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Default Celebrity Fantasy Story: Defeated by Charisma Carpenter

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story featuring a match between myself and Ariana Grande. This is not an actual account, nor do I claim it to be so.

I also want to note I don't have an ex-girlfriend actually named Trina. I just wanted to give the one in the story a name. She is not based on an actual person.

This is a semi-sequel to my last story [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. But it isn't necessarily to read that story in order to follow this one.

For anyone not familiar with Charisma here are links to some pics of her.

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Defeated by Charisma Carpenter

About a week had passed since my humiliating loss to Ariana Grande, and I was still licking my wounds when I found myself at a party one night.

Trina, My ex-girlfriend, ever with her connections, had hooked me up with an invite to her best friends party. It was one with some of the more “elite” of Hollywood attending.

Or so her friend said, but not surprisingly she had over exaggerated, beacause I had not recognized anyone yet. Until I found my drink getting empty and decided to go to the bar for another one. The party may had been turning into a bust, but you could never beat free drinks.

As I stood at the counter waiting for the bartender, I heard a voice behind me. “Hey guy, I’ve been hearing about you?” a female voice said.

I turned around and almost dropped my drink in shock of the female beauty now in front of me. Before me stood none other than Charisma Carpenter. Former actress on “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” and all around sexy vixen.

Charisma was not as young as she was back in the 90’s when she was vamping it up on Buffy, but she still looked amazing. Even more so by the slinky white dress she wore, covering her sexy body that had once graced the pages of Playboy. I would know, I’d looked at that issue many times before.

“I’m sorry?” I asked, not understanding her comment.

“I hear you’re the guy who wrestled Ariana Grande. Word’s been going around she did quite a number on you.” She said with a smirk.

“The little brat got Lucky!” I said, rather too defensive.

“From what I’ve heard, you got pretty lucky too.” She said. I couldn’t help but flinch at that. What had Ariana been telling everyone?

“She caught me by surprise! Believe me, it won’t happen again.” I answered.

“Oh really? Well, it’s been a while since I did some wrestling.” She said, my eyebrows rising at the surprise that Charisma seemingly dabbled in the same hobby as me.

She then threw me for a loop even more when she walked closer to me, bridging the distance between us and put her hand on my arm. She leaned in as she whispered in my ear, “Well, this party is boring the hell out of me. There’s an empty room upstairs, second door on the right. Come up there in 15 minutes and we can see how lucky you are.” She finished.

She then backed up and winked at me before beginning to head for the stairs. Giving me a view of her amazing ass which was most definitely giving an extra shake for my benefit.


I waited for 15 of the longest minutes of my life, thoughts of rolling around with Charisma’s sexy body running through my head. I finally went upstairs and found the door open to the room she mentioned.

I walked inside and closed the door behind me. I then turned around and was in awe of the breathtaking woman before me. Charisma’s amazing body was decked in a pair of white bra and panties, that I can only assume she had been wearing under her dress.

Charisma might not be able to pass as a teenager anymore, but she definitely kept going to the gym. As her toned arms and flat as a board stomach attested. Not to mention her long, toned legs.

I began to take off my shirt and set it down, still in my jeans as I hadn’t come prepared for a match that night.

“Not bad.” Charisma said with a sly grin as she got a look at my physique. I couldn’t tell if she was genuinely flirting or trying to get into my head, either way it was working.

“Let’s see how lucky I can get.” She said suggestively.

With that I readied myself and walked over cautiously. I was already stinging from being beaten and humiliated by one pampered Hollywood starlet, there was no way I was about to let another one do the same thing to me. No matter how good she looked in her underwear.

As I moved forward, Charisma assumed her stance and made a dive for my legs. But I was ready for her, and stepped back while guiding her onto her stomach. Her amazing breast mashed against the floor as I spun around on my knees so I was behind her and grabbed her arm, working it behind her back for a hammer lock. I was rewarded with a grunt from the hot brunette as I did.

I then grabbed her other arm and moved in for a half nelson. Charisma struggled enough to slow me down, but not enough to keep me from eventually applying it. I then pulled her up as I moved her arm from the hammer lock over her head, turning it into a full nelson.

Charisma grunted in pain as I held her tight, working to lock my arms and secure the hold. She pulled down, trying to get her arms free but wasn’t having any luck.

Her legs went to the floor, planting her feet as she started to move us up. But I slid back, sending her onto her butt as I continued to keep the hold. As we fought I looked over her shoulder and her ample breast heaved from her heavy breathing as she struggled.

Charisma cursed as she pulled her arms; after a few jerks she was able to free one of them, then the other. But I was ready for her, and grabbed her wrist as her arms went down, pulling them straight out behind her back and burying my knee into her back.

“Fuck!” She called out. “Oww…. Oww shit!”

“Looks like you aren’t being so lucky!” I smirked. I was enjoying showing this cocky brunette I wasn’t the easy picking she expected.

“Fuck you!” She called out, as she pulled her arms out again and moved her legs to try and push back. I pulled her arms back once more and planted my foot on her back and straightened my legs. Sitting down as I applied a surfboard to her while in a sitting position.

I was rewarded with a scream as I did this. “Had enough?” I called out!

“Fuck you!” She cried. This got me to lean back further. Charisma cried out again, but did not give up.

I held the hold for a few more minutes but the stubborn starlet would not give in. “Give up?” I asked again.

“That all you got little boy?” she grunted. She was clearly in pain but not enough to give up.

I kept the hold for a few more minutes but the bitch would still not give in. Every time I asked, she would just taunt me more. She was definitely no wimp.

After a second longer she finally got her legs under her. Using her strong, former cheerleader legs Charisma was able to twist around. As if got harder for me to hold on, I finally had no choice but to let go and roll away.

Charisma moaned as she rolled the other way, holding her arms as she slowly got to her feet.

I came towards her, momentarily taking in her breast heaving as she panted. I was definitely enjoying that I was making this girl, who had started out acting so above me, strain and struggle.

I reached out and she tried to stop me, but I managed to get behind her for a bearhug this time. I liftend her up briefly as she cried out.

“No!” she screamed kicking her legs, with all the moving I wasn’t able to keep her up as set her back down.

Her feet hit the mat and she ducked down grabbing my arm. As I went with her, the leverage was enough to toss me over her and onto the ground with a grunt.

I rolled over and got to my feet. But the bitch was ready for me, and using her former cheerleader agility she did a handstand as she moved towards my standing body and moved her calves over my head. Before I even knew what was happening, she somersaulted forward, taking me with her and sending my flying.

I flipped in midair and landed straight on my back with a grunt. Charisma got to her feet with a scowl as I sat up,

I heard her from behind me. “Hope you enjoyed that shit head! Because now you’re going to get your ass kicked!”

I got to my feet, frustrated but ashamed to say I was also a little intimidated. Something about the tone of her voice told me she was not blowing smoke.

But I was determined to beat this girl. I was not used to losing to women, and I wasn’t about to let her shake my confidence further than Ariana already had.

I got up and quickly lunged at her. It clearly caught her by surprise as her eyes went wide and we both fell to the ground, grabbing at each other.

I accidently grabbed a handful of her amazing breast as we rolled around. I couldn’t believe how good they felt and briefly lost my concentration. It was a mistake that would cost me.

“Hands off you fucking creep!” she said in a disgusted voice, before pushing me up to my knees and then the real pain hit. Her strong, amazing legs found their way around me. I felt what was happening too late as she squeezed while sitting on the side, her muscles flexing. Now it was my turn to let out a grunt.

I cried out asshe squeezed harder. I couldn’t believe how strong her legs were. As they slowly crushed me I heard her laughing.

I knew I couldn’t take this for long. I’d never felt a scissors like this before. I knew she used to be a cheerleader, but I never expected this kind of strength behind them from the older girl.

“Aww… am I hurting the little boy!” she said. Whatever effect my early lead had on her psyche was clearly long gone now.

I knew I couldn’t take this for long as she squeezed harder once again. Feeling her soft skin on my bare upper body should have been a dream, but she was making it into a nightmare.

In desperation I reached for her feet to try and pull them apart and get myself free. But like before she was ready for me and she pulled on my hair.

“Oww… fuck… stop it!” I cried out.

As I instinctively grabbed for her hand she got hold and my wrist. She pulled my arm back and managed to trap it under her underarm, getting me into an arm lock as she continued to crank on the pressure with her legs. I was trapped and in big trouble now.

I don’t know how long she kept me there, trapped between her legs, my arm unable to pull free. It couldn’t have been long but it felt like an eternity. I couldn’t believe it, for the second time some Hollywood bimbo was dominating me, outwrestling me.

“Ready to give up? BITCH!” she asked, her last word rubbing in my earlier taunts.

A part of me wanted to just surrender and end the pain, I didn’t know how on earth I could get out of this. But my pride forced me to say no.

“Fair enough…” she replied, her voice making it clear she was greatly enjoying this. “I guess I’lll just have to make it harder for you.”

She wasn’t lying, as she squeezed me even harder making me cry out once more. I didn’t think she could have possibly been able to make it a tighter scissors. But somehow she managed. I was in agony now as it felt like the fit siren was about to squeeze me in two.

I had no choice, I had to give up. I was sure if this went on much longer she was going to break something.

“Ahhh! Ok, Ok, I give up!” I cried out.

“What was that?” she mocked, “I don’t think I heard you under all the whining!”

I wanted to shout back, to not let her get away with humiliating me like she was. But I was honestly afraid of what she would do. She had completely proven her dominance and I just wanted this nightmare to end.

“I said I give up, you win!” I shouted back.

She let out a giggle and finally released me and let my arm free. I rolled to my stomach and began coughing, glad I could at least breathe normally again.

“Guess I got lucky too huh?” She said to me, with a big smirk on her face as I looked up. “Don’t worry...” She said as she grabbed her dress and headed to the bathroom adjoining the room. “I won’t tell anyone I kicked your ass. You look pathetic enough as it is.”

Her words stung as I sat up, trying to recover from the beating and humiliation she dished out.

“You might not want to be in this room when I come back though…” she teased, “I would hate to have to kick your ass again!”

As she disappeared into the bathroom to put her dress back on I took the hint and grabbing my shirt. I quickly put it on and went back downstairs.

I tried to stay for more of the party. I didn’t want it to look like anything had happened. She eventually came down and true to her word didn’t tell anyone.

But I left shortly afterwards anyway. I couldn’t take her smug looks, and the feeling in the back of my head that I would regret trying to do something about it.
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Defeated by Charisma Carpenter

another great story, dan! keep 'em coming
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Defeated by Charisma Carpenter

Great story
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celebrity fight, story

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