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Old 24-Jan-23, 07:08
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Default This one knows what he's doing.

As the title implies, this is a maledom wrestling story. After making one post and then lurking for almost a year, here's another short story.

Serena placed her hands on her hips as she squared up against her boyfriend, Leo. She doesn’t know how she manages it but like all of her previous exes, she managed to convince this one to strip down to his underwear and wrestle her on the mats. She wore her sports bra and briefs herself to proudly show off her lean form, especially her prominent abs and muscular thighs and biceps.

Looking over Leo’s equally athletic physique, Serena easily imagined how erotically fun it would be physically dominating him.

“You’re smiling deviously again,” he remarked with a raised eyebrow and slight smirk.

“I’m just happy, that’s all,” she replied and slapped her thighs. “It’s about time I truly showed you the power of these babies.”

“You know I’m not some dudebro you can just outmaneuver, right?”

“~We’ll see.~” Strutting closer, she presented both of her hands. “Wanna try me in a test of strength?”

“Your funeral,” he shrugged and accepted her challenge.

The clasped hands and immediately started pushing against either other, their entire bodies flexing as they poured their strengths into overpowering the other. However, Leo’s weight advantage soon proved too much for Serena and he overwhelmed her, pushing her down to the mat.

Got you. Expecting such an outcome, Serena couldn’t help but smile as she swung both of her legs at Leo’s abdomen to catch him in a bodyscissor. Except her legs caught nothing but air.

“Huh?” She gasped when he unexpectedly pivoted to the side after pushing her down. Before she knew it, he had trapped her in a cross armbar.

“Aaahhh!” Feeling the strain of her boyfriend wrenching down and hyperextending her arm, she couldn’t help but scream aloud. Her legs and free arm flailed about, trying to find leverage to escape his submission hold but to no avail.

“Oh what happened to your smile?” He cooed mockingly. “You have a cute smile, you know?”

“Shut up!” She snapped back as she continued resisting futilely.

“You really are at a loss when you’re losing, huh?”

“I said shut-wah!” Suddenly, he freed her arm and yanked her closer in the same motion. At the same time, she felt his legs coil tightly around her neck. In an instant, he transitioned from a cross armbar to a triangle headscissor.

She wheezed and coughed as she hurriedly grabbed onto onto his thigh with her one free arm and tried to pry it off her throat. Her heartbeat accelerated while her legs continued to kick about randomly. She gnashed her teeth and grimaced as she put her all into escaping the vice grip of her boyfriend’s legs.

“Can’t… breathe…” Serena somehow managed to rasp out weakly.

“You’ve done this to others before, you know that’s the idea,” Leo responded with a chuckle.

Slowly but surely, the headscissor sapped her strength. Her legs slowly stopped kicking about and her arm flopped limply to the mat. Her entire body felt like lead, demanding all her strength just to move her limbs. Even her eyelids felt heavy, demanding her attention just to keep her eyes open. Leo watched her all the while, a slight smirk adorning his face as he casually dominated his girlfriend.

“Whelp, this wasn’t much of a challenge but I will admit this was fun,” he admitted nonchalantly.

“Mmm…” Serena moaned though she didn’t really know why.

“Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Without warning, his legs coiled tighter around her throat, causing her entire body to twitch before going limp again. Her eyes started rolling into the back of her head in seconds. Darkness encroached on her peripheries.

“Gnnn…” She let out one final defeated groan before she slipped into unconsciousness.

I might continue this story. Let me know if you'd want to see more of Serena and Leo's wrestling adventures (I do prefer maledom though so...).

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Default Re: This one knows what he's doing.

Definitely worth continuing
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Old 24-Jan-23, 23:21
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Default Re: This one knows what he's doing.

I prefered when woman dominate but this story please me. Thx
Hoping for a sequel
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