally slide down along the wall and pass out… but she prevented that once again! With another impressive jump on the spot, she leapt in the air and opened her legs in a perfect flying split: athletic as she was, she jumped way above the two men’s heads. As she was coming down though, the sole of her feet landed square on each man’s face, pinning them against the wall. Just like Van Damme in his famous stunt between the two trucks, the young martial artist was hanging suspended in a mid-air open leg split: in this case though she was using the face of two men to support herself instead of trucks. She had also created a situation of acrobatic equilibrium: using the faces of the two men as support for her feet she kept herself suspended mid-air. At the same time, by pinning their faces on each opposite side of the corridor’s wall, she was preventing them from sliding down on the floor, an only natural reaction to the unbelievable dose of kicks they had just received.
‘Et voilà! Aren’t you surprised by what a little girl can achieve with a little bit of training and creativity? But what do you know? You’re just dumb males after all…’– she was teasing them while her soles were mercilessly crushing their faces. ‘What’s wrong? Don’t you like my splits? You don’t like my feet on your face? You seemed to enjoy their smell just a few minutes ago! Because you are nothing but filthy foot creeps, aren’t you?…So there you have it, with what’s left of your noses now you can inhale the sweat of the pretty female feet who have destroyed you’- she smirked and then added. ‘OK, now let me take a good look at your ugly faces’– with incredible speed and agility she removed her soles from the men’s faces but instead of falling down she rapidly pinned the blade of her feet on their throat now so that their faces were exposed. ‘Here we are: you don’t mind if I use you necks as a support now, don’t you?’ she said as the men were almost chocking to death by the blade of her feet pinning them against the wall. ‘I think it’s time to tell you some more about me guys’ she said as she was still hanging suspended with her feet on their throat. With a fierce look in her eyes she turned to the older gangster ‘Dear asshole, even if I have just improved your ugly face with my kicks I can still recognise you as one of the beastly cowards who attacked my home and slaughtered my family twelve years ago’– behind his bloodied eyes the man shivered in fear –‘Do you remember the family of the two police investigators who were kicking you clan’s ass? Of course you do. Well, I am the little daughter, the one you thought you had burned alive with the house. You made a big mistake not making sure I was dead!’ The man could not believe that this former little baby was now this fierce and unstoppable woman warrior who had massacred way more than two hundred men and who was laying waste on him and his son as well…’Now you are experiencing the full wrath of my revenge and my retribution for all the evil you have made to so many innocent people’ Said the female avenger. Then she looked to the other side where her left foot was pinned against the throat of the younger gangster - ‘Well I guess that in this retarded mafia families you are all related anyway, but this fellow here really looks like he could be your younger son’– the desperate older mafioso muttered something in despair so the girl increased the pressure with her foot - ‘Shush please! Of course he is your son, I had to study the composition of your entire shitty clan in order to bring you down! - She paused for a second- 'Since you are so closely related, let me share with you both how much I have enjoyed killing your cousins, your uncles, your brothers and your sons: and remember, I did it slowly, painfully and humiliatingly. The funny thing is that before dying they all wanted to worship and kiss my feet. They even came for me as I was castrating them under my feet: so fucking pathetic and predictable, just like all men. And now you two will end up the same way: I am so happy to have extinguished the male side of your hideous family with my kicks. Your surname has been buried under my bare female soles. You can rejoice because pretty soon all the men in your family will be reunited in hell: down there you can have collective wank parties for eternity, thinking about how a girl has defeated, humiliated and slaughtered you with her feet. What a nice family portrait, I wish someone will take pictures, hahaha!’ the young woman cried earthily while both the eyes of the father and son started to fill up with tears which were running down their cheeks and got mixed with blood and the other bodily fluids on their female foot destroyed faces. The young son would have never expected that his first mafia mission would end in such unspeakable pain, tragedy and humiliation for his father and himself. Furthermore, all this was being suffered at the hands (or better ‘at the feet’) of a young woman! For the Mafia’s chauvinistic values this was a dishonor beyond belief. Not only his family name was going to end tonight but even their memory was going to be cancelled and forgotten in absolute shame. Only death and oblivion lay ahead for them now and all of this because of one single undefeatable young woman!
As the young girl was calmly presenting the ways of their upcoming demise to the two men, the father started shaking desperately as if he wanted to speak ‘Mggnhnnnn’the father uttered as the blade of the woman foot was digging deep into his throat. ‘What? Are you trying to say something?’ – the woman said turning her head towards the father – ‘OK, let’s hear you’
With another fast and creative move the woman retracted the blades her feet from the men’s throat: this time she placed her feet a few centimeters below, right on the two men’s chests at the height of their hearts. She was still pinning them to the wall, keeping them standing so that she could use them as a support for her mid-air split: through the nylon covered soles of her feet she could feel the men’s hearts racing with pure fear. The two gangsters moaned in pain but were momentarily relieved for not having the feet of this sensational fighter cutting their air supply. ‘So speak now’, the woman told the middle aged father ‘but do it fast because I have more important business to take care of with your boss as soon as I’m finished with you two’.
With his jaw broken in several parts, swollen and splintered lips and various teeth floating in a pool of blood inside his mouth, the man painfully uttered these desperate words: ‘Do what you want with me, kill me as atrociously as you wish but please spare my son! He’s the only one I have left! He’s so young. He has nothing to do with our feud: he was just a small child when we attacked your family. Please have mercy on him’
The woman listened to the pitiful words of the anguished father and then replied: ‘It’s far too late now to think about your son’s safety, you stupid fuck. You should have stopped him when he asked you to join the Mafia, but you haven’t, have you? I bet you felt proud when he asked you to become a hitman, haven’t you? If only he had stayed home tonight instead of being here in a useless attempt to stop me on my way to a righteous revenge, perhaps he might have survived. Instead you have let him join you in the fight against me, knowing that all your partners in crime and even your three older sons and two of your brothers had already been painfully slaughtered in this one-sided war. You see, my brother and sister had nothing to do with my parents’ fight against your dumb clan too but you killed and raped them mercilessly. And you thought you had killed me too, a 9 years old girl! Actually, to make my revenge perfect and complete I should now visit all the homes of the men that I’ve killed to slaughter all their relatives – daughters, wives, sisters and whoever is still alive- as you did with my family. I could do it very easily but that’s where I am different from you. First of all I refuse to kill women - unless I am forced to – because they are victims of your patriarchal mafia culture as well. And then I swore to only kill only those who were responsible for the crimes your clan has committed and those who dared to stand between me and my revenge. By walking into this battle your son has made a doomed choice and you did nothing to stop him: now he will pay the highest price for it and you will have to see him die in front of you, just before I kill you too’
The girl paused and turned her head to the son, who was now weeping uncontrollably with pain and fear, and continued - ‘I know you wanted to avenge your brothers, cousins, uncles and friends. I understand your motivations, you are only slightly younger than me and you’ve seen all your loved ones die…but you have chosen to go to war for the wrong side. Here’s another difference between me and you: you are trying to avenge filthy disgusting criminals, while I am fighting to avenge the death of innocents and people who were fighting for justice. Your lust for vengeance is rotten, while mine is pure. You are evil, I am good. That’s why you are going to die here, while I am going to walk away alive and victorious tonight.’
Her steely words of determination, which sounded like a true death sentence for the men, sent both father and son into an even deeper state of desperation. Right after her speech, the young lady turned her head to look in front of her in concentration and closed her eyes. Slowly but inexorably, she began twisting the sole of her left foot at almost 45 degrees clockwise over the son’s chest so that her toes were now pointing forwards instead of up. Then she did the same over the chest of the father, albeit with a slightly different angle. As her feet turned they were accompanied by the sickening sound of breaking bones: what was left of the men’s ribcage was being fragmented under her lethal soles.
The lady then removed her feet from the thugs’ fractured chests. She fell down a few centimeters just to plant her feet deep into the groins of the two men on either side of her split. The gangsters bent forwards in unison as a viciously sharp pain hit their reproductive organs: now the supporting points for the lady’s mid-air split were the genitalia of the two gangsters!

Noticing that both men were in state of arousement the lady humorously commented ‘I see that, just like all your fellow Mafiosi, you are both such foot creeps that even after being kicked to within an inch of your life, you can’t help but being hard for my deadly feet. Well, since you seem to like my feet so much I think I’m going to keep them between your legs for a while: what do you think, fellas?’ - The woman remarked her words by twisting her feet inside both men’s groins, excruciatingly pinning and squashing their balls and dicks against the wall. The female warrior had been keeping a split position for more than twenty minutes now, but such was her flexibility that she did not show any sign of fatigue. It seemed like the most natural position for her: she looked in front of her confidently, totally serendipitous and still fresh as a rose. The same could not be said for the two gangsters, who were now also pathetically struggling between the most extreme suffering and the weird feeling of been almost on the verge of orgasm, thanks to the same female feet which had been destroying their family and themselves. Blood started dripping copiously from the men’s trousers, creating dense red puddles on the floor.

Like Father, Like Son

Watching the two men struggle in such distress the woman could not help but smile. She had been torturing the father and the son with her feet in their groins for over 10 minutes when she said - ‘Ok, losers you can take a little rest now’ - she released the tension in her leg muscle so that her feet were not pinning the men groins as tightly as they had done so far. As a consequence, the two gangsters started sliding down the wall slowly: finally, the threesome touched the floor together.
Now the two men were sitting with their backs against the wall, while the female martial artist was still in a full leg split between them. ‘Great guys, don’t you think this is over for you yet’ - the woman said while her feet were still buried in the men’s genitalia. ‘But now I have some good news for you: since foot fetishism seems to be running in the family with you guys, I have decided to give you another chance: I will let you worship my feet and if both of you satisfy me I might decide to let you walk away from here with your pathetic lives. However if only one of you does not satisfy me, he will be responsible for the death of both. What do you think? Do we have a deal? – the two men sent out a feeble moan of resigned acceptance. ‘Well, you are not exactly in a position to decide anything are you?’ – she laughed – ‘OK let me see now… from whom shall I start? Let’s begin with the young one, why not?’ - She removed her foot from the father’s groin and turned towards the son: she spun around on her ass, to sit between the young gangster’s legs. She playfully put both her feet right under the son’s nose and mouth. ‘Go on! I know you want to worship these feet! You want them since the first moment you saw me: so show me what you can do young boy!’
After a second of hesitation, the boy started kissing and licking those stunningly pretty female feet. His jaws were broken, his teeth destroyed and his lips were splintered and swollen but he worshipped nonetheless and with a passion. Incredibly, thinking that those female feet had been responsible for his and his father’s demise and for the death of his brothers, cousins, uncles and friends only augmented his arousal and his desire to worship them and the woman to whom they belonged. As he kissed, licked and sucked those nylon clad feet the boy felt an irresistible wave of admiration and devotion rising inside of him for the woman who had destroyed his young life. Of course he was licking, kissing and sucking those portentous nylon clad feet because he wanted to save his father’s life and his own…but most of all he was doing it because he was getting immense pleasure - coupled with a strange form of peace of mind - from it. If he had survived, he was thinking to himself, he would repudiate his plans to become a gangster: he only wanted to spend the rest of his life worshipping the feet of the woman who had exterminated his family and clan. That incredible display of female superiority had unlocked in him the natural yearning which lies deep into the brain cortex of every human male. It is a desire that centuries of patriarchy have desperately been trying to conceal: the desire to kneel at the feet of a woman and submit to her for life. Overwhelmed by all these potent sensations – and despite having been abused so brutally - the boy’s dick became even more rock hard than before: it was the most powerful erection of his life. The young female artist noticed that: she had seen that happen with almost every man she killed after all. She removed one of her feet from the boy’s face to place it on his dick: ‘Oh dear, you are so hard your dick is about to explode! Is this the first time you get so close to a woman?’. As he continued licking the woman’s foot the boy nodded frantically - ‘Hahaha, sweet kid, you are a virgin! As a reward you’ll get my foot down your throat for five minutes so, whatever will happen next, at least you can say that you have been mouthfucked by a foot in your short life’. As soon as she said that, she stuck her foot in the boy’s open mouth until her pretty toes touched the back of his throat. The salty smell of her sweaty nylon exploded inside the boy’s brain, sending him in a trance-like place of pleasure/pain. After 5 minutes of deep foot penetration of his mouth, the boy started gagging with blood, saliva, broken teeth and pieces of cartilage and whatever was hanging loosely inside his head after the barrage of kicking he had received: the girl’s foot was blocking his air supply and his body was filling up with all kinds of bodily fluids which had been released by his forever broken internal organs. When the boy was looking like he was seconds away from chocking to death, the girl removed her foot from inside his throat and quickly placed it on his nose, to make sure that the young man’s first desperate-for-air breath would still smell like her feet. ‘Good kid’ the martial arts avenger said tauntingly ‘You really did a good job: you showed how much you love your dad and a good foot domination session’ She smirked viciously as she finally removed her feet from the boy’s face and groin. ‘Now let’s see if the guy to whom you own your foot fetish is going to please my lethal weapons too’. She pivoted on her ass to face the father. The first thing she did was to stick a foot deep into his bleeding groin: ‘Let’s check the situation here…Oooh no surprises, no surprises at all: I guess that seeing your son kiss, suck and lick my feet to save your life has made you rock hard! You really are a model father, I must say’ - She laughed hard and looked at both the father and the son behind her, to see them shake with shame and arousement. She was right: despite the incredibly dismal situation, the father could not help but getting aroused by the sight of his son being foot humiliated by this implacable female avenger…‘Now let’s get to work daddy, show me how you like my feet. You should be way more experienced than your son, so don’t let me down or you know what’s going to happen...’ She put her feet in front of the father’s face: the big man started worshipping the young girl’s pretty feet with all the energy he had left in him. He was in the same place as his son: his desire to submit to this unstoppable woman was unrestrainable. He could not believe that the little child whom he thought he had burned alive had survived to become the most undefeatable warrior he had ever faced. There was no force on earth like this martial arts woman: what she had achieved using only her martial arts trained feet was impossible by any male standard. He used to be a male chauvinist and a serial abuser, but this woman had just made him realise how much men were inferior to women. Now he hated himself and his gender so much that he also wished he had a daughter just like her, instead of four useless boys who did not stand a chance against one girl’s mental and physical supremacy. Undeterred, the young girl repeated the same degrading submission routine with the father too. When she had finished with him, she pivoted on her ass once again. Now she had the father to her right and the son to her left. ‘Good job so far, morons: now let’s see what the combination of your filthy tongues can do for my feet’.
She opened her legs in a split again so that one nylon clad foot was hanging in front of the father’s lips and the other one was right on the mouth of the son. ‘Now each one of you will start worshipping one of my feet. If you both do a good job I might let you live: remember your life is literally hanging on my toes’. With what was left of their life energies two men started kissing and licking and sucking those feet of fury: this time they put even with even more conviction and effort the before. This almighty woman had them under her spell, persuading them that their life really depended by their foot worshipping performance.
‘Hahaha’ - the woman laughed noticing how much the two men were committed to her feet -’Why don’t we turn this into a competition: the one who pleases my feet better gets to live and the other one dies? What do you think assholes? Father VS Son the ultimate family battle: who will degrade himself more to save his sorry ass?’– faced with this further grotesque humiliation the two men started crying as they intensely worshipped those lethal black nylon-clad feet. ‘Like father, like son they say…and they are right!’ the woman exclaimed amongst bursts of laughter. She turned to the son: ‘Your first mission as a Mafia soldier did not go as expected, did it?’ Then she spoke to the father ‘And look at you, you used to scare little girls like me and now a girl is making your worship her feet the same feet that have annihilated you in combat: oh, if only your mother and wife could see you now: how proud they would be of the men in their family -she stopped to laugh again - but don’t worry I will make sure that they will get to see you very soon: before leaving this shithole I’m going to take all the CCTV recordings. As soon as I’m finished with your boss I’m planning to release all the videos from my fights against your clan on the web. That’s’ right guys, I’ve got them all on video: all the world will see you and your fellow clansmen as you get wasted and humiliated by an unarmed girl. I guess that the reputation of the mafia is going to take a bit of a blow pretty soon hahaha!' The two men were totally devastated by this further hit to their ego, but the only thing they could do was to keep on kissing, licking and sucking the young girl's feet as she mercilessly kept on making fun of them.

Extinguishing a Patrilineal Lineage (with Feet)

When she stopped giggling the woman talked to them again…’OK guys, I must tell you the truth now. I hope you won’t get too salty about it…- and I know you like salty seeing how much you like sucking my sweaty nylons!’ The girl suddenly assumed the quirky tone of someone who’s about to reveal a nasty prank. ‘Remember when I told you that I would have let you live if I liked the way in which you worshipped my feet? Well, I have to say that you have done an amazing job with it: congratulations for being a super-efficient family tag team of foot creeps! There is a little twist though…surprise,surprise…I lied!’ - She could not control her laughter as the two men kept on crying and worshipping her feet - ‘You guys are just hilarious…You can kiss and lick my feet for eternity but there’s no way you will get out of here alive’– the two men widened their eyes in disbelief but judiciously continued their foot worshipping – ‘Actually, you are already dead: technically, you are just two foot sucking zombies at the moment hahahaha’ – she burst out laughing again then she continued ‘Ok let me tell you how I did this because that’s the best part: remember when I was doing the splits with my soles on your chest and then I turned my ankles forward? Well that was my legendary 'Clockwork Feet' technique: with my soles, I programmed your hearts like you do with alarm clocks. Your hearts will stop beating in… - she paused for a second to gather her thoughts– more or less a couple of hours from now guys! Actually I gave you – she turned to the father – three hours and a half because you deserved to suffer for a longer time. And I want you to see your son die in front of you, die for the choices that you made. C’mon guys, isn’t that a great prank?’ The two men were petrified but kept on worshipping the feet of their executioner ‘I’ve done this trick with two of your sons too, you should have seen their faces when I told them about it hahaha….Anyway you shouldn’t get too offended about it, on the contrary: hundreds of men have been offering millions to get the chance to kiss my feet just once, while you got the opportunity of worshipping my feet for almost an hour for free. Not to mention all the foot contact you’ve enjoyed during my kicking drills! You should feel privileged guys: your shitty lives ended on a luxurious high by being crushed under my pretty feet!’
Hearing of this ultimate humiliation the two men could not resist anymore. The semi-destroyed, but still functioning, dicks of the father and the son started throbbing uncontrollably - without being touched - until they exploded in an uncontrollable, simultaneous orgasm. Watching that ultimate showcase of submission by the two half dead gangsters the woman let out another laugh ‘Hahaha look at you, men are all the same, so predictable: being defeated, humiliated and outsmarted by a woman is your ultimate desire. Once a girl understands that she can singlehandedly defeat the entire male population of the world, let alone your pathetic clan, you are finished. Submission and slavery under the female foot is your destiny as men, the natural order of things that will soon be restored thanks to women like me. However it’s getting late now, don't you know I have a date with your boss tonight? I must leave you behind me guys. But first, let me erase your masculinity under its ultimate nemesis, the female foot!’
She stood up and turned to the boy first. She walked between his legs until her feet were touching his groin. The boy looked at those marvelous nylon clad toes and then straight into the emerald green eyes of the woman who was towering over him. She had a self-assured smile on her face. She leaned against the wall with both hands and, always looking into the boy’s terrified black eyes, she stepped with both feet over his genitals squashing them against the floor. A cloud of blood exploded around the young woman’s feet: she began what looked like a calve-stretching exercise, continuously alternating between the ball of one foot and the tip of the other in crushing his genitals. Now very close to a pain induced coma, the boy opened his mouth but no scream came out of it. Cruelly, the girl turned her head around smiling, in order to savour the pain of the father who was forced to watch his son’s genitals being crushed, together with the future of his family, under the sexy soles of a young girl. When the dick and the balls of the boy had been reduced to a bloody paste, the female executioner just stepped back a few steps, to enjoy the results of her methodical destruction. Her last touch was an incredible powerful kick between the boy’s legs: her toes pushed the remains of the young man’s genital apparatus right into his belly, back to where they had descended at the time of his puberty. When she had finished with the son, the woman warrior turned to the father. She slowly walked between his legs. First, she put one foot over his swollen lips and told him ‘For the last time: express your gratitude to my feet for what they have done to you, your family and your clan’. The middle-aged gangster humbly kissed the ball of the female executioner’s foot and whispered a heartfelt ‘Thank you’. She repeated the same operation with the other foot: then she proceeded with the castration of the father in the same guise as she had just done with the son. When she had finished she solemnly told the bleeding man -‘Now watch your son die because of your sins: after he’s dead you will have another hour of suffering in which you will be able to reflect about the bad life choices that have led you and your son in this situation. Don’t worry though, tomorrow you will reconvene with him and the rest of your family in hell!’

A Woman’s Touch

After she said that she looked at her legs to check the state of her nylons: they were ripped in various parts, drenched with blood and bodily fluids and very sweaty. It was time for a change of pantyhose, especially if she had to look like a sexy call-girl to trick the boss. Using the shoulder of the dying young boy as a support, she took her used nylons off: the marble white skin of her muscular but shapely legs looked fantastic under the corridor’s light. She was about to throw the nylons in a dustbin but then she refrained: her green eyes lighted up as she walked back to the two semi-comatose men sitting in front of each other. She knew they were suffering an unspeakable pain that will lead them to their death in a few hours: however she could not resist from playing another girly prank on them. Both men had their mouth semi-opened due to their jaws being broken in several parts. With the accuracy of a shop window decorator, she stuck the foot of her used nylon into the mouth of the father and then she stretched the pantyhose to opposite side of the corridor, stuffing the mouth of the boy with the other foot. She stepped back to admire her own work: she had created a little bridge made of pantyhose between father and son. After all, the feet which were covered by that nylon had just been the instrument of their doom, so it all looked grotesquely pleasing. And in this way the smell of the feet who had destroyed these two men would stay in their mouth until their last breath …and perhaps it will accompany them in the afterworld too, for all eternity. She was already laughing thinking about the surprised faces of the first policemen who will get to the scene a few days later. She could not resist and she took a photo of her composition with her phone and then a few selfies: in the pictures, she was smiling and flashing a victory sign, while posing in the middle of the two dying men. Ridiculed once again, even in their death, the dying father and son were still looking into each other’s face: their tears were running down their cheeks right beside their nylon stuffed mouths. She rounded up her fierce female revenge, by using the face of the father as support as she put on her new pair of shining black pantyhose and finally, her open-toed high heel shoes.
She stopped by a bathroom next to the corridor to freshen up, comb her air and fix her make up. She took a big breath in front of the mirror and got out of the restroom. Sassily, she blew a kiss to the two dying men she was leaving behind: 248 and 249 gone, she thought, as she walked away from them. Then she started walking towards the dark staircase. She was now ready to face the man who had redefined her life for the worst. The man who had inhabited her thoughts and nightmares for 11 years.
She took her first step down the stairs and soon she disappeared in the dark. It was time to face enemy NR. 250.
(to be continued...)
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Default Re: New story: Female Martial Arts Justice

Hi all, here comes the third chapter of my Female Martial Arts Justice Story. I hope you will like it and please feel free to comment about it.
All my other stories can be found on my free content blog Tales of Female Martial Arts Supremacy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Pt. 3 of 5
The Boss’s Filthy Ritual

The big Boss was relaxing in his extra luxurious suite, totally oblivious to the fact that the much feared destroyer of his once mighty clan was getting so dangerously close to him. The apartment was hidden inside a fortified bunker in the basement of a giant mansion. The 50 years old Mafioso was getting ready for his bi-weekly sexual room service: in the meantime, the young female martial arts avenger he was hiding from was already inside the Villa, literally smashing his few remaining sicarios to bits with her lethal pantyhosed feet. Totally unaware of the proceedings, the crime lord felt safe and untouchable in his refuge: his location was absolutely secret (or so he believed…), armed guards were all around him and, moreover, he was hiding underground in a bombproof - other than soundproof - bunker. The only contact he had with the outside world were the girls that he was having over regularly, in order to satisfy his perverted sexual needs. The girls were selected among the best sex workers from the Boss’s own prostitution network. He could do what he wanted with them. These women were his own property: they were nothing more than slaves to him. Some of these sex workers never came back from the Boss’s fortified hideout. The perverted mafioso liked to play very violent games during his sex meetings: some of these games would end tragically for the young girls. The libido of this middle-aged maniac was inextricably connected to power, aggressiveness and violence. Having the right of life and or death over these poor girls made him feel like he was still powerful and capable to control and dominate others, especially women.
However, since the demolition of his crime family by the mysterious martial artist had begun, the Boss’s sexual performances had decreased sensibly. It seemed that knowing that there was someone out there who could easily destroy all his power structure had undermined his male sexual prowess: it was almost as if the Boss’s whole criminal empire was just an aggressive extension of his penis, a dangerous way to prove his manliness and virility to the world. Crushing his empire equaled to crushing his manhood. This is why he had started using Viagra and other drugs to compensate for his decreasing performances. He added those performance-enhancing drugs to his usual intake of cocaine and alcohol which he used to get himself ready for a night of sex and violence. On top of that, during his perverted sexual encounters he liked to project porn videos mixed with scenes from his criminal exploits on a big screen inside his bedroom. It was his all part of his intoxicated and lurid pre-sex ritual. He had most of his killings and rapes recorded on tape by his henchmen. As he was preparing for sex, the mafioso psychopath liked to re-watch himself performing those atrocities to get aroused: among the scenes that he loved to watch again and again there was the brutal torture, rape and slaughter of the young female avenger’s family. He was particularly satisfied about that ultra-violent massacre: watching himself go through all that again regularly sent him into an exalted - and drug assisted - delirium of omnipotence.
This is how sick and twisted the mind of this criminal was: just another reason why he had to be stopped as soon as possible. He expected sex and violence from his upcoming rendez-vous: little he did know that someone was coming for him that night who will certainly provide him with a lot of the latter…

Getting Ready for the Big Showdown

Having adjusted her hair and make-up and with a fresh pair of pantyhose covering her stunning and lethal legs, the dark-red haired young beauty confidently walked down the stairs which led to the bunker’s heavy security door. She stopped in front of it and took a deep breath: she was fully aware that those metal doors were the last obstacle between herself and the evil beast who had so tragically changed her life when she was just a little child. This second meeting with the Boss was going to have a totally different meaning, as she had sworn to herself a million times. She had been training all her life for this moment and now there she was, ready to reach the final destination of her long and bloody path to justice and revenge. Step by step, she had walked over the dead bodies of 249 men to get to that point. Before that, she had trained in all forms of combat for 11 years. She had worked on her body and skills so hard that her feet had become the deadliest combat weapons on earth. Now the big moment had arrived. So far, she had been methodical and relentless in the delivery of her savage retribution but now she could not help but feel her heartbeat speed up a little bit under her gracious chest. However, she was determined not to let her emotivity get the best of her and ruin the revenge she had been craving and pursuing for all these years. She had to overcome her emotions and be as clear-headed and determined as she had been in her mission up to that point. She could not afford to miss out now that she was so close to her final goal: she owed to herself, to her family and to all the victims – especially the women – of this man’s cruelty.
She straightened her back and she exhaled. She put on her most seductive smile and ‘bedroom eyes gaze’. Along her path to justice, the young woman had learned that her perfect physical beauty had devastating effects on all men, almost like her kicks. Being so stunningly pretty immediately for her became just another means to achieve her revenge. So far, she had seen herself and her body as a high performance man-killing machine: looking absolutely stunning – and knowing it - was just another weapon in her arsenal dedicated to male destruction. For the misfortune of all her male opponents, she had learned to use that weapon very efficiently. It was so easy for her to lure men with these tactics: men were stupid and weak and they became even more vulnerable in the presence of female beauty. Now it was time to be at her most beautiful and sexy ever: she had to trick her mortal enemy into letting his own executioner into his secure place. She knew very well that since the Boss was just another chauvinistic and deluded macho, he would never think that his executioner would come in the shape of a pretty female: he was in for a big surprise…
Waiting for his weekly dose of sex to be delivered to his door, the Boss was getting more and more intoxicated to the sound of loud music and watching his vile snuff videos: in his stupor, he did not realise that his delivery was taking longer than usual that night. Eventually, the video intercom of the bunker sounded and a flashing red light signaled the presence of someone in front of the door. The Boss checked the intercom cameras, which showed several angles of whoever was on the other side of the maximum security doors: he started salivating because, from every angle, he liked what he was seeing very much! A stunning dark-red haired lady dressed in a sexy Chinese dress, black nylons and high heels was waiting right in front of his door.
Luckily for the female avenger, the Boss wanted his dates to come to his door on their own: he could not stand the sight of his henchmen before his sexy rendez-vous. Therefore, the fact that the lady was not accompanied by one of his guards did not raise any suspicions in him. The Boss turned off the big screen with the violent videos: he did not want to scare his whores too early on. Then, the big man stood up from his luxury bed and opened the door with a secret code.
When the big door was wide open the Boss could finally see his date in all her splendor. In front of him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life: she was smiling confidently and seductively. She was so incredibly attractive that even an experienced and unsensitive man like him had to pause for a second to admire her. The crime Boss thought that the level of his prostitution agencies had been improving recently: he immediately thought that he had to tell his pimps to raise their prices. The man and the woman stood still in silence, facing each other for a few seconds. The young female avenger had put on her best femme fatale impersonation, but her heart sank for a moment when she saw the man she had been chasing for all those years finally standing in front of her. However, she kept on an impenetrable façade: indeed, she was going to be a femme fatale for this man, but in ways which were completely different from what he was expecting with his deluded macho fantasies. The young woman seemed to bask in the effect she was having on the big Boss man. Then in a sensual tone she said: ‘Good evening, sir’. Her smile widened even more and she continued: ‘I hope you will let me keep you company tonight’. These words woke up the Boss from the sudden and stunning sight of youn woman’s beauty. With a rude gesture, the Boss invited the pretty lady into his suite. He did not even speak to her: he might have been beautiful but she was still an object to him…an object he might even decide to kill before the end of the night. ‘Thank you!’ the young lady replied as she walked through the door with feline sensuality. As soon as she was in, the automatic doors closed behind her. There she was, alone with the man who had slaughtered her family and ruined her life: the female martial artist’s heart was racing but she did not let it show.
She was confident that, with his mind obscured by his date’s beauty and by his own lust (and by drugs and alcohol), the Boss could never guess the real identity of the woman who had just entered his secret hideout.
She was a child when he attacked her family: in his sexist mindset, the middle-aged mafioso would never conceive that the child whom he thought had burned alive in her parents’ house could ever become this stunning young woman standing in from of him, let alone the merciless exterminator of mafia men he was hiding from. The Boss never cared for or paid any attention to his victims: for him they had always been weaklings who only deserved to die. He did not know yet that he was about to be on the receiving end of the same merciless treatment or worse under the feet of a beautiful dark-red haired woman who looked like all the sexiest female movie stars even rolled into one.

The Spider and the Fly

The massive criminal sat down on the bed as the beautiful sex worker stood right in front of him, with a confident smirk on her face. He could not take his eyes off her: what he did not know was that his date was studying him too, but for different reasons. The Boss was wearing a pair of soft gym suit trousers, sport shoes and a t-shirt. Having studied his habits for years, the young lady knew that he was already intoxicated with alcohol, cocaine, Viagra and other drugs. The middle-aged man’s state of sexual excitement was already showing through his pants: his big face was already red from all the drugs and the alcohol.
The mafioso was a massive man, slightly overweight. At 190 cm he was very tall and imposing. He was famous for his brute force, which helped him establish his rule over the Mafia gang. Being 175 cm tall, the woman was shorter than him but she knew that the reach, the accuracy and the power of her kicks were limitless. Moreover, she had already killed and humiliated so many men who were bigger than this guy…but she was sure that the Boss had to have some ace up his sleeve besides his massive body size: she knew she should not underestimate him.
With another rude hand gesture, the man urged the pretty woman to take off her shoes: the smile on the woman’s face widened. She knew that he was just another raging foot fetishist, like so many other men were, especially among Mafia guys. Their foot fetish was an expression of their unconscious desire to submit to women and to die under their avenging soles: in the deep recesses of their psyche they knew that they deserved to be punished by women for what they had done. Stupid as they were though, these men would never understand this by themselves: nevertheless the young female martial artist had found very convincing ways of teaching them about their own deep submissive nature during her journey of systematic demolition of the entire Mafia family…
Pretending to obey to the man’s orders, the young lady seductively turned her gorgeous back to him: she then kicked off her shoes, one by one. She did it slowly, without using her hands. She was looking into a full size mirror in front of her: she could see the Boss’s reactions to her sensual moves. One after the other, her pantyhosed feet touched the carpeted floor, sending shockwaves of pleasure in the Boss’s body and making his dick almost explode prematurely. She smirked confidently: she knew that, by asking her to take off her shoes, the stupid mafioso had only enhanced her agility and stability during the fight: most importantly, he had freed her deadliest weapons, the instruments of destruction that were going to deliver unprecedented amounts of pain to him and ultimately bring him to his demise: her lethal feet. It was always like that with men: with their incapability to resist their own fetishes and sexual obsessions they conceded enormous advantages to their female opponents. It’s very frustrating to fight the object of your sexual desire, especially when that object proves to be a much better fighter than you. Not that the women needed that advantage to be naturally better fighters than men…but with their stupid psychology males were doomed to lose even more humiliatingly than they would have normally. Anyway, there was no time now for dissecting the stupid male brain…the moment had come for revenge…
With her back still turned to the horny Boss, the woman was quietly balancing her weight from one foot to another: she was stretching her ankles, feet and toes on the spot with slow and sensual movements. She was preparing her weapons for the fight but at the same time she was showcasing her feet to the Boss. Like a spider waiting for the fly, she was attracting him towards her. She knew that her feet were sending pheromones through the air which were hitting right into the Boss’s brain cortex: the man’s body, psyche and genitals were going to hear that irresistible call. Just by sensually moving her feet she was literally commanding the Boss to stand up and get close to her. She did not even need to speak out her order, she just needed to let her feet talk: the fight had not started yes but she was already in total control of the situation. As soon as she kicked off her shoes, the balance of power in the room had already shifted in the woman’s favour, but the Boss was too dumb and intoxicated to even notice. She also undid the buttons on the slits on both sides the sides of her already short Chinese dress: the dumb gangster saw that move as another part of her strip tease. He did not know that she was actually freeing her legs so that she could enjoy limitless flexibility when she kicked. With pleasure, she was anticipating what was going to happen but, differently from the Boss, it was not sex she was thinking about. Finally, she was about to get her revenge on the piece of human waste that killed her family: each part of her being – soul, mind, body, skin, guts, heart and obviously her feet – was buzzing in anticipation. The Boss was looking for his weekly dose of sex and violence: the pretty woman who had just stepped into her room was more than ready to provide him with a lot of the latter.
The Fight

Unable to resist the call of those perfect feet, the Boss stood up from the bed and walked walks toward that stunning woman. Her muscular but sensual back was till turned to him but she could see his movements in the mirror. Approaching the girl from behind, the man put his arms around her back, in a rude sexual approach. As she felt his arms embracing her, she smiled confidently. The chauvinist male thought that she was smiling out of pleasure...Actually she was smirking with satisfaction because she got him exactly where she wanted him. Now her revenge could begin! As soon as the Boss wrapped his arms around her, she bent her right leg with huge force: her nylon covered heel ran shoot up between his legs, hit him right on his huge swollen nuts. He bent forward as an excruciatingly pain was rising up inside of him: his entire genitalia were now particularly sensitive due to his state of excitement and the woman knew that perfectly. That kick was the last thing that the Boss was expecting from those inviting female feet: he was absolutely stunned! ‘What’s going on?’, he wondered: in his adult life he had never been hit by a woman! The female martial artist had no intention to let her opponent recover from the shock though…Fast as lightning she turned around to face him, bent her back and delivered a brutal scorpion kick right between his eyes, hitting his nose and his forehead as well with the ball of her foot. Shocked by the pain and the surprise the man stepped back from this delicate flower who had just turned into a dangerous carnivorous plant. His nose was already bleeding, his forehead was swelling and his groin was in incredible pain. And it all happened within less than a second! ‘You filthy whore! How dare you!’ he screamed at the top of his lungs! As a reply, she assumed a fighting stance and she stared at him, a confident smile always on her face. She invited him to fight with her fingers. ‘Fucking bitch you are going to pay for this. Don’t you know who I am? Do you really think I can’t outfight a little girl like you in combat?’
‘Well, actually yes, I really think you can’t!’ the girl replied teasingly. His opponent's defiant attitude sent the man in a state of even deeper rage. Seeing red, he charged at the girl screaming: ‘Get ready to be raped and killed slut!’. His momentum did not last for long though, because the girl stopped him in his tracks with a solid teep with the sole of her foot to his large chest: her strike was so solid that her footprint was left on the man’s t-shirt for a few seconds. She followed that with a rapid fire series of roundhouse kicks to the man’s upper body. Jumping on the spot, the red-haired avenger alternated between her right and left leg: she was firing dozens of ultra-fast taekwondo kicks to the man’s ribcage, fracturing all the bones in the process. The man was quickly out of breath as he could hear his ribs shattering inside his chest: the size 9 feet of this sexy woman were demolishing his ribs like nylon covered sledgehammers. The girl closed her furious series of roundhouse kicks with a spectacular spinning back kick to the face of the Mafioso. She jumped high in the air, turned around and shot her size 9 foot right in the middle of the Boss’s red face. Her heel struck his nose again, breaking all the bone and cartilage, while the ball of her foot splintered his lips. Almost in slow motion, the big man was sent flying back in a cloud of his own blood. He landed on the big bed in a daze. The first seconds of the fight had already convinced him that he could never outfight this devilish martial arts woman so he did what his cowardly mafioso nature urged him to do. The man reached behind his back and he took out the pocket sized gun that he always carried on him. He barely had the time to point it at the girl that he felt something hit his wrist at a speed and with a force that he had never experienced before: simply, the young woman had lashed out with her foot kicking his gun out of the middle aged man before the Boss could pull the trigger. The serial sex abuser could only see the small gun fly against the wall beside him: the firearm broke down in the impact becoming useless. The Boss was absolutely astonished: he was famous for being the fastest and most accurate gunman in the whole underworld: but this girl just proved to be much faster with her feet than he was with the trigger! Angered and frustrated, the man reached for the gun that always kept under his cushion. Unfortunately for him, his female opponent knew the exact location of all the guns in his bunker. To get that precious information, she had to torture one of the Boss’s henchmen for three hours with her feet. She had even promised him to spare his life if he told her. Obviously, once she got what she wanted, she crushed the philandering mafioso under her feet anyway…but there was no use in keeping a promise made to a backstabbing gangster.
However, all that patient foot torture work was paying off now that the final showdown was going down. As soon as the man managed to reach his gun the young woman jumped with both feet on his crotch: the man screamed down in pain and sprung up to a sitting position. While her feet were crushing his groin, the woman grabbed the man’s right wrist and easily took the gun from his hands ‘Bad boy! You should never bring a gun to a kick fight!’ she said with the patient tone of a mother who had just caught his child misbehaving. While she was still standing with both feet on his crotch she unloaded his Beretta gun on his head and then threw it against the wall, breaking it irreparably. Then she continued to tease the increasingly desperate man ‘Wait a minute: you are telling me that a big Boss man like you is incapable to face a fragile woman like me in combat without the help of a gun?’ – she asked provokingly – ‘oh how shocking! she said ironically putting one hand in front of her mouth to mock surprise. Then she became more serious and continued: ‘Listen now: I am giving you a chance to prove your worth and not to be a coward for once in your life. So now stand the fuck up and fight me like a true warrior should. If you can of course…’ After she said than she executed a perfect backflip, using the man’s crotch as a springboard. While she was taking off though, both her perfect feet hit the man under the chin, shattering a few teeth and hurting his jawbones: she never missed a chance to hurt her opponent…and if she could do it in a spectacular way all the better for her and all the worse for his enemy’s morale. Like the expert gymnast and the natural acrobat that she was, the young girl landed effortlessly on her feet. She assumed a fighting stance once again inviting the man to join her in the centre of the large room to continue their bare handed duel. Even if the woman’s teasing was hurting his pride and starting to undermine his male ego, the Boss was now absolutely sure that the girl was a much better fighter than him. Being a coward, he was ready to call for the help of his henchmen. He pushed the alarm button and grabbed the interphone: ‘Help, help me! I am being attacked! Run, you assholes!’ he screamed in despair, hoping that his men would come to his aid soon. Faced with that ridiculous scene the martial arts girl dropped her fighting stance and started laughing heartily. ‘Hahaha! You are so pathetic! I am afraid that your ‘assholes’ will not come anytime soon. Unfortunately for you, they all have met my feet just before you and now they are all busy dying painfully – when they are not already dead -around the house. I guess that’s down to just you and me now, my dear’. The Boss could not believe his hears: how could this pretty woman have destroyed all his most trusted men? She really was fearsome. He could not help but feeling a chill deep inside of him: he was afraid…for the first time in his life he was experiencing fear…His male supremacist ego could not accept that a woman fighting only with her feet could cause such an unprecedented feeling in him: he was genuinely scared of a pretty girl and her lethal feet. He had to make her disappear, with all means necessary, but there was no way that he was going to do it without a gun. Gathering whatever was left of his energy, he stood up on the bed but instead of running towards the girl to fight, he leapt in the direction of a closet where he kept his submachine guns. Not even this time though, the bulky man was not able to outsmart his clever female opponent: when the man had almost reached the closet in which he kept his submachine gun something got in his way…and once again that something had the form of a pair of nylon covered female soles. Knowing exactly where the Boss kept his guns, the female avenger started running towards the closet and, when she was getting close enough, she performed a cartwheel and leapt in the air just like a gymnast. Her initial position was much further away from the closet than her opponent but being infinitely more athletic, fast and fit than the fat gangster, she was able to catch him mid-air: she literally flew above him and, mid-air, she hit his upper back with both her feet. The man went down like a lead balloon, landing heavily – and painfully - on the floor: he found himself on his belly, just in front of the closet he was trying to reach. The girl landed over him, gracefully standing on his back, both feet placed parallel among his massive shoulders. She looked like a gymnast who had just executed a perfect jump. The girl’s weight on the man’s back was making him suffer incredibly because of the broken ribs in his chest. Still standing on his back, she quietly opened the closet in fornt of her. She found find a full arsenal there. ‘Hu-ho!’ she said ironically ‘Is this what you were looking for?’. She picked one gun out of the closet as she spoke. ‘Now you are making me very angry: is it possible that none of you mafia boys has the guts to face this young girl in a bare handed fight? This does not surprise me though. I always knew you were a bunch of wussies behind your tough guy image. Anyway, I think I have just showed you that having gun in your hand does not mean having an advantage against me: as you have seen, my feet are faster than your bullets – suffering under her feet, the big Boss man found himself thinking that the girl’s claim was not exaggerated: he had just learned it the hard way. ‘Actually, I am doing this for you.’- The girl continued - 'I want to give you an honor that you don't deserve: now you can die in a fair fight against me'- as she spoke she unloaded all his guns over him, before smashing them against the wall - ‘Now you have no more excuses or easy ways out: stand up and fight for your life, asshole!’. Actually the young martial arts avenger knew that she could have defeated the Boss even if he had managed to use all his guns against her: she had already killed hundreds of fully armed men with her feet. However, she did not want to underestimate his opponent now that she had reached the final act of her righteous revenge: if she had failed because of mistake derived by her own over confidence, she would have never forgiven herself.
While he was being trampled on the floor under the feet of this relentless girl, the man realised that he had no other chance but to do as the woman ordered. There he was, a once fearsome Boss, repeatedly knocked out and used as a footstool by a call girl that only a few minutes ago he was still planning to rape and kill for his own pleasure. Now the hunter had turned into the hunted and he had to face this terrible martial arts woman on her own terms. He was shocked, alone and unarmed: he could only count on his bare hands to face her punishing feet now. From her point of view, the female avenger always knew that this was going to be a one-sided fight until his death: the big Boss though was starting to acknowledge this fact only at this point. The girl stepped down from her opponents back and walked right in front of him. Still lying on his belly, the man could see her pretty toes right in front of his eyes. She told him coldly ‘Stand up, I am waiting for you’. Then she walked to the centre of the room to resume the fight. The Boss let out a painful sigh and then he stumbled to his feet. He felt like he had just woken up from a bad dream but no…the pretty girl who had so quickly become his worst nightmare was still there, right in the centre of the room, ready to punish him again with those pretty but so deadly feet. There was no other way for him if he wanted to at least try to get out of that desperate situation: he had to try to fight her somehow. The man shook his head trying to collect himself: he was already completely kick drunk by his female opponent’s previous feet strikes. Uneasily, the middle aged sex abuser stepped to the centre of his bedroom: it was a formerly secure and confortable place but now it had become the theatre of his own shameful demise…at the hands of a girl! He could not believe what was happening to him. There she was: that undefeatable woman was fresh as a rose, jumping on the balls of her feet and looking perfect while the man was trying to recover from the worst beating of his life...and this was just the beginning…

The Boss gathered up all his courage. He walked up to the woman and tried to hit her with his fists, but she avoided his punches easily, humiliating him with her legendary agility. She felt really excited and confident because she was about to fully unleash her relentless martial arts attack on the murderer of all her beloved ones. The young girl knew that the mafioso was not really capable of fighting without firearms. His reputation as a fighter was just based on violence, brutality and viciousness. He had no technique whatsoever: certainly he was not equipped to fight her, the deadliest martial artist on the planet.

After a few drunken misses from her doomed enemy, she started to counterattack. She delivered a series of roundhouse, front and side kicks to the criminal’s face, jaw and body: her size 9 feet were hitting the big man with amazing accuracy and devastating power. With each female kick, male blood was sent spraying on the walls. Sometimes pieces of teeth and cartilage were flying too. During a brief pause from her relentless attack, the desperate chubby man threw himself towards her once again but she just smiled, stepped to the side and replied with a flurry of rapid fire snap kicks. Her foot was going from his groin and up to his face and then from his face down to his groin, repeatedly and relentlessly. The man could just receive this terrible barrage of kicks and suffer. He looked like a guy who was being hit by a submachine gun in an action movie and taking a mighty long time to fall down dead: the only difference was that he was being hit by female martial arts feet and not bullets. At the end of her tremendous series of kicks the young girl said: ‘more of that later!’. She underlined her sentence with a spinning back crescent jump kick in pure Van Damme style. The pretty girl’s kick was so powerful that the big man - who was weighing more than 140 kgs - was sent flying to a remote corner of the room, like he was nothing but a straw dummy.

The frustrated Boss found himself lying in the corner, in a kick-drunk haze. However he was not ready to give in yet. He stood up slowly, shook his head again and started running towards his female opponent yelling ‘Why don’t you let me hit you just once, you sl…’. He could not finish his phrase because the girl stuck one of her pantyhosed feet right between his lips: she raised her leg and stretched it at lightning speed while he was running towards her and screaming. The man widened his eyes in disbelief as the smell of the woman’s nylon covered foot filled his oral cavity and his nostrils. He desperately tried to hit her with his fists, but her outstretched leg kept him at safe distance: he just punched the air, laughably. He also tried to grab the martial arts woman’s ankle to take that deadly foot out of his mouth but to no avail: her shapely leg was too strong and her balance too perfect for the big man to even dream to get out of that embarrassing and painful situation. The girl’s foot was keeping his jaws agonisingly separated and it was pushing against his lips and cheeks, stretching them in a grotesque smile: soon, the big man started bleeding from the both sides of his mouth as the raspy texture of the pantyhose scratched the back of his lower and upper lips. There was nothing he could do though: the massive man could only accept that he was held back by the blade of this woman’s sexy foot. This young lady was making him feel powerless and hopeless in way which went beyond his most terrible nightmares. The girl laughed at the grotesque and humiliating situation in which she had put the man in with her creative side kick. Moreover, the entire room was full of mirrors, carefully placed to magnify the Boss’ sexual performances: in this case though, the mirrors only let him see himself getting beaten down by a young girl. A fitting end of the life of a chauvinist pig and a sex offender. After a few seconds, during which she masterfully let the man savour the smell and the sight of his own humiliation, the young woman reprised her systematic demolition of her arch enemy. She grabbed both his arms and removed her foot from between his lips, to place it under his chin. The ball of her pantyhosed foot was now pushing against his chin, agonizingly stretching his neck out while she was pulling his arms towards her.

Some Painful Revelations

While he was being crucified by this unbelievable painful hold, the Boss tried to speak. The ball of the young avenger’s foot was keeping his jaws painfully locked so he could only speak ‘Who are you?’ - he asked her. Actually, he was talking to the pretty female toes sticking out of his chin, as that was the only part of his opponent’s body he was able see, due to the excruciating position in which his head and neck were getting stretched. ‘Are you from the Police?’ he continued. With every sentence blood was drooling out of the middle aged man’s ravaged mouth, forming a stain on the floor.
‘You wish I was a police woman, scumbag!’ the girl replied disdainfully ‘if I was, I would be lawfully obliged to apprehend you alive and take you to a comfortable jail. Then you would be put on a ‘fair’ trial: in the end you would probably get away with a mild sentence from a corrupted judge’. She remarked her words by pulling the man’s wrists towards her even stronger and pushing harder with her foot on his chin. ‘Unfortunately for you, I am way more than a police agent: I am here as your judge, jury and executioner! As your judge and jury, I have already written your sentence: torture and death by my feet! Tonight, I came here as your executioner and I am going to make sure the sentence is being delivered in full before the sun rises again! – she pressed her foot against his neck and chin once again – 'In your arrogance, I bet you thought this bunker was your temporary golden hideout, but it was not…it was your death row cell! And tonight is judgement night, asshole! – she took a pause to let her word do their effect on the man’s psyche and then continued – ‘In case you are still wondering I wanted to let you know that I am the one who has slaughtered all your men: being your accomplices they had to die too. Not only I have killed them, but before putting them out of their misery I have made them beg for their life and worship the same feet who had just demolished them: the feet of a woman! 249 men have already died under my soles of vengeance and you are going to be next. That’s right, all this time you have been hiding from me, a pretty young girl! I was the destroyer of your century old mafia clan. How does that make you feel, big macho man? All of you have been killed, your surnames extinguished, your families destroyed and decimated by my kicks…And the memory of you and your men will be forever shamed and cancelled as soon as the world will know that a single unarmed woman was your nemesis. Your clan will go down in history as the one who has been crushed under the feet of a girl! That will be your only legacy! You don’t know how hilarious this is to me!’
The man was sent into a state of despair by the young girl’s words. He could not believe that the mysterious killer who had massacred all his men in such bloody and methodical ways was just a sexy young woman. All this time he had been forced go into hiding from a girl who only used her feet to fight: in the mind of a chauvinistic mafia Boss this was beyond fantasy…but kick after kick, this girl was proving him that she was an almighty fighter, capable of anything, including slaughtering hundreds of fully armed men with her feet. With those pretty feet she had demolished an international crime network which had lasted for ages: she deserved mad respect for that, he thought for a second, while her foot was relentlessly torturing him…He could not resist from looking at the thinly veiled toes which were popping out from under his chin: they were absolutely perfect. Slender and progressively shorter from the toe to the pinky, those were the most beautiful toes – and feet – he had ever seen. This lethal woman had more sex appeal in one of her toes than all the women he had met in his life ever had in all their bodies combined. At the same time though, those stellar feet were also the deadliest weapons of destruction he had ever had to face. Incredibly, even while he was being destroyed by those feet, he still felt an incredible attraction for them: but now the lust he felt before the fight had grown into another feeling which the Boss couldn’t understand…yet.
However, the middle-aged man needed to ask another question to the mysterious woman who was demolishing his body and mind with her feet. ‘But why are you doing this to me? Why did you take it upon yourself to do this? What have I done to you?’.
Always balancing on one leg – while the other was pushing against the man’s neck – the young woman shook her head. ‘The mere fact that you are asking me this question shows that you are fully deserving of the punishment you will be receiving tonight: each woman on this earth should have the right to kill you on sight for what you and your gang have done. I am here to deliver righteous retribution in the name of all the victims who have suffered for your disgusting evil actions. Also, I am cleansing the world from a dangerous organisation which was going to cause so much pain and misery in the future, especially to women’ – she took a brief pause – 'and yes I also have very personal reasons for doing this. Don’t worry though, indeed you will find out who I am but that will happen in due time. The night has just begun for me and you, baby. I have been training for this evening for eleven years now: I have prepared a nice little program for you. Before the sun comes up again, my feet will make you experience levels of suffering that no-one else has ever felt before. I will cripple your body, I will make you a disabled man, I will destroy your internal organs, obliterate all your senses, lobotomise your brain and crush your genitalia. After all, you were dying for a footjob, weren’t you? Do you remember when I said that I wanted to give you an honourable death? Well, I have news for you, asshole: I was joking. Hahaha, it’s so funny to trick a professional cheater like you! I will make sure that this will be not only the most painful, but also the most humiliating execution of a male criminal ever. Very soon you will be kissing my feet begging me to put you out of your misery…but only I will decide when the time is right for you to be kicked to hell. First, I will give you a generous taste of all the suffering that you inflicted to other people. It will all be condensed in one night, and that’s my only regret because I wanted you to suffer for much longer: but I promise you I will do my best to make this as excruciating as possible for you. We are just at the beginning of this journey…so, if you pardon me, I will now let my feet do the talking: there’s still a lot of kicking ahead for you and me tonight!'

The Boss did not have the time to let those fateful words sink in because, as soon as she said that, the woman moved at lighting speed, outsmarting him once again. She let go of one of the man’s wrists, she removed her foot from his throat and stepped aside. Always keeping one of his arms outstretched, she delivered a flurry of snap kicks to his face, chest, belly and groin. Her foot was pummeling the middle aged man’s upper body so fast that the Boss could only see a cloud of black nylon hitting him like a machine gun. After having delivered a few hundred kicks from the left, she grabbed the Boss’s right arm and delivered the same treatment from the other side. Blood was flying from the Boss’s body, as his face and clothes had now turned to red. When she had finished her machine gun kick attack the Boss fell to his knees. Still keeping her firm grip on her opponent's wrist, the girl delivered another barrage of kicks, with the Boss now on his knees. The she switched to the other side and repeated the same operation, keeping his arm outstretched and kicking him across his face, chest, belly and groin. ‘I told you that there was more to come’ she said ironically, making a reference to the previous barrage of snap kicks from the side which the Boss had suffered at the beginning of their one-sided confrontation. But she was not done with this specific phase of her dismantling of the Boss: always keeping hold on one of his wrists, she placed one foot on the side of his face, pulling his arm with her hands as if she wanted to break his wrist or dislocate his shoulder. When she was satisfied with the pain she delivered to his right shoulder and to that side of the Boss’s face, she moved to the other side and repeated the same operation. The Boss was now completely at his executioner’s mercy: after this punishing series he had no more fight in him. The skill, the speed and the power of his female opponent had sent him into a trance: he was just a dummy ready to be hit by the young avengers pantyhosed feet. Since the beginning of the fight he did not manage to land a single blow on her opponent. On a different note, the Martial Arts avenger had already delivered more than 1,000 kicks on her male target: and the night was still very young…To round up her incredible barrage of kicks she stepped in front of the Boss. He was still sitting on his ass, in a haze of agony, moaning for the incredible pain: his head was reclined on his chest and his legs were open. She looked down on him, smirking sarcastically…and then kicked him between his legs with all her might. The Boss’s head rose up as he had been struck by lightning: like a dying dog, he howled in pain when the sharp pain rose from his groin to his nervous system’s receptors. Relentless and merciless, the young martial arts avenger followed that first kick with a long series of groin hits: when she had finished with her right foot, she used her left one to smash the rapist’s genitalia. Sometimes, she let her foot rest inside his groin after the kicks: in this way she could further torture the Boss’s balls and dick by twisting her ankle – like she was putting out a cigarette - or by stomping on them with her heel. When she kept her foot between his legs the man tried to grab her calves or ankles to remove her lethal feet from between his legs: predictably just like it happened previously with the foot in mouth situation, all his attempts failed. His delusional efforts only made his female executioner laugh: the superiority of this woman was endless…The martial arts avenger continued with her pummeling foot attack on the man’s groin for more than five minutes: then she delivered one final kick to the sex offender’s nut sack. The sharp kick made the man’s spring up again: now his face was conveniently exposed. That’s when the young female martial casually put her pantyhosed sole on her male opponent’s massive face and pushed him down on the floor. The Boss was now lying on his back, in terrible agony. However, his female torturer had no intention to let him rest.
She laid down by his right side so that the tips of her feet were within reach of the man’s neck and head. She slid one foot under his neck and made it come out on the left side of his head. She placed her foot perpendicular to the floor, along the man’s left cheekbone, so that his head was firmly in place: then she put the sole of her other foot on his right cheek. She grabbed one of his arms by the wrists and started pulling it towards her: at the same time she began pushing with her foot against the Boss’ cheek with all the strength. Caught in this deadly feetlock to the head, the man screamed in pain, while his neck was being stretched almost to the point of breaking. At the same time his shoulder was being agonizingly pulled out. To add some further humiliation to the proceedings, the female avenger sometimes used her right foot to kick and push against his exposed ribs. She also smothered his nose and his lips, scratching his face with the nylon covered sole of her foot to make sure the man’s wounds would remain open and bleeding. At times, she just bent her leg and unleashed kicks to the side of his face, thus worsening the many fractures which she already caused to his facial bones. She also viciously axe kicked his exposed groin, belly chest, neck and face: her heel mercilessly came down on the suffering Boss as a nylon covered hammer. When the ruthless young woman was satisfied with the damage she had inflicted to the right side of the man’s body and head, she moved to the other side: she repeated the same destructive procedure, this time sliding her right foot under his neck and locking his face in position while she pulled his left arm towards her. She used her left foot to do the pushing, pummeling and smothering, once again causing devastating damage to his victim. Indeed, at this point the big man could not be considered an opponent anymore for the girl: he was just a victim of whatever torture his female executioner wanted to inflict him with her lethal feet…and she still had a lot of ideas for the Boss. When she had finished with his left side too, the young lady stood up only to sit down between the Bosses spread legs. She grabbed his ankles for support, brought both her legs up to her chest and then unleashed a tremendous double kick with both feet to his groin. She buried her feet in his crotch as deep as she could. As she expected, the electric shock effect to the man’s pain receptors worked its charm again: in a conditioned reflex, the Boss’s reacted to the sharp pain by rising up to a sitting position. That’s when she removed her feet from his groin and double kicked him in the face so that he fell back down on his back. She repeated the same lethal footwork for more than ten times: both feet in his groin, the Boss sits up in shock, she double kicks him in the face knocking him out. By the eleventh time, when the Boss’s body rose up she did not kick him in the face: instead, she suddenly grabbed his arms and pulled them towards her once again. The young lady now concentrated on the Boss’s genitalia: she began pummeling the big man’s groin with her feet: she alternated between her right and left foot, almost as if she was stepping on the spot but from a sitting position. To hit her enemy’s dick and balls, she alternated between kicks with her pointed toes and kicks with her heels/soles, in order to deliver different qualities of pain to her hated enemy. Each time she kicked with her pointed toes, the middle aged gangster felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing his genitals with a sharp knife. When she used her heels, the criminal experienced a pain similar to being hit by a sledgehammer. A huge bloodstain started to appear on the man’s crotch. Very soon, the young lady’s pretty but strong martial arts toes had pierced through the Boss’s soft gym trousers: her feet were now in contact with his bare balls and dick. For a minute, the martial arts avenger almost felt sick at the thought that her pretty feet were touching the horrible genitals which had raped her mother and sister: however, she quickly reminded herself that her body parts - and especially her feet- were the righteous instrument of her revenge, the weapon which allowed her to avenge her family and all the other victims of this filthy man. She had to overcome any feeling which could distract her from her mission: she had to be a relentless war machine in the name of justice. This thought made her put even more energy in her kicking: she was destroying those offending male genitalia with her feet, she was making this man pay for all the suffering he had caused. Since she was pulling his arms towards her, she could study his enemy’s swollen and destroyed face from a very close distance. With each kick she was making his victim’s face twist and contort from a pain, in a festival of feet-induced agony: observing that gave her an exhilarating feeling of power and triumph. It was not a dream: it was all true and she was making it happen with her martial arts skills! The physical contact with that body, the body of her enemy which she was dismantling kick after kick confirmed the realness of it all. After having dreamed of this moment for so long, after all her training and all the sacrifices, after all the evil men she killed to get to this point, she was now about to accomplish her revenge in full: she was humiliating, torturing and killing the responsible for the death of her family. The filthy pig who had turned her life into a nightmare was about to die under her feet. These overwhelming thoughts and sensations were running through the 21 years old girl’s mind and body, making her kick her enemy even harder. She rounded up her attack with one final double kick to the Boss’s groin, using her pointed toes to pierce through his nutsack once again: once again, she cruelly twisted her ankles to multiply and extend the effect of the pain. In a state of mind altering suffering the man opened his mouth and screamed horribly. That’s when the dark-red haired martial artist removed her feet from his groin, brought both her knees up to her chest and delivered an earth shattering double kick to the man’s already broken face. At the same time, she released her death grip on his hands. As a result, the big man fell on his back while a cloud of his own blood was sprayed across the room. For a few dramatic seconds, the young woman kept her feet up in the air, where the face of the Boss used to be, then she let them fall down on the Boss’s huge body. She laid down on her back too, to relax a little as her feet were still resting on the Boss’s upper body. She knew that with her last kick she had made him unconscious for a while: all the moves and techniques for the final confrontation with the Boss – and their effect - had been meticulously trained and previously experimented in other fights. Several men had to die to let her rehearse for this moment. She stared at the blood stained ceiling, as the feeling of having successfully accomplished the first part of her Boss-destroying plan successfully was slowly sinking into her whole being. Then, the young female avenger exhaled and came back to her usual unshakable determination: ‘C'mon!' she whispered to herself 'This woman’s work is far from over’.

A Grave Mistake

She put her head up to see the Boss lay down is a semi-comatose state: however, she needed to make sure he was unable to react. Still laying on her back, she landed another double kick to his bleeding groin. This time he did not even sit up from the pain: instead, he only let out a pained moan. Satisfied, she stood up again. The stunning female warrior looked down on the big man lying at her feet with deep satisfaction. She carefully checked each part of his body with her feet to inspect the damage she had caused him. She lightly nudged his torso, his face, and groin. She also checked his heartbeat with the sole of her foot, to make sure that he was not dead yet. She was relieved when she felt his big heart still beating under the ball of her pretty foot: she still had a lot of torment in store for this man, he was not allowed to die yet! At every touch of her foot, the former sex offender was letting out moans and whines but he seemed unable to move, let alone fight. The young woman smiled: she had done a great job and she was pleased with herself. Everything was going according to her plans. She got the Boss where she wanted him: harmless at her feet, in agony from all her kicking. The young woman had kicked out whatever fight this ruthless assassin ever had in him: she could do whatever she wanted with him now, he was just a barely living piece of meat at her mercy. This unstoppable agent of female martial arts justice was now ready to move to the second stage of her program. First, she turned the big man’s body around with her foot, so that he was laying on his belly. Thanks to her merciless interrogations of his henchmen, the young lady knew that the Boss kept cords and straps in a closet of his secret room for his sex games: she wanted to use those ropes to tie the Boss’s hands and feet. After that, she would have made the Boss’s body slide down into a secret passage which led directly into the back of a van, always ready to take the Boss away in case his secret bunker would become unsafe. Clever as she was, she was using all the Boss’s safety measure against him: whenever a man think he’s smart, there’s always a woman there to outsmart him, she thought. It was so easy for her, a girl trained in the martial arts, to completely destroy and humiliate a giant criminal organisation made of hundreds of dangerous men. Acknowledging this made her feel incredibly empowered and satisfied as a young woman: she did not have the time to bask in her glory though. She had to proceed with her plan! Looking for the ropes, the female martial arts expert turned her back to the semi-unconscious Boss. She had barely taken one step when, to her surprise, she felt something grab her ankle and pull her foot back. The totally unexpected grab made her lose balance and she fell down. As she was falling, she looked down at her leg and behind her back: she was utterly shocked to see the man’s big arm outstretched and his hand holding her ankle. It was just a momentary sight because one fraction of a second later her head hit the marble edge of a low coffee table. Her fall and the impact of her head with the table was so hard, sudden and unexpected that she felt her senses abandoning her. She was passing out and her enemy had suddenly awakened! She cursed herself and her emotions: she knew she shouldn’t have underestimated this evil criminal even when he was knocked out on the floor! The dark red-haired beauty could not believe that, after having been perfect and cold headed in all her previous confrontations with the gangsters, she had committed such a stupid mistake during her long awaited fight with the big Boss! There was a reason why he had become the leader of all the men she had slaughtered so far! It was the first time since the beginning of her journey to revenge that she found herself in such a difficult situation, but now she had to stop blaming herself and react fast- she said to herself - if she wanted to get out of that dangerous rut. She found herself on the floor, in a pre-passing out haze. However, the young martial artist looked behind her shoulder: she could see the Boss crawling over her legs to climb over her body! He had a malevolent grimace on his bloodied and swollen face. He was smiling through broken teeth and he had a killer’s look in his eyes. She couldn’t let him climb over her body: it would have meant the end for her life and most importantly, for her revenge. With all her remaining energies, the young martial artist managed to slide one of her legs from under the man’s massive body. Seeing that the girl had managed to free one of her lethal feet from under him, the man changed is expression from malevolence to pure terror: by now, he knew way too well what to expect from those deadly feet. The Boss was right in being afraid: the young girl bent her knee as much as she could and then unleashed a mighty mule kick to the man’s big face. The evil criminal could only see the girl’s nylon covered sole coming fast towards his face: he immediately passed out from the kick’s tremendous impact. As soon as she delivered her mule kick, the young girl passed out too, with her deadly foot still resting on his knocked out opponent’s face. The lower part of her other leg was still trapped under her enemy’s huge body. Absolute silence filled the room, replacing the fierce female ‘Kiais’ of the martial arts avenger and the feeble male moans and whines of pain of her mortal foe which had been resounding until a few moments before.
At the end of the first part of their epic confrontation, the bodies of the two unconscious opponents both laid on the floor, in dangerous contact with one another… (to be continued)
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Default Re: New story: Female Martial Arts Justice

Hi all, here is the fourth part of my Female Martial Arts Justice saga. In this chapter our young female martial arts avenger needs to find a way out from a very dangerous situation!

All my stories are on my blog Tales of Female Martial Arts Supremacy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Hope you'll enjoy it!



In the Lion's Mouth

In the secrecy of the gangster’s bunker, the young female martial artist was beginning to come back to her senses. She still had her short blue Chinese dress on and she was still shoeless: her lethal feet were only covered by a thin layer of sexy, almost transparent black pantyhose. With her senses still partially numb, the ruthless woman warrior felt like she was waking up from a deep and long slumber, even if she had actually only been unconscious for less than half an hour. Her haircut was very short on the sides and slightly longer on top of her head: when the young avenger opened up her feline-like green-blue eyes again, she found that a flock of her beautiful dark red hair, which had been tousled during the last stages of her fight against the boss, was partially blocking her vision, preventing her to fully realise her location. She blew the hair from her eyes and shook her pretty head, as a way of finally getting her senses back. She was so hazy that it took her a couple of seconds to realise where she actually was and to remember what happened to her. However, as soon as she cleared her head up and she understood her problematic situation, she bit her sensual lips in anger. She was in the same room in which she had blacked out after having mercilessly beaten up her hateful male opponent: she had passed out because, at the end of her impressive demolition of the mafia Boss, she had turned her back on her enemy to look for ropes with which she was going to tie up his unconscious body. As she was walking away from him, the sneaky mafioso managed to grab one of her ankles, making her trip over. As the girl was falling to the floor, she hit her head on a small marble coffee table and passed out. The young martial artist was furious with herself for letting her guard down against her arch-enemy. She always knew that a few seconds of distractions could undermine a plan that she had been perfecting for years and that she had almost completed: still, she made that fatal mistake and she was now paying the price...

As soon as she had fully regained her senses, the female martial artist noticed that she was sitting on a big metal chair which was wired to the floor right in the middle of the boss’s bedroom. Her frustration was only augmented by the realisation that she was unable to stand up and move because her hands had been tied behind the chair’s backrest. Her calves had been tied too but to the front legs of the chair: both her hands and, most importantly, her lethal martial arts feet were pinned down and that made her momentarily defenseless. In front of her, there was the big digital screen on which the Boss used to project his disgusting sex and murder films: however, the screen was off and the room was silent, at least for the moment. In distress, the young lady thought to herself: ‘In my plan, by now I should have tied the Boss up to take him to the place where I was going to inflict him the ultimate punishment: and instead I am the one who’s being bound and in captivity!’ She was beside herself with anger. She could not forgive herself for having made such a fatal mistake when she had almost reached the climax of her revenge! She blamed her own sensitiveness, her emotions, as well as her young age. Up to that point, she had been absolutely flawless in her systematic annihilation of the Boss’s entire Mafia family: she had been an unstoppable, clear headed and devastating kicking machine. 249 fully armed men had already fallen dead at her feet and she managed to do it almost effortlessly, humiliating and torturing the Mafiosi like no-one had ever done before in history: she had been terrifyingly perfect, spreading terror and grief among her male enemies. She could not believe that the only mistake she had made so far in her path to revenge had to happen during her long-awaited confrontation with her most hated and final adversary. She had it all carefully planned and thought over. She had dreamed of killing this horrible assassin for her whole life…and she would have already done it if she did not overestimate his state of unconsciousness after the brutal kicking that she had delivered him. ‘What a rookie!’, she said to herself, ‘I managed to fail just when I had almost reached my ultimate end…’. She felt like she was letting down her family as well as all the other victims of this filthy pig and his clan. However, she had no time for self-criticism right now: in order to get out of that situation she needed to clear her head, think rationally and resume the steely determination that had taken her so close to her final objective. She always knew the reality of what she had just proved during her previous one sided confrontation with the crime lord: she was infinitely superior to the boss as a fighter. Wherever that scumbag was hiding now, he was gravely wounded and certainly terrified of having to face her again in a fight, no matter how much bravado he was probably going to show in this situation. To finalise her plan, she only needed to get out of that difficult cul-de-sac she had gotten herself into: as soon as she could break free, she was going to reprise her destruction of her hated enemy from the exact point in which she had been interrupted. From now on – she swore to herself - nothing, not even her own feelings, were going to stand between her and her righteous revenge over the Boss.

The young woman was still caught up in her train of thoughts when she suddenly heard the sound of a hideous voice coming from behind her chair: she had heard that voice for the first and the last time more than 11 years before but she recognised it immediately. The female martial artist did not need to turn her head around to realise that the Boss was standing right behind her… ‘It’s wake-up time, sleepyhead!’ the big man said in a sarcastic tone as he slid the blade of a huge knife against the young girl’s slender neck. Despite being a bit unsteady from the ultra-severe kicking he had just suffered, he was towering over the sitting woman who was tied down to the chair. He was battered, swollen and even more intoxicated than before, but now he was in a position of advantage over his clearly more skilled opponent. Even if he had already lost many of his teeth thanks to the deadly face kicks of his female opponent, the big man was now smirking triumphantly: the crime lord was clearly enjoying his momentary control over the young woman who had just beaten him to within an inch of his life. After performing the sneaky move that made his female opponent fall to the floor, he had been rendered unconscious by one final kick that the young lady managed to deliver to his face just before she passed out too. The two opponents both lied down unconscious for a few minutes. Nevertheless, the boss was lucky enough to wake up just a few minutes before his superior female opponent. He immediately took advantage of the situation and tied her unconscious body to the chair that he kept in the middle of his bedroom. It was the chair to which he used to tie his sex dates so that he could rape torture them and, often, kill them to satisfy his own abominable lust. The middle-aged man was still severely weakened by the tremendous ass kicking he had received from the young female martial artist’s deadly feet: however, he managed to momentarily numb down the terrible ache he was feeling all over his body with a generous helping of painkillers, amphetamines and alcohol. He even shot himself with a heavy dose of cortisone to temporarily numb the multiple inflammations which were exploding inside and outside of his big body. That was the only way in which he could still stand and try to pose a threat to his almighty female foe whose feet were just as sexy as they were lethal.

Still standing behind the young lady and with his knife still menacingly placed under her throat, the intoxicated criminal put one clenched fist in front of the captive woman’s eyes and spoke again: ‘Are you ready for some Q&A, little whore?’ the big man opened his hand and four little photographs fell on the floor between the girl’s nylon covered feet. She looked down to see that the Boss had found the pictures of her dead family members which she kept hidden in a hidden pocket of her mini dress. The thought of the boss’s hands running all over her body to search her while she was asleep made her shiver with disgust. Even more unbearable was the mental image of this maniac killer manhandling the beloved pictures of his loved ones: it felt like their memory had been desecrated once again by the same horrible man who killed and abused them. However, she knew she had to keep herself together and not show any feelings while the boss kept on talking: ‘I remember killing these losers many years ago. The husband and the wife were two coppers who made the mistake of breaking my balls. I took immense pleasures in making them suffer. Obviously I took care of their children took, abusing and killing them slowly in front of their eyes. No one from that household was left alive. A nice little family massacre, I must say! – the crime lord let out an evil laugh – So why do you keep these pictures hidden in your dress? Who are these people to you? Who paid you to come after me? How is this related to this fucking dead family? Tell me bitch!’ – the Boss screamed pathetically trying to scare the young girl off. Despite the ropes holding her legs and arms, her enemy’s threats, and the blade pushing against her throat, the girl smirked confidently and quietly replied:
‘Are you sure that no one was left alive on that day, big boss man? Did you see them all die by your hand in front of you?’ – the sadistic crime boss was puzzled by the girl’s questions - ‘What do you mean bitch? Of course I have killed them all by my own hand and I enjoyed every second of it – he replied - I did a long session of raping and torturing too: I particularly enjoyed the wife and the teenage daughter I must say!’ - the man paused for a second savouring the memory and then continued – OK there was the other kid, the little daughter: she must have been 8 or 9. I would have raped and killed her too but she must have hidden somewhere in that fucking house! Anyway since we couldn’t be bothered to search for the little whore anymore, we just burned her alive with the entire place as we left! She must have turned into such a tender baby roast hahaha! Anyway she was just an insignificant detail.’
As the maniac killer was basking in his own repulsive memories, the girl just listened with a knowing smile on her face:
‘You see, here’s the problem with you so called macho men – she said while rolling her beautiful green/blue eyes – You are so used to having everything easy in your life that you don’t even bother checking that you have done an accurate job’
‘What do you mean bitch?’ replied the boss in frustration, pressing the knife harder on the girl’s throat. Satisfied with having the boss already wrapped around her finger, mentally, the young girl said:
‘I mean that you should have taken your time searching for that little girl around the house. If you had done so perhaps 249 of your men would still be alive today. If you had taken care of that insignificant detail perhaps you would still be a mighty boss instead of a crippled man who’s just minutes away from getting crushed under my feet’ - she continued her defiant speech as the boss listened in bedazzlement – ‘Because you see, that 'insignificant detail' has grown up to be the biggest problem ever for you and for all men like you!’
‘You must be joking’ - the incredulous man said – ‘you are telling me that you are little girl? The detectives’ little daughter?’
‘Yes, I am that little girl. I managed to hide away in a secret safe spot while you were slaughtering all my dearest ones. From my hiding place I have seen you doing it all with my 9 years old eyes. Since that day, I have been only living for this moment: I have trained my body and my feet to be unstoppable weapons of destruction for this purpose only. Yes, I am that girl and all the women whose lives you have ruined in your hideous career too. Tonight I will do justice for all your victims, for my family and for myself. I will show you no mercy. And remember I am a woman, not a stupid man like you: I will take care of every 'insignificant detail' in my work: I will make sure no one is left alive when I am done’

The Boss was still taken aback by the surprising revelation. Not only the almighty exterminator of his entire clan was nothing but a girl who was barely in her twenties…but she also was the only unexpected survivor of one of his most notorious massacres! The last time he had seen her she was a little child playing with dolls and now there she was: an all-powerful men killing device coming in the shape of the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Shame that this sexy killing machine was being unleashed on him.
‘Ok, ok, I have to admit that so far you have done an impressive job for a girl’ – the crime lord replied, trying to muster what was left of his macho bravado – ‘But I have very different plans for tonight. First of all, I’d like to thank you for giving me this chance to complete some unfinished business from many years ago. Tonight I will send you to join the rest of your annoying cop family in hell. I will do it slowly, and this time I will take care of all details, as you suggested. You will be raped, mutilated and killed by me in the same way I did with your sister and your mother. I should have done it with 9 years old you too, but it’s never too late to off a whore forever isn’t it?’
The boss laughed heartily, taking a pause from his disgusting speech. Then he continued ‘I’d also like to thank you for getting rid of all my useless henchmen. By dying shamefully under the feet of a single unarmed woman they proved to be weak and unworthy of their role in my family. As soon as I will be done with you I will move to the east and form another gang with much better sicarios: I have a lot of money left and I can buy just anyone. I will make sure that this time my gang will not left any child alive on the scene of our future crimes, especially little girls. So thank you for all the above, stupid bitch, but now it’s time for you to do what all women are born to do: suck my dick, give me pleasure and then die’
The girl was unimpressed by the boss’s words and replied: ‘Do you really think you are much better than your henchmen big boss? You are the one who’s going join his family members in the undignified part of hell where all the Mafiosi who have been humiliated under the feet of a woman are spending their eternal punishment in shame. C’mon we both know how this is going to end: just take a look at the mirror’ she nodded towards one of the many full figure mirrors which were adorning the room. ‘Look at the state of your face and then look at my face! – the martial arts girl continued – I’ve just reshaped your ugly features with my feet and demolished most of your body too: I won’t even mention what my feet did to your groin. By the way, are you sure you still have a functioning dick to suck let alone carry out any form of raping? Hahaha, Face it, you are only standing up because you have taken every drug and medication you could lay your hands on. On the other hand, you haven’t managed to land a single blow on my face or body: I am firing on all cylinders and ready to fight. How do you think this is going to end? Very soon you are going to be on the receiving end of my kicks again: my feet are already itching in anticipation. With your cowardly trick you only managed to postpone your execution for a few hours, big man. I’ll make sure I’ll carry it out as planned. It was easy to kick your ass the first time and it’s going to be even easier in a matter of minutes…and this time I’m going to take it to the end. Get ready to suffer and die by my feet!’
The Mafioso knew that the defiant girl was absolutely right: he had been demolished already and his entire body was a wreck. His face was unrecognisable and he knew it would take a lot of very expensive plastic surgery to make him look barely human again. However, he could not understand his female opponent’s confidence in that situation: after all, she was tied to the chair and currently under his control! This was sending him into a further state of denial and confusion: his stupid macho psyche was still unable to cope with the fact that a woman, whom he barely remembered as a little defenseless child, had brought total destruction to his organization, killed all his most ferocious men and had almost beaten him to death…and now, despite being captive she still had attitude and defiance to burn! He started feeling some sort of admiration for this ruthless female warrior. However he had something in mind which – he was sure – was going to break this incredible woman’s spirit.
‘You certainly have a way with your mouth other than with your feet, young woman: I am impressed’ – the man said, desperately trying to recover some authority over the captive girl – ‘You should thank me for giving you the chance of becoming such a determined and skilled bitch by killing your useless family. If you hadn’t annoyed me so much I would have asked you to join my new gang: I could think of many ways in which those pretty and deadly feet of yours could be used to my advantage. Unfortunately, I will just rape and kill you instead and go my own way. But before that I have a something I want to show you.’ The man grabbed a remote control and switched on the big screen placed on the room’s wall. ‘I have prepared a very exclusive screening from my personal collection for you. I use these movies to turn me on, you know what I mean, before I get to meet whores like you. I never share this footage with anyone but I will make an exception for you with this special video: I guess you must be very familiar with the story and the actors’ the man paused to let out a cruel laugh. By this point the girl had completely understood which footage he was talking about. A cold shiver travelled through her body as the boss continued ‘It’s quite an intense viewing but beware! – the man said menacingly pushing the blade of the knife against the soft skin of the girl’s slender neck – ‘If I catch you with your eyes closed even for just one second I’m going to fucking slit your pretty throat! – the man pushed the blade tighter against the girls neck almost cutting her smooth skin - You have to watch it all, whore, this is for your eyes only! Ok let’s start!

The Boss pressed play on the remote control and the footage started rolling on the big screen in front of them: seeing the opening sequence, the girl felt her heart sinking inside her for a second. She recognised her childhood home on the screen: however the action which was going in that familiar setting was absolutely dreadful. To her horror, she was being shown the rape, torture and massacre of her own family which had been caught on tape by the gangsters. 11 years before – from her hiding spot - she had seen it all happen in front of her little girl’s eyes: those images and those screams had been haunting her forever. Witnessing those scenes completely reconfigured her mind, her soul and her life. Since the day of the slaughter, she had never seen those horrid scenes again. Now the boss was gleefully showing her the footage of her family’s atrocious slaughter. He wanted to break her spirit and, simply, revel in his cruelty. ‘Watch! Watch it all again bitch! Let it all sink in. There might be some details that you have missed the first time around, hahaha!’ – the criminal maniac reinforced his words with a malevolent laugh – ‘This is just one of the videos I use to get myself ready for sex. Sometimes I even masturbate to these nice scenes. To watch your dearest ones die atrociously by my hand just turns me on. Can’t you see? The greatest tragedy in your life is just jerking off material to me when I get bored. This is the worth of your family’s life to me and you came here to revenge these weaklings? Hahaha, what a losing game you are playing. I’ll tell you more: since my security cameras are filming everything that is happening in my rooms and around the villa, you will soon be part of my collections of videos too. I will enjoy wanking to this new snuff movie starring me raping and killing you whore!’ By humiliating her and making her relive the immense tragedy that traumatised his superior and undefeatable female opponent, the Boss was trying to regain his position of unjustified privileged over her. He was doing it with sadism and brutality, hoping to weaken the spirit of this fearless woman warrior. However, his strategy was once again useless: the young female martial artists knew the man’s game perfectly. To win this psychological battle she had to resist her emotions. Despite the pain that the terrible spectacle that she was forced to watch was causing her, she knew that she could not afford to show the slightest sign of weakness to the Boss. Also, she knew that she could not let her feelings take the best of her once again on that night: she had already made one mistake that caused her current trouble. Her path to revenge had been very easy up to that point but she was aware that sooner or later she had to face some form of hardship during her righteous journey. That moment of difficulty had arrived: now she had to prove her incredible inner strength one more time. On top of that, the sadistic behavior of the crime lord only fortified her will and justified her mission even more: this horrible psychopath had to die for all his cruelty and viciousness.
From his side, the Boss knew that he couldn’t hold a candle to his younger female opponent as a fighter, so he was trying to break her with tricks and psychological torture. But her mind and her spirit were much stronger than this man’s low down gimmicks. She had values, qualities and hard earned skills that this privileged macho did not even know existed. Now she only needed to be focused on what she had to do to pursue her final revenge. First of all, she had to get out of that situation as soon as possible. She had to show the boss that she was unimpressed by his show of cruelty. Throughout the entire video of her family’s massacre, she did not blink even once: she watched it all with a blank expression, without showing any feelings at all.

The Boss noticed that and could not help but being impressed by the girl’s determination and mind power. However, he still tried to tease her: ‘Well, good job pretending that watching you dearest die does not affect you’ - the big man said when the video ended - ‘So you won’t mind if I play the video again and again: I want to rape and kill you while we are watching your family getting raped and killed on screen. Death and suffering is all that you will get and see. Sometimes I am a real evil genius, I must admit!’. As he said that he kneeled down in front of the sitting girl. With a cruel smirk on his bloodied face, he began caressing her stockinged legs with his long knife. ‘You are so pathetic’ - the girl replied - ‘do you really think you can impress me with these gimmicks? You know, I have been carrying these images inside of me for all of my life: I have been haunted by them constantly. You just showed me what’s already inside of me: this is exaclty the fuel that feeds my desire for revenge on you. With this cruel display, you only gave me further resolve to pursue my goal. On that fateful day, it’s almost as if I had died too even if my body survived: everything inside me went dumb. The only feeling I had inside me was hate for you and your gang. That is why I decided to turn the only part of me that was left alive into the weapon which will cause your destruction. Only when I will have killed you, I will be able to be born again and finally have feelings. But I won’t have to wait that long for that to happen, you can rest assured.’ As usual she was teasing the Boss to frustrate and irritate his sadistic macho pride, but she was also speaking the truth about herself: up to that point in her young life, there had been only room for feelings of hate -coupled with a steely desire for retribution – inside of her. Until her revenge was complete no other emotion could ever blossom in her. The boss and all his men hand to die under her lethal feet before she could be born again as a young woman capable of all human feelings. The Boss pretended to not be impressed by the girl’s powerful speech. ‘Hahaha’ – he laughed nervously - 'This is all great but can you explain me how you will do it with your hands and feet tied?’ – Trying to sound threatening, the middle aged criminal stated shouting: ‘Don’t you know where you are? You are sitting on my special torture chair! I like to torture and kill my whores on this seat every week. You act so entitled, but you are not different from all the other bitches before you, my poor detectives’ daughter!’ – as he pronounced these words the middle aged gangster brought his knife arm back, getting ready to strike – ‘Now it’s time for you to shut up, give me pleasure and die atrociously!! You were asking me how I was going to rape you since you have damaged my dick…but who needs a dick when you’ve got a knife?’ Always kneeling in front of the girl, the crime lord pointed his knife right between her legs…and that’s when something occurred that he would have never expected!

Turning Tables

Another thing that the Boss did not know was that his female opponent was also a formidable escape artist. During her ten years long training, the Martial arts girl studied and learned all the most effective escape techniques from all forms of physical restraints: she could free herself from handcuffs, straitjackets, chains, coffins, boxes, fish tanks and ropes. She had also perfected the art of distracting her guards while she was freeing her limbs from whatever was binding them. So, while the Boss was showing her the video of the massacre and while the two were speaking, she was patiently starting to loosen up the ropes that were binding her feet to the chair. She did so with delicate, almost unnoticeable movements of her feet until she managed to completely free them from the ropes. Wisely, she did not slide her feet outside of the ropes immediately: she did not want the boss to notice anything until he was within the range of her kicks. The occasion came when the middle aged criminal kneeled down in front of her to threaten her legs and her vagina with his knife. That’s when the young girl knew that her new attack on her hated enemy could start again.
When the boss pointed the blade of his knife towards her groin, she blocked and twisted the man’s wrist between her nylon covered feet: the sudden and unbelievable pain that she caused to his wrist forced the man to drop the knife immediately. She struck with unbelievable speed and precision. Completely surprised by the young girl’s lighting fast move the gangster widened his eyes in utter shock! He could not believe that his ‘prisoner’ had managed to free her feet without using her hands! As the boss held his injured wrist with his other hand, he tried to stand up and move away from his tremendous opponent. The martial arts girl knew that she had to act quickly to prevent this. Not having the chance to stand up, as the chair was wired to the floor, she knew perfectly that her only chance of defeating her opponent was by keeping him within the range of her lethal kicks. If he managed to stand up and attack her from above it would have meant trouble for her. She had to force him back to his knees immediately. Her fast-thinking female brain rapidly worked out a strategy: as the boss was trying to stand up she launched an extremely powerful kick to his groin with her right foot. As her foot impacted his groin, a flash of unbelievable pain hit the nervous system of the gangster. The martial arts girl buried her pantyhosed foot between his legs and twisted it around to maximize the damage to his groin area. For a moment, the boss was paralyzed, almost frozen by the agony. After a few seconds, his knees gave in and he slid back right where the woman wanted him to be: kneeling in front of her. Transfixed by the pain, the desperate man put both his hands around the girl’s foot trying to remove it from his groin, but her leg was too strong: her deadly weapon was firmly stuck between his legs, squashing the gangster’s genitals like grapes. One more time, having male genitalia proved to be a crucial disadvantage in a fight between a man and a woman…
While the boss was agonising from the girl’s foot twisting and turning inside his groin, the female martial artist used her other foot to crush the remote control of the video player so that the horrifying images of the massacre of her family would stop rolling on the big screen as she demolished the man kneeling in front of her. Then, always keeping her right foot firmly locked between the man’s leg to hurt his genitals, the young girl quickly brought her left foot up.
She knew that she had to attack several parts of his body to overwhelm him and to give him no time to react, so she also started delivering a violent, rapid fire barrage of slap kicks to his face with her left foot. With 60 machine-gun like footslaps she rapidly sent him back into a state of confusion. She was kicking back and forth relentlessly: her sole was viciously whipping one cheek and the back of her foot was pummeling the other. Her foot was unstoppable, going from one side to another like the windscreen wiper of a car on a rainy day: however it was not water that came out from the Boss’s face but copious splashes of blood mixed with other bodily fluids.
After she had delivered at least one hundred back and forth kicks with her left foot, the young female martial artist switched legs and repeated the operation with her right foot: at the same time she stuck her left foot between the man’s legs to make sure the pain in his groin - which prevented him from thinking clearly - was not ending any time soon. She slapped his face back and forth with her right foot for at least another one hundred times: as one foot was making scrambled eggs of his brain cells, the other one was delivering the same treatment to his balls. Giving her enemy no quarter nor pause, when she was finished with his face, she repeatedly kicked the suffering man in the groin again: this time she did it with both feet simultaneously, always leaving them in his crotch after each kick and causing further permanent damage to his genitals.
Even if the boss was now in extreme agony, she knew very well that to make sure that she was going to win this fight she had to think fast and act creatively: she was ready to unleash another surprise move on her victim. During one of the groin attacks by her feet, the boss had put his hand on the floor for support. She noticed that and quickly stamped her foot, crushing his palm: she started twisting her foot like she was putting out a cigarette, pinning his hand to the floor. At the same time, she pointed her other foot against his Adam’s apple and she extended her leg out. Now the middle aged criminal was pinned, almost crucified by the young girl’s punishing feet: one was crushing his hand and the other one was piercing his Adam’s apple. The female martial artist stretched her leg, pushing against her foe’s neck with all her force and delivering maximum suffering to her helpless enemy.
In desperation, the boss tried to reach for the knife on the floor with his other hand. But once again she outsmarted him, by switching legs rapidly. The foot which was destroying his now useless right hand went right into his Adam’s Apple while her other foot stomped on the back of his left hand, pinning it to the floor, grinding it and crushing all its bones. The crime kingpin couldn’t believe what this young girl was putting him through: here he was, a big boss man down on his knees, completely at the mercy of the feet of a young woman who was tied down to a chair and who couldn’t even use her hands to defend herself! His humiliation was complete, his demise upcoming and he knew it. The only thing he could wish for was a quick death: unfortunately for him, his fierce female opponent had very different plans.

Humiliate & Destroy

After having crippled both of her hated foe’s big hands with her feet, the young woman resumed her merciless attack to the big man’s head and face. First, she opened her legs, pointed her feet outwards and slammed her nylon covered heels on the man’s temples three times simultaneously. As she did that she let out resoluted ‘Kiya’ screams, in Bruce Lee style. She hit with all her strength, knowing that her kicks were incapacitating the man’s brain, delivering permanent damage to his nervous system. The Boss felt like he was on the electric chair: with each double kick he could almost visualize a lightning bolt of excruciating pain going through his entire body. In his despearatin he wished that those kicks were the fatal blows which would put him out of his misery but no: these woman’s feet had a lot more pain store for him tonight…
and that’s when the young girl crossed her feet around his neck to strangle the Big Boss! Her pretty size 9 feet, barely covered by a thin layer of black nylon, were tightly crossed under the big man’s neck in a deadly scissor. The girl’s lethal toes were gripping both size of the man’s neck causing a stinging for of pain which increased the Boss’s unbelievable distress. As he could not breathe anymore, the desperate man finally opened his mouth: that’s exactly what his female torturer wanted him to do. With extreme speed, she stuck a foot inside of the ganster’s mouth. Once again, the man was tricked by his female’s opponent clever and humiliating move. His swollen eyes suddenly spread open, with the shock of having her enemy’s stockinged foot into his mouth: in his life, he would have never expected to be humiliated in such a surreal and creative way by a woman. His ego, his body and his mind were being demolished by her fast thinking mind and by her lethal feet, crushed under them, and there’s nothing he could do about it. Too busy to care about his opponent’s elementary macho psyche, the avenging woman locked her other foot behind his head. Then she pushed the foot she had stuck the man’s mouth further down the back of his throat, mercilessly ravaging his oral cavity. It’s almost as she wanted to pierce the back of her enemy’s throat with her pointed toes so that they could touch her other foot that was locked behind his head. Hot tears of pain and humiliation started running down the face of the formerly arrogant mafioso. To add insult to injury, she playfully wiggled her toes inside his mouth: what was almost childlike fun for the woman was an incredibly painful torture for the man though, as the girl's martial arts trained toes were bringing destruction to his oral cavity and throat. The female warrior couldn’t help smiling at the total domination that she, a young woman sitting down with her hands tied, had managed to achieve over this once feared, high-profile criminal: and she did just with her feet! Her amusement was short-lived though as she wanted to stay focused on her only goal: putting the boss through several stages of hell before executing him.

Pain & Pleasure

Mercilessly, the young girl began thrusting her foot back and forth inside his mouth rhythmically. With each thrust she was increasing the pace, penetrating the mouth of the Boss with her lethal foot.
As she was doing that she started speaking to him ‘So yo wanted me to suck your dick and rape me, no?’ - she teased him – ‘Luckily, I was not born with a dick, so I can’t be as stupid as you’ – she laughed – ‘I don’t even need a knife to rape you: I just need my pretty female foot. I know you liked it because you’ve been drooling over my feet since the first moment I walked into this room. Now suck my foot deep and hard, see if you can make it come like the good bitch you are!’
She kept thrusting back and forth with her foot inside the man’s mouth, simulating a violent penetration: each time she thrusted forward, her toes hit the back of the gangsters throat and her heel crushed his mouth cruelly.
‘You raped women all your life, haven’t you? But now it’s your turn getting raped. How does it feel? How does it feel getting mouth-raped by the foot of a girl who has already kicked your male ass twice?’
Blood and saliva were falling from the sides of the gangster’s mouth copiously as he was getting harshly raped by her foe’s savage foot. Between the extreme pain and the humiliation, the Boss was now in a state of trance: he could not believe what this girl was putting him through. He felt like he had to puke, while he was bleeding internally and externally. On her part, the woman could feel her foot sliding back and forth, getting drenched inside a warm pool of her enemy’s blood and saliva. Her foot was meeting no resistance now: with each thrust she was penetrating entering the gangster’s mouth deeper and deeper. However, the girl’s foot was only covered by a thin layer of black nylon: therefore, all stimuli were being transmitted from her feet to her central nervous system and pleasure.
After several minutes of relentless foot fucking of the Boss’s mouth then something unexpected started happening inside the young woman’s body: slowly but inexorably, she began to feel a warm wave of pleasure rising uncontrollably from the sole of her foot. It was a wild feeling of power and pleasure spreading all over her entire being. She tried to resist it at first, but after a few minutes this tsunami of unexpected pleasure had taken over her completely. This sent the young woman into a further frenzy: she decided to use this immense power to her advantage in her confrontation agains the Boss: she accelerated the pace and the force of her foot thrusts in and out of the man’s mouth.
She yelled: ‘Come on keep on sucking bitch, you’ve almost made me come, I’m almost there, hahahah’. And she really was about to come! She could feel the most poweful orgasm rising irresistibly inside of her. Letting out a wild scream of womanly pleasure, she gave one final thrust with her shapely but muscular leg, sending her foot inside the bosses mouth up to the ankle. Her body twisted and lifted from the chair with the ecstasy of the orgasm and the power of her final push.
Under the force of her orgasmic leg thrust, the jaws of the boss gave in and his big mouth opened even wider, letting the young girl’s foot slide inside his oral cavity up to her heel. The martial arts avenger’s toes hit the back of the criminal’s neck so hard that she almost broke the skin of the back of the man’s neck. A cascade of blood came out of the man’s mouth but the young girl kept her foot inside his mouth, in post orgasmic relax.
Totally unexpectedly, the young woman had reached a true, thundering female orgasm: she obtained it by penetrating her enemy’s mouth with her foot. The relentless rhythmic stimulation of the nervous terminations on her foot and the excitement of the situation drove her to the most powerful orgasm of her entire young life. But her female pleasure only meant infinite, excruciating pain for the male gangster as she pushed down hard on his lower jaw with her foot.
Together the two opponents had reached the climax of a spontaneous foot rape ritual, but just like a rapist and a victim they were in two very different places. They both screamed together at the climax but for opposite reasons: the young girl had reached the ultimate pleasure, while the man went through pain beyond belief as his face was being basically ripped apart by the female foot fucking his mouth. However what was left of the man’s dick managed to spit out some sperm while the woman’s was triumphantly climaxing. It was a pathetic male ejaculation from an almost destroyed dick but it meant that, other than his body and his psyche, this former rapist's sexuality was now completely subjugated to the power of the formidable young woman who had dismantled his evil empire with her feet.

However, despite her momentary – and pleasurable - loss of control, the young martial arts avenger realised that she had to come back to her senses as soon as possible. Her demolition of the boss was far from over and she needed to regain control immediately.
‘So darling has it been good for you as it has been for me?’ she told him sarcastically, noticing the cum stain in he man’s bloodied pants. A she spoke her foot was still casually resting inside the man’s mouth. ‘I have to say that you really scream like a bitch when you come ,hahaha. Anyway I hope you liked the taste of my martial arts feet in your mouth’ - she continued while playfully wiggling her toes and cruelly twisting her foot inside his broken mouth once again – ‘You better get used to it, because you are going to get a lot more of my feet inside you before the night is over. And guess what? - she continued with a teasing smile on her face -‘It looks like it’s you who’s going to give pleasure and die this time. Oh, and since you mentioned that you have recorded everything that went on tonight with your security cameras, I’d like to inform you that I have a great collection of videos of each one of my fights against your henchmen. As soon as I’m finished with you I am going to publish all of them on the web so that the entire world will see how 250 well-armed mafia men have been singlehandedly defeated, humiliated and killed by a young girl who only used her feet to fight. I will collect and share the videos from this fight too. I guess I am going to be the one who is going to have many powerful female orgasm as I watch myself humiliating and killing you with my feet. Thanks to the web, millions of women around the world will use your pain, humiliation and death for their own sexual pleasure. So many men will secretly jerk off to this too, you can rest assured…And this will go on for ages, way after your death. This is how you are going to be remembered, big boss man: as the guy who’s being defeated, tortured and mouthfucked by the feet of a woman just to give her pleasure. Hahaha! - She laughed as she was demolishing what was left of the man’s ego as well as his body -
‘This is for my mother, my sister and all the women you have raped and killed. Tonight, I’ll make sure you’ll understand how it feels to be tortured and killed for someone else’s pleasure. It’s going to be slow, extremely degrading and incredibly painful: get ready because this is only the beginning!’ she concluded with a severe and determined tone while she was staring into the bleeding eyes of his once dangerous opponent.
Nevertheless, while she remained focused on destroying and humiliating the devastated boss, her multi-tasking female mind was wondering about what just happened: the orgasm she reached was real and it had been the greatest of her life. Her feet had always been sensitive to pleasure, but she would have never expected to come right in the middle of a fight, let alone during the final confrontation against her most hated enemy. Maybe she was becoming a sadist just like the boss? Or perhaps she had been so traumatised by what this man had done to her family that the she was now associating violence against her enemies with sexual pleasure? Was she just too excited for finally having the chance to give retribution to the man who destroyed her life that she had to celebrate her victory wiht an orgasm? However, she had no time now for psycho sexual analysis: what mattered was that her orgasm turned into yet another source of pain for her enemy. This time her emotions had worked in her favour. That was enough for her now.
She had a job to finish before the sun would rise again.

Boss in Distress

When the tidal waves of her orgasm started to calm down inside of her, she removed her pantyhosed foot from inside the ganster’s mouth: casually but violently she wiped her foot over the criminal’s face, to clean it from the disgusting mix of blood, saliva and other bodily fluids that were filling her opponent’s foot-ravaged oral cavity. Throughout the entire beating and humiliation, she made sure to never lose eye contact with the man she was demolishing: she knew she had to submit him physically and psychologically with her determination as well as with her creative fighting style and her deadly feet.
She had now fully realized that with her attitude and her clever moves, she was damaging not only his body but his mind and his male ego too. Making fun of him during the beatdown, in order crush what’s left of his self-esteem and weaken his testosterone-fueled aggressiveness, was another essential part of her fighting strategy: under this perspective, her foot raping of the gangster’s mouth move had been a master stroke of genius. Even if he was in total pain, he realized that his female opponent was getting fun and pleasure while destroying him: this was the ultimate humiliation for him. The table between him and her opponent, as well as between male and female, had been completely turned: he had never been submitted by a woman, and how, in his entire adult life. He used to consider himself as super alpha specimen of the superior sex: but now this woman had just demonstrated that a young girl could wipe the floor with him, and 249 other men like him, and use him as a sex toy in the process. As a result, he was totally broken and at the mercy of his female opponent at this point: he was a wreck ready to be put out of his misery by the feet of a superior woman. Nevertheless, unbeknownst to him, this incredible girl was ready to outsmart him again with another one of her clever techniques. Always keeping one foot locked behind his head to keep him still, the young female martial artista reprises her attack on the man’s big face. She quickly poke both of the crime lord’s eyes, one after the other, using the pointed toes of the foot she’d just taken out of his mouth. At first, she poked the eyes and then she come back on each one of them to twist her big toe in the sockets, to blind him temporarily and maximize the damage. Then she started pounding the Boss’s face with all her strength using the sole of her foot. After a solid series of kicks, she switched foot to give him another generous face blasting with her other sole. She finished her female foot-to-male face job by viciously rubbing her sole on his face, while her other foot was always locked behind his head: she knew that, with every part of the middle-age man’s face now broken and destroyed, rubbing her pantyhosed foot energetically over her opponent’s wounds was a mind numbing painful torture for the boss and she knew that very well.
Finally, she placed her size 9 sole on his nose and mouth and pushed: she was cutting the man’s air supply, so that he couldn’t breathe. She knew that very soon the oxygen supply to his brain was going to run out, making him pass out. However, before her enemy was losing his senses, she wanted to inflict him one more humiliation, one that was going to annihilate his confidence forever and get him ready for the last stage of the exectution of his death sentence.
With a triumphant smile and always looking in the swollen, bloodied and semi closed eyes of her opponent, the young girl theatrically freed her hands from the handcuff/ropes. She spread her arms and she said ‘Ta-dah!’, emphatically. Smiling like a little girl who just did a fun prank, she put her untied hands in front of the gangster’s eyes.
In fact, what the boss did not know was that the young woman could have untied her hands too at any time during the fight. The message that she was sending to her foe was clear: she had actually CHOSEN to keep her hands behind her back, to show him that she could totally dominate him by only using her feet and without even standing up from her chair. On both sides of the foot with which she was crushing his face, the young woman could see the eyes of the boss open with shock and awe once again. Soon though the look in the middle aged man’s eyes switched from rage and frustration to an expression of resignation and acceptance. After this final display from his opponent, he could only accept the total superiority of his female adversary: he was ready to give in to her. It was clear now that he was going to meet his demise under the feet of an undefeatable and vengeful woman warrior. She hadn’t just destroyed him with her martial arts: she had also humiliated him with her female intelligence, her creativity and her sense of humour. And she also managed to have an orgasm in the process…
As the boss entered new levels of distress, she laughed at him confidently and she told him: ‘See? Didn’t you want to see me kick the crap out of you again? There you are! And yes, it’s been that easy! Look Boss, no hands!’: she waved her hands in front of his bleeding eyes to make fun of him. She was now aware that she had just delivered the final blow to his will to live, but she knew that she needed to take things a little bit further to complete her revenge.
With her foot, she increased the pressure on the Boss’s nose and mouth. She kept her sole flatly pushing against the man’s face until he passed out. The kneeling man fell face down at the girls feet: appropriately, he passed out in a kowtow position, submitting to his female conqueror. The boss’s big forehead was touching the bridge of girl’s nylon covered feet and his swollen lips were resting on her toes, in a position of total submission. He looked like a slave intent at worshipping a goddess who was sitting on her throne. And that’s exactly what the female avenger was to him now, the merciless goddess of martial arts destruction! The girl slid one foot down under the middle aged man’s chin and she lifted his massive head from the floor with her toes. This time she wanted to make sure that her opponent had really passed out, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises like the one he gave her in the previous fight. She might have been a young warrior but she learned fast. Luckily this time the boss was really completely unconscious and sound asleep. Always keeping his head up with one of her feet under his chin, the young woman inspected the damage that her savage footwork had delivered to her foe’s face: she had kicked him so violently that not even his mother would recognise him now. Satisfied with what she had accomplished, she removed the foot from under the man’s soft chin. Unsupported, the Boss’s head fell down again, hitting the floor in front of the girl’s feet. She slid one foot under his face and put the other foot on the back of his head, like a lioness who wants to make sure that his prey is not going anywhere.
With serene determination, the young avenger massaged her wrist as she looked down to his enemy’s head firmly locked between her deadly feet. A confident smile appeared on her face as she was already anticipating the final stage of her journey to Female Martial Arts Justice.
(to be continued...)
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Hi, I have published the finale of the Female Martial Arts (in four acts) on my blog Tales of Female Martial Arts Supremacy. I hope you will enjoy it! [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
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Great story!
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Thank you Brunobert! I'm glad you've enjoyed it!
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Another story set in the aftermath of the Female Martial Arts Justice Finale which you will be able to find on my blog Tales of Female Martial Arts Supremacy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Female Martial Arts Justice: The Aftermath (Pt. 1)

Three years later...
It was a cold and damp autumn morning in a small coastal village located in the remotest corner of a Nordic European country. Inside a café, a beautiful young woman was sitting down at her table, calmly sipping on a hot beverage from a big mug. A new generation laptop was open in front of her, its screen reflecting a cold digital light on the girl's adorable facial features. She was the only customer of the café and, judging from the town's almost empty streets, it looked like not many other people were going to show up in that small town hangout on that day. The only other human beings in the premises were a young female barista and some other invisible employee who was busy washing dishes and preparing snacks in the kitchen which was hidden from sight by a wall set behind the counter. The atmosphere in the room was very placid and relaxed. The interior of the café was entirely coated with the dark wood of the nearby forests which gave the place a rustic and authentic feel. Some breezy folk-rock music was being diffused at very low volume and a fire was crackling in a big traditional woodstove placed right in the centre of the room. A TV screen was hanging from the room’s ceiling, but the volume was appropriately turned off. There was a homely and warm vibe to the café: on such a cold Nordic day, it was a perfect shelter for working, studying or just for nesting in and relaxing with a warm beverage.

A mix of work and relaxation was exactly what the young woman was looking for on that morning. She had just moved to that remote village and she was still adjusting to her new neighborhood. For the few inhabitants of that fishermen's village, she could have been a student, a young professional or a biologist collecting data about the Nordic nature from the nearby scientific stations: nobody in the village knew who she was and why she had come to that lonely and cold (upper) corner of the world. She did not talk much but she seemed a nice and independent woman who fitted really well in that reserved and very private community. She did not say much that morning too: after parking her high-tech sport bike just outside the café, she walked through the door and ordered a big cup of Americano. Then she sat on a comfortable armchair right in front of a table which was placed beside a large window: she took out her laptop from her backpack and began her work session. The beautiful girl seemed lost in her thoughts as she took breaks from her laptop to gaze on the green countryside which merged into the grey and cold sea in the distance. Even if her demeanor was very quiet and private, the lonesome young woman’s beauty and charisma were radiating throughout the entire place. She looked like she was in her early-to-mid-twenties and her pulchritude had just blossomed at its fullest. Her jet-black hair was cut in a straight fringe on her forehead. Just below the fringe, a pair of shiny blue eyes were mirroring the screen of her laptop or the landscape outside the window. Little clouds of lovely freckles adorned her upper cheekbones around her delicate nose. She did not need to wear make-up because the contrast between her black hair, blue eyes, her perfect facial features, and her marble-white skin was simply stunning and visually hypnotic in itself. Wearing a comfortable wool jumper, tight leggings, and sport shoes – which she had slipped off the moment she put her legs under the table - the girl was dressed kind of casually. She had cycled there that morning from her house which was located on the peaceful shores of a nearby lake, in the middle of the Nordic forest. Even if her body was entirely covered, it was clear that she possessed a very toned and fit physique: each time she crossed or extended her legs under the table, muscles were sensually darting under the tissue of her tight leggings. When she sometimes stretched her arms, neck and shoulders, her movements were appropriate and accurate, showing signs of a proper athletics, gymnastics, and yoga background. Feeling absolutely relaxed in the homely ambience of the café, the young girl was stretching and massaging her pantyhose covered ankles and feet too. Each time she did that she was getting nods of approval and winks of female complicity by the Nordic female bartender to which she replied in sympathy. It was her first time in that café but she was getting a nice, welcoming feeling from the place.

Turn on the News

Out of the blue, the warm peace of the café was shattered by hi-pitched yells of excitemment coming from the otherwise very quiet female bartender: ‘Yay! It’s starting now!’ The young café owner clapped her hands in anticipation. Then she turned her head slightly. ‘Switch on your TV back there!’ she commanded in a stern tone. She was speaking to the employee who was hidden in the back, ordering him to switch on the TV in the kitchen too. The bartender was a young woman barely in her twenties. She was incredibly attractive too, a mix between Viking and Slavic beauty with an athletic and toned body. She was wearing a Chinese mini dress, black pantyhose and open toed high heel shoes: the muscles on her shapely and long legs clearly showed that she was an athlete too…a kickboxer, maybe. Sitting on a stool behind the counter with her long nylon-covered legs sensually crossed and her Chinese dress, the young female bartender was a perfect cross between northern beauty and oriental mystery. Apart from her silent gestures of approval towards her customer, the female coffee owner had been relatively quiet all morning. All of a sudden though, the opening titles of the news broadcast from the TV sent her into a state of visible excitement: she sounded like she had been waiting for that specific feature to be broadcast. The female bartender turned off the background music and turned on the volume of the television. Then she spoke to the only customer in the café. ‘Sorry about the TV, normally it’s always switched off in here but you will agree with me that today is a special anniversary for all of us women of the world!’ – the barista’s sudden enthusiasm was contagious and it made the laptop girl grin. ‘Sure!’ she replied with a calm and approving smile –‘No worries, I want to watch this too’. One more time, the statuesque bartender nodded to her female guest with a smile of proud complicity. Then the two women turned their eyes on the TV screen.
As the excited barista had just pointed out, that was the day of a very important anniversary indeed. It was such a significant occurrence that the media from the entire globe were dedicating 24 hours in-depth special broadcasts to the occasion. They had done the same also for the previous two anniversaries since the original event had happened. To celebrate that important date, marches, conferences, parties, tournaments, performances, concerts, exhibitions, screenings, plays, debates and all sorts of activities were going to take place in every corner of the world. Festivities and ceremonies were scheduled for the whole day and, in certain countries, they were going to continue for weeks or even months. Obviously, the anniversary celebrations – with all their implications - were the main viral and trending topic on the web and on social media too, not only for the day but in the weeks before and after. Whether one was in favour of it – and its telluric consequences - or not, the importance of what had happened on that day was extremely clear and tangible for the entire human race: the world had never been the same since that event and the revolutionary changes that it had unleashed were still very much happening and developing in every aspect of life and society.

A World-Changing Day

The anniversary celebrations focused on how, on that same day three years before, the lifeless and savagely ravaged body of a very high-profile criminal boss had been found on the floor of an industrial hangar located in an abandoned mining site. The man was the much-feared leader of one of the biggest Mafia families in the world: he was a very powerful guy, with friends and allies in very high places. His gang had established a reign of terror which had always escaped the investigations of international police agencies thanks to bribery, violence, and corruption. Thanks to the dirty money that he had earned with his criminal activities, the man had built a financial empire which could influence the politics and the economy of entire areas of the world. His most feared asset was his army of henchmen: 249 bloodthirsty killers who were capable of any act of unspeakable cruelty. The Boss’s power seemed unshakable and his evil empire absolutely invincible. Throughout the years, this criminal organisation had crushed anyone who dared to oppose them, be it rival gangs or brave investigators. They did it with cruelty and bravado, showing how they could strike whoever they wanted any time they wanted to. A couple of investigators, who also happened to be husband and wife, learned this lesson the hard way: they got tortured and killed in their own house by a commando led by the boss himself. All the women in the family were brutally raped. Only the youngest daughter of the couple managed to escape the violence by hiding somewhere in the house. She probably died in the arson - started by the mafiosi themselves - of the family's house, even if her corpse was never found...She was only a little child but the Mafia did not show any mercy for her innocent life.

However, a few months before the celebrated event, a mysterious enemy had started attacking this until then invincible Mafia gang with devastating effectiveness. As the entire world watched in amazement, the ravaged and destroyed corpses of experienced mafia sicarios started being found over several crime scenes with impressive regularity. Sometimes it was just one or a small group of freshly killed gangsters which got found. On other occasions, entire killing fields were discovered with several dozens of horribly crippled male corpses all belonging to the same criminal family. Even more surprisingly, it seemed that this mysterious mafia-slaying entity was having no casualties at all in the war against these fully armed and dangerous men: it was only members of the mafiosi who were being found dead and mutilated. It was soon clear that these much feared and battle-hardened gangsters were absolutely unable to fight back against this mysterious enemy who was mercilessly decimating them. Adding further enigmas to the situation, the criminals’s cause of death was particularly puzzling too, both for the police and the media. None of the gangsters had been killed by gunshots, bombs, knives or any other weapon: the only bullets and shells which got found on the crime scenes were the ones which the gangsters had fired in vain, in their hopeless attempt to stop their ruthless opponent. To the utter amazement of the investigators and of the media and the worldwide public, the scientific police department soon revealed that all the gangsters had been killed by an adversary who was not making use of any form of weapon: this unstoppable force of justice was fighting bare handed. In particular, by analysing the devastated corpses that were being left on the ground, it was demonstrated that the deadly wounds, traumas and injuries that led the gangsters to death had all been caused by martial arts kicks from shoeless feet! The investigators, the media and the public were totally shocked! How could hundreds of fully armed mafiosi who had won every war they had waged against the police and rival gangs, get slaughtered by a bare-handed enemy who was only using feet as a weapon against them? However, no matter how crazy it seemed to be, this version of events was matched by more and more evidence as the investigations progressed. Indeed, the daring hypothesis fully corresponded with the one and only other sign of an external presence which the investigators were able to find on the scene of the crime: footprints of a pair of shoeless size 9 feet were always present near the corpses of the gangsters. The footprints were sometimes left by bare feet, other times they belonged to nylon-covered soles, but they were always shoeless and most times bloody: clearly, the person responsible for them had been stepping in the blood which the gangsters were losing copiously as they were being vanquished kick after kick. Regularly, the footprints could also be found on the faces, clothes and bodies of the gangsters, leaving a humiliating mark of submission and defeat on their corpses. The medical police even found traces of foot skin and/or nylon tissue inside the mouths of the dead gangsters. It was almost as if the assassin had forced the victims to kiss, suck, lick and worship the same feet that were slaughtering them!
But the amazement was not over yet, as the surprises for the police, for the media and for the public just kept on coming. It was soon discovered that all the footprints found on the crime scenes belonged to one single person! That could only mean one incredible thing: the stunning feat of destroying an entire Mafia gang made of 250 cruel and expert assassins was being carried out by one person who was always fighting alone! Nevertheless, the investigative conjecture that really sent public opinion into a shocked frenzy was another one: according to anatomical and skin PH analysis of the Martial Arts Mafia killer’s footprints, it seemed that this infallible gangster destroying machine was indeed a female! It was a woman who was singlehandedly demolishing a giant organisation made of hundreds of ruthless assassins!

An Incendiary Idea

The theory that the unstoppable Mafia Slayer was a woman, albeit based on scientific investigation, was met with incredulity - if not derision - by the head of police, the ministry of interior and the mainstream media. In spite of the incredible achievements that women were accomplishing on a daily basis in all areas of society since several years now - regularly and largely outdoing men in every field of the human enterprise - sexism and chauvinism were still widespread even in the most advanced societies.
This was particularly absurd and unfair, since there had already been several examples of women who proved able to outfight men in combat in the previous years. Some of these female victories had been celebrated on the media with tv shows, documentaries, films and series thus normalising the idea that a woman could kick a man’s ass, or several men’s asses, and even submit them as slaves in the aftermath of their confrontation. In particular, a world-famous female dancer, choreographer, and martial arts expert created an incredibly successful ballet which was inspired by her fighting back and winning against a vicious male stalker: to outdo her enemy she used her ballet and martial arts trained feet, kicking the man into submission in spectacular and elegant fashion. She turned her personal experience into a groundbreaking and incredibly compelling show which revolutionised contemporary dance and empowered countless women all over the world. For her world travelling company, this radically feminist artist only put under contract female dancers who, like herself, had been victims of sexual abuse from men. Her masterstroke though was the special agreement which she managed to reach with the authorities of each country in which the ballet was staged: she was allowed to forcibly recruit all the convicted male sex criminals and reported offenders from the nearest prisons as ‘partners’ for her female martial arts dancers. The convicts were obliged to participate as a part of their punishment for their crimes. Amongst them there was also the original stalker of the female coreographer who - at each performance of the show (including the rehearsals) - got to be on the receiving end of all the savage kickings he got from his leotard clad female opponent...again and again. To make the show even more relevanto to all the communities they visited, in every new city she invited local female dancers who had been abused by men to take part to the show. For all the female dancers who had been victims of abuse, the show was a form of powerful catharsis and an incredibly healing therapy. Finally these young women had the chance to unload on stage against these horrible men. They did it with a beautiful mixture of martial arts and ballet which magnified female gracefulness and dexterity while canceling male ugliness and brutality: some of the ballerinas had the chance to ‘dance’ with the same men who had abused them. Needless to say, those confrontations were particularly intense. The families of the ballerina and of the convict too were always invited to the stagings: it was part of the cathartic process to see their dear ones getting their revenge or – in the case of the men – getting the beating of a lifetime under the strong and graceful feet of their former victims. As a result, several of the men were badly injured or permanently crippled. A good number of these ex abusers ‘accidentally’ died during the ballet/fights: that only enhanced the authenticity and the emotional weight of the performances. Some of these men were death row convicts anyway and the production of the show had the legal right to carry out their execution by ballerina kicks. For what concerns the other abusers who died but were not on death row….prisons are always overcrowded all over the world and no one was going to miss these creeps anyway. Not to mention the financial benefit that the community would get from not having to pay for food and lodging for these male reprobates. All over the world, it was a funny sight to see how police wagons, ambulances, and communal hearses were waiting outside the backdoor of the theatres to carry the men back to their prisons or to the hospitals. In the worst cases, the ride went straight to the obituary. On the other side of the theatre, the emotional but triumphant ballerinas were saluted with applause and flowers by the crown as they left the premises on a red carpet which led them to limousines waiting for them. Sometimes they were still overcome with emotion and their pretty but deadly feet were still wet with the blood of their enemies as they left.,,it was really intense but these women's thirst for closure of their personal drama had been finally quenched and they could finally move on with their lives. This incredible ballet show toured the world for two years. It was now on hold but another world tour was about to commence, for the excitement of all women and the utter terror of hundreds of doomed men…
Another powerful example of how females could easily outfight men was provided by a female martial arts expert who managed to build an entertainment franchise out of her life-long confrontation with a deluded man who could not accept her superiority in combat. She began sharing videos of all their matches on her social media, from their teenage years until the present day: since day one all fights were completely one-sided in her favor thus showing her infinite superiority over the hopeless loser dude. Barefoot kicks were her special weapon against her perpetually-losing male foe. The massive hunk regularly ended on the floor, kow-towing in front of her victorious female opponent, kissing the bare feet of the woman who had been kicking his ass for his entire life. The viral success of these videos led to incredible notoriety for this female martial artist and to unbelievable shame for the defeated man and – consequently – for the entire male genre. Eventually, she beat the man into becoming her employee and personal slave for life. With smart entrepreneurial wit, the woman - who was also blessed by supermodel-level good looks - quickly built a media empire on her own history of success over pathetic male foe. Their story became a reality show, a film franchise, a multiple season series, a documentary, a Youtube channel and a continued hit on all social networks. She also started a martial arts school for women, opening dojos all over the world with enormous success: using living males in their flesh and blood as kicking bags for the female attendees became one of the stand-out features of these schools. However, in spite of these recent and very popular showcases of female martial arts supremacy, only a few enlightened people were ready to embrace the idea that a woman could singlehandedly overwhelm, destroy and humiliate hundreds of well-armed male criminals…and that she could do it by only using her feet! It was a feat which was deemed impossible even for a man, let alone a woman, according to the prevailing chauvinistic mindset of a society which was still influenced by patriarchal prejudices. Nevertheless, some feminist groups and various free thinkers started voicing their belief in the theory which maintained that the mysterious serial slayer of the gangsters was a female. The thought that that such a macho and sexist organisation as the mafia was being demolished under the feet of a female martial artist was exciting to the point of exhilaration for those who believed in female superiority! Supporters of this theory started talking about Female Martial Arts Justice and were calling their heroine as the ‘deadly feet of female revenge’: she was the avatar who was announcing a new era of gynarchy and female domination, for the desperation of all chauvinistic men.
Nevertheless, - despite the growing support that the Female Martial Arts Justice theory was receiving - the mainstream media and a large share of worldwide public opinion were still convinced that there was no way that a single non-armed person – let alone a woman -could be responsible for such unbelievable -and righteous - destruction…While the debate on the media, on the web and throughout the entire society kept on escalating uncontrollably, the decimation of the mafiosi continued relentlessly: in the space of a few months, this mysterious silent assassin had accomplished the apparently impossible task to singlehandedly slaughter almost every member of the Boss’s army of blood thirsty gangsters. As a result, the Boss had gone into hiding, trying to escape the wrath of the ruthless agent of justice who had demolished his criminal empire using martial arts kicks. Inevitably, the unstoppable executioner found out about the whereabouts of the remaining criminals and managed to carry out the execution of the last group of gangsters and the big boss himself. The third anniversary of the day when the dead and horribly mutilated corpses of the boss and his remaining gangsters got found by the police and the media was the occasion which was being celebrated all over the world that day. However, the reason for this annual celebration was not only the demise of the boss and his organisation. There was much more at stake, something that would change the world forever as the female presenter of the broadcast proudly boasted.

A Strangely Fascinating Death Scene

All the previous killings left behind spectacular death scenes, but the last massacre was performed a particularly cruel, imaginative, and humiliating way for the victims. It was done during one night of bloodshed which took place in two locations. The first one was the luxurious mansion in which the boss was hiding: the house soon became notorious as the ‘Villa of Death’ due to the particularly gory death scenes which the mafia slayer had left behind. The other one was a hangar set in an abandoned mining site in which the slayer of the mafiosi had set headquarters. The scene which greeted the police and the media reporters when they entered the hangar was impressive, to say the least. From the outside, the hangar was just a giant and rusty mining site building. However, once past the big metal doors, the place had a totally different vibe to it. It looked like way more like the set of a giant art installation rather than a crime scene. Film set lights were positioned everywhere. A trapeze was hanging from the ceiling, beside an electrical pulley. The walls and the floor had been painted white, like they were a canvas for a giant, house-wide tableau. And just like in a tri-dimensional action painting, the entire room was sprayed with flashes of red, green and yellow…but mostly it was the color red – blood red - which was catching the eye of those who entered the hangar. The first people on the scene suddenly realised that those flashes, stains and puddles of color had been spilled from the corpse which was found lying on the floor, right in the centre of the hangar.
Horribly ravaged, deformed, mutilated, and crippled the corpse had to be put to the DNA test several times to confirm that it unequivocally belonged to the - once-feared – boss of the gang. His face was completely unrecognisable: all his facial features had been devastated, reshaped and finally cancelled by the assassin during what looked like an atrociously slow killing by foot torture.
Inevitably, the gracious bare footprints which had been found on the location of each massacre, were abundantly present here too and all over the hangar. As it had happened in for other assassinations too, the footprints were also visible on the flesh of the victim: in this case two parallel footprints were literally engraved over the face of the victim, making it even more unrecognisable. The boss had been pummeled so hard that his head was as soft as a wet clod of mud at the moment of his death: therefore, it looked like the assassin had been standing with both feet on the boss’s head, forever engraving her soles into the face of her enemy and smothering him to death at the same time. Everyone agreed sarcastically that those already legendary footprints were by far the prettiest thing on that face, even before the destruction it had gone through.
It looked like the slayer of the mafiosi had adopted a ritualistic approach to the execution of the boss: some form of sacrifice had been going on there. Despite the gore, the horror of the severed body parts and the increasing smell of death, there was a sense of beauty and calm to the entire setting. It was the theatre of the final chapter in the complete extermination of one of the most famous criminal organisations in the world: the slayer of the mafiosi really wanted to rise up to the occasion by leaving behind a memorable sanctuary of deadly justice.
Obviously the media jumped all over the huge news immediately. Images of the scene of the crime became viral all over the social networks instantly. The news that this horrible criminal had been taken out forever were met with enthusiasm and relief all over the world: however, the striking images and the videos from the scene of his execution soon became the real hot topic of conversation for the mass public of the entire world. The mystery surrounding the responsible for the massacre of hundreds of mafiosi and the demolition of a huge criminal organisation was the most talked about issue of the year. Everyone suspected it already, but it was soon suggested by some investigators that all the killings in the villa and the execution of the boss in the hangar – after an initial confrontation between the boss and the killer in the Villa’s bunker – had been carried out by at the same unknown enemy who was fighting barehanded or, better, barefooted. It was the same enemy who had killed all the previous gangsters, reaching the unbelievable number of 250 enemies slaughtered singlehandedly.
This impressive final chapter exponentially augmented and inflamed the debate over the mystery surrounding the identity of the heroic mafia slayer.

Even if most mainstream media as well as the police were still largely dismissing this possibility, several clues coming from investigations on the crime scenes were starting to reinforce the theory that the mafia slayer was indeed a woman. Apart from the footprints, evidence of a female presence had already been found on previous gangster extermination sites and quietly hidden: this time though the case was too big and the signs were really too many to be ignored. In the Villa of Death, a father and a son, both belonging to the Mafia gang, were found dead. Their broken corpses were sitting alongside a corridor’s wall, facing each other. Both had the feet ends of a well-worn nylon pantyhose inside their mouths, as if they had been sucking on it until a few seconds before their death. It was an atrocious but at the same time sarcastic death scene: a father and a soon both violently killed and connected in death by a bridge made of recently worn female pantyhose whose feet were stuck inside their respective mouths. Micro pieces of that pantyhose were found in all their lethal wounds: it was a clear sign that they had been slaughtered by someone who was wearing that very pantyhose while kicking them and that had removed the nylon to stick it in the mouth of the two men in order to further humiliate them and to ridicule their familiar tragedy. Not to mention that all the men from the same family of the two found in the Villa of Death had already been slaughtered. What a sassy and sarcastic way to end a mafia family’s bloodline! Pieces of the same pantyhose had been found also in the lethal injuries inflicted to the two other gangsters found dead around the Villa’s garden. In one case, the head of a particularly young gangster had been horrifyingly smashed like a pumpkin all over a low wall. Micro-traces of pantyhose fabric were found inside the boy’s head too. To their own disbelief the investigators had to come to the shocking conclusion that the boy mafioso’s cranium had been crushed into pieces by a head-splitting kick from pantyhose-covered foot! Another puzzling detail, which the scientific police did not share with the media for a very long time, was that abundant traces of male semen were found amongst all the other bodily fluids which came out from the destroyed groins of each gangster who had been killed by the mafia slayer. Each one of the 250 dead gangsters had climaxed in their trousers, during the final stages of their execution or, sometimes – and most incredibly - a few second after their death. It seemed that, even if the barefoot killer regularly destroyed the genitals of the gangsters during the confrontation, these notoriously sexist men could not help but honoring their executioner with an orgasm, the last one of their abusive criminal lives…
But the most important clue, the one that sent all the radical feminists screaming in euphoria, was found inside the corpse of the Crime boss himself. Many of his countless body and head injuries presented several traces of pantyhose and female foot skin too. However, the most surprising and – at the same time – impressive detail was found inside his ravaged mouth. Amongst the gore with which the boss’s oral cavity was filled with, there was a used female tampon! Despite being drenched with all the other fluids belonging to the boss’s destroyed mouth and head, it was clear that the tampon had been originally stained with abundant female menstrual blood. Other traces of menstrual blood were also found inside and around what was left of the man’s mouth. It looked like, in an ultimate act of disgust and defiance towards the almost dead enemy, a female killer had used the boss’s mouth as a garbage dump in which she had thrown her menstrual tampon. It was the most incredible reversal of patriarchal attitudes ever: for ages men had manipulated female menstruation in order to control, isolate and belittle women. Entire male dominated civilisations used menstruation as an excuse to direct disgust towards women. Now, the mysterious avenger that many people believed to be a woman was using the mouth of an alpha male she had just killed with her feet as a garbage dump for her used menstrual tampon. She had defeated a once powerful male and now was using his massive corpse as nothing more than a disposal for her female bodily fluids! That was the perfect triumph of the female as well as the lowest humiliation for the chauvinistic male! Moreover, according to patriarchal mentality, a woman was supposed to be almost incapacitated during her monthly period: but now the total victory of this possibly female assassin over much feared male criminals could demonstrate that even during her period, a barehanded – and barefooted - woman was able to destroy an entire army of men completely and effortlessly with her fighting dexterity. If the hypothesis which maintained that the slaying of the mafiosi had been accomplished by a single woman was going be confirmed, even the last pillar of dumb male chauvinist mentality – physical superiority - was going to be blown to pieces and finally destroyed. The massacre of this huge mafia gang by a single woman could become the most undisputable and definitive affirmation of female superiority ever produced: it was the ultimate feminist statement which would inflict the final blow to the patriarchal society and, very likely, lead to a female revolution all over the world!

Setting the Stage for a Revolution...

It was perhaps for these reasons precisely that the investigators and the mainstream media continued to dismiss the notion that a woman could have accomplished that unbelievable feat. They were in sinful denial, despite increasing clues and evidence which were demonstrating that the opposite was actually true. The powers that be even had the nerve to declare that the phone call which disclosed the location of the Boss’s body to the media and the police, which had been made by a female voice! - was probably a scam to muddy the waters and to confuse the investigators. They kept saying that slaying 250 men singlehandedly and without using any weapon, was impossible for any person, let alone a woman. Despite the incredible demonstration of female prowess and superiority which women were delivering in every field of human activity, prejudice in society was still strong: still influenced by centuries of patriarchal culture, a great share of public opinion decided to embrace the chauvinistic views of the mainstream media and the investigators. Feminists and various other free thinkers kept on voicing the opposite notion and they were often being ridiculed by the mainstream media channels. Incensed by this display of misogynism, the Martial Arts ballet choreographer publicly challenged 10 famous male fighters to a rumble which was going to be televised all over the world. She wanted to demonstrate that a single woman could defeat multiple men in bare handed combat. To the amazement of the entire globe, she easily defeated the 10 combat-trained men. The rules of the fight allowed them to attack their female opponent all together at the same time, but they were no match for her graceful and lethal ballerina kicks. One by one or in groups all the men fell down at the woman’s feet, begging for her mercy in front of the entire world: dressed in a dance leotard and black thighs, the woman made all the men them kiss and suck her lethal pantyhosed feet, showing the entire world how she had destroyed her male enemies’ minds as well as their bodies. At the end of the fight, she stood triumphant over the pile of unconscious men she had just defeated with her combination of ballet and martial arts. All her adversaries were so badly injured and irreparably shamed after the fight that they decided to retire from combat sports forever. In solidarity with the martial arts ballerina, the woman who had built a media empire out of her life-long victorious confrontation with her deluded male opponent did exactly the same thing: she challenged 20 men to attack her simultaneously, while she could only use her kicks to defend herself. She arranged the fight to happened during the most followed talk show on North American television: all the most cynical public deniers -journalists, politicians, opinion makers, of the female martial arts justice theory were invited to attend. These sexist nay-sayers had to see with their own eyes what a single woman could do with her martial arts feet. To up the ante even more, the men fighting against her were allowed to use sidearms during the confrontation. She won effortlessly, humiliating the males under her lethal bare feet in another impressive showcase of Female Martial Arts Supremacy: to humiliate their enemies she walked on their unconscious bodies in triumph. Another iconic victory pose followed, with the female martial arts woman standing barefooted over an even higher pile of knocked out muscle me. This time the number of men who decided to disappear forever from the world of combat sports, having suffered grave and permanent physical and psychological consequences from a public humiliation against a female opponent, amounted to twenty...The defeated men made the right choice because, as a result, their reputation was destroyed as well as their bodies. Both fights went viral on the web generating memes, tik-tok videos and countless social media trends. In a copycat frenzy, similar fights were arranged all over the world, featuring a single martial arts woman against multiple men. The end results, which were always promptly shared on social media with each video getting several billions of views, were always the same: the barefoot and barehanded martial arts woman was always winning no matter how many men – often brandishing weapons - were throwing themselves against her. It became obvious that a well-trained woman who could use her feet to fight could win against multiple men under any condition. However, despite all the repeated and undeniable demonstrations of female superiority in combat and in the face of all the evidence emerging from the investigations, the media, the chief of police and the government – all institutions which were largely male dominated - continued to doubt and deride the theory that maintained that a single martial arts expert could have carried out that systematic and spectacular massacre of the most powerful mafia gang in the world. The persistence of this sexist and chauvinist mentality despite all rational evidence, convinced the Martial Arts ballet coreographer and the female media entrepreneur that they needed to join forces to create a new and more belligerent feminist movement: they called it the Revolutionary Gynarchic Party. This new party’s mission will be to crush the patriarchy under women’s feet forever: from the ruins of the male dominated world a new gynarchic society will arise in which women would rule by the foot, restoring the natural order of things…First step towards the revolution: make sure that all women got proper Martial Arts training, so that they could use their natural propension for this elegant form of combat into their main weapon against the patriarchy. Defeating man with kicks delivered by barefoot female feet was a strategy devised to humiliate the male ego and to re-awaken the dormant submissiveness of the male genre: female feet were at the same time weapons of mass male distruction and symbols of the eternal domination of the superior feminine over the inferior masculine. The two exraordinary women announced the birth of this new international party with enormous success. Immediately, women from all over the world started joining these two outstanding female pioneers in the pursuit of this noble cause. Following their example, other lethal women came out, to reveal their experience of being relentless men killing machines to the world. The most important case of this trend was a former- yet still young - female secret agent specialised in martial arts. She revealed how, during her special missions she had singlehandedly killed thousands of men using only her feet as her weapon: all across her fulminating career, she had easily accomplished countless missions which had been assessed as impossible for any man, or team of men. She used to live in secret but by now she had no reason to keep her identity hidden: she had already wiped out all her enemies, their relatives, and allies under her feet. She did it so meticulously that there was no need for her to hide her identity anymore: she had killed all the men who could pose a threat to her and she became a prodigiously rich woman in the process. Now she was getting bored staying at home with her slave Bob. He was the only gangster who survived her during a mission in which she had completely exterminated an entire mafia family: having noticed his endurance to punishment, the lethal secret agent decided to turn him into her personal slave and kicking bob for life. After a lifetime spent in secrecy, she decided to go public reveal her identity to support the female revolution. The other two outstanding leaders decided to put her in the directorial board of the new born Revolutionary Gynarchic Party. With the addition of this unstoppable young woman as a leader, the party was now a worldwide force be reckoned with, almost ready to take on the planet! However, one last push in favour of the gynarchic revolution was about to come, precisely from the case of the mysterious mafia slayer which has already kickstarted so much of the recent events.
In the meantime, the debate on the identity of the mafia slayer had reached its apex in the news, in the newspaper, on the web, amongst friends, in schools, within families and at all levels of society. Social tension was about to blow up and a cathartic solution was badly and quicly needed.
However, nobody could expect that the truth about the case was about to be unleashed unto the world in such and undisputable, earth-shattering way that the ensuing consequences would change human society forever...(To be continued)
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Default Re: New story: Female Martial Arts Justice

Hi, here's the continuation of the previous story (see below). I hope you'll enjoy it.

A Tale of Female Martial Arts Supremacy By Kicked72

For the excitement of the athletic barista standing behind the café counter, the TV documentary celebrating the third anniversary of the discovery of the Boss’s creatively mutilated corpse had just begun. The special feature was now reporting how, several weeks after the fact, the debate about what happened in that hangar as well as during the systematic extermination of the most feared Mafia gang in the world had not settled down, on the contrary! Astonishingly, as the investigation continued, there seemed to be increasing evidence that the Mafia slayer was a single person and that this single person was a woman! This thesis was vigorously embraced by a minority of feminists and progressive thinkers. On the other hand, the mainstream media, the most conservative parts of society, and even the head of police were absolutely dismissive of this hypothesis. A huge debate ensued, with the entire world getting more and more polarised. The dividing opinions got dramatically exacerbated. The confrontation between those who believed that the mysterious Mafia Slayer was a female and the chauvinistic nay-sayers was becoming more intense with each day.
However, just as the accumulated tension seemed on the verge of blowing up, the truth about this highly controversial issue was about to be suddenly and unquestionably revealed to the entire world…
The revelation came in in the form of a mysterious video which started circulating on the web and all the social networks. The video was simply called: Martial Arts Justice – First Mission. The author posted it to all popular social network and sent it to all news agencies and mass media channels. The video came from a secreted server: it was completely impossible, even with the most advanced technologies, to find out who had posted it or even where this person was located in the world. However, due to its explosive and revolutionary content the video immediately became the most viral thing ever posted on the internet as well as the most popular piece of news ever reported by the media. At this point, the presenter of the TV special celebrating the third anniversary of the slaying of the boss announced that they were going to share the video. She reminded everyone about the extremely graphic scenes of real violence and sexual exposure that were going to follow. For daily tv audiences, the female host added that the video had been heavily censored and that the original uncut version was famously available on various internet sources.


‘Oh my god! Here it comes!!!’ - the female barista clapped her hands in excited anticipation as the tv screen faded to black right before the beginning of the video – ‘I gave it a few million views already and I studied it frame by frame but each time I see it again it sends shivers down my spine. Isn’t it the same for you too?’ – she looked at the laptop girl looking for support. The only customer of the cafe replied with a knowing smile and nodded to the barista benevolently: ‘Yes, it is the same for me too…’ she replied with a wise smile. The two women exchanged a complicit look, then their eyes returned to the tv screen as the video that changed the life of billions of people and singlehandedly changed history forever commenced.

For the entire world’s astonishment, the clip was set on the location of the first lethal attack which the unknown slayer had unleashed against the recently extinguished Mafia family. The place was a dimly lit warehouse, located in an important harbour of a Southern European city by the Mediterranean sea. The digital clock on the lower side of the screen said 12.30 AM on August 10 of four years before: this only confirmed that it was the same day of the first reported attack on the mafia gang by its silent exterminator. Despite its amateurish nature – which reinforced the realism of the situation - the footage was of really good quality. It looked like the sound and the moving images had been recorded by micro cameras and microphones which had been carefully planted in various point of the premises in order to get different angles of the action. All experts agreed that it was unmistakably real footage which had been then edited together by the same hand who had planted the hidden cameras and mikes.
In the opening shot of the video five gangsters belonging to the just vanquished Mafia family – and whose brutalized corpses were going to be found on the exact same day and location of the footage - could be recognised: from the way they acted and talked, it was clear that the four criminals were oblivious of the fact that they were being filmed. In fact, the five criminals were still very much alive and well. Most of all, the seemed totally unaware of what was going to happen to them in the next hour and the half…

The gangsters were playing a game of cards around a huge round table which was appropriately covered with a casino-style green tablecloth. Machine guns were leaning against the edge of the table besides each one of them: massive knives, machetes, and various Beretta semi-automatic pistols were casually lying over the table, ready to be played with. Spinning at full speed, a big fan was hanging just above them: underneath the fan there was a light, almost like a stage spotlight above the four men. They were sitting right in the middle of the huge warehouse, in a cloud of cigarette smoke. Due to the sticky Summer heat, ventilators were placed in several corners of the warehouse. The men were surrounded by high stacks of piled-up crates and containers packed with goods of various nature: the gangsters were actually guarding a large supply of drugs which was had been concealed inside washing machines, refrigerators and other cover-up items. The drugs were about to be loaded on a huge boat. The ship was supposed to arrive the next morning and leave right after for the drugs markets of northern Europe and North America. Despite the secrecy of the operation, the five mafiosi were very relaxed about their task: for more the a decade now nobody had been threatening their trafficking as well as all their other illegal activities. After several long and bloody wars, the mafia family to which they were affiliated had cruelly erased all their rivals in the underworld: they became the undisputed leaders of international organised crime. They corrupted and bought all the policemen, politicians and high-profile figures from the institutions which were supposed to fight them. Those who were on the side of the law who had resisted their bribery had met a cruel and violent death. Amongst the victims of the gang who belonged to the police there was a couple of fearless investigators, who happened to be husband and wife: the gang attacked their house and brutally killed the two police officers. They also tortured, raped and slaughtered the sons and daughters of the couple. When they Mafiosi left, they burned the family’s house to ashes: they did it to erase all proofs and to burn the youngest daughter of the family alive, since they were unable to find the nine-year old girl during the massacre. Since then, no-one dared to oppose the gang anymore: they were completely free to carry out their vile activities and to extend their hideous empire of evil over the entire world. Knowing that no-one was strong enough to stop them – or not even brave enough to try - the big boss and his 249 much feared henchmen were acting as violently and they wanted, openly abusing people – especially women – on a daily basis and barely disguising their criminal lifestyle. Since this horrible mafia family had established their absolute control on the underworld, the life of many ordinary people who happened to cross their path had become a nightmare. It was a horrifying situation and apparently there was no way to stop these heathens from killing, pillaging and raping whoever had the misfortune to get in their way. Will someone ever manage to free the world from the grip of the arrogance of these crime lords? At the time, nobody could answer that question and pessimism was rampant among law enforcement, the institutions, and public opinion.
‘I wonder when those losers from the bar are going to deliver our espressos!’ barked one of the gangsters as he laid down his game cards on the green table. The four mafiosi had been snorting cocaine all night: however, they never missed their extra dose of caffeine during their shifts. As they did every night, they had been ordering espressos from a nearby bar and they were waiting for the delivery. It was also a chance to abuse the female waitresses from the bar. Some of these girls came back to the bar badly bruised and totally shocked for being sexually harassed. One of them had committed suicide a few days after her shocking encounter with these five sadists. Tragically, at least two of them never came back from the warehouse and their dead bodies were now feeding the fish down in the dirty waters of the harbour. Of course, nobody from the bar or from the waitresses’ families ever dared to complain. The mob ruled all over the harbour area with an iron fist and they had unlimited power of life and death over anyone who lived and worked there.
This is why when the red light signaled that there was someone at the door, the four gangsters licked their lips in anticipation and laughed: they knew that their nightly dose of caffeine, sex and violence had arrived. Little did they know that they would only get one of these treats that night and in ways that they would have never expected in a million years…


Without standing up from his chair, one of the gangsters opened the big warehouse door with a big white remote control: with that remote one could basically manage everything in the warehouse, from the lighting to the doors. As soon as the big metal door had stopped its noisy opening and closing action, a sound could be heard coming from the dimly lit entrance of the hangar. It was the sound of female heels, click-clacking on the floor: the mafiosi could hear the sound getting louder and louder, until a tall female figure emerged from the dark and stopped a few meters away from them. The jaw of all four gangsters dropped simultaneously as soon as they could take a full look at the waitress who was bringing them their espressos that night. These criminals were used to the presence of beautiful women: they trafficked sex slaves from all over the world and they were able to buy virtually all the pleasure they wanted with their drugs, their money or, simply, with the fear that they instilled in people. However, the girl who had just appeared in front of them that night was something else entirely: simply, she was the most stunningly beautiful specimen of human female they had ever seen in their lives. She had walked out of the dark to stand there, with a tray with four espresso cups on it in her hands and a confident smile on her face. She looked like she was barely in her twenties and, although she was in the middle of a long night of work, she radiated with all the freshness and the wild beauty of untamed youth. She was about 174 cm tall but her height was slightly augmented by a pair of white open toed low-heeled slingback sandals which looked elegant and comfortable at the same time. She wore them kind of loose, like a good working girl behind the bar would, to let her feet be more comfortable during her shift. The open sandals left most of her - otherwise bare - size nine feet exposed and clearly visible in all their slender beauty.
Being a bunch of closet foot fetishists – just like most men - the gangsters couldn’t help but notice how incredibly sexy the feet of the waitress looked. Har arches were high, just like a ballerina or a gymnast and her long and classy toes were perfectly aligned in a harmoniously descending order of length, from her big toes to her exquisite pinkies. Around her waist the young girl wore a green silk miniskirt which had high slits on both sides, thus giving the impression that her inviting crotch and her firm and toned buttocks were only covered by two short and light curtains of cloth, one in the front and one in the back. Between her sandals and her crotch there was the most perfect pair of legs that the gangsters had even seen in their lives. Not even the most skilled sculptor or painter could have imagined such a sensationally stunning pair of legs. Those marble white columns of young flesh and skin were shapely, muscular, graceful, sexy, athletic, silky, hard: they could make anyone go weak with Stendhal syndrome on mere sight. Not that her upper body was any less impressive. As a top, the girl wore a rust-red gym vest. The vest was tight and one shouldered and it highlighted how finely sculpted this girl’s physique was. Sexy abdominal muscles were sinuously darting just below her firm breasts. Her shoulders were strong and wide as well as pure and delicate at the same time. Just like her legs, those shoulders projected a sense of elegance and delicacy but also of strength and power. Her fine swan-like neck culminated into her infinitely pretty facial features. Her face looked like a perfect cross between actresses Scarlet Johansson and Milla Jovovich, with sensual lips, exquisite cheekbones, and a pair of feline-like green/blue eyes which exuded unmatchable charisma and some sort of visceral magnetism. Her dark-red hair was cut short on the sides and slightly longer on top, making her look even more incredibly pretty but also determined and sharply focused…

It took a few seconds before the five gangsters could get themselves together and talk to the stunning specimen of the female sex who had just entered the room. Even if, as far as they knew, she was just a humble waitress bringing them coffee, this young lady had so much presence and charisma just by standing there that the four mafiosi had to remind themselves that they, the macho men, were the masters, the rulers of the underworld and as such they could treat anyone with absolute disrespect and contempt. Like a wolfpack studying their prey - or scanning a possible danger – the five men intensively stared at the girl for a few seconds. Then the oldest and portliest of the gangsters spoke: ‘Well, it seems like the bar has been listening to our demands. This one seems to be quite an improvement compared to the dogs they used to send over!’.
‘Yeah I bet that the last one is looking even uglier now!’, another gangster joked making the five men laugh crassly and loudly. The criminals cruelly alluded to the events of the night before when, after having been raped multiple times and beaten to within an inch of her life, the young waitress from the bar had unceremoniously been thrown into the dirty waters of the harbour to die an excruciating death by drowning. This is how these assassins liked to ‘kill time’ during their nightly watch shifts for the family…‘I guess this one is covering up for a recent vacancy’ – one of the gangsters cruelly joked, making all his henchmen giggle.
‘Remember how we made her dance?’ Another mobster added.
‘Yeah she danced quite good…at least until she had all of her limbs attached hahaha!’ one of the criminals replied. Nastily, the men laughed again, hinting to the horrible mutilations which they had inflicted on the poor waitress before drowning her. Their lack of compassion and empathy was revolting, almost pathological. ‘Pretty soon we’ll see how well this one can dance too!’ – the oldest gangster said before addressing the girl directly – ‘Hey sweety, why don’t you do your fucking job now and bring those coffees over here! Then you can step on this table and show us how what you can do with that hot body you got.’ The fat gangster pointed at the card table in front of him. ‘But be careful whore! – he added as he was threateningly caressing the blade of a long knife which was casually resting on the table – ‘We have a reputation for being a pretty demanding jury!’. Responding to the old fat gangster boastful words, all the men laughed one more time, wickedly.
Despite the men’s threatening, sickening, and bullish behaviour, the young waitress remained calm and collected. ‘Wow guys!’ - she replied with a sultry voice and a confident smile - ‘I can’t wait to have my skills assessed by such a high-profile jury…but are you sure you really want to see what I can do with my body?’ Hearing the girl speak so sassily, the men were surprised but they did not drop their macho façade. However, they were kind of taken aback by the girl’s attitude. ‘What was this young girl about? Was she being, like, sarcastic?!?!’ all of them thought within themselves. The Mafiosi were well accustomed to women shaking and stammering with fear when they spoke to them, but this hard-bodied beauty was different: she was not impressed by them or by the array of knives and firearms which were scattered around the premises…
In keeping with her sassy demeanor, the waitress gave the dumb gangsters’ no time to figure her out. Slowly but confidently, she started walking towards the four men, stepping with a self-assured feline bearing which reminded the stroll of an expert stripper rather than the walk of a humble waitress.


‘Finally! That’s way more interesting than hearing you talk, filthy whore!’, the fattest and oldest of gangsters shouted, ‘Now stand on this table! Show us what you are capable of…before we show you what we can do!’ The man’s tone was boastful but there was a pinch of nervousness in his voice.
‘Alright gentlemen…’ the girl replied as she sensually leaned forwards to leave the silver tray on the green table: ‘Since you insist…’ she added. Slowly but surely, the young girl raised one leg and stuck her foot between the semi spread legs of the gangster who was sitting to her immediate right: she was using his chair as a step to climb on top of the table but to do so she had to place her foot right between the man’s legs. The man widened his eyes with surprise. ‘I beg your pardon sir’, she said, as she sensually adjusted her foot in the man’s groin for balance ‘You don’t mind it if I put my best foot forward, do you?’ she joked. The man did not even notice the pun as he felt the girl’s naked heel rub against his swollen crotch: that touch made the already aroused man quickly reach a portentous erection in his pants. ‘It looks like someone is happy to meet my heel’ the girl said with a salacious smile as she looked over her shoulder down to the dumbfounded man who was now behind - and below -her. She noticed that the gangster was sweating profusely but this time it was not from the summer night’s heat. ‘Well, in a few minutes my foot will be very happy to meet you too but for now will you please keep this shoe for me, sir?’ - the girl said. Then she pushed down on the chair to lift her left leg and her entire body up on the table: maliciously, as she presses down on the chair, she made sure that a bit of the man’s nutsack skin was caught between her bare heel and her shoe, making the man squeal with pleasure and pain as she rose up. In a single fluid movement, she also took her right leg up, so that her right foot could join her left one and stand on the table. As a result, the foot that she had tightly stuck between the man’s groin slipped out of her sandal. The man watched that slender bare foot rise from his crotch, almost in slow motion, very sensually. As that irresistible bare sole reached the height of the man’s lips, the gangster’s hidden foot fetishism kicked in uncontrollably. The young mobster could not help himself: he had to stick his tongue out to lick and kiss that perfect female foot as it rose in front of his face. Then he stuck his nose between the perfect dunes of pinky white skin that made the ball of the girl’s foot, losing himself in the aroma of that perfect, silky female sole. The young girl giggled and shook her head in a ‘I knew it but I still can’t believe it’ kind of way: she knew how potent foot fetishism was in all men, but she was amused at the pathetically uncontrollable ways in which males were inevitably falling victims to the fascination of the female barefoot. Always looking ahead and with a calm smile on her face, she let the man behind her sniff, lick and kiss her foot for a few seconds: then she suddenly removed her foot from under the gangster’s face. She placed it on the table next to her other foot which was still inside her white sandal. The confused man stuck his neck out, his eyes still closed in blissful adoration as he found himself pathetically sniffing the air in the space where foot once was. All the other men laughed nervously at the scene, making fun of their comrade: ‘Good: bullies will be bullies, also among themselves’, the girl thought within herself, ‘and I know how to play with them’. When he opened his eyes, the gangster could see the perfect bare heel of the young woman on the table in front of him, right beside her other, still shoed, foot. The young gangster ran his eyes up, scrolling the entire body of the girl. He stopped when he met her condescending smile: she was now looking behind her shoulder, smiling and looking down at the man whom she had just used to slip off her shoe in such a creative way. The hardened gangster felt that he could not face the girl’s confident look: the man had to lower his eyes in submission. This young woman was so calmly commanding! Not even the boss of his family had ever managed to make him feel so inferior…and certainly he never made him feel so incredibly horny! As the young gangster looked down he could see the sexy female shoe stuck between his legs: basically, the waitress had just used his groin as a shoehorn to remove her shoe! He felt a mixture of strange emotions growing inside of him the complexion on his face turned from olive to burning red. The gangster/human shoehorn was overwhelmed. This girl had just done to him something that no other woman had ever done before: it was slightly painful, slightly humiliating, definitely confusing…but it was the most intoxicatingly sexy situation he had ever experienced! In his simple macho mind, the baffled man was busy processing what this ruthless and stunning girl had just put him through with her shoe and foot play. Meanwhile, all the gangsters were laughing hard at him. In a contrived display of macho toughness, the other men were loudly deriding the young sicario, cracking jokes about his uncontrollable showcase of foot fetishism: however, all the men knew that – deep down inside - they only wanted to be in that guy’s place. They wanted their groins to be shoehorns for the irresistibly sexy feet of this ravenous red-haired beauty…and they wanted it badly, irresistibly. Their desire was growing with each second, rising from the deepest recesses of their simple male psyche. The girl standing on the table knew this all too well, as she kept looking over her shoulder, down at the man behind her. She was laughing too. They thought she was joining them in bullying him but she was way above their gross humour: she was playing with all of them. All the gangsters looked baffled by the girl’s audacity now. However, judging from the bulge which she could feel growing and pulsating against her bare heel as she took her time with her foot between the man’s groin, they were also enjoying her attitude very much. The statuesque beauty knew that, as much as their owners tried to cover the evidence up with their macho bullying of their youngest comrade, all the men’s dicks were rising irresistibly in their pants…and she was going to use that to her advantage...
In the meantime, the mesmerised young gangster was still gazing at the pretty female bare foot on the table and then to the shoe between his legs: for a moment, he did not know what to do next.. but then his unrestrainable foot fetishism kicked in again, like a flash of lighting coming straight from the deepest recesses of his male mind and he surrendered to it. He took out the shoe from between his legs and drowned his face in it, nose first. The other four gangsters laughed even louder watching their compadre getting incredibly elated as he was fervently sniffing the aroma of that well-worn shoe. With one hand, the young man was holding the waitresses shoe stuck to his face like it was an oxygen mask. With his free hand though he was frantically trying to reach within his trousers.
He finally managed to free his painfully erect dick from his pants and underwear and started masturbating vigorously under the green table. Sound tracking his action with moans of pleasure, the young man looked like a man possessed. This very unique waitress seemed to have opened a brand-new world for this guy: it was a world in which her feet where divinities and this young man was just their unworthy - but devoted - worshipper. With her bold and sexy move, she had awakened an ancestral, potent and uncontrollable form of foot fetishism which must have been lying dormant within this man’s neural cortex. Watching that surreal scene, the men around the table laughed even harder to mock their henchman but they were secretly craving his current olfactory privilege and his state of sexual bliss. Always looking behind her shoulder, the girl smiled confidently: she looked like she was not surprised in the slightest by the boy’s behavior and by the reaction of his compadres. Always standing tall in the centre of the round table, she turned her head again: she lowered her eyes, to look down to the man sitting right in front of her. Sweaty, visibly excited but also kind of humbled by that assertive female presence, the man was looking up at her meekly, like a dog waiting for a treat from its owner. And the treat came for the faithful doggie…the dark-red haired waitress grinned salaciously and graciously lifted her other foot, the one which was still wearing a shoe. She put it right under the nose of the man, smiling as he looked straight into his eyes. The man could not resist the girl’s confident stare and lowered his eyes to look at the irresistibly attractive foot hanging right in front of him. As the gangster was staring excitedly at her perfect foot, the young woman could feel his heavy, over-excited breath right on her toes. The man was absolutely mesmerised by those slender toes: they were the most beautiful and sexy thing the man had ever seen in his life. The nails were painted emerald green, matching the girl’s tight top. As the man was falling under the spell of those most beautiful toes, the woman calmly spoke to him: ‘You don’t mind taking my other shoe off, do you? I dance so much better in my bare feet…- she paused for a second then she added, laughing girlishly - Actually, dancing is not the only thing that I do much better when I’m barefoot’. Convinced that this audacious waitress was making some sort of sexual innuendo about her feet – and not some veiled threat - the man excitedly started untying the string running around the girl’s perfectly rounded heel. The gangster was carrying out the operation with trembling hands while the girl was towering over him. Her arms were slightly open on each of her sides, for stability. She was still standing on one foot, perfectly still, with the grace of a ballerina and the balance of a gymnast. A knowing smile was on her lips as she waited for the clearly aroused man to execute her orders. She was calm, composed, and authoritative while the man seemed nervous, clumsy and submissive. The middle-aged gangster looked subdued to this young woman despite his status and his notoriety as a fearsome criminal. Not without some trouble, the man finally managed to slip the white sandal off from the girl’s exquisite foot. He did it with much care and attention, just like a slave would do with his mistress. As soon as the shoe was in his hand the man noticed how the white leather insole was visibly consumed in correspondence with the toes and the heel of the girl’s foot. Due to the pressure of the girl’s body weight on those points and to the corrosive effect of her sweat, the shapes of the girl’s pretty toes and heel were clearly recognisable on the insole: those were the shoes of a young working woman, drenched in her powerful female pheromones. Excited by what he saw, the man brought the shoe to his face and started inhaling deeply. His nostrils were suddenly assaulted by an intoxicating fragrance which mixed sweet top-class perfume, shoe leather and a tiny bit of female foot sweat. That hypnotizing mix went immediately to the man’s head and he soon began kissing and licking that white insole especially in those points in which the leather presented the prints of the girl’s toes and heels. The salty flavor of the girl’s sweat mixed with her female perfume now filled the gangster’s taste buds. The pheromones oozing from the girl’s pretty foot immediately shot through the man’s brain cortex, sending a potent message to his nervous system, and waking up ancient neurological memories embedded in the male DNA. The guy always had a latent fetish for the female foot: however, for reasons that his simple macho mind could not explain, he now felt absolutely compelled to worship the insole on which that slender and aesthetically flawless female foot had planted that salty treasure of genetic information through its owner’s female sole sweat. He was accessing to a completely new level of adoration for the female foot, as he was getting lost in that well-worn white shoe. The gangster’s dick was already stiff but now it rose into the mightiest erection of his life: soon he found himself stroking his cock with his free hand, while the other one was keeping that irresistible insole stuck to his nose and mouth. Watching that pathetic display of uncontainable foot fetishism from that supposedly alpha male, the girl laughed and looked behind her shoulder: predictably the gangster behind her was still feverishly licking the insole of her other shoe. Both men had their eyes semi-closed and one hand going up and down their dicks. They were lost in a world of sexual excitement in which only those sweaty but incredibly arousing female footprints mattered. Despite her young age, the woman had experienced the dullness of the male brain enough to know that, until they had reached their sad male orgasms, the two insole-licking gangsters would not pay attention to what was happening around them. Already under normal conditions the male brain was uncapable of multi-tasking: go figure when it was being taken to the verge of orgasmic extasy with the fragrance of a female foot.


So far, the young girl had put her sandals to good use, turning two gangsters out of five into foot fetish zombies with them. Now that she was completely barefoot, it was time for her to deal with the other three Mafiosi. She was still balancing on one leg, one foot on the green table and the other one dangling under the face of the insole worshipper in front of her. Her arms were slightly spread on both her side for balance, making her look like a cross between a ballerina, a gymnast and an infinitely sexier version of the Karate Kid preparing for that iconic crane kick. Another difference with the unsteady and shaky Ralph Macchio character, was that the waitress was perfectly at ease in that position, smiling confidently as she showcased her feminine balance and agility. As she was gracefully but firmly keeping her stance, she spoke to the five men sitting all around her. ‘Wow, it seems like you gentlemen have developed quite a thirst for this humble waitress's foot sweat’ – the girl sarcastically commented - ‘So why don’t you quench it by drinking directly from the source?’. Without putting her foot down, she started pivoting on one leg. Always keeping her perfect balance, she started turning around @ 360 degrees. She did it very slowly and fluidly, gyrating like one of those ballerina statuettes on top of a rotating music box.
As she spun around, her right foot was being slowly showcased right under the noses of each one of the five men, like a forbidden fruit only waiting to be caught: she was teasing the gangsters with the sight and the aroma of her perfect foot pointed right at them. Two of them were already busy with her shoes but the other three were still waiting to have their share of those incredibly attractive female feet. With her slow spinning motion, she was inviting them to kiss, lick and suck her bare foot. Each time her foot passed inf front of their faces she slowed down to augment the teasing. Sometimes she stopped dangling her foot just a gangster’s nose and semi-opened mouth: these little tricks caused uncontrollable reactions from the over excited men. The pathetically extended their necks to kiss or lick that much desired foot, but she always made sure they failed to do so moving her foot away from them with perfect timing . Beaming with confidence the young woman looked down on the man, smiling as she made fun of them: ‘So, who will be good enough to be the first to put his lips on the skin of my feet? Who will catch this object of treasure?’ The girl was making fun of the gangsters’ awkward inability to touch her foot with their desiring lips and tongues ‘What’s going on? is this foot too fast for you? But I’m moving so slowly! C’mon don’t let me down: you’d better catch this foot before it catches you!’. There was a forewarning in the girls’ mocking words but the gangsters were too dumb, sexist and simply over-excited to get it.
It was not just a kinky trick. She was actually using an ancient martial arts technique which allowed a fighter to fluidly dodge an enemy’s strikes with almost unperceivable micro-movements: this technique looked slow to the human eye but it was actually an endless flow of movement designed to frustrate opponents. Once again though, the five men were simply too aroused, proud and stupid to realise that: therefore, the technique worked perfectly against them.
As she continued to spin around slowly, the girl said: ‘OK gentlemen, since none of you seems capable to catch my foot with his mouth, I guess It will be up to me to decide who is worthy of worshipping it.’ The girl slowed down her spinning around motion even more until she came to an halt in front of a gangster. ‘Will it be you?’ she said in a teasing voice as she pointed, stretched and rotated her foot under the nose of one gangster. She brought her foot forward, almost touching the guy’s face: as a consequence, the man started squealing with lust and desire. Then, when the girl’s big toe was already pressing against man’s lips she suddenly said in a playful tone ’No…I don’t think so!’. Then she cruelly withdrew her foot as the man was already opening his mouth to take it all in. Everyone laughed nervously at the comical scene, while the girl resumed her spinning motion on one leg. The laughing waned immediately though as soon as the girl stopped in front of another gangster. She pointed her perfectly arched foot towards the sweating, over-excited guy and uttered sultrily ‘Or maybe you?’. This time she started running circles around the man’s head with her foot. With his eyes grotesquely wide-open, the mafioso was following the circular movements of the perfect foot which was spinning around his head, sometimes trying to catch it with his open mouth: it was an hilarious spectacle to witness. ‘Hu, hu! Behave yourself Sir!’ the girl laughed and reproached the confused man. ‘Now be still and just open your mouth, wide!’ - she ordered in a more serious tone. Obviously, the man duly obeyed: the young woman started directing her foot towards the man’s open mouth. The gangster closed his eyes waiting for the perfectly arched foot of the waitress to float inside his oral cavity: always elegantly pointed, the girl’s suspended foot entered the man’s mouth slowly, just like a probe exploring a cavity. Once he felt the toes and then the ball of the waiter’s slender foot travel inside his mouth the man closed his lips around it, in extasy: his eyes rolled around almost as if he was in a trance. Everything about that foot aroused him: the shape, the size, the arch, the perfection of the toes, the sensual smoothness of the ball, the elegant curve of the heel. The sweet and sour taste of her sole was exploding on his tongue…the aroma of that foot was now spreading inside his head like a cloud of intoxicating ritualistic fumes, waking up ancestral memories buried within the man’s DNA. Now that half of that foot was inside his mouth, he felt like he was in heaven: it really felt like his mouth and his entire being were being created specifically to worship a woman’s bare foot. Unbeknownst to the gangster, billions of men were going to wake up to this truth very soon: they’d do it exactly by seeing the video which was being recorded and that portraited him being overwhelmed by a girl’s pretty foot: unfortunately for him and his fellow gangsters though, it was way too late for him to start a new life as a female foot slave... The girl smiled at the gangster’s blissful reaction to her foot action. It was always funny to see what her feet could do to men: and she had not even started with these gangsters yet! She started to feel around the inside of the man’s mouth with her toes: she was twisting her ankle from side to side or pushing further down the man’s throat almost as if she was inspecting the size and the shape of the oral cavity which was accommodating her foot.
After a few seconds of attentive toes wiggling and pointing – which were sending shivers of pleasure/pain throughout the gangster’s entire body – the girl suddenly withdrew her foot from the man’s mouth, leaving the man gaping desperately: ‘Naaah! Your pathetic mouth is not worthy of my foot!’ she said as she casually wiped the saliva off her foot on the man’s cheeks.
When the girl removed her foot from his mouth the man felt a sudden emptiness inside. It was not just the physical absence of that divine foot in his mouth to trouble him: it was a profound state of depression which was typical of those who a lost their reason to live. This did not prevent his dick to stay powerfully erect in his pants as the mere sight of those feet was enough to make him climax. In the meantime, the woman had pivoted on her left foot again and now she was facing the last one of the three gangsters who were not busy licking her foot sweat from the sole of her sandals. He was the fattest of the five men in the room. He was sweaty from the heat and the excitement. The waitress let her foot dangle right in front of the man’s open mouth and nose for a few second. Hypnotised by the girl’s foot and unable to face her assertive stare, the man’s eyes were fixated on that perfect foot dangling just a few millimeters from his face. His mouth was open in admiration and he was breathing heavily in the presence of so much beauty, charisma, and female foot power.
Always smiling the girl started caressing the man’s bald head with her foot. In a slow sensual dance, she was running circles all around his face, teasing him and implicitly making fun of his fatness and baldness. The man was ecstatic, following the girl’s foot movements with his big awkward head. Throughout the entire time, her foot always remained perfectly firm, moving only when and how the young woman wanted it to. She had kept that crane like position for more than 15 minutes now minutes: she had pivoted in it and she did all kinds of tricks effortlessly. She looked like she could spend days in that position and do anything, without any trembling or shaking. It was actually something that only a few gymnasts, martial artists or spiritual yoga masters had ever pulled off in the history of humanity, as several people had remarked when the video was released. But this young woman made that impressive feat of balance and agility look like the easiest thing in in the world…and she managed to look incredibly sexy in the process. Her intoxicating sexiness definitely was not lost on the fat criminal who she was teasing…the fat man had now closed his eyes. He was in absolute bliss as that perfect female foot was caressing - sometimes rudely, sometimes tenderly - the sweaty perimeter of his gross face and head. The young waitress had now the middle-aged man completely wrapped around her…toes. All around the table, the other four gangsters were now staring at the scene in excitement: their eyes were watery with sexual arousement. Each one of them had one hand down inside the zipper of his trousers, stroking his painfully stiff dick. All of a sudden, the girl stopped circling the gangster’s head and – with a swift move – unceremoniously shoved her pointed foot inside the man’s semi-opened mouth. As a response the man opened his eyes in shock while he felt that much desired foot inside his mouth. Rudely, the girl pushed her foot inside the fat guy’s oral cavity until her toes were scraping at his vocal chords and her heel was squashing his lips. With way more energy than she had done with the previous gangster, she felt inside the man’s mouth with her toes, scratching his inner cheeks, his palate and the soft tissue of his tonsils. She was vicious in her action. Sometimes the girl turned her ankle to push with her toes against the inside of the man’s cheeks, deforming the man’s face to comedic effect: she pushed so hard that the shape of her toes was visible under the stretched skin of the man’s meaty cheeks. She laughed at that grotesque sight and at the fat man’s pained whimpers: the men around her laughed too but continued stroking their cocks, completely hypnotized by that strangely ultra-sexy scene. ‘Oh, finally a mouth wide enough to accommodate my slender foot. I guess you won this competition, fatso!’ – she said with a joyful but sarcastic tone. Normally anyone who would dare to call this notorious gangster ‘fat’ would end up with a bullet through in the head. But with a mouth full of female foot which was sending him to extasy, the man could only let out a weak moan of pleasure/pain. This girl was doing something to him that was completely winning him over and he could not figure out what it was: he was too busy welcoming that perfect bare foot in his mouth to even think about anything else. His entire world was comprised between the toes and the heel of that almighty size 9. The man was literally entering a state of total trance as that bare female foot was ravaging the inside of his mouth, relentlessly. Inexorably, the pheromones oozing from the girl’s foot had conquered the taste buds on his tongues and invaded his nostrils: suddenly, the gangster’s brain cortex was hit by the re-awakening of ancient socio-biological information which ages of patriarchy had put to sleep: the natural condition of all males – to be dead or enslaved under bare female feet – was being re-awakened by that young woman’s footwork throughout the gangster’s entire being. Perfectly aware of the effects of her action, the young waitress started pumping her foot in and out of the man’s mouth, rhythmically: she was penetrating his mouth almost as her foot was a dildo. She accompanied her action with satisfied female ‘hoos’ while the man could only feebly reply with muffled lamentations. She started slowly but then took up speed until her foot was literally fracking the inside of the man’s mouth: then she slowed down only to pick up pace again. Expertly, she kept varying the speed of her foot in mouth penetration to obtain maximum results. And the results were double edged for the man on the receiving end of that most unique treatment.
The middle-aged gangster was between ecstatic pleasure and the most unbearable agony and, very confusingly for him, he could not separate the two in his body and in his mind. Each time that perfect female bare foot pushed down his throat, it seemed to stimulate every sexually sensitive part of his body: these parts included those which that almighty female foot was not touching directly, like his genitals or his prostate, to the point that the man even stopped stroking his cock with his hands: the young waiter’s pretty bare foot was doing all the work for him and it was doing it in such an overwhelming, overpowering way. Inside his trousers his dick had bulged into the most powerful erection he had ever experienced. With every push of the girl’s foot down his throat, his dick was throbbing and was getting wetter and wetter with pre-cum. It looked like that supple female foot was born to command and direct the man’s giant body: the pace of the woman’s foot was dictating how fast the gangster body was vibrating or shaking. Soon that symbiotic, but clearly hierarchical, relationship between the commanding female foot and the submissive man’s body reached its inevitable ending. But before she conceded any form of release to the gangster, the girl expertly slowed down her drilling motion in the man’s mouth until she almost reached a halt: exasperated by the girl’s sudden stop, the man stretched his back and neck while inside his pants his super stiff dick was vibrating, waiting for the girl’s next move…it was an exasperatingly long pause, almost as if she was denying a climax that until a few seconds ago seemed unstoppable. On the verge of exploding, the man moaned in pain…with his mouth full of foot he could only beg the girl to ‘finish him’ with his watery, bovine eyes. The girl looked down on him with a tricky, amused expression of her face. Her foot action had now completely stopped and her toes were dangling between the man’s upper and lower lips, teasingly. Using her incredible balance and agility, she gracefully stood there, balancing on one leg. Always pointing her foot down her toes were now only grazing the man’s open mouth. The other four gangsters sitting around the table had stopped stroking their cocks, obediently waiting for the woman to reprise her foot-in-mouthfucking of their comrade and free them from that painful impasse: no one had dared to move since she had stopped and that gave her the pulse of how much she was already dominating this group of supposedly dangerous dudes. A surreal silence filled the room, as five expert mafia men were literally hanging from the toes of one young girl: she knew that perfectly and she enjoyed prolonging their unbearable state of pre orgasm denial. She looked all around her: the eyes of each man were fixed on her, literally praying for her to continue but each man remained still, their stiff dicks pulsating in their hands right under the table but…no one dared stroking his penis…Using just her foot, she kept five notoriously evil men hanging on. The young waitress decided to have fun with that situation for a little bit more. She turned around to look into the eyes of the man beneath her: as she expected, she only found desperation, unsatisfied lust, and pain. To tease the fat bastard and all the other guys around the table, she faked sticking her foot back inside the man’s throat. Immediately all the men started stroking their dicks again but she immediately took her foot out to stand still again. She was always balancing on one leg with her foot hanging between the fat man’s lips and one finger raised admonishingly towards the men. She repeated the fake move a couple of times, just to ridicule the four gangsters who, each single time, started stroking their dicks and immediately froze to stillness again, among moans of suppressed orgasm. She stopped again, admonishing the desperate men around her who were now literally hanging from her toes: ‘No, no guys not until this foot moves again!’ - she pointed at her elegantly arched foot hanging perpendicular between the man’s open lips - ‘focus on it, wait for it to move. This foot is your only dictator, your Duce…are you ready?’. She loved teasing men in this way.Cruelly, she waited for another few seconds during which – in the suspenseful silence - she could almost hear the man’s dicks vibrate uncontrollably as the smell of precum filled the air…Then, with an evil grin on her beautiful face, the girl finally stuck her pointed toes inside the fat man’s waiting mouth and started pumping her foot again: ‘Go pigs! Give me all you’ve got! Stroke those pathetic dicks of yours for my feet!’. She shouted devilishly as the men all around her reprised their furious masturbation with increased vigour. The effect was predictable, almost Pavlovian, as these gangsters were nothing but foot fetish dogs to this young woman.


The first man to come was the fat man whose entire oral cavity had been devastated by her relentless foot drilling. As soon as the young girl reprised her action, the man’s dick immediately exploded in the most satisfying and longest orgasm he ever had in his life. The fat gangster was transfixed as that foot was still impaling his throat and his dick was spraying enormous quantities of sperm for what seemed an eternity of time. Not only that orgasm felt incredibly good: it also felt ‘right’. The man had never felt so much at peace with himself as he did while that woman was raping his oral cavity with her perfect but merciless foot. The girl smiled condescendingly as the man underneath her was reaching ecstasy: she kept pumping her foot to accompany each pathetic squirt of the man’s dick, until the very last drop of come had come out. She knew that what seemed like a heavenly experience to the stupid thug she had just milked was just another insignificant male orgasm: at the same time, she also knew that she had delivered him the best orgasm that any man can have. The pathetic reality of male pleasure gave the young woman a few seconds of advantage over the gangster: she knew that as soon as the waves of that super orgasm were going to simmer down, another kind of waves would start flowing inside the man’s body. The delicate balance between pleasure and pain that she had created within the man’s entire being with her foot action would soon break. The pathetically short duration of male orgasm, the main reason for male aggressiveness, would make sure that very soon the pleasure will be replaced by unbearable pain and the man will realise how much that explosive, unmatched female foot induced orgasm had cost him.
However, she was going to be ready for him. Despite her very young age she knew very well how the inherently crippled male sexuality worked: she almost felt pity for men but that did not a single drop of empathy from her, on the contrary. She felt nothing but contempt and superiority towards the vileness of the male nature: their pathetic condition of under development made her want to crush most men – especially sexist criminals like these gangsters - under her bare female feet. Indeed, the already sad and despicable condition of the man on the receiving end of her special treatment that night had now become particularly miserable.
Therefore, as soon as the effect of the orgasm started to wane within the man’s system, the devastating results of the girl’s foot drilling started to make their effects be felt, and how! His mouth had been completely devastated by the girl’s relentless foot action. The first thing that started to bleed were the man’s lips which were unnaturally stretched to accommodate the girl’s foot up to the heel. Furthermore, the girl’s relentless pumping action had split open the upper and lower lips of the fat gangster which, with each push, were being mercilessly squashed between the woman’s bare heel and his own front teeth. Inside his oral cavity the situation was even worse: his cheeks had been badly scraped from the inside and ripped into bloody shreds. The back of his throat, his tonsils, and his vocal chords had been permanently damaged by the relentless pummeling that her female martial arts toes had been delivering for the last ten minutes. For all that time, the gangster’s mouth had to stay fully open to an unnatural width in order to accommodate the size 9 foot of the young waitress: with every push of his torturer’s slender but almighty foot, the bones in his jaws began cracking until they gave in. Now his jawbones were completely fractured into dozens of pieces which no surgeon in the world could ever even dream to put back together. The inside of his oral cavity and his throat too were filled with a mixture of blood, saliva, and other liquid or semi liquid fluids that he started losing from the injuries that the girl’s bare foot fucking had caused him. Teeth and pieces of flesh were floating in this gory liquid which was making him choke. He felt like suffocating and wanted to spit it all out or throw up but the merciless bare foot in his mouth only allowed him to let him drip some of this disgusting liquid from the sides of his mouth. Now the balance between pleasure and agony was definitely not there anymore. Now there was only pain, excruciating, crippling pain which started mounting and mounting inside of him until the full, extreme realisation of the state he was in reached the man’s nervous system and struck it like a lightning bolt. It was almost as if he was a patient waking up from surgery and feeling the effects of the anesthetic progressively weaken by the second while he is regaining full consciousness. The girl was perfectly aware of that. She was using the foot she had stuck inside the man’s mouth as a probe to check the man’s state. Through the sensitive marble like skin of her bare foot, she felt the uncontrollable orgasm shakes that pervaded the gangster’s body weakening with every second. In a matter of minutes, the pain, and therefore his survival instincts, would kick in and he would try to react somehow. She was well ready for that predictable moment: there was nothing a male could do that surprised her.
When the lightning bolt of pain struck his lower brain the man suddenly realized: that female foot that just gave him so much pleasure was also killing him in the process! His eyes spread open in terror and alarm. First, he looked up at the girl who was chocking him with her foot, then he looked around desperately seeking for the help of his henchmen. The girl looked around too and what she saw did not surprised her in the slightest, on the contrary: the sight put a confident smile on her beautiful face. Just as she expected, all the other four gangsters were still masturbating, getting closer to climaxing with every second but not there yet. With their eyes semi-closed, the four mafiosi were too taken by reaching their own pleasure to notice or even care about what was happening to their compadre. So much with all the hypocritical tales of male bonding and male solidarity: selfishness was the reality of the male nature and she was going to use it to her advantage. Not only typical males were unable to multitask, especially when they were sexually aroused: they were so self-serving that nothing could come between them and their upcoming sad male orgasm, not even when their friends were being slowly killed in front of their eyes by a sexy woman who was the object of their fantasy. This was the same mechanism that drives men to rape but it’s also their downfall: switching off your brain and thinking with your dick will not help you when you’re under attack…especially if your attacker is a smart and athletic woman. She had planned it all very carefully. The young girl knew that very soon the other four gangsters were going to climax too. As a result, they would come back to their senses one after the other and realise the gravity of the situation. Thus, she needed to finish her business with the fat loser whose mouth she had been drilling with her foot as soon as possible. To do that she relied on male stupidity once again. Once he woke up from his orgasm induced stupor, the man had two choices to react against the young waitress: he could take any of the weapons lying on the table beside him and try to shoot or stab his sexy female assailant or he could try to remove that foot from his mouth with his hands, relying on his supposedly superior male strength. The girl was ready for both options but she was certain that, being a male, the gangster was going choose the stupidest and lease effect one. Once again she was right: instead of picking up one of the weapons on the table, the gangster grabbed the waitresses’ shapely ankle and calf with his fat hands, desperately trying to take her foot out of his mouth. The girl smiled down at her doomed opponent’s pathetic attempts at freeing himself. The guy was using all the force of a desperate man: as result he did not manage to move that female foot one millimeter’s out on his mouth. The man did not even manage to upset her balance: she remained elegantly standing on one leg, graceful like a ballerina and skillful as a gymnast. In an impressive show of female superiority, the girl effortlessly stuck her foot even further down the man’s throat: all the strength in the man’s arms did not manage to stop that foot from powering down his already ravaged throat. Now he had to take it in almost entirely: only a tiny part of her heel had not slipped inside the man’s throat yet. The young waitresses looked straight into his opponent’s terror filled eyes, smiling with condescendence as her foot was sliding further down the man’s throat making him gag uncontrollably. She was always sure that the guy would have made the most stupid choice. Not that it mattered that much: she would have been able to outfight him even if he had grabbed a gun. She knew how strong and skillful she was but it was also important to show how stupid men were and how unjustified their privilege are. Once again, female supremacy was proven right and machismo had been proved totally wrong. It was so easy to outsmart men: she was used to rely on their dumbness and it never failed her. Hundreds of years of patriarchy and sexism have filled men with very stupid misconceptions, like the one for which men are physically stronger than women. Unfortunately for the gangster, this young woman was always ready to use these misconceptions against her male opponents: it was an easy way to win a fight and at the same time, to debunk patriarchy in the process: it inevitably ended up in tragic consequences for her male enemies, but that’s just what they deserved. Predictably, the man beneath her was a heap of sexism and chauvinism – just like all the mafiosi - and his dumb mindset made him make the wrong choice. Against him there was a very skilled, smart, and strong woman who couldn’t wait to show him how desperately wrong he had been for all his soon-to-be-over and meaningless life.
Having lost any hope to stick that foot out of his mouth the man made another ill-advised move, another one that her female opponent had already predicted that he would made: he extended his arms to try to punch her groin of grab her midsection to make her lose balance. With her hand the quickly grabbed the gangster’s wrists, twisted them painfully and started pulling his big arms towards her. This allowed her to block his opponent’s arms and to have even further leverage to push her foot down his throat. The man’s face now had swallowed horribly and his eyes seemed on the point of being shot out of his orbits.


Counting of the other four gangsters’ state of pre orgasm trance, the young waitress moved to the second part of her foot in mouth move. This unrelenting female torture had something way more devastating in store for the disgraced fat guy she had already ravaged. With her foot always stuck inside the man’s huge mouth and with her hands blocking the man’s wrists and while pulling his arms towards her, the girl started gracefully to bend her left leg, until her firm behind touched the green cloth of the table with both her buttocks. She did it with the impressive ease and seamless flexibility of a yoga master: more than anything she resembled a gymnast squatting on a beam while keeping one leg extended. Her sexy and masterful elegance was noticed by the man she was torturing who, despite the unbearable pain he was being put through by that same girl, experienced another incredible erection. He always had a secret fetish for gymnasts with their strong bodies, their leotards, and their flexible feet…and now he was being slaughtered by a girl who clearly had a top-class gymnastics background. On her part, the girl had no time for the man’s miserable creepy fetishes. She was going for the kill now. When her move from a standing to a sitting position had been perfected, she extended her left leg too, pointing it towards the pained man. She locked her left foot behind the gangster’s colossal neck as her right one was still pushing down his throat: at the same time, she kept pulling the man’s arms towards her and cruelly twisting his wrists (which by now she had already dislocated). In this new position - and thanks to her left foot lock - she could push way harder with her toes - as well as angle her right foot much better - in order to bring further damage to the inside of the man’s mouth. The gangster found himself trapped and locked by this woman’s whose body had turned from an object of lustful desire into the deadliest torture device. The girl’s goal was now to power her entire foot inside the man’s mouth, up to her ankle. To do so she needed to pierce the back on the man’s throat with her toes as there was no way she could stick her entire foot through his lips if her toes did not find their way out . Grinding her perfect white teeth, she pushed with all her might. Through the thick, but elastic layer of skin on the back on the man’s neck she could already feel the back of her left foot with the toes of the right one. She only needed some more seconds to perfect her chef d’ouvre and, for the first time, accomplish a legendary move that many of her master’s had been telling her about. She knew she could make it, as nothing is impossible for a determined and well-trained martial arts woman…especially when her adversary is nothing but a man. By now the gangster had accepted his destiny: he had been bleeding so much internally that he could not oppose any resistance anymore. He was only waiting for those incredibly pretty female feet to take things to what seemed the only natural conclusion by now: his arms were now weak and the young woman could pull them towards her as much as she wanted to facilitate her throat penetrating effort. It seemed that finally his ego and his brain had understood what his dick and his subconscious had known since the first moment he saw the silhouette of his female opponent come out of the shadows: there was no way that he could resist this formidable young woman. Indeed, the only thing that was still showing signs of life in the man’s psychosomatic system was his dick, which had incredibly risen to another mighty erection. It was his ultimate homage to the woman who had destroyed him so effortlessly. In the meantime, the young woman was pushing and and pumping her foot until she could feel the pointed tip of her toes lacerating the flesh of the man’s neck from the inside. She only needed a few seconds and finally her masterpiece would be complete. When she felt that she was almost there she quickly withdrew her foot and pushed one more time against the back of the man’s throat, her foot pointed like the sharpest – and shapeliest knife. All those years of ballet, gymnastics, Yoga meditation and, most of all, martial arts training paid off: her toes pierced through the rear part of the man’s fat neck and came out from the back of his head! The young girl’s toes were now touching the skin of the top of her left foot which was still locked behind the fat guy’s head. At the same time her heel powered through the man’s lips, cracking his jaws: now her foot was inside the man’s head up to her ankle. The young woman had just managed an incredible feat: she had impaled a man’s head with her foot! It was gory and glorious at the same time! The athletic young woman threw her head back and triumphantly exclaimed ‘Yes!’. It was a move that was believed to be impossible in the male dominated martial arts community but she had just showed the world that nothing was unattainable for a well trained and determined young woman. Still alive, the man whose head she had just impaled with her foot was staring at her in a mix of agony and disbelief. The formidable young woman removed her left foot from the back of the man’s head: she bent her knee and rested her left foot on the table. She did not need her foot lock anymore. The man was kept in place by her right foot, which had penetrated the man’s oral cavity like a rod and now was sticking on the other side. She looked ahead to admire her own masterpiece: she felt so satisfied! Her journey to revenge was starting in spectacular style and the cameras had just caught it all for posterity! Always ironic, she looked into the man’s desperate eyes and - with a playful smile on her face - she wiggled the bloody toes of her left foot which were sticking out from the back of the gangster’s fat head. The man could feel every movement of the girl’s foot inside his head: it was painful and humiliating beyond belief. The middle-aged closet foot fetishist really wanted to have that girl’s irresistible feet since the first moment he had seen her. Nevertheless, he would have never imagined that he was going to have that foot inside of him in such a crippling, savage, and lethal way! The girl perfectly understood the magnitude of the devastating effect she was having on her male opponent but she had no time to rest on her laurels or crack further jokes. There were four other male criminals she had to take care of now. She knew she had to dispose of the fat guy she just impaled with her foot before his compadres reached their orgasms. She was in the line of fire of four consummate gangsters and she couldn’t allow them to come back to full awareness too soon.


The second gangster who climaxed was the youngest one. The deadly waitress had approached him first, using his groin as a step to get on the table and as a shoehorn to free her deadly foot. As his whole body was being shaken with tremors of pleasure, the criminal shot a huge load of sperm underneath the table. In his young life he had never experienced such a satisfying and complete orgasm. That girl had something special, he thought, even the scent of her feet which he could smell from her sandals would have been enough to make him come. The young man was already thinking of taking one of those shoes home with him, as a trophy at the end of the night. As the waves of pleasure waned within him, the young man slowly opened his eyes.

For the first time since that woman had entered the room, his dick was no longer in control of his senses. When his brain reconnected with his eyes, he could not believe what he saw. Right in front of him, the pretty young woman who was sitting on the table torturing and crippling the most experienced and notorious gangster in the room with her sexy feet. It was and unbelievably gruesome scene which was unfolding just a few inches away from his nose! He needed to wake his henchmen up from their state of pre-orgasmic bliss so that they could react to that unexpected danger. That girl was a real threat and she had to be stopped immediately! When she realised that the man had climaxed and that he was coming back to his senses, the waitress turned her pretty red head towards winked to him, with a playful smile on her face: her foot was still buried into the man’s mouth and her pretty toes. The pretty girl's cool, calm, and sassy attitude made the young man panic even more! As he was putting his dick back into his trousers, he started screaming to the other three gangsters ‘Guys, guys this bitch is killing Fernando!’. All the other criminals still had their eyes semi-closed as they were on the verge of an incredible orgasm. However, they could hear their pal’s screams resonate in the halls of their empty male brains which were now largely occupied by the sight, the smell and the sexiness of the waitresses’ feet. ‘Wake up guys! We must kill this broad now!’ the young gangster kept on screaming as he was extending his hand to grab his gun which was laying on the green table.

From her perspective the girl knew she needed to act, and act quick, before any of her opponents could get hold of their guns.

The following action literally happened within a wink of an eye and was one of the main showcases of incredible dexterity, craftiness, speed of mind and body and unmatched combat skills from this woman which shocked and inspired the entire world when the video was unveiled.

In less than one second the young woman finally took her foot out from the fat gangster’s head, causing a geyser of blood and other dislocated organic matter (teeth, pieced of flesh, other bodily fluids) to come out of his mouth. With one single fluid movement, the girl bent her knees and stung the man’s eye sockets with her toes, just to hurt him a little more and blind him temporarily; then she bent her knees again, joined her feet and double kicked the fat criminal’s face with all her force. At the same time, she released her grip of the man’s broken wrists, letting his arms go. The double kick broke the fat mafia guy’s nose and made him fall back in his chair. As her male foe was falling to the ground the girl even managed to wipe her bare feet on the sleeves of his shirt: the sleeves were the only part of the gangster’s clothes that was not already soaked in blood and other disgusting liquids so the young woman took advantage of it to wipe some of his enemy’s gore off her pretty feet. The man hit the ground heavily, further damaging the back of his head. He was making horrifying gurgling sounds as he lied on his back and lost blood from his mouth and from the back of his head. He was in a semi-comatose state but not dead yet. Funnily enough, as he fell his dick released another geyser of sperm which was shot into the air. Some of it even landed on the top of the waitresses’ pristine feet. That didn’t stop the fierce young woman from perfecting her lethal action: as the fat man was still falling down on his back, the girl spun around on her ass at 360°. As she did she extended her shapely marble-white legs and lashed out with both her feet. As she spun around on her firm, almost naked buttocks the deadly waitresses kicked the youngest gangster first, so that he could not react. Before the young mafia boy’s hand could grab the gun in front of him, the top of the girl’s cum-stained foot impacted against the olive-skinned face. The young boy’s left cheekbone was broken on impact with a sickening but also very satisfying noise. The impact of the girl’s other foot immediately followed. It made the boy fall down from his chair and roll away on the floor, far away from where the firearms where laying. In a seamless, spinning motion the girl’s feet hit the other three gangsters around the table too. The three men where still furiously stroking their cocks when their cheekbones got shattered by the same bare feet they were masturbating about. They just had the time to open their eyes in terror as the girl’s feet came towards them in a flurry of leggy movement. The waitresses’ spinning kicks made the men from fall their chairs and fly away from the table: it looked like these big strong men were nothing but light feathers swept away by a pretty, barefoot kicking tornado. With immaculate timing the kicks reached the other three men when they had reached the point of orgasmic inevitability. As the men flew in the air and before they landed heavily on the floor their dicks simultaneously exploded in an orgasm which looked like an homage to the perfect knockout move that this incredible just woman had just performed on them. The air around the table on which the girl was spinning around was filled with grey and pink carnations made of the semen and the blood of the men she had just knocked out and permanently damaged. At the end of her incredible performance, the girl called her long legs towards her body and crossed them in a yoga Sukhasana position. From her sitting position on top of the big round table she looked at the scene all around her with a big smile on her face: one man was lying comatose just beneath her, while the other four mafiosi were trying to get back on their feet, still shocked and in total agony. Some of them still had their dicks out of their pants as they were massaging their broken faces.

She could be satisfied and proud of what she had achieved. She had to remain focused though because she was only at the beginning of her journey to revenge…and she still had to deliver an awful lot of punishment to these five guys before the night was over!


The TV studio tributed a standing ovation to this first section of the video just as anyone else who was watching the video all over the world. The spinning kick move had immediately become a fan favourite: appropriately, it became known as ‘The Whirlwind Kick’. it generated millions of videos in which women were trying to replicate that most incredible move against male ‘volunteers’. The original move performed by the Martial Arts Avenger against the gangsters was so fast and fluid that people had to analyse that sequence in stop motion, literally frame by frame in order to understand its dynamics, and still it was incredibly hard to figure out and perform! Thousands of tutorials and reaction videos on the web tried to explain how it was possible that so much damage could be delivered in such a short time bya single barefoot woman to so many men. The shocking impalement of the gangster’s head was saluted with the same enthusiasm: it became known as the legendary ‘Barefoot Impaler’ technique. Women all around the world tried to replicate it, with severe, when not lethal, consequences for the men who were on the receiving end of this tremendous technique. In both cases, the general public had never seen techniques which were so lethally devastating…and these incredible kicks had singlehandedly performed by a bare handed -and bare footed young woman - at the expense of five dangerous and fully armed men!
These masterstrokes of female martial arts supremacy were going to inspire millions of women around the world: the athletic Nordic bartender was one of them. She had tears running down her silky cheeks as she watched the beginning of that first mafia annihilating mission being re-run on TV on that solemn occasion.
‘This video changed my life…and it changed the world too!’ – she said to the laptop girl in an emotional tone – ‘As I said, I must have watched it at least a million times, I’ve studied every second of it in order to reproduce every kick and every move, I have re-enacted it a thousand times…but it still brings a tear to my eye. This is the beginning of our revolution’
‘It changed my life too’ replied the girl with the laptop. As she looked at the athletic coffee owner, a smile full of empathy and female complicity was on her lips.
‘…and the best is yet to come! Yay! – the Nordic barista replied clapping her hands in excitement. She was getting ready for the second part of the video which was about to start. ‘Yes, the best is definitely yet to come’ - whispered the mysterious guest as both women returned their eyes to the tv screen…
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