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Default Just For a Cup of Coffee

(This was inspired by Marilyn, as well as a woman I met years ago who wrestled and did role play, and an FBB I know who cams and I respect.)

“Madelyn, Marilyn. Madelyn, Marilyn. Don’t they sound alike? Each name is seven letters each. And doesn’t Madelyn look and act a bit like Marilyn?” Marilyn meaning Monroe, Mike’s first crush when he was a kid. “Well, yeah, Madelyn does look a bit like Monroe, that is if Marilyn had been 5 feet, 10 inches and 190 pounds of busty muscle.”

That was Mike’s train of thought as he took the long drive from Northern Florida to West Palm Beach. He was driving at least eight hours round trip to finally meet, in person, and have a cup of coffee with the longtime object of his desire. He was a fan, who eventually, unbelievably became his friend online… Madelyn.

Madelyn’s invite came after a couple of years of camming sessions and an exchange of emails where Mike suggested, after one very heavy online session with her, “I know you are married and don’t do in-person sessions but I’d pay for the privilege of driving down, to meet. Even if it was just for a cup of coffee. And if you agree, and watching you train for a bit.” Somehow, a year and a half after Mike suggested it, Madelyn said yes.

Mike’s entrance into the world of female bodybuilders came a bit late in life, in his late 30s. Even 15 years later Mike was never a bodybuilder, but a bit athletic playing softball, basketball and golf, with occasional trips to the gym and maintained to a point his 6 foot, one-inch 225 or so pound physique. He had to because, well for health reasons, but also his roleplay for years with tall busty Dominas involved him being Tarzan – a submissive one sometimes or one “suffering from” a variety of fetishes.

The dominas were usually tall and busty… not FBBs but very fit Amazonian types. He endured light bondage, strap-on worship, spankings, foot worship and other kinks just to be in the same room with these Amazonian types… and maybe to get one in bed. Some may have been kind of sensual but intercourse was out. He met the appropriately named Mistress Sheena, a tall, busty domina who loved his imagination and homemade jungle print thongs. She wore black leather or black lace bustier corsets that had her ample breasts just about falling out from the top and the sides. But she was very strict and old-school. Nothing illegal which certainly meant that sessions occurred in her living room of her Manhattan loft. Not in her bedroom.

Mike almost flirted his way to more of an escort-type session with Sheena, getting to do full breast and clit worship one Sunday morning. They had a great time, but as he was getting dressed and ready to leave Sheena sat him down and matter-of-factly said, “Mike, I love our sessions. You’re as charming as hell, but I’m never going to fuck you.” She gave him a note with a few websites that featured FBBs. “Check out these sites. Some of these bodybuilders are dominant, some are not, but they will be a lot more sensual than I’ll ever be.” She kissed him on the cheek as she gracefully escorted him out of her apartment. Forever.

“One door closes and another door opens,” the saying goes. And since getting that list a handful of years ago and he began to enter the world of FBBs. Saw plenty of pictures, videos and did sessions with a few. Mistress Sheena was right, not only were taller and stronger than her, and in a few cases very, very sensual.

But the FBB that haunted him was Madalyn. He moved to Northern Florida three years ago. That's when he saw her pics and videos. She had that blonde hair that fell a bit over her shoulders. High cheekbones, cute nose and sensual lips. Not to mention dimples when she smiled. Below her neck, well… as muscular and as sexy as he ever saw. Shoulders as thick and wide as any male bodybuilder. Traps, when flexing, illustrating the power she had control of. Biceps, when flexed, had to be 16 or 18 inches. Her chest, with those massive DDs in front of them, had to be 46 or 48 inches, at least. A narrow waist which above it features an eight-pack of steel. Thighs so detailed and large, they looked like California redwoods. Her calves had to be the same size as her biceps. And her gorgeous feet, especially when wearing backless high heels.... to die for.

Thinking about all this Mike was in a trance and began to drool, from his mouth and his cock, and loved the warm erection between his legs. He came out of that dream-like state quickly when he heard a long, hard honking from an 18-wheeler who he ALMOST drifted in-front of. Mike, suddenly out of his trance and fulling focus, pulled his car to the right-hand lane as the 18-wheeler whizzed past him to the left on 95 South.

He immediately noticed the sign for “West Palm Beach” and that he was a couple of miles away… a couple of miles away from Madelyn. He focused on the job at hand and the address of the local diner they were supposed to meet.

About a mile or two off the exit Mike saw the sign for “Betty’s Retro Diner” which had the look of a 1950s or so diner with plenty of twists on comfort food, not your typical eggs, sausage, hash browns and a “cup of joe” place of eons ago. It was around 3 pm, after the lunch crowd and before the dinner rush, so it was pretty empty. Madelyn said to get booth in the back, near the Marilyn picture with Jane Russell in red sequins from the beginning of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” He saw it immediately and sat down.

Just as immediately a waitress appeared in a vintage white outfit from the 1950s, an athletic brunette with a great figure, a slight bit of cleavage emerging from the top of her dress, bright red lipstick and matching red nails, and a wonderful smile. “Welcome!” she said cheerily, offering the menu. After the incident on the highway and wondering where Madelyn was, Mike was a bit flustered. Or maybe it was because the waitress looked a bit like Jane Russell as a waitress? Or was it his imagination? “Thanks,” he mumbled. The waitress asked, “Coffee?” He quickly noticed on the menu of this retro diner something called, “Authentic Neapolitan Cappuccino” and ordered it. She smiled and walked away.

Mike nervously began to check his phone to see if he missed a text or call from Madelyn, who was always a stickler about time when they met online, and now it was now after 3 pm sharp, and what would she think if she thought I was late… and at that point the waitress was back with the steaming hot cappuccino. She asked, “Anything else?”

Mike, nervous and preoccupied, said, “No… not yet. Waiting for a friend.” The waitress grinned and said, “Well, then you must be Mike, right?” He nodded his head in surprise. “I thought so. I’m Betty. I own the place. She texted me and should be here soon.” Embarrassed as to what Betty might know about the meeting, yet intrigued, Mike asked, “Are you friends with her?”

Betty laughed and said, “I should think so! Best friends since we were kids growing up on the same block here in town, went to high school together, were on the same track and field team.” That was when Mike noticed Betty’s physique, not a body builder, but the long, strong musculature in her shoulders, arms and legs that were great for a businesswoman in her late thirties. As Betty began to describe, in detail, her longtime friendship with Madelyn, the diner’s door opened.

Mike’s eyes went immediately from Betty to the door. It was Madelyn. Even though he saw her many times on cam, in pics and in videos, here she was, live, 20 feet away from him. As she walked in her head and shoulders kind of blocked the Florida sunshine that was illuminating part of the diner. Gorgeous face, high cheekbones, full lips… her wide shoulders and back blocked part of the mid-afternoon sun as she walked towards us wearing a black, rather loose sweat suit, top open just an inch or two more than one might expect, which displayed her ample cleavage. And he wondered if he saw an animal print bra strap showing.

Betty saw Mike’s eyes and barely turned around when she said, “Well… it must be HER.” Pointing with her thumb over her shoulder in Madelyn’s direction. “This used to happen to me in high school all the time when I was talking with a guy!” Betty turned, both women laughed and hugged, as if this had been a catch-phrase between them for years. Mike got up to greet Madelyn and offered his hand.

“Oh, here she goes, telling tales out of school again,” Madelyn laughed and offered her hand to Mike and said, “Nice to finally meet you in person. Sorry I’m late.” Betty smiled and asked, “Neapolitan Cappuccino?” Madelyn said, “What else?” Betty smiled and went off retrieve the coffee.

“What does she know about, you know…” namely Mike and Madelyn’s online trysts via cam. She laughed and said, “She knows I’m a pro bodybuilder and that I do exclusive training for upscale clients. That’s it,” with the emphasis on “it.”

“I’m so excited to meet you, especially for all you have done for me.” That’s what Mike was about to say, but Madelyn just robbed his opening line. Mike answered, “I don’t know what I’ve done, but I’m so happy to finally meet you in person.”

Mike is an internet security specialist, he mentioned it once or twice in texts and emails they exchanged, and widowed. Madelyn confided in him a couple of years ago that more than a few of her most popular for sale videos that were on her website were being pirated right after they debuted, which severely hurt her online video business, which was the major part of her FBB camming income. Mike became concerned and discretely, without telling her, checked out what was happening with her site, gave her the IP addresses of who was pirating the videos and who was selling them online. And told her to get a good lawyer and close her old website.

The internet thief got arrested quickly, but Madelyn lost six months of income. But she reopened a new website, designed by Mike with top security features the Pentagon would envy. And she expanded her online business to include several major FBBs to do camming and post videos. Business has gone through the roof, but Mike, ever the respectful, cautious guy, never really went back online to check on all that. He’d answer questions from Madelyn every once and a while. But that was about it. And he never even attempted to charge Madelyn for his work. Eventually he passed along Madelyn’s account to a longtime colleague of his since her online traffic got too big for him to handle part time.

“So… THAT’S why you’re here. I can’t thank you enough!” Madelyn smiled and bent over and he swore he saw a glimpse of an animal print sting bikini strap as she grabbed his hand and said, “Let’s go to the gym!” Mike said, “But wait, I’ve got to pay for the check.” Betty, half listening to part of the conversation behind the counter said, “Hey, you helped my friend. It’s on the house!”

As they left the diner, Mike said, “I’ll follow your car to the gym, okay?” Madelyn slyly, and somewhat seductively replied, “I came here by Uber. You'll drive and I'll DIRECT YOU there.” Days later Mike recalled the comment and said to himself, “I should’ve known then that something was up.”

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