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Old 05-May-14, 19:58
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Default The Wrestling Room

When I was still in High School I had decided to try something called intramural wrestling after school. I was in the lowest weight class but older that the other guys trying out so I easily beat the other couple guys who tried out against me. But while I was wrestling I noticed 2 very hot young girls in the front row of the bleachers watching and cheering wearing short schoolgirl type skirts. One was a red head with green opaque tights with her schoolgirl type skirt while the other one had on brown tights with white knee socks over them. This was very distracting because every chance I had I was looking over there at their legs. It was making me loose some points so I had to refocus on my match. Anyway the next time I looked they were gone. I went downstairs to the locker room to change when I heard moaning and complaining coming from the wrestling practice room right off the locker room. It was a small room but covered wall to wall with wretling mats and mirrors. As I came up to the door I was blown away by what I saw. It was the same 2 girls wrestling each other. They had their shoes off and the red head had the blond in a schoolgirl pin. I could see her calf and thigh muscles flexed inside her green tights as she straddled the blond. She kept on taunting the blond while the blong kept moaning and struggling and complaining to get off of her. The blonds white knee socks were flat on the mat with her legs bent while the red head sat firmly on her chest pinning her arms to the mat. It still seamed like a friendly match but the red head kept complaining that the other girl was too easy for her and that she needed a more worthy opponent. To be continued ......

At that I stepped into the room and said hi girls, what is going on here. Both girls looked over but the redhead kept the blond in a schoolgirl pin. The redhead said we are just wrestling but my friend here is too easy. I was blown away when she said do you want to give it a try? I said I'm a boy and you're a girl so it wouldn't be fair. She smiled and said maybe you're right but don't worry I'll go easy on you. I said OK and stepped over to where they were. The blond looked at me from her position under those green tights and said boy are you in for it. you don't know how tough Mary is.

I said hey I'll wrestle both of you, I don't care and she said you just wait till Mary gets you down like this. You will be crying to ask her to let you go. I said let's go for it. Mary got off the blond and gave me a tough look, stuck her arms out in front of her in a wrestling stance and said are you ready wimp? We circle each other while the blond cheered her on. I was distracted by the pretty blond starring at her white knee socks over the brown tights on some really nice legs when the redhead Mary shot at my legs and pulled them out from under me sending me flat on my back. She immediately jumped on to my stomach grabbed my wrists pinning my arms to the sides of my head. I was in trouble but just lay there under her schoolgirl skirt staring at those amazing green tights. Her legs looked so muscular straining against the tights. She looked right into my eyes and said what's the matter wimp, can't move? Wow her eyes were so green and her long red hair all wild. She started hanging her hair into my face brushing it side to side over my face and laughing the entire time.

The blond stood behind my head looking at me helplessly pinned and said I told you so. I looked up and saw her knee socks over her brown tights and saw right up her skirt to her camel toe crotch. I couldn't help it I got an instant boner. I tried to struggle a little and managed to turn Mary off to the side of me. She immediately wrapped those green tights around my head and squeezed as hard as she could, saying how do you like my head scissors? My mouth was buried in her crotch so when I protested it was very muffled. She teased by saying "excuse me, I cunt hear you". Speak louder". She now played with me by turning me back and for while still between her legs all the time saying what is the matter whimp, is this girl too tough for you? How does it feel to be beaten by a girl? To be continued again .......

(finally continued 1 last time) I don't know why I wasn't trying very hard but it really felt good between her legs. I started rubbing my hands up an down her tights. They were patterned and I could feel her thigh muscles flexing through them. Then she said "you're too easy you wimp" so thinking she was getting board with me a pried her legs apart and pulled my head out and started getting away on my knee. She yelled to the blond 'get him Kate' the next thing I know the blond is all over me too.

They both pulled me over onto my stomach on the mat. One sat down heavy on my back facing my head and the other sat on my neck facing the other girl. Suddenly a pair of white knee socks tucked under my face while she bounced up and down saying 'trick or trick smell my feet'. A slight odor came over me of her feet but I had no choice she had them buried under my face pressing my head down into them with her but while the other girl sat flat on my lower back and but. My package was pressing hard against the mat really rubbing into it because the other girl was squirming on my but. I was getting huge and could not help it and exploded in my pants. I moaned and sighed and one of the girls said 'I think he just wet himself'. The other said I told you he was a wimp' they got off of me slapped my ass and said "see you later wimp, thanks for the ride, it was fun" they started walking out but I was too embarrassed to move so I just laid there and watched them walk out the door with those gorgeous legs. When they left I got up and went to the showers but never saw them again.
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Default Re: The Wrestling Room

Sounds like you love legs almost as much as I do. Thanks for sharing this with us, mate.
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